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  • ross1948 1:14 pm on March 20, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    Happy Nowruz! Pray For A Free Iran Monarchy! 

    We wished all the good people in Iran ( which excludes the evil ayatollahs and their satanic goon-squads, the ‘Revolutionary Guards’ and the bullying shariah-enforcer ‘police!’) a very…

    Happy Nowruz! 

    Today, Since there has been no royal restoration, I see no reason not to repeat every word I used last year!

    There can be few countries worse to live in than Iran,ruled by an un-elected sectarian tyrant whose regime delights in oppressing women even more than it oppresses men.

    Those widespread demonstrations, with patriots calling for the restoration of the monarchy, were brutally put down by the tyrant’s Islamist storm-troops…

    …,but we can only hope that some day, sooner rather than later, people power will triumph and the wicked clerics get what’s coming to them.


    Meantime, today, March 20, we offer good wishes on their Nowruz New Year, and hope that their next year may be happier

  • ross1948 10:26 am on January 10, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    Ayatollahs’ Top Terrorist – ‘A Beloved Hero?’ – U.S. Media Told You! 

    We know that much of the media is not on the right side – left to far-left is more like it – but one ‘American’ channel has now gone beyond its customary disloyalty to total derangement!



    You may have guessed,  it’s MSNBC  – and the particular example is a fool named Chris Matthews, who chose to describe the recently ( and very acceptably) drone-struck Iranian terrorist warlord Soleimani as –

    ‘a beloved hero of the Iranian people…’

    Seriously – and his ‘evidence’ for this delusional definition was the rent-a-crowd rabble howling their sectarian hatred against the USA!


    MSNBC's Chris Matthews Undergoes Surgery For Prostate Cancer

    Chris Matthews


    ’…to the point where — look at the people, we got pictures up now…’


    This toad is meant to be a journalist?




    Has he never seen similarly assembled mobs roaring their delight at the most foul tyrants, in North Korea, the Soviet Union, Red China, either dead or alive…

    Chinese in tears mourning the death of former PRC leader Mao Zedong.

    ….some of the hollering horrors, no doubt, as evil as the object of their sycophantic yammering, but most of those in attendance, equally no doubt, knowing full well on which side their bread was buttered!

    …”public transportation in Iran has been at a standstill…since all available buses are being used to round up scattered supporters throughout the country to fill the frame of the lens…”

    Soleimani, and his thug-gang, the ‘Quds Force,’ an evil ‘elite’ within the ‘Revolutionary Guards’ ( akin to Hitler’s SS) had made life hell for the millions in Iran who pine for freedom.


    He’s in Hell now himself, but the RG/SS continue to do his wicked work.

    He was not only an apostle of terror abroad but of police-state oppression at home.

    It was entirely appropriate that the chief mourner was the malevolent ‘Supreme Leader’ – Fuhrer  – a satanic tyrant who has not only never faced a free election in his unfortunately long life, but cannot even be bothered to fake an election!

    The demented old swine, like his satanic predecessor, Khomenei, fantasises that he’s there by the grace of God…

    Crazed Comrade Chris  – who sought to compare the ‘mourner’ mob to the crowds who, of their own volition, came onto the streets of England after the death of Diana, Princess of Wales – was quickly put in his place by decent Iranian patriots ( see linked report)

    But would it not be a sensible step to put him in the trash can?

    • Mel Henderson 10:36 am on January 10, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      I was just commenting on your video game post and this popped up!

      Matthews is a bad man on a bad channel but he is not a fool, although I can see why you use that word.
      He has to know that no matter how cruel and vicious thevayatollahs might be, no, precisely BECAUSE they are cruel and vicious, thousands would be frightened and forced to appear on the streets.
      Students and state employess who didnt do what was ordered would be in very deep sh-t if they disobeyed the summons.
      There’s no proof the regime has popular support. If they thought the peoole were on their side; they would let the people have free elections.


    • Chrissie Miles 12:06 pm on January 10, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      That Matthews looks like he’s a bit senile.
      But pity is no excuse for MSNBC to keep him on.

      I was never that much of a ‘Dianamaniac’ but I used the link and Matthews even compared the terrorist to Elvis!
      You rightly say Soleimani will be in Hell by now. If so, will the recently deceased be droning ( joke!) ‘Heartbreak Hotel?’
      I hope there is an infernal eternal place, whatever it’s called, as it is the only fitting punishment for Islamist monsters.


  • ross1948 7:12 pm on January 7, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    Terror Fans Swarm In Turdistan -Toronto Police Goon Sides With Terror Fans! 

    Hundreds of pro-regime Iran supporters in Toronto hold candlelit vigil for Qassem Soleimani

    In a sane city, the cops would have truncheoned these enemy aliens off the streets.

    Instead… one cop told a Rebel News reporter that he would be arrested for breach of the peace if he were to even say the word “terrorist.”


    I rely on Ezra Levant to demand an investigation…

    …and disciplinary action against the rogue officer!

    • Des Lornwell 7:44 pm on January 7, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      The ayatollass-holes should be deported back to Iran and the Toronto Police hauled over the coals about this,
      There’s an anti-terrorist rally on 11 January in Toronto. I will try to get time and place detail for you. I know you are far away but you have a lot of Canadian readers. Please let themknow.


    • Des Lornwell 7:57 pm on January 7, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      Hate terrorists?
      Here is the information I have.
      Rally at 360 University Avenue, Toronto, noon, Saturday 11 January,


  • ross1948 1:00 am on November 20, 2019 Permalink | Reply
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    Iran’s Royalist Resisters – Feared By Bigot Regime, Ignored By West’s Media! 

    Much reporting of the brave resistance to the evil ayatollahs in Iran…




    …but although some coverage has been given to the nasty old despots’ blame-game against monarchists, I can see no mention of the royalist self-identification reported among many of the people opposed to the rotten sexist sectarian regime.


    Image result for radio farda logo


    Except on the exiles’ Radio Farda, where the former queen of Iran, Farah Pahlavi has responded to Iran’s Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei’s remarks blaming the former royal family for widespread protests in the country….

    First of all, he (Khamenei) should contemplate on the reasons why the protests began in the first place…”


    Image result for empress farah

    Her Majesty Farah of Iran, back in the days when her country was free

    Relaying her condolences to the relatives of tens of protesters killed, Queen Farah asserted that she appreciated slogans chanted in favor of Iran’s royal family. She also wished all wounded protesters a swift recovery.   https://en.radiofarda.com/a/the-former-queen-of-iran-dismisses-khameni-s-accusation-of-inciting-protests/30276848.html

    In several cases, demonstrators chanted slogans in favor of the Pahlavi dynasty, paying tribute to its founder, Reza Shah.

    Yet nothing of this monarchist mobilisation in the West’s ”mainstream’ media?

    Strange, because the last time there were major public demonstrations against the intolerant Islamist dictatorship, many media did take note of the frequent displays of loyalty to HM’s son….

    ‘Long Live Reza Shah!’ But Who The Hell’s Paul Coelho? 

    Gambar terkait

    The Exile – Reza Shah.

    Overthrow Evil Ayatollahs, Restore Iran’s Monarchy! 

    ….the rightful shah, Reza Pahlavi!

    Regime change is long overdue!


    • Sul 7:11 am on November 20, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      No truth comes from Tehran most days. But they know the shah is behind the uprising.
      It is not because he is intruding into Iran but only because he is famous there and is a light of hope for all who wish to be free.


  • ross1948 6:28 am on October 7, 2019 Permalink | Reply
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    More ‘Blasphemy’ Nonsense In Iran! 

    I do not dabble in ‘Instagrams’ so have never heard of Sahar Tabar, but if she is into mockery of Angelina Jolie, she can’t be that bad.

    Ms. Jolie is a pain in the neck, notorious for sniping at Donald Trump’s attempts to defend America’s border against the hordes of savages…



    …currently threatening illegal incursions.


    But Sahar has just been arrested in her native Iran, apparently because the nasty tyranny there think she’s committed ‘crimes including blasphemy and instigating violence…’  


    Shot of Sahar Tabar's Instagram

    If it’s true that she has had ‘dozens of cosmetic surgeries undertaken to resemble the American star,’ she may not be the sharpest knife in the kitchen.

    But it’s fair to say that no matter how much she uglifies herself, she will never be as hideous as the sectarian intolerance that characterises the regime that misrules her country.

    Iran’s Islamist Rape Regime – ‘Respected’ By EU’s Mogherini


    Ayatollahs Unleash Sectarian Intolerance On Harmless Fashion Show! 

    If there’s any substance to the charge of inciting violence, then by all means let’s hear it.

    But any police state that drags people into court in the 21st century on the basis of ‘blasphemy’ accusations should itself be dealt with harshly in the court of world opinion.



    Yet I fear we’d best not hold our breath waiting for the Dark Age despots in Tehran to be summoned before the UN ‘Human Rights’ charade.

    Where’s R2P When Iran’s People Need It? 

    1 Vote

    I spent much of yesterday travelling, so now I’m back in Jakarta, missing those

    • Chrissie Miles 11:27 am on October 7, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      Iran is a morally broken country.
      When some of their own tame ‘parliament’ tried to prevent child marriage, it was voted down.


      The ayatollahs should be treated as pariahs


    • orion 10:21 pm on October 7, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      Iran might not be what we understand but IT IS THEIR COUNTRY and it is time we stop imposing our decadent doctrines on other. IF YOU QUESTION A CERTAIN HISTORICAL LIE IN EUROPE YOU GET SOME 5 YEARS JAILS OR HEAVY FINES. If you show the Confederate flag in the US, the crazies there will be after you…Is the West different?


      • ross1948 7:18 am on October 8, 2019 Permalink | Reply

        Much of what you say makes sense, Orion, but since it IS their country, the people’s, then the ayatollahs need to be replaced since the people have no say in what is being done there.


    • JazPen 7:26 am on October 8, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      You got up early today, Ross. What are you up to?
      Very true that ayatollahs have no real democracy in Iran.
      Their government does things to their own people that should have them in front of the UN Rights tribunal but the UN only goes after Israel.


  • ross1948 4:29 pm on June 24, 2019 Permalink | Reply
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    Bug-Eye Doug’s Objective Analysis – Trump ‘Bullies And Blusters!’ 

    Got home from a search for my fave brand..




    …in time for a characteristic  bout of ‘Bug-Eye Doug’s Bare-Faced Bias’ – and the ex-CNN clown…


    Bug-Eye Doug Brays Fake News 


    British slang – A Herbert – Noun. An dull objectionable person. E.g. “He’s a real herbert, he watches the news and weather on TV all day.” https://english.stackexchange.com/questions/37663/what-is-the-meaning-of-the-term-herbert-in-british-slang

    Bug-Eyed Herbert Blames Trump Not Criminals 

    …was on top toxic form as he railed against Donald Trump for being mean to one of the most vicious, backward despotisms in the world.

    Like Macron and Red Fed Mogherini, Herbert chooses not to take the side of the civilised world in the latest strife, but Bug-Eye’s inflammatory rhetoric was way over the top.



    Trump, he howled, has a ‘one size fits all’ approach to international situations, ‘bully and bluster!’

    In a debate, that kind of stuff has its place  –  but this little leftist nyaff is paid to offer useful insights,not personal prejudice!

    France24 is a stranger to the principles of honest journalism.

    Even so, the sight and sound of this half-baked, imported American jackass shrilling his hatred of his own country’s elected head of state is embarrassing.

    Fanatical pinko creeps, the fans of Muppet Macron, are surely the only French tax-payers who see nothing wrong with this ranting dork drawing a fat salary from the state-subsidised propaganda channel.




    • Jim Ex Jakarta 4:48 pm on June 24, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      Apart fom any politics, Herbert is an embarrasment.
      The way he behaves, like a poodle, and his hysterical tone of voice too, would hsve got him transferred to a night security guard position in any other channel.


    • Coralyn Lyman 7:26 pm on June 24, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      If he is ex-CNN, that tells us all we need to know.
      Can a CNN leopard change its spots?
      His performance tells me the answer is a big NO!


  • ross1948 10:20 pm on March 24, 2019 Permalink | Reply
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    Hezbollah Is Untouchable, Says Mama’s Flunkey! 

    So Mama Stasi Merkel has refused point-blank to ban the ‘political wing’ of the Islamist terror gang Hezbollah?



    Hezbollah demonstrate their IslamoNazi ideology


    Even Theresa the Appeaser has done so, thus it’s intriguing to read Berlin’s excuse that a Merkel flunkey offers for not declaring the sectarian gangster group a ‘terrorist organisation.’

    Minister of State Niels Annen told newsmagazine Der Spiegel that the Iran-backed Shiite Islamist movement is a relevant factor in Lebanese society and part of the complex political landscape in the country…


    I would like to rail about this nonsense  – and it is emininently railable! – but it has far too many echoes of the shameful distinction drawn by Major and Blair and others between the two indelibly linked parts of the Sinn Fein/IRA murder gang…

     – .

    ..as if the terrorist scum in balaclavas were in any way less deserving of extirpation than the likes of Blood-Beast Adams and/or Murder McGuinness.

    They were one and the same!

    Nevertheless, because one such folly was perpetrated in the past, i.e. putting convicted terror psychos in positions of power over the people they tormented and butchered for years, heinous crimes for which neither Adams nor any of them were in any way repentant…

    adams murders

    …that demented decision should not be allowed to be adduced as justification for  the German coalition government’s pandering to the backward brutes who rule in Tehran.




    Iran, or rather the cruel ayatollahs who hold that country in bondage, are bad, not just for what they do to their own people but because they want to expand their oppressive ideology – and not just to little Lebanon.

    It was one of their Supreme Fuhrer’s henchmen, a certain Ayatollah Dezhkham, who openly boasted that, while America was their number-one enemy,  they were ‘fighting and awaiting the day when the banner of Islam will fly all over the planet… https://www.breakingisraelnews.com/121067/iran-ayatollah-death-america/

    So France, Britain, Australia, Canada AND Merkel’s Germany are targetted for sectarian supremacist aggression.

    I think it was Churchill in WW2 who told his people that the fight was against evil things. Sectarian supremacist aggression is an evil thing.

    There’s no excuse, given what we know of how the ayatollahs treat those already within the scope of their demonic power, for making false distinctions between the political and paramilitary evils threatening the civilised world.

    • Archie Manley 11:50 pm on March 24, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      ‘Fly over all the planet?’
      Not if we have our guns handy, but with governments like ours, we will be disarmed, and for no good reason.
      Using the law to confiscate guns mean law-abiding people are defenceless while criminals including terrorists will naturally break the law and get their hands on lethal wespons.


    • Bryce Alderson 2:11 pm on March 25, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      Just like the IRA, they have no limits to their urge to power.
      Those fools, Major and Blair, thought handing over part of our country would satisfy Sinn Fein-IRA. The RUC was wound up and the republican terrorists that killed RUC officers got out of jail and into politics to lord it around Stormont
      Now they want to humble the British people in Ulster, forcing their bi-lingual law on us, even though there is nearly nobody speaks that language.

      Liked by 1 person

  • ross1948 3:39 pm on March 22, 2019 Permalink | Reply
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    Ayatollahs Unleash Sectarian Intolerance On Harmless Fashion Show! 

    I assume all those dishonest drips who stage sectarian clothing shows and mendaciously call them ‘Modest Fashion’ events are still persisting in their disgraceful misrepresentations…

    Offensive In Jakarta – Women Can Be Modest Without Being Sectarian!

    …but I only just noticed what the sectarians they set out to please actually got up to this month, and I feel obliged to share with you, in case you missed what Iran’s ‘modesty fans’ do to normal women who fall foul of their uptight sexist and tyrannical regime.



    Organisers of a fashion show in Iran were charged after videos of the event, which featured fantasy-inspired dresses and women not wearing hijabs, surfaced on social media. The outfits were considered by the public prosecutor to have strayed too far from traditional Islamic clothing.


    It’s pathetic, of course…


    …but equally it’s  unsurprising.

    An Iranian fashion label organised a private show in the high-end salon Ayneh Divan on March 1 in Lavasan, an affluent suburb of Tehran, sending women down the runway without hijabs, a violation of the country’s strict laws mandating that women appear in public with headscarves. 

    One might hope that the mendacious ‘modest’ mob in Western countries are vigorously protesting to the various Iran embassies about the way the benighted brutes who run the country have behaved…


    …but I won’t hold my breath waiting to hear about it.

    • Mort 6:39 pm on March 22, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      Iran is governed by barbarians, both in the original meaning, bearded men, and the modern meaning, the uncivilsed.


      • Keith Milner 11:40 am on March 23, 2019 Permalink | Reply

        Mort puts it plainly.
        No need to add anything, except encore.


  • ross1948 5:14 pm on February 17, 2019 Permalink | Reply
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    Easy Answer 

    It’s understandable that there is dismay in the White House over the way so-called ‘allies’ like France, Germany and Britain are collaborating with a savage dictatorship.




    But if retaliation for Europe’s dalliance with the Tehran despotism is the idea, America should remember that there are millions of good Brits, French and Germans who do not share May’s and Macron’s and Merkel’s readiness to play ball with primitives.

    And who will share my indignation to read that US President Donald Trump has urged European nations to repatriate and prosecute jihadists from their countries who were captured in Syria


    … why on earth would Donald Trump say anything so senseless as that….or this?

    . Otherwise, he warned, the US could release the terrorists to “permeate Europe.”


    “The Caliphate is ready to fall,” Trump tweeted. “The alternative is not a good one in that we will be forced to release them…https://www.rt.com/news/451652-trump-threat-europe-isis/ 

    That is unexpected and out of character.

    Twas Trump who wisely derided Obummer’s schemes to close down Gitmo…



    Letting satanic terrorists resume their war on humanity made no sense and DT has scrapped that rubbish policy. Who is in any position to FORCE him now to  release  foul jihadist rape-gang members?

    Trump’s words moreover are grist to the mill of the vermin element in Western countries…


    Image result for ISIS theresa leaveeu

    ….who think jihadist scum should be made welcome in the lands they betrayed.

    Why does Trump ignore the sensible, practical option which most everyone would applaud?


    The sectarian savages should simply be executed.


    • Chrissie Miles 5:42 pm on February 17, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      Many Americans will agree with what you say, if only because ISIS terrorists could as easily ‘permeate’ US military and diplomatic installations in Europe if they cross the Aegean or Mediterranean as ‘refugees,’ as many jihadists have done already.
      It would be smart as well as just to execute all Daesh we can.


  • ross1948 12:33 am on May 31, 2018 Permalink | Reply
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    No Sympathy For Chilly Channel Illegals – Jail The Swine! 

    Bad enough to be confronted with the BBC’s collaboration with crimmigrant smuggling…

    BBC Covers For Crimmigrant Smugglers – Fire Them! 

    …first thing last Sunday morning, but then the news told us of an attempted illegal incursion across the English Channel, five Iranians caught off-shore and hauled back to France.

    Seems they were suffering from hypothermia, and that meant more French tax-payers‘ money wasted on medical treatment.

    So have the blighters by now been de-frosted?

    Who cares?

    They don’t deserve sympathy, nor do they deserve a single euro of the cost of the care they’re getting. They are not ‘refugees,’ not a chance.



    Were they genuinely fleeing the (undoubtedly horrid) tyranny of the evil ayatollahs, they’d be at ease in France, where they have had every opportunity to apply for ‘asylum.’

    Instead they embarked on a completely lawless endeavour, seeking to sink their snouts into Britain’s bountiful tax-trough…



    Instead of lounging around in freeby convalescence, they should be behind bars.

    Aaah, but the robed rats on the European Court have forbidden France to do that.

    Migrants cannot be imprisoned just because they have entered a country illegally, Europe’s highest court has ruled…


    Let illegal migrants go free, EU court orders…despite the fact they are undoubtedly in violation of French law…

    And Muppet Macron complies.

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