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  • ross1948 5:22 pm on April 12, 2018 Permalink | Reply
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    Media Skip ISIS Pig’s Wrist-Slap! Moreover… 

    Some news just doesn’t seem to make it into the English-speaking world’s ‘mainstream’ media at all.



    So lucky for me I was looking up Albertslund on Google, after reading in The Leftal, sorry, The Local, last weekend that there had recently been no less than five shootings…

    …in five days in that suburb of Greater Copenhagen  https://www.thelocal.dk/20180406/man-injured-after-series-of-shootings-near-copenhagen.- a situation so bad that the cops have started a stop and search operation there.

    Needless to say, The Leftal did not mention the character of the ‘suburb,’ but it struck me as highly likely that it might be infested with aliens.

    And sure enough.

    Google reveals that such is indeed the case.

    But I got that not from a news-search but from a research study, on the alarming fact that a high proportion of the renegade ‘Danish’ ingrates…

    ….who went to join the ISIS rape-gang were of Kurdish origin, and that ‘migrants’ of that origin were significantly concentrated in Albertslund.

    The Leftal made no mention of that in their report, maybe, I suppose, because they didn’t know the area was ‘migrant’-heavy, or they did know and couldn’t be bothered to tell us.

    Or maybe they share that unprofessional and fundamentally dishonest mind-set…


    Hasil gambar untuk ina maria reize

    …infamously displayed by that deplorable German bat whom we’ve often held up as the worst sort of media traitor – hide uncomfortable truths.


    However, let’s move on, while sticking to Denmark.. Dimwit Dane Jury Gives Apostate Bitch A Slap On The Wrist  …which, as noted before, has a poor record of punishing ISIS scum!

    Now we learn that two months ago that Vedat Sariboga, a 27-year-old Turkish citizen of Kurdish origin, was sentenced to five years in jail by a Danish court for having gone to Syria to join Islamic State (IS).


    In addition, the prosecution demanded his
    expulsion to Turkey and a permanent ban on entry to Denmark.

    But with the above story, we don’t learn it from any English-language media, but from a research paper about ‘Danish’ traitors.

    Kurdish overrepresentation among Danish Islamic State warriors

    How come?

    How come The Leftal didn’t cover it?

    I have checked their own news-search and can’t find the swine’s name, even though The Leftal had a big article not long after his trial which we used as the kernel of one of our reports.

    Trump Tells Danes To Allow ISIS Vermin Back? Really? 

    Danish media covered vile Vedal’s trial…  https://ekstrabladet.dk/112/tiltale-lyttede-til-praedikener-under-loebetur-og-tilsluttede-sig-islamisk-stat/6992102 …so The Leftal knew all about it.

    And the world’s Anglophone media would be aware of it too. But so far, I can find no sign of that, so I must trawl through Danish media ( no easy task if you don’t speak Danish!) as I’m keen to see whether the ISIS pig…

    …who should of course have been executed, has at least been despatched to his REAL homeland, to live under Erdolf’s benign guidance.

    • Brian Janssen 9:28 pm on April 14, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      You must have spent some time looking for this new information you give us so I thank you for that.

      The left media will never go out of their way to confirm suspicions like yours or mine when some city’s districts are referred to. Even if journalists have any honest instincts, the editors will censor anything they can that points to ‘migrant’ crime. You have many times shown us that worst of women, Ina-Maria Reize-Wildemann of the German ZDF who dishonestly hid a true migrant rape story from the people she was paid t serve.
      You also wrote about the censoring editor in Sweden..

      “My boss informed me that immigrants are weak and that it is therefore the obligation of TV-journalists to be on their side. Immigrants had to be presented as so pitiful that viewers would weep.” http://www.rightsidenews.com/editorial/world-opinion-and-editorial/the-free-press-comes-to-sweden/

      That was in your post three years ago https://rossrightangle.wordpress.com/2016/01/24/another-ingrate-migrant-lying-swede-media-wont-tell-us/ which was so very good that I have saved it on my computer.
      We must expose the media liars
      Please continue to be busy with this work

      • Vinnie Fiore 2:33 am on April 15, 2018 Permalink | Reply

        Hey buddy, you think Europe’s got bad media?
        Reading what you wrote, that’s true, you have, but ours is worse, CNN, LA Times, Washington Post.
        On the other hand, they don’t do it with our taxes.
        Except for NPR and that’s pretty small fry..

  • ross1948 12:11 pm on March 24, 2018 Permalink | Reply
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    Let’s Salute TWO Heroes, One White, One Black, Today! 

    Like everyone else, of course, I’m rooting for the brave cop in Carcassonne…


    Hasil gambar untuk carcassonne cop hero

    Hero cop..and unlamented Moroccan swine Redouane Lakdim


    …Arnaud Beltrame, who took the place of a hostage held by the evil Islamist and now finds himself fighting for his life.

    But also let’s not forget the little Nigerian girl…


    Hasil gambar untuk boko haram

    Boko Haram refuses to release Christian schoolgirl 

    …held back when others were released by Boko Haram, the local comrades of the ISIS Islamist rape-gang, because she courageously refused to turn apostate.

    That little African lady is truly heroic, taking her stand for a principle that should be universally honoured, the right freely to choose how to worship, or not to worship.


    Religious freedom is a hall-mark of civilisation. Everybody should be at liberty to cling to his or her faith, or to convert into or out of any religion.

    RIP Arnaude.
    I only heard after posting this that the brave gendarme has died.
    The word ‘martyr,’ so vilely abused by Islamist murder gangs, surely belongs to him.

    • Lucy Patterson 3:55 pm on March 24, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      Tragic,the deaths of all the Islamist’s victims, but most of all that wonderfully brave police officer.
      Your final words sum up what I feel every time those filthy pigs talk about their ‘martyrs.’
      I’m not very religious but I believe that if there is a real Hell then any God worth worshipping will see to it that every ISIS and Al Qaeda terrorist will burn there till the end of time.
      They are devils and Hell is where they belong

      I also like what you have to say about the Nigerian girl..
      Freedom of religion is one value we need to defend.
      However any place of worship.( in Nigeria or here) where the preacher calls for ( or fails to condemn) attempts to punish those who convert from the preacher’s religion should be shut down.

      I think you have argued for that before now but it would be a good way of winnowing out those clerics fit for deportation if they are foreigners or preaching bans if they are not deportable.
      Hate like theirs needs to be stamped out.

    • Edward Lamont 9:24 pm on March 24, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      You tie two events far apart together and rightly so.
      The issue is Islamist intolerance and that has to be fought and defeated wherever it raises its ugly head.

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    May’s Hypocrisy – It Ain’t Putin Bringing ISIS To UK! 

    Who knows who’s behind that episode in Salisbury?

    • Hasil gambar untuk salisbury security council
    • =
    • Whatever the answer, Theresa the Appeaser has leapt into action, summoning Britain’s national security council to investigate.

    •  Theresa May to chair National Security Council 

    • Maybe they’ll recommend drastic steps to counter the threat of murder by undesirable aliens.

    • If so, what a stunning contrast to May’s spineless supine scheme to allow back the rats on the run…



    …the adherents of the ISIS rape-gang scuttling ‘home’ to a country they hate and whose people they would subject ot wholesale slaughter if given the chance – and that’s what she’s giving them!!

    ISIS jihadis ‘to go to the front of the queues for council houses’ | UK

    • Marty Nagel 10:54 pm on March 12, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      I bet Putin is not letting any ISIS jihadists back into Russia, except maybe to kill them.
      I would trust him more than Turdo in Canada or May in England any day of the week.when it comes to giving terrorists what they need.

    • Enid Timmons 10:03 pm on March 13, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      I heard May today in the House of Commons, on tv and she sounds like she wants to start a hot war with Russia. Next thing it’s on the news now that she’s out to shut down the RT channel because she’s scared of letting us hear the Russian point of view.
      I thought to myself, if she’s so tough, why won’t she protect her own country from the ISIS terrorists heading our way.
      She’s one of those empty vessels that makes too much noise.

  • ross1948 8:00 pm on March 2, 2018 Permalink | Reply
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    Exposing ISIS Evil Now A Crime! 

    Unbelievable, except in the decadent context of Western European liberal ‘thinking!’


    French patriot leader Marine Le Pen is facing prosecution – for publishing photographs that show the unequivocal evil of the ISIS rape-gang.

    Le Pen charged for tweeting photos of ISIS violence

    French justice is thereby rendered a sick joke, and all the more so since nobody has suggested prosecuting Theresa The Appeaser…


    Gambar terkait


    ….for her vile scheme to allow filthy jihadist savages to return the realm they betrayed to serve their satanic cause.


    • Jeanne 9:25 pm on March 2, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      Macron and his Euro people cannot be satisfied that she did not win the election but want to beat her with this prosecution
      Marine is a great patriot and that is her true crime in the eyes of the collaborateurs in the National Assembly who agreed to send her to trial for truth.

    • Richard 9:43 pm on March 2, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      We have come to a pretty pass when tweeting puts you at risk of prison.
      For her to face this witch hunt only for showing us what ISIS is like is a perversion of the law.
      Everybody should tweet identical pictures of Islamist atrocities to show solidarity with Marine Le Pen.

  • ross1948 7:22 pm on February 17, 2018 Permalink | Reply
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    Trump Tells Danes To Allow ISIS Vermin Back? Really? 

    Denmark may have to accept return of Isis militants: report

    Hasil gambar untuk Claus Hjort Frederiksen

    Statements made by Defence Minister Claus Hjort Frederiksen suggest that Denmark may be required to accept the return of citizens who have fought for the group.

    That’s outrageous!

    There’s no capital punishment there, so no prospect whatsoever of the filthy jihadist vermin getting what they deserve.



    Besides the moral issue, it’s very hard to see, passports or not, how these rape-gang scum can be described as ‘Danes,’ which The Leftal aka The Local, does.

    They pledged allegiance to the satanic caliphate – their ideology requires them to put sectarian solidarity above duty to any country.

    What is especially disturbing about this report, however, is that Minister Frederiksen spoke on the issue after a meeting between countries taking part in a military coalition against Isis, including Denmark.


    The United States reportedly made it clear it would prefer home countries of the militants to take them back.

    WHY would Donald Trump, who has, quite rightly, warned ISIS against any incursions into the USA, give his subordinates such an offensive message to pass on to the Allies?

    It hasn’t gone down well, at least as far as Denmark’s concerned. Frederiksen says he would prefer them to go on trial in the countries where their crimes were committed.

    “They have beheaded people, raped women and children and sold people. For me, it is paradoxical for those militants to now claim Western norms regarding protection of rights.”

    Gambar terkait

    “I think it’s pathetic for those people to ask to be given the safety in Western countries that they so despicably wanted to defeat.”

    If these politicians had implemented the sensible plan I put forward months ago…

    ISIS Rape-Gang Deserve Deguello! 

    …simply putting a bullet or two into the ISIS swine whenever they fell into Allied hands…-

    – with possible exception made for those with valuable info and/or ready to make public denunciations of the disgraceful Islamist doctrine that loyalty to co-religionists trumps loyalty to one’s country-

    …then nobody would be wasting time on this incomprehensible debate!

    Incomprehensible? Or not?

    Has President Trump been kept in the dark by Tillerson and the Deep State Department?



    POTUS wisely wants to keep Gitmo open for business, the vermin confined in the Caribbean and not anywhere on the Continental USA.

    So why should he expect his allies in Europe to do things differently?

    The bizarre answer from the man in Copenhagen is that the Syrian coalition partners…an alliance of predominantly Kurdish forces, should not be left with sole responsibility for dealing with the issue.

    “We must not let down an ally by trying to leave everything at their door…


    The Kurds would be the ideal people to take charge of the ISIS savages.

    After all, they are facing invasion and need target practice for their fight against Erdolf’s aggression.

    • Mort 8:16 pm on February 17, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      This is very disturbing .
      You are quite in order to question Donald Trump’s role in the alleged request by the USA that Denmark or any ally take in terrorists who have made war on them (and us!)
      It just doesn’t sound what Trump would do or say and more to the point, why would anybody push for such a bad outcome.
      The idea of handing them over to the Kurds makes far more sense because they would know what to do with them, something like what you suggest.

      If they instead ended up in Europe, that ‘rights’ court in Strasbourg would be all over it like flies round a cow-pat, then award the rapists compensation for being ill-treated.
      After all, the same court (as reported in your blog this week) just awarded ETA terrorists ‘compensation’ because they (the murderers) were knocked around a bit by Spanish Police..

      I don’t believe the story as it stands. I will be interested to see what some conservatives in Congress have to say about it.

      • Vinnie Fiore 1:37 am on February 18, 2018 Permalink | Reply

        I would say its fake news. That Leftal/Local is very anti-Trump.
        They dont have any name rank or number for whatever Americans are trying to make Denmark take the terrorists back to Denmark
        Until they do, we need to take the story with a pinch of salt.
        Might be we should blame the European Union before blaming the United States.
        I agree with you, Mort.

    • Allie B 12:18 am on February 18, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      How dare the Americans or anybody expect Danes to take these ISIS monsters back? They had every chance in Denmark to turn into decent people.
      They stuck with their backward shariah and chose to betray the country that gave them a home and all kinds of opportunities.
      They deserve only death. Let the allies in Iraq and Syria have them.

    • Edward Lamont 1:03 am on February 18, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      Let them be used for target practice, good thinking.
      While we’re at it, solve the overcrowding problem in our prisons.
      Take all those jihadists out of the jails in Britain and let our British armed forces use them too, for the same purpose.
      Why should we pay taxes to keep terrorists cosy and comfy for ten or more years.

  • ross1948 10:00 pm on February 10, 2018 Permalink | Reply
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    Why Debate Fate Of ISIS Rape-Gang ‘Brits?’ Just Kill Them! 

     One of two British Islamic State (IS) militants known for their role in the torture and killings of Western hostages in Syria was aiming to reach Turkey when he was captured by Kurdish-led forces last month...

     British IS militant was trying to reach Turkey: SDF

    Doesn’t surprise many of us, although Islamist Erdolf denies everything, of course.

    But more importantly, at least in the short term, is the damfool debate about what to do with the ISIS rape-gang scum.


    Alexanda Kotey, left, and El Shafee Elsheikh

    jihadist swine Alexanda Kotey, 34, and El Shafee Elsheikh, 29


    Apparently America doesn’t want to take them back there, President Trump perhaps unwilling to risk one of the numerous Un-American judges in the USA turning them loose.

    They are in no sense ‘British,’ as the BBC insists on calling the brace of bigots –http://www.bbc.com/news/world-middle-east-42995027   – having repudiated their allegiance by joining the evil caliphate forces, and there are even reports the pair may have had their UK citizenship stripped from them using powers available to the Home Office.

    If so, no question of them getting back into the United Kingdom. 



    Just as well, because shariah fan Theresa May doesn’t show much sign of giving them what they deserve.



    Best idea?

    Put them to death!

    If the Western Allies don’t have the cojones to pull the trigger themselves, then let the splendid Kurds do the job! 

    • Edward Lamont 2:24 am on February 11, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      If they gave the public one of their ‘consultations?’
      Death to ISIS by 90% or more, I would estimate!

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    Good On Ya, Kickl! ISIS Savage Kicks The Bucket! 

    Herr Kickl, the FPO patriot party stalwart who runs the Austrian Ministry of the Interior, last month gave an admirable thumbs down to Temirlan Machalikashvili, who was shot in the head during a special forces operation in northern Georgia on December 26th.



    Linked to the Islamist terror gang suspected of organising a 2016 attack at Istanbul’s airport, the sectarian swine was in a coma and Georgian authorities wanted him transferred for emergency surgery in a Viennese hospital.

    Why on earth should anyone in Georgia expect anyone in Europe to lend a hand to anyone connected to the ISIS rape-gang?

    The proper attitude of civilised people towards ISIS should be to seek the extirpation of all such evil-doers.

    But that’s an attitude sadly not shared by Theresa May…



    ….nor by Justin Turdo in Ottawa, also ready to welcome back traitor ‘Canadians’ who went to the Middle East to rape and kill and are now eager to scuttle back to the country they betrayed.

    Hence we must applaud the news that Austria vetoed his entrance to the country. 

    The arrival of Temirlan M would pose a “major risk to domestic security,” the spokesman said, adding that possible rescue or blackmail attempts could be made if the man entered the country.


    Let’s not forget the massive number of enemy aliens Austria has to contend with.  It was last year when the FPO’s Herr Hofer noted that –

    “…we must also reflect on what is happening: 5,000 Turks – and that is an effective strength of a brigade – took to our streets, well organized and with flags, just within hours.”.  https://www.rt.com/news/355920-hofer-suspend-naturalization-turks/

    Those are not Chechens, of course, but their allegiance to Ankara’s Erdolf, an Islamist fanatic, is hardly reassuring. The article I’m currently dealing with confirms the extent of the danger Austria faces from sectarian fanatics.

    A country of 8.7 million people with a large Chechen community, Austria has one of Europe’s highest numbers of foreign jihadists per capita. 


    I was left to wonder which lousy appeasement regime in Europe might reach out to take tender loving care of the ISIS scumbag whom Austria had wisely turned away.

    But that question will not be answered, because in fact it was subsequently reported that the terrorist was promptly summoned to his eternal punishment.


    No RIP for him!


    • Petra Malley 7:17 pm on February 2, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      You keep dishing up huge helpings of good sense so I will keep cheering you on.
      It would have been an act of complete madness to allow any Islamist terrorist for whatever reason into Austria and the Minister was well-advised to turn down the request from Georgia.

      As you say, it’s a dazzling contrast to the stupid and wicked way May is preparing a soft landing for the vultures flying in from Mosul.
      What is more dazzling, or depressing, to be more precise, is the absence of protest at Westminster.
      What’s happened to all those ‘right-wing’ Conservatives we keep hearing about in other contexts?

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    And Heaven Bless, The Maple Leaf Forever! 

    So the Senate has approved making the National Anthem match the Prime Minister.

    ‘O Canada’ is now to be ‘gender neutral,’ despite the entrenched opposition of some Conservative senators.http://www.cbc.ca/news/politics/anthem-bill-passes-senate-1.4513317

    Since the Commons had already ‘overwhelmingly’ voted for the change, that’s it, once Royal Approval is given.

    Seems at least one Conservative suggested letting mere citizens of Canada be consulted…

    …but that was no more likely than back when Pearson changed the flag, when he asked the Opposition to knuckle under on the issue and when my kinsman, Rt, Hon. J Waldo Monteith, MP for Perth County, told him to ‘Drop Dead!’


    No referendum, no consultation, just almighty politicians, we-know-best, so bye-bye, Red Ensign.

    Well, I shall sing the old words, just as I have my Red Ensign here in Jakarta.

    I often wonder why ‘O Canada’ was chosen over that grand old rousing anthem, ‘The Maple Leaf Forever.’

    But then the know-alls would have had to re-write the whole damn thing!

    The Thistle, Shamrock, Rose Entwine? – Racist!

     God Save Our Queen?   Might get through, if it’s construed as a reference to Pretty Boy Justin.

    And how about bringing the flag up to date?

    With Turdo welcoming back evil scum from the ISIS rape-gang…


    Hasil gambar untuk canada ISIS flag


    … will he now seek to have some element of their satanic death-cult incorporated into Canada’s emblem, just to make them feel more at home?

    • Deirdre Mitchell 12:46 am on February 2, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      Oh boy, is this a joy to read.
      We the people get to vote every four or five years or whatever then we get shut out of decision-making even on things that should not be party political..
      Things like the anthem and the flag should be above politics.

    • Clark Timms 10:36 am on February 2, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      No more line about ‘in all our sons command’ in O Canada.
      Why did Turdo’s team in parliament not just replace that terrible word ‘sons’ with ‘children of undecided gender’ and Turdo would be immortalised every time it is sung.

    • Jim Bradley 10:29 pm on February 2, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      Just to check out the details, didnt Jay Waldo Monteith say – ‘You must be nuts?’ when Pearson wanted the Tories to roll over?

      • ross1948 10:34 am on February 3, 2018 Permalink | Reply

        You have it right, Jim.
        I was a very young fellow when he said it and everybody we knew in Perth County rejoiced at his put-down of Pearson. But the essence of his interjection was certainly ‘drop dead,’ so although I ‘mis-spoke,’ when I quoted him, I was not misrepresenting his sentiments!

  • ross1948 7:00 am on January 24, 2018 Permalink | Reply
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    ISIS Bitch Sentenced – Brussels Flood Alert? 

    I expect the news that an ISIS bitch, a German woman of Moroccan descent, has been given the death penalty…

    ….will unleash a lachrymose torrent, not least in Brussels!

    Having spent a long time denouncing the undoubted evil of the Islamist regime, the governments of Western Europe will probably now u-turn and erupt in loud and tearful lamentation…



    ….and arrogant intrusion, shrill sticky-beak denunciations of  the wise decision of that Iraqi court. Never mind the fact that it’s Iraq’s business and that Iraqi law prescribes such appropriate punishment.


    That’s long been crystal clear, at least since Iraq’s ambassador to Belgium last October announced that at least 100 Europeans would be tried in Iraq, with most of them likely to receive a death sentence…

    There can surely be no doubt that anyone convicted of “offering logistic support and helping the terrorist group to carry out criminal acts,” as well as “taking part in attacks against security forces,” deserves to die…



    Where Were Sunday’s ‘British’ Thousands When Jordan’s Pilot Burned? 

    … a lot more than that Jordanian pilot captured and burned alive, a lot more than the innocents…

    …foreign and Iraqi, slaughtered by ISIS savages during their  reign of terror in Mosul.


    This evil vixen made her choice. She was not dealt a bad hand by ill chance, not at all!

    She made her decision freely, for evil, then she packed her bags and travelled from Germany to Syria…


    … and further to Iraq, along with her two daughters, who eventually married militants.

    German woman sentenced to death in Iraq for joining Islamic State

    The sentence of death by hanging can be appealed?




    Depend on it!

    Brussels will be appealing, ever set on saving the skins of vermin around the world.

    We have noted their arrogance before, when, at EUSSR behest, Cameron shamed his country by interfering in Indonesia’s internal affairs…

    UK’s Jakarta Rep Frantic to Save Terrorist Skins -A Neo-Colonialist Par Excellence! 

    And that was no one-off!

    Brussels boasts of its uppity intrusions in countries where vermin get what’s coming to them!

    The European Union is the leading institutional actor and largest donor in the fight against death penalty worldwide.


    Note, not just in their own member-states but WORLDWIDE!

    One is almost surprised they don’t send a gun-boat like 19th century imperialists!

    In fact they do, but figuratively – EUROS, not bullets!


    The political commitment of the EU in the fight against death penalty worldwide is complemented by European Commission’s funding allocated to civil society organisations…From 2008 to 2016, …more than €22 million to projects supporting the fight against death penalty around the world.


    More so-called ‘NGOs’ gouging YOUR pockets, if you live in the EUSSR.

    But let’s think on this.

    These Euro-Creeps are dead against any sort of ‘discrimination,’ SO…if they’re consistent, they will give equal attention and concern to each and every capital punishment case, like they say, ‘worldwide!’


    Gambar terkait


    So I’ve no doubt that Juncker and Tusk have already been losing sleep, not only over the ISIS bitch who deserves to die, but also over another poor sad victim facing the death penalty.


    Hasil gambar untuk craig Michael wood rape

    Missouri man sentenced to death in rape, murder of 10-year-old girl

    Another pet project for EurocRat scum?


    If Brussels is spending those millions mentioned on a cause you don’t like, and without your approval, now’s the time to preempt their insolence.

    Email the Iraqi Embassy and tell them you hope they execute EVERY ISIS scumbag convicted in their courts!


    These contact details may be out of date but I think they work.





    Canada info@iqemb.cai

    Australia iraq.embassy@iceiraq.org


    • Diana 12:19 am on January 25, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      Who wouldn’t want all the ISIS exterminated?
      I won’t email the Iraqis.
      Till tomorrow!

    • Petra Malley 3:09 pm on January 25, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      Obviously most will agree with you, but congratulations for your typically practical approach.
      I will email the Iraqis and ask them to get on with it.

    • Marty Nagel 11:17 pm on January 25, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      Thanks for this.
      I got a lot of people to email those embassies.
      We want the ISIS pigs put down in Iraq, because in Canada Turdo is giving them a welcome home.

  • ross1948 11:00 pm on January 2, 2018 Permalink | Reply
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    MaYalta – Appeaser Theresa Joins Anti-Polish Jihad 

    As heroic Hungary steps forward, like Horatius who held the bridge against The Enemy in ancient times…


    At least Horatius had two stalwarts by his side – will Orban face the foe alone?


    …Viktor Orban alone among European statesmen  vowing a veto, offering resistance to Brussels tyranny, Brits with a knowledge of more modern history must be thinking of Yalta…


    Gambar terkait


    …the post-WWII betrayal of Poland, now to be action-replayed by Juncker, Merkel, and the rest of the Eurocratic clique.

    The war on Warsaw is being undertaken with the help of Polish collaborators, Donald Tusk and the likes of his deranged comrade, former foreign minister Radek Sikorski.


    Hasil gambar untuk radek sikorski

    Sikorski, keeping unwholesome company


    Sikorski, who, since losing his political power, has flitted off to a cushy job at Harvard, may be mentally ill, judging from his asinine burbling last month, when he said that the Polish patriot party (which is increasingly popular as Brussels gears up its war machine) was creating the kind of regime seen under Franco in Spain.

    Franco’s Spain? A one-party state? No opposition in parliament? No critical media?

    Sikorski is a blethering bone-head, not just to make such plainly false allegations but even more so if he expects anyone to believe him!

    The Polish Government is being insulted and assailed by the worst elements, both at home and abroad…



    …..because they are trying to use their parliamentary majority to implement the mandate they got in a free nd fair election…



    …to clean out Communist-era judges and to get rid of the cultural marxists in the state media.

    And Theresa MaYalta is in league with the swine.

    The Polish foreign minister, Witold Waszczykowski, expected support from the UK ahead of British prime minister Theresa May’s visit to Warsaw…


    Hasil gambar untuk theresa the appeaser

    But May’s office dampened those expectations.

    It said she would “raise her concerns [on rule of law] with the [Polish] prime minister”, adding “we expect all our partners to abide by international norms”.

    And what the hell kind of norms has she imposed on her own people?


    ISIS rape-gang filth welcomed home to what was once a land of hope and glory!

    ‘Theresa The Appeaser?’ Where’s The Righteous Rage? 

    And an intensive operation in UK schools being planned by her ministers –  St. Theresa Of Transgendria  – to destroy the decent values Brits and Poles once cherished equally. 

    • Sammo Landos 2:44 pm on January 3, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      She is a bad one, like Merkel.

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