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  • ross1948 14:30 on September 17, 2021 Permalink | Reply
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    Taliban Goose, Ayatollah Gander? 


    For my numerous non-English-speaker readers, I offer an explanation of my headline.


    If you say what’s sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander, you mean what is acceptable for one person in a particular situation should be acceptable for another person in a similar situation

    Collins Dictionary


    So Western governments ‘are wary of Taliban promises that Afghanistan will not go back to the harsh fundamentalist rule exercised during their last period in power before 2001.’


    Indeed, and no doubt civilised Afghans, especially women, are a lot more ‘wary,’ with good reason.

    . …


    It’s hard to believe that, in this day and age, the terrorist gang in control in Kabul openly despise the very concept of democracy.

    Even the tyrants in Beijing and Havana and Pyongyang pay lip service to democratic principles…



    ….though in practice the marxists trample those principles daily.


    In Afghanistan, the new kill-joy cabal instead, in all seriousness, insist that in their ‘Emirate,’ what passes for law will be enacted by decree…



    ….,diktats issued by ignorant mullahs, who blasphemously lie – that they know what God Almighty requires.

    Yet when all’s said and done, how many Western governments will lift a finger to prevent such a long evil night descending on Afghanistan?

    And if they say they won’t recognise such a barbaric regime, how will they respond when charged with hypocrisy…



    …with brazen double standards?

    For almost every Western government, as far as I know, maintains diplomatic relationships with the satanic ayatollahs, whose lackeys even get a seat at the United Nations!


    . .


    Iran does have a ‘parliament,’ yes, but nobody may stand for that parliament without the consent of the ‘Supreme Leader! ‘



    And ever since the monstrous Khomeini came to power, that position has been held by, guess who?

    Ignorant mullahs, who blasphemously lie – that they know what God Almighty requires.

  • ross1948 14:30 on February 14, 2019 Permalink | Reply
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    Shariah Aceh Scowls At Day Of Love! 


    What a surprise, to read in  iNews.id – that the Mayor of Banda Aceh, Mr.Aminullah Usman, has ‘reminded’ citizens, ‘especially Muslims,’ in the provincial capital of Indonesia’s only shariah-governed province, which likes to be hailed as the Verandah of Mecca, NOT to celebrate Valentine’s Day.


    Image result for sharia valentine

    No fun for that bunch, at least!


    The mayor says the big day ‘challenges Islamic shariah and is not part of Acehnese culture, which is majority Muslim’ – so don’t celebrate!’

    If it were just Aminullah’s personal sectarian outburst, okay, up to him.

    But there’a more than a whiff of intimidation when he starts telling private businesses…


    Image result for aminullah banda aceh


    ….‘Hotels, restaurants, coffee-stalls, cafeterias and entertainment spots’ NOT to ‘facilitate Valentine activities…in any form.’ https://www.inews.id/daerah/aceh/wali-kota-aceh-imbau-warga-tak-rayakan-hari-valentine/445345

    The report also reminds us that this kind of kill-joy crack-down in Aceh is no novel burden for the poor Achenese to shoulder.

    Let’s not forget the Festive Season!

    ‘Happy New Year? Don’t You Dare!’ – Aceh’s Islamist Bigots 


    It was the current mayor’s notoriously bigoted predecessor, a ferocious fanatic woman, Illiza Saaduddin Djamal, who ruled the city from 2014 until 2017, whose diktats we used to cover a lot.

    Banda Aceh Mayor Illiza Sa’aduddin Djamal ordered venues including restaurants, sport centers, Internet cafes and tourist attractions to not serve women after 11:00 p.m. unless accompanied by their husbands or other male family members…




    • ===============

    And that Mayor abhorred religious liberty as much as fair play for her own sex. 

    My own fave Illiza-ism was her comparison of a tiny group of religious dissidents to the tsunami disaster which overwhelmed Aceh 20 years ago, inflicting a six-figure death-toll.

    Islamist Mayor – We Know Where You Live! Submit to Indoctrination OR ELSE! 


    It always saddens me to dwell on the subject of Aceh.

    So I refuse to speculate if fun-loving kids who risk enjoying themselves today will face the risk of being whipped by a cowardly masked brute before a mob of baying bigots…


    The Sharia Hell of Aceh!

    …like the girl in the picture.


    • Mariyanti 14:52 on February 14, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      You are what I think is called ‘tautological’with your headline. Sharia Aceh Scowls is much the same as saying Rain Is Wet!
      Scowling, preventing fun, being childishly offended, that is the essence of those people’s way of life.
      I would feel sad for them but they don’t deserve compassion,in view of their cruel, stoney-hearted intolerance.


    • Putri 15:46 on February 14, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      They hate fun up there.
      Always the kill-joys, like you many times expose.


    • Jim Ex Jakarta 16:38 on February 14, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      One of these days the people who are unlucky enough to live there will do something about the misery the fanatics dish out.
      What is the real pity is that the Indonesian Government doesnt act to help its citizens living under this oppressive nonsense.


    • Santi 17:12 on February 14, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      Oh yes, agree with all you say about Aceh.


    • Wulan 14:12 on February 15, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      So true.
      Aceh is terrible province that makes us shy to have foreign people know it is part of Indonesia.


    • Prita 17:23 on February 15, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      Who wants to go to Aceh?
      I rather go to Hell.


  • ross1948 22:16 on August 29, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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    Media Bias – ‘The Local’ Versus France! 


    The burqini bans in around 30 towns in France have left spectators outraged, confused, angry, and disappointed. 
    Au contraire, mes amis.
    We’ve already reported ( as has The Local) that 64% of French people support the ban. From that, I’d guess that most angry, disappointed etc feelings are more likely to be a response to the Council of State’s suspension of the ban.
    But The Local, determined to disprove the poll, it seems, sent a reporter to the Paris ‘beaches’ by the Seine to carry out its own little survey – how little, we don’t know; they don’t tell us how many people they talked to.
    But somehow they refuted the national poll -hostility to the ban was a popular sentiment among those at the temporary beach – http://www.thelocal.fr/20160825/what-do-parisians-think-of-frances-burqini-bans
    Yet the interviewer had to record dissent too, including this from Besma, a banker, a Muslim woman, one of those who has actually shaken off alien culture.

    “My own mother wore a headscarf but she would have never considered a burqini or a burqa. I have read the Quran and it is written nowhere that women must cover themselves up in all black as if they are in mourning.”

     And a French man provided us with a useful modern history lesson. 
    Jean-Paul, a fast-food stand owner, said that the burqini represented a “regression in Islam –  If you look at pictures of women in Muslim countries such as Algeria from the 1960s, you see them wearing bikinis and swimsuits,” he said.
    Very true, and not just Algeria.
    We have covered ( uncovered?!) those halcyon days in previous posts.
    1960s Egypt Color
    And here below is a happy young lady in Iran, when that now wretched land was free.
    One wonders, sadly, where she is now? A granny, yes, perhaps, but looking at her grandchildren and mourning the freedom they have lost?
    Or worse, observing how they’ve been indoctrinated into the backward burkini mind-set?
    But the Parisian dissenters, it seems, were a minority among the dozen (?) or so The Local met. Impressionistic data, at best, or maybe Paris is as unrepresentative of France as London is of Britain. 

    Overall The Local ‘Paris poll’ seems to be an effort to echo the previous week’s piece…

    ‘Burqini bans will only divide France more’


    How true, those words spoken by the blonde lady in our oft-used picture!


    I had been planning to post last week but happily I held off, on how it beats me why The Local calls itself The Local – The Leftal might be better/

    It uses a prejudicial assertion as a headline to reflect its own slant towards alien intrusion into local life on France’s beaches. Sure, the quotation marks indicate it is a mere assertion, by one of the ‘experts’ the editors have clearly been trawling for. 

    But there’s no fair selection of ‘experts’ from both sides of the debate, no ‘experts’ at all from the patriot side, only the sort whom left-libs adore, a ‘sociologist and Islam expert,’ and a ‘sociologist and filmmaker.’





    Who the hell defines these sorts as ‘experts‘ at all?

    And are there REALLY no ‘experts’ to be found who might take the opposite view? 

    As yet another town in France moves to ban the burqini, experts argue that such decisions will actually worsen France’s relationship with Islam.
    On and on it goes, leftist hogwash on free-flow.
    The ‘film-maker‘ rants that the burkini bints will “become fed up with all the noise in the French news, the obsession with Islam in the French media.”
    More appropriate, surely, if they got fed up with the noise of Salafists spitting hate for all the French civic virtues. 
    Fathers and husbands, their private parts are YOUR responsibility
    More helpful, too, if they abandoned their obsession with alien shariah dress-codes and learned to live in France and look like Frenchwomen!
    BTW, I was once told to take my trousers off among a crowd of sunbathers because it was inappropriate to be so clothed on a public beach!
    That was in Tangier, in Muslim Morocco, by a gun-toting Muslim cop. I obliged. He moved on, checking that all those by the sea were in proper swimsuits. 
    Fortunately I had my swimmers on underneath, and had only just sat down, having carefully chosen the most pleasing area, that with as many bikini-clad forms as could be spotted.
    I fear Morocco has changed since those days.  

    Is Morocco Bound To Catch the Market Morons? 

    But today’s question must be – will The Local change?

    Change editors, change from a pro-crimmigrant apologist rag to the useful publication it could so easily be? ,

    • Blake C 01:21 on August 30, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      A funny story, your adventure in Morocco, but this is not one of your better efforts, Ross. You use a scatter-gun approach, far too much a broad-brush and if I may say, a slap-dash, attack on what should be an easy target, the Islamists in France.
      Instead, you take aim at The Local.?
      I understand perfectly how much you dislike these ‘experts’ and I agree, they usually are know-nothings with an axe to grind, but if you look at The Local over a period of six months or a year, are there really that many examples of bias? ,


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