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  • ross1948 19:53 on September 4, 2019 Permalink | Reply
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    Erdolf’s New Crimmigrant Tsunami! 

    Remember how Mama Stasi Merkel wallowed in self-glorification after sealing that deceitful deal  –

    Brussels-Ankara ‘Bargain’ Backfires! 1-for-1? Yeah, Right! 

    –with Turkey’s despot Erdogan?


    And remember also what we noted the year before THAT?

    Erdolf Leeches On, But Won’t Turn Off The Tap! 


    Well… Here we go again!

    The authoritarian Islamist is still soaking up your taxes ( by ‘your,’ I mean every tax-payer in every land ruled from Brussels) and still breaking his word.

    Hundreds of people arrived on the Greek island of Lesbos in more than a dozen boats in one afternoon, Greek authorities and aid groups have said.


    It marks a significant increase in the numbers of refugees and migrants heading to Greek islands from the nearby Turkish coast.


    How long will even the Euro-Creeps continue to allow themselves to be taken for fools by this dictator..

    Deutsche Welle: ‘Many Turkish hearts in Germany beat for Erdogan 

    ….who operates his own Fifth Column within Europe?

    It’s time to adopt either one or both of the measures we have long suggested.

    Quarantine the Turkish coast and/or….

    Germany’s Erdolf-Turk Enemy Within? Boot Them OUT! 



    …and/or begin the overdue expulsion of disloyal Turks from European countries!

    I used to ponder these measures as a tool to coerce Erdolf into keeping his part of the deal…

    – ‘play nice or else, Erdy!’-

    …but that time has surely passed. Implement BOTH and put His Arrogance in his place!



    • Noreen Paterson 20:16 on September 4, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      After all the public demonstrations of disloyalty to the countries they live in, it is incredible that the Turks in Germany and Austria have not been ordered out.
      Erdogan is a very dangerous zealot.


  • ross1948 17:03 on May 8, 2017 Permalink | Reply
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    Erdogan Fans Fight For Seats In French Parliament! 

    I gather meddling in French elections is not the monopoly of Merkel and Juncker.


    MHasil gambar untuk Parti Égalité Justice french erdogan party


    The Turkısh Muslım Equalıty and Justıce Party, founded ın January 2015 and maınly consıstıng of young ımmıgrants, wıll partıcıpate ın France’s June parlıamentary electıons.

    Interesting, that anews.com, of which even a moment’s inspection makes clear is a willing mouth-piece for Erdogan and his regime’s approach to the world outside Turkey, at once identifies the Parti Egalite Justice for what it truly represents.

    In contrast, the PEJ leadership is quick to deny  – the prıncıpal aım of the party ıs to combat ınequalıty and ınjustıce. 
    Leader Çolak also added that the exıstıng polıtıcal system ın France does not approve of dıfference and thus ıt became necessary to found a new party that accepted and promoted dıversıty.


    Aaah, ‘diversity,’ that dagger aimed at the heart of France, the ideology which invites, no, demands the retention of alien cultures and customs by aliens who arrive in France.

    No matter it’s their clear duty to become French and leave alien ways back where they belong, in their alien former countries.

    It took a visit to a French site –  http://www.voltairenet.org/article196262.html  – to learn more of this party, most importantly that the PEJ does not make any reference to Turkey, but all its leaders are of Turkish origin and are dual citizens of France and Turkey.

    They’re also clever.

    Get this sophisticated word-play! 

    The PEJ denounces “refusing cultural differences to prevail”, “passing judgment over an individual’s convictions” and “disparaging others without basis..”.

    So while it does not specifically endorse backward and inquitous shariah, it implicitly does denounce civilised people who openly abhor any shariah-allegiant individual’s convictions…”



    How dare decent French folk denounce caliphate curs who think women may not receive a fair share of inheritances, or may not enjoy the same rights as men to go out and about with their heads uncovered.

    At least anews.com is admirably candid when it mentions the response among French patriots. 

    The party has been confronted wıth accusatıons of beıng Turkey’s “arm” ın France sınce ıt was founded….

    Aaah, yes, Turkey!

     “The mosques are our barracks, the domes our helmets, the minarets our bayonets and the faithful our soldiers.”


    Hasil gambar untuk Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu ………

    “Holy wars will soon begin in Europe,” Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu declared…


    Is the PEJ telling normal human beings they may not disparage pig-ignoramus ‘individual’s convictions” which hold that men may have up to four spouses while women must be content with only one?



    Or that ‘blasphemers’ and ‘apostates’ deserve physical injury or death?



    Sorry, ‘immigrants’ to France who cling to Turkish citizenship…



    ….if benighted sectarianism, Erdogan-style, is among the ‘cultural differences’ which must prevail despite their refusal by real French people, then get ready for a powerful reaction all across La Belle France!  


    Gambar terkait

    La Resistance is ready. 

    Marine’s patriot party is also contesting those legislative elections.   

    • Gazza Merton 00:26 on May 9, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      If they do the same as Erdogan and support the return of the death penalty, I’d vote for them, unless they only want to hang unbelievers like me! .


  • ross1948 22:00 on March 6, 2017 Permalink | Reply
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    Austria Faces Down Erdogan’s Arrogance 

    Nice to know that the arrogant Islamist Erdogan has been told to take a hike!.

    Austrian Foreign Minister Sebastian Kurz said Erdogan is “not welcome” to hold campaign events….

    • Kurz slams single sex courses for refugees

    Sebastian Kurz

    …adding that it would “increase friction” in Austria and prevent the integration of a 360,000-strong minority of Turkish origin.

    Quite right.



     “The mosques are our barracks, the domes our helmets, the minarets our bayonets and the faithful our soldiers.” 

    Erdogan’s ideology is just about as primitive and inimical to civilised values as that which brought his Ottoman Caliphate forebears to the Gates of Vienna in 1683.



    Vienna, 1683

    The FPO candidate last year warned what sort of Enemy Within his country was up against.

    Turks in Austria Flaunt Their Disloyalty! 

    But get the reaction from Europe’s common enemy!

    “We do not accept those irresponsible comments that exceed their limits and the distorted mentality,” Turkish foreign ministry spokesman Huseyin Muftuoglu said… Kurz’s comments are a “new example of a biased and double standard approach”, he added.   http://www.thelocal.at/20170301/turkey-angry-after-erdogan-is-told-he-cant-campaign-in-austria

    Who the Hell does this uppity Turk flunkey think he is?

    Who gets into Austria is Austria’s choice to make.

    The Austrian Government made thousands of mistakes over the past two years in this respect, allowing phoney ‘refugees’ to stomp across their border.

    • raperefug/

    Austrians Face Rising Tide Of ‘Asylum’ Crime! 

    Poor Little Unaccompanied Minor Migrants 

    “Attacks Now A Daily Routine..:” So DyeThat Blonde Hair

    Predators and Child Molestors

    The women and children of Austria are now paying the price for that folly.

    ‘Twas the Turks who unleashed that alien horde on Europe –Turks Turn Blind Eye To Bludgers – Euro-Commissar Urges Surrender! –so it ill becomes the likes of Huseyin to holler abuse at any minister, of any government, of any country, which suffered as a result of Turkey’s deliberate, malicious refusal to control its borders…

    Rogue Turk Regime Raises Ransom Demand – Fight Back, Europe! 

    It’s high time the Turkish regime was ostracised as a pariah state. But first, outlaw its sectarian incitement outside it own territory. Herr Kurz speaks too softly but he has the right idea.

    “Of course the Turkish president, like other senior politicians, can make bilateral visits to Europe and Austria for talks with top officials…But we clearly reject bringing the Turkish campaign and polarisation to Austria.”



  • ross1948 16:22 on April 6, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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    Swiss School Panders To Sectarian Brats! 

    Among my various jaunts around Jakarta this week was a visit to the northern part of town, where I hung out for part of the afternoon with a nice bunch of Indonesians, pleasant young adults, men and women of all creeds.

    I didn’t ask them about their religion but some of the ladies were bescarfed and several popped out for prayers.

    • i-love-jkt
    • ———–
    • None of them showed the slightest reluctance to shake my hand when we met, nor when we parted. Indonesians are polite, as a rule.

    So we may assume that the arrogant little bigots mentioned in the RT report below are just that- obnoxious fanatical toe-rags.

    Their offensive incivility is saddening, but what’s much more infuriating is the sicko appeasement mentality of the Swiss school administration that panders to their discourtesy.


    Die Sek Therwil.


    A school in Switzerland says its Muslim pupils will no longer have to shake hands with female teachers following a controversial ruling.

    Two male Muslim students said they did not want to shake hands with women as it was against their religion.

    Discourteous little dorks need a clip round the ear..




    Decent Muslims in Switzerland are speaking up against them. 

    There was no reference in the Koran justifying a refusal to shake a woman teacher’s hand, said the Swiss Federation of Islamic Organisations. Saida Keller-Messahli of the Forum for Progressive Islam urged the Swiss not to give in to extremist demands.     http://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-35967349

    Men and women shake hands here every day, in this 90% Muslim archipelago, the largest Muslim country in the world. There have been a few backward bints who wrap something round their hands when they are introduced to me
    But in all my many years here, I’d say less than half-a-dozen – and one of them was a pathetic Canadian ‘convert’ chick who’d clearly married a rabid zealot, a primitive…
    …like this other lot in Switzerland –  the smaller Islamic Central Council of Switzerland said that a handshake between men and women was prohibited. 

    The school’s located in northern Switzerland, a place called Therwil, near the big city of Basel ( many spell it Basle, but that’s the French way, and the city and canton are in the German-speaking part of the country, so I use theirs)

    The brats concerned are mid-teens, who should have been told to smarten up and recognise that they live in a civilised country – shape up or face expulsion.




    Instead, their infantile insistence that Islam does not permit any physical contact between members of the opposite sex, unless it is with family members…   https://www.rt.com/news/338488-muslim-school-women-switzerland/persuaded the school principal, a man named Juerg Lauener,to  opt for appeasement, thus encouraging their anti-social recalcitrance.

    Simonetta Sommaruga

    • Naturally, decent Swiss are outraged.
    • Justice Minister Simonetta Sommaruga sums it up –“shaking hands is part of our culture.”

    Christoph Eymann, of the Swiss Conference of Cantonal Ministers of Education, also reminded the school that  “We cannot tolerate that women in the public service are treated differently from men.”

    But the spineless local authority in Therwil has bottled out of its duty to see that schools teach children basic responsibilities of citizenship in a civilised country (aka good manners) 

    They “will not intervene as [it] is the responsibility of the school to set the rules,” said their spokesman – actually, disgracefully, spokeswoman –  Monika Wyss, whose council thereby betrays all Swiss women.


    The beleaguered school has tried to find a compromise, by deciding that the two pupils should not greet either men or women with a handshake.

    That’s just a bad joke, a mockery of school discipline. If these two young nasties think fanatic Islamist dogma is okay, one is tempted to suggest that fanatic Islamist penalties should be considered to quell their insolence.


    Indonesia Sharia Law Shariah law in Aceh


    But better they just be sent packing. Juerg Lauener should be sent with them, The school would be much improved if all three were removed permanently from its premises! 


  • ross1948 10:03 on November 3, 2015 Permalink | Reply
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    Rogue Turk Regime Raises Ransom Demand – Fight Back, Europe! 

    So the Turks have given Erdogan a new mandate to extort.

    The avaricious Islamist regime has shrugged off the basic duty of any civilised country to man its borders and ensure rapacious savages do not swarm through against neighbouring nations.


    • bulgar turkey-and-its-neighbours-map
    • ………………….
    • Despite well-equipped armed forces which could do the job effectively, it is quite deliberately letting some 10,000 of them a day go past border guards on the Aegean coast and on its land borders with EU states en route, via Greece and the Western Balkans, to Austria and Germany.
    • ————————–
    • lampedusa-171-clandestini9
    • ———————–
    • Observers acquainted with the history of the region might argue it’s pay-back, because when Byzantium fell, in 1453, much of Europe stood idly by as the Eastern Roman Empire became part of the caliphate. 
    • A Dark Day, indeed. 




    But that’s mere musing on a dire mistake long since made.

    What’s tragic now is that while the sectarian brute in Ankara swaggers in his opulent palace, revelling in the kow-tow antics exhibited in Brussels, there’s hardly a voice raised among the victims of his blackmail demanding counter-measures. It’s all about appeasement, according to a senior EU diplomat familar with the talks.


    • appeasement
    • “First, we offered €1 billion [in aid]. Then we offered €3 billion. Now the Turks have put a figure of €3 billion per year on the table in return for their agreement on the Action Plan.”

    Again, there are different ways of looking at this. One consolation is that Brussels stands exposed as entirely hypocritical in its perennial bleating about human rights in countries beyond its sphere of influence.

    The EUSSR’s annal report on Turkey’s lamentable record ( the draft text accuses Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan of cracking down on press freedom and judicial independence.) has been held back.


    Liar Juncker, who was at ease whilst grotesquely insulting Hungary’s PM Orban as a ‘dictator’ not long ago,  is grovelling to Erdogan like the Luxembourgeois louse he is, telling MEPs on Tuesday: “We can harp on about that but where is that going to take us in our discussions with Turkey?” His spokesman, Alexander Winterstein, said: “We don’t comment on these internal developments.”


    • EUSSR
    • ————————-

    Another EU source said “It’s not that Erdogan asked the Commission to keep silent. It’s self-censorship.”


    • DariusIOfPersia1 Xerxes Erdogan receiving Euro-Supplicants?
    • ……………………………..

    Back to the extortion racket – referring to Turkey’s €3 billion a year demand, the contact said Erdogan is operating a “protection racket.”

    “It’s a classic protection racket. First you give €1 billion and they say it’s not enough. Then €3 billion and they come back and say: ‘Now you have to pay more’  They’re in a position where they can open or close the sluice gates [on refugee arrivals] to put pressure on the EU for extra concessions”.

    Oh, and it’s not just money.  

    Arguably even more menacing is the Islamist’s insistence on visa-free entry for Turks, a clear strategy to maximise the enemy alien population within Europe!




    A brand-new assault on the Gates of Vienna, with the key difference today being that Merkel, Juncker, Mogherini…




    …and of course, Erdogan’s Number One Fan, Cameron, are lining up to emulate Londonderry’s Lundy, traitors to a man, and woman. 

    When will we hear some hero speak up for sanity?

    Why won’t Europe fight back? There’s no shortage of options.

    Suspension from NATO. Warships sealing the Turks’ Aegean Coast. Deportation of Turks already resident in Europe. And/Or…

    Moves to recognise an independent Kurdish state; that would open up a fire-storm across Erdogan’s southern provinces.  Is that going too far?

    Hardly! It’s no more compicated than, and more likely to succeed than, Obama’s ineffectual effort to organise so-called ‘Syrian freedom fighters’ against Assad! 


    Kurdish girls, armed, and dangerous to Islamists!


    Most of us now have a high opinion of those Kurds, men and women, who resist the forces of evil in their region.

    There are other steps too, as readers may wish to suggest.

    But the issue of principle is –

    No surrender, not to invasion, nor to intimidation, nor to the threat of internal subversion  – which we posted on not so long ago.

    Erdogan’s 5th Column Roars Islamist Slogans In Europe’s Heart! 

    War down the proud, was the watch-word of Ancient Rome.

    History still holds lessons worth remembering..


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