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  • ross1948 00:01 on October 20, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    Given To Cartoon-Tantrums? Grow Up Or Get Out! 

    Just watched the scenes from Paris, thousands of decent French folk…

    …showing their disgust at the brutal murder of the teacher, and singing La Marseillaise, and one lady in the crowd, interviewed by a F24 reports, summing it up in a few powerful words.

    God does not have a spokesman!

    That scumbag assassin was a Chechen. Last month’s blood-thirsty pig was a Pakistani.

    What the hell were they doing in a country where they know their primitive notions of ‘blasphemy’ are not just alien but utterly unacceptable?

    It’s about time those who think like them were given notice.



    Mockery of what you – or I – believe is not a capital offence.

    Insulting those we revere as heroes or prophets…or whatever…is not and should not be a criminal offence.

    Only infantile jerks think it should be.


    Hizbut Tahrir Indonesia was absolutely clear about its opinion –  ‘Charlie Hebdo Proves Democracy Is Rotten!’


    Sectarian intolerance is not an adult emotion. If you do get cranky over somebody’s rude words, then start a blog, or write a letter to The Guardian, or hold a demo, or a march.



    But do not let morons like the turd in this photo above participate.

    All such people are an affront to decent society, and require at the very least indefinite incarceration in a padded cell.

    They may be considered for release if they agree to migrate to any other country foolish or backward enough to accept them.




    Grow up or get out of France!

    And Britain.

    And Australia.

    And Canada.

    And Germany…and every country where people are free.


    • Uncle Oz 05:50 on October 20, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      That’s what our politicians should have said when Hizbut Tahrir raised it’s head in Australia.
      I gather fom your pages that Indonesia has banned the group so why should they be spreading their poison here?


    • Mel Henderson 08:45 on October 20, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      Nicely put. Macron could do so much more!



    • Chrissie Miles 12:18 on October 20, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      A very welcome statement of what should have been obvious since the Rushdie Fatwa.


    • Grant Holman 12:58 on October 20, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      We have these people in our country too and there are many of us who wish there weren’t.
      They are very arrogant and the women they keep like domestic animals are pitiable.
      By any standard, they are alien and that would be acceptable if they were trying to become less alien and especially to bring their children up not to be alien.
      I regret to say, the children are no better, drilled from birth to be as ignorant and anti-social as their parents.

      Mark my words, if they are not forced to behave or and not forced out, there will be a kind of rehearsal for armageddon soon enough and the devils may win.


  • ross1948 17:26 on October 17, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    ‘Obscurantism,’ Macron? No – It’s ‘Asylum,’ Stupid! 

    Terrorists will not divide France, obscurantism will not win!”


    Macron is wrong. Terrorism has divided France – not the French, except for the putrid liberal element which afflicts every Western nation.

    And it’s not ‘obscurantism’ that is the real problem, though if he means pig-ignorant sectarians…



    …yes, they are an affront to decency.


    Here’s the real problem – 

    It was 26 September, less than a month ago, that a filthy savage ran amok in France, then this week another one.

    We asked the question in September….

    BBC Won’t Tell Viewers How Suspects Got Into France! 

    ….and now we seek answers to a similar question.

    One stupid hack relorted that pig who beheaded the teacher was ‘from Russia.’

    That’s offensive, if meant to imply the fiend was Russian. It’s like saying that some Roma parasite is ‘Romanian.’

    Not so, in either case!

    The sectarian pig in Paris who beheaded the teacher was a Chechen, and so the question Macron should be forced to confront is –

    What was the Chechen pig doing in France?

    Who let him in?

    Who failed to put him out?

    He was, after all, known to police for criminal activity, so ought to have been categorised as an undesirable alien and deported tout suite.



    I strongly suspect that one or both of the scumbags referred to above were fake-refugees, aka ‘asylum-seekers.

    If Macron doesn’t start deporting these lying leeches en masse, Marine Le Pen should make expulsion of sectarian scum a key part of her campaign message.



    Surely it would resonate!

    Along with a pledge of serious vetting, and a cast-iron policy of point-blank refusal of not just asylum for, but asylum applications from, ANY primitive savages…



    ….who think ‘blasphemers’ ought to be injured or killed.

    • Noreen Paterson 18:52 on October 17, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      And so say all of us. How many jihadists are known to the British security services! I think the figure was 29 to 25 thousand.
      They all subscribe to that ‘kill-blasphemers’ idiot ideology. They do not belong in our country and should be brought in and given a fair choice.
      Prison or pack your bags.


    • Jeanne 21:15 on October 17, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      You are correct in your guess, the Chechen pig was in France because he claimed to be a ‘refugee’ and also a criminal, so why did Macron not send him back out of France?
      These barbarian people come to France and pretend to want the safety of French democracy but so many are without gratitude.
      Many of them are ‘merde’ in French. You use the word ‘s—t’ and I think it means the same.
      Same word fits also for the parents who made threats against the teacher. They too should be arrested and if they are not French born they should be sent out.


    • Kally Hent 01:13 on October 18, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      Why won’t Macron arrest them, try them, then shoot them for treason or deport them?


  • ross1948 21:10 on October 26, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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    Terror Fan Un-Deported – Danes Show No More Sense Than Norway! 

    What a pitiful, pathetic response!
    Better to string the sectarian swine up, or at least kick the cur out of Denmark, preferably to some country that  would have him put down. Sounds like they’re no more into handling terror fans than their neighbours in Norway!
    It’s almost laughable to read that the Copenhagen City Court also sentenced the man to conditional deportation, which means he will be kicked out of Denmark if he commits any new crimes. 
    Hasil gambar untuk inadequate
    Pathetic Plus-Plus! 
    Can’t blame the prosecutors, who wanted five months behind bars, then actual deportation.
    The man posted a link to a story on the Paris attack accompanied by a smiley face and comments in Arabic that said God deserved the honour for the killings
    What can such a fiendish freak know of God?  
    Seems to me that, apart from being a bestial barbarian, this Iraqi is guilty of ‘Islamophobia.’
    Not that there should ever be an offence of that nature on any country’s statute book – people should be free to offend any creed – but decent Muslims should be out there demanding he suffer for bringing Islam into disrepute.
    The weak-kneed judiciary deserves all the more public condemnation when we learn that he had been sentenced last year for threatening to decapitate the chairman of the Danish Syrian Association.

    Aha! A wannabe beheader!

    We have more than enough of such pig-ignoramuses in too many previously civilised Western countries already.
    They need to be expelled en masse.
    The vile savage is appealing his sentence.
    I don’t know enough about Danish law to be sure if the appeal court can raise as well as lower sentences, but I hope so.
    And I hope this brute does get ordered out of Denmark, and preferably sooner than it took Norway to expel the equally evil Krekar.
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