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  • ross1948 8:20 pm on May 29, 2018 Permalink | Reply
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    More Satanic Murders, In Liege. Now Strike Back! 

    Another filthy jihadist beast, a monster with no conscience, has murdered innocent people whilst hollering his sectarian war-cry.

    Belgium shooting: Terrorist gunman shouting ‘Allahu Akbar’ kills two

    Good that the pig was shot dead, but two Belgian police-women are dead too, and a poor young man simply sitting in a parked car, so we read.

    The score is uneven.

    It’s about time Belgium grew a set, viz. – call an emergency parliamentary session, vote to repudiate the terrorist protectors on the European Court…


    ECHR Protocol on absolute ban on the death penalty … 

    …and then move quickly on, the restoration of capital punishment, retrospectively!

    In other words…


    Hasil gambar untuk do the right thing


    Count the total of innocents killed, double that number, then take that number of terrorist vermin out of Belgian prisons, and/or round up the ISIS rape-gang rats whom the Belgians have insanely allowed back from the Middle East…..


    …then put ’em up against the nearest wall.

    I know, I know, it is not going to happen, not yet at least.

    But it would work.

    • Joel In Brussels 9:16 pm on May 29, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      Everyone knows it will work so why will our leaders not lead?
      Instead they folow the orders of that court!
      None of them has a gun to his head so they do so willingly.
      At every election the people vote for one or the other of those leaders and their parties.
      Only maybe small percents vote for parties who want to win the war like you do.
      So Europe will die by her own hand.
      Within the lifetime of our children, there will be an end to our Europe.
      The sad thing is the patriot percents will suffer along with the ones who complained but still voted for the same useless weaklings.
      Looking on the bright side, all those fools who are letting it happen will suffer too.

    • Vicki 10:56 pm on May 30, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      We all feel like that sometimes but never give up, Joel.
      That’s what Soros is counting on, that if he spends enough he can buy victory.
      No, no, no.

  • ross1948 9:28 pm on March 25, 2018 Permalink | Reply
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    ‘State Of Siege’ In Carcassonne’s “Sensitive” Zone! 

    “We are under siege,” said a woman on the phone to one of her relatives.


    Police forces arrive to search the small city Ozanam Carcassonne where resided Radouane Lakdim, the author of the murderous hostage taking in Trèbes, March 23, 2018 © Eric CABANIS AFP


    Funny sort of folks live in Ozadem, if that’s a typical reaction.

    When the police arrived to pursue their investigations in Ozanam, the district of Carcassonne where the bloodthirsty Islamist savage Radoune Lakdim lived, you’d think decent French folk would be eager to help with enquiries.

    And so they would, for certain.

    But the decent French folk still resident in Ozanam are a dwindling band, it seems, eager, many of them, to get out of the neighbourhood. The report quotes a pensioner.

    “It is a minority that rotted the neighborhood, they have taken over – before it was a good place to live but now it is scary,” she says.


    Police forces arrive to search the small city Ozanam Carcassonne where resided Radouane Lakdim, the author of the murderous hostage taking in Trèbes, March 23, 2018 © Eric CABANIS AFP

    A reassuring scene from ‘sensitive’ Ozadem

    Little traffics, omerta – all the inhabitants questioned by AFP refused to communicate their names – cars burned: Ozanam is a neighborhood of Carcassonne known as sensitive….. 
    • Jeanne 7:19 pm on March 26, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      That Pipes article that I have just finished reading is something everyone should read who wants to understand why the French people are under constant threat. Pipes is American but he can teach us much in France.
      The way to stop terrorism is to deny the terrorists the sewers they swim in.
      No more ‘sensitive’ sanctuaries and there will be no more breeding rounds for jihadist rats.
      Deportation, as you have said over and over, is the cure. If the government needs help, many o us will gladly volunteer if we are given guns.
      Clean up France!

  • ross1948 10:14 pm on December 20, 2017 Permalink | Reply
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    Women And Children First – For Deportation As Enemy Aliens! 

    German intel chief warns of potential threat posed by wives, children of German jihadis


    Germany’s intelligence chief has warned that the wives and children of German “IS” fighters could pose a risk when they return home. A third of the 950 Germans who have traveled to fight for “IS” have returned….

    Who let them back in?

    The bitch without a conscience, of course!

    The entire DW report is nightmarish, from its opening paragraphs, which expose the folly of Mama Stasi Merkel’s “open-door-to-jihadist-vermin” policy ( to be expected, given the malignant vixen’s readiness to afford the swine access to consular assistance in Iraq )…

    Hans-Georg Maassen, Germany’s domestic intelligence chief, warned on Sunday that many of the wives and children of German “Islamic State” (IS) fighters…”had become so radicalized and identify so deeply with IS-ideology that, by all accounts, they must also be identified as jihadis.”


    Around one-third of the 950 Germans who traveled to fight for IS have since returned, most of them women are children.

    And there’s more extent to which Merkel’s massive importation of primitives -not the newly returning satanics but the million ‘refugees’ she allowed to enter unvetted two years ago – has endangered  every German clearly  comes across in further warnings from the BfV boss, Herr Hans-Georg Maassen.

    “They are saying: ‘You don’t have to travel to Syria and Iraq to fight. You can carry out jihad at home, as well…many of those who had already packed their suitcases to travel to these jihadi territories decided to stay at home instead.”


    Yet how many of those already there in Germany, spawn of the gastarbeiter (those who were insanely given German passports, or were born there and turned to treason) and alien terrorists have been locked up and/or deported?



    Jihadism should be a crime in every civilised land, as one of my commenters said earlier this month.

    Yet Merkel’s indifference to the welfare of her people is daily de-civilising Germany.

    And threatening democracy.

    Some of us remember how one of Merkel’s most rabidly anti-democratic ministers was so eager to divert Germany’s limited security resources against the AfD patriot party.

    ‘Himmler’ Maas Calls On Secret Police to Undermine Patriots! 

    Remember him?


    ‘Heil Mama!’


    A real nasty piece of work, who wanted to set the country’s internal spy service on the AfD patriot party.


    Maas said BfV monitoring would dampen public support for the AfD. 

    Seriously – he actually admitted his aim was to use the nation’s  security services as part of his electioneering dirty tricks department – a real sleazy scumbag.

    But let’s not rush to judgement.

    Was Maas only into misusing the spy agency for political advantage?

    Was he truly oblivious to the fact that diverting resources like nonsense like that meant less resources available to monitor REAL threats, like ISIS swine?

    That BfV chief blew Maas’ subterfuge out of the water!

    The President of the BfV (Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution) Hans-Georg Maassen, sees no reason to monitor the politicians of the Alternative for Germany (AfD).

    “The AFD is in our view no right-wing extremist party,” Maassen told “Welt am Sonntag.”   http://www.welt.de/politik/deutschland/article154166752/AfD-ist-keine-rechtsextremistische-Partei.html.

    So the wannabe Himmler was slapped down ignominiously by the security forces!

    But kept in high office by the Bitch.

    Her evil is a never-ending story.





  • ross1948 11:54 pm on November 1, 2017 Permalink | Reply
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    Uzbek NYC Atrocity? Right On, Donald – End ‘Diversity!’ 

    Big headline, scanty detail – that’s what we found in the CBS report on…

    New York City attack: Who is Sayfullo Habibullaevic Saipov?

    Hasil gambar untuk uzbek new york attack refugee


    The report told us that this filthy savage ‘came from Uzbekistan.’

    New York City attack: Who is Sayfullo Habibullaevic Saipov?

    But it said NOTHING about his status!

    We were left to ask if he was another phoney ‘refugee,’ like those who committed mass-murder in Paris, or the swine who drove that truck into the Berlin Christmas crowd? Or was this creep an illegal, another undesirable alien crimmigrant? Or was he given a visa, and, if so, why and by whom?

    Okay, we wondered, maybe CBS was unable to get that key info?

    Aha! Some other media showed more diligence.

    He obtained his green card through the Diversity Immigrant Visa Program, which awards 50,000 green cards annually to those who enter the running from select countries.





    A dirty word among patriots!

    It seems this ‘Diversity’ programme was deliberately organised to bring in people from countries from which not so many people would otherwise be admitted.


    Hasil gambar untuk us immigration diversity programme

    The lottery aims to diversify the immigrant population in the United States, by selecting applicants mostly from countries with low rates of immigration to the United States in the previous five years.. 


    What the heck’s the advantage to America in doing that?

    Good for President Trump, who has just said he will seek congressional action to end the stupid scheme!

    Meantime, one must hope the pig who got shot by that fine New York cop at the scene will die of its wounds and end up in Hell sooner rather than later.


     Otherwise, again as The Donald observed in the speech I’m still listening to, the case will drag on for years, probably, with legal lice battening onto it, eager to save its skin.

  • ross1948 7:25 pm on October 21, 2017 Permalink | Reply
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    Another T-May Betrayal – Welcome Home, ISIS Terror Pigs! 

    Not something I expected to do today, applaud Le Muppet!


    Or at least his Defence Minister, Madame Florence Parly, who, since Macron has not disowned her comments, must reasonably be assumed to be speaking for his government.

    The lady was discussing around 1,000 nationals estimated by counter-terror officials to have travelled to Iraq and Syria. France doesn’t want them back.



    No wonder – ISIS’ sectarian traitors are lower than vermin!

    France’s attitude to the killing of its citizens in Syria fighting for the Islamic State group has rarely been as frankly stated as it was in the lead up to the fall of Raqa.


    Gambar terkait

    Defence Minister Parly – “What we want is to go to the end of this combat and of course if jihadists die in the fighting, then I’d say it’s for the best…”



    This enunciation of an honourable AND practical response to the so-called ‘foreign fighters’ issue, viz. how to treat traitors who abandoned allegiance to the country they were born in…

    ….and whose benefits they were able from infancy to partake of, not least free education and – of course in their sorts’ case – welfare, how to punish such treasonous vermin, is admirable.


    What is NOT admirable is the abject failure of Britain’s Theresa May to make any similar declaration of intent. Far from it!



    The spineless clown in Downing Street’s minion in charge of the situation has spelt out her refusal even to punish, never eliminate, the foul scum who come crawling back.


    I advisedly use the word ‘back,’ not ‘home,’ because the UK should never allow itself to be defined as ‘home’ for jihadist filth.


    Hasil gambar untuk max hill terrorism


    Max Hill, the government’s terrorism watchdog has insisted that those who join ISIS abroad out of naivety shouldn’t be prosecuted when they return and indeed it seems as though hundreds already have come back. 


    Germany’s Mama Stasi Merkel would hardly take a stand for justice like Mme. Parly. As a former Communist secret police running dog…


    Hasil gambar untuk stasi merkel

    Did Kim Philby Advise Merkel On Treason Skills? 

    …neither justice nor patriotism ever enter the Berlin Bitch’s mind.

    But May purports to be tough on terror. Naturally, we don’t trust her, but we might, if she were publicly endorse the French minister’s sound statement.

    It’s quite a good read, the article in The Local, but still they can’t quite hold back the bias, with a silly start to an otherwise sensible sentence…

    Aside from the obvious moral issues, a dead jihadist poses far fewer problems for French and European authorities than a captured one.

    Obvious moral issues?.

    What ‘moral issues’ can possibly be involved in putting down a mad dog? Or grabbing a stick to club a rat that you find in your kitchen?



    The ISIS rape-gang deserves less consideration than dirty dogs or rancid rodents.

    Of course, the big question is how Macron and CO can possibly show an awareness of the irrefutable righteousness of the death penalty.

    If demons iin Mosul deserve death, so too do all the filthy beasts behind the Bataclan atrocity.   


    • Petra Malley 9:56 pm on October 21, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      May ‘needs to be sent packing.
      I read the link and was shocked at what that fool Max Hill said, that he ‘didn’t want to lose a generation.’

      What? Hasn’t he got his head round the fact it’s a generation of vipers, for God’s sake?
      If we erase the jihadist generation, then there would be an end to the threat.

      I hope if one of those he wanted returned does what we all know one of them will do, that HE, Mad Max, will be in the dock beside his rehab project.
      It’s past time people like him are held responsible for what their policies do to innocent people.

    • Diana 4:35 pm on October 22, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      Are they mad? Why let these ISIS monsters come back to a country they hate?
      It is dangerous for British people and anything but a moral solution because they chose to enlist with blood thirsty murderers. They are the most undeserving.of people.
      The French have the right idea..
      Kill them all.

  • ross1948 5:30 pm on October 17, 2017 Permalink | Reply
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    Merkel’s Surplus Savages, Denmark’s Terror-Threat! 

    Once more the sheer folly ( and ‘folly’ is the most charitable description of the dangerous practice) of not detaining ‘asylum’ aliens till their claims are proven is made clear.



    Their government has declared that their southern border controls are to be extended. The Danes only have one land border, though I’d hope they also tighten up the sea-crossing too – they are well aware of what’s happened over there.

    Little Mermaid To Stupid Swedes – You Made Your Bed, So Lie In It! 

    Why is this latest move in the headlines?

    “The large number of illegal migrants and rejected asylum seekers who are awaiting deportation in Germany are a real security threat…” 


    While it’s undoubtedly true, as Denmark says, that their citizens face “a risk that terror groups will take advantage of their precarious situation…”

    Canada, Britain…Now Denmark – At War with Enemy Aliens! 

    it’s also true, very true, that the dangers go far beyond jihadism.

    There have been many reports, not just those we covered here…

    Nine Young Women In Denmark

    Poor Wee ‘Unaccompanied Savages,’ Again! 

    …of  depredations by savage alien sex-predators, especially by so-called ‘unaccompanied minors,’ whom the Danes unwisely treat as ‘children’ when they are in fact teenage barbarians who have no place in a civilised society.

    The problem is that many of the ‘migrants’ are devoid of the common decencies which Denmark, like other European nations, expect of everyone within their border.




    This alien terror issue cannot be divorced from the ‘clash of civilisations’ inevitable when you have imported pig-ignoramuses…



    ….who think it’s okay to murder ‘blasphemers,’ and ‘apostates’ and even adulterers!

    Obviously they should never have been admitted, and, if belatedly identified, should be expelled without delay.

    And there IS extra urgency to this, because native Danes of limited mental and/or moral capacity can fall prey to toxic ideology…

    Dimwit Dane Jury Gives Apostate Bitch A Slap On The Wrist 

    ..and the usual sort of degenerate Enemy Within crowd propagandise to normalise disgusting behaviour favoured by primitives.

    Dirty Danes Say Pedophilia’s A ‘Human Right? Fock Off! 

    The Danes’ problem with Islamists was voiced by their sensible Immigration Minister Inger Støjberg.


    “We cannot close our eyes to the serious terror threat against Denmark. The government therefore finds it necessary to maintain border control for now…”

    Meanwhile, the German Government, Mama Stasi Merkel’s Merry Men…



    …which is to blame for the terrifying scale of the problem, after Mama opened the flood-gates two years ago,  is talking the same talk and taking the same steps as Inge.

    German interior minister Thomas de Maizière cited a terror threat as the reason for the extension.

    Please note- the Evil Empire in Brussels, as a matter of ‘principle’ resents even these modest moves.


    The EU had wanted the border controls to be abolished by the end of the year.


    It’s a nonsense that historic nations, sovereign states,  like supplicants before arrogant potentates in the ancient world…



    …even have to make formal notification of these renewed security controls, seek the condescending approval of the Euro-Commissars to defend their countries.

    • Heno Saari 10:44 pm on October 17, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      Denmark is very clever if compared to Sweden. Denmark also is ready to ban burka too and that is very good..
      In Finland we have the problem too but maybe not so bad.
      We do not like these people you call ‘crimmigrant’ but the government will not listen to us and the True Finn Party offered much promise then split into two parts,
      Only one part on the side of the people..

  • ross1948 6:03 pm on October 5, 2017 Permalink | Reply
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    Meddling! UN Sticky-Beaks Weigh Into Austrian Election! 

     While the Austrian Socialist Party (SPO) is mired in ‘smear’ scandal, one of its henchmen having tried to taint the reputation of the allegedly ‘conservative’ People’s Party (OVP) as well as the patriot party (FPO) …


    Gambar terkait

    One of the fake Facebook accounts contained racist and anti-semitic content, apparently designed to look as if they were posted by far-right Freedom Party (FPO) sympathisers. 

    …the REAL scandal in this campaign – election day now only ten days away, on 15th October, has to be this –

    …calling on political parties to set a more inclusive tone…


    How dare these supranational hirelings scold Austria’s elected representatives for speaking on THE issue that vexes voters?

    The OVP leader, Foreign Minister Sebastian Kurz, has been trying to outdo the patriots by making sensible noises about the migrant menace.


    Sebastian Kurz - OSZE 2017 (35813680586) (cropped).jpg


    We’ve mentioned this before…

    Can Kurz Turn The Crimmigrant Tide Within A Month? 

    …and it seems to be working, resonating with an increasingly exasperated Austrian electorate, who’ve had it up to here with vile ingrate predators and parasites.

    Austrians Face Rising Tide Of ‘Asylum’ Crime! 

    “Attacks Now A Daily Routine..:” So DyeThat Blonde Hair

    Kurz’s polling figures are high and rising.

    Whether he will live up to his sensible talk remains to be seen, however. The FPO patriots also have effective leadership in Herr Strache…



    …and have been saying what most people think a lot longer than the OVP!

    Yet the UNspeakables have been telling candidates of BOTH parties to pipe down!

    “…we view xenophobic debates and exclusionary tendencies with concern. We call on all democratic parties to carry out political debates thoughtfully and to put what unites above what divides,” say the over-paid uppity skunks, in a statement issued from their HQ in Geneva.

    It gets worse!

    The ratbags have had the gall to issue not only that presumptuous fatwa against democratic debate…

    … but also a shopping list of ‘suggested improvements,‘ one of those suggestions being that ‘refugees‘ should get the same benefits as Austrians!

    Quite right too, I hear all my readers mutter- why on earth should honest citizens who have paid taxes all their lives be entitled to any more benefits than a pack of aliens!

    Apparently some wicked, selfish provincial authorities have been curbing welfare payments for new arrivals such as refugees.

    Is there no end to Austrian iniquity?

    . ooooooooo

    But the sheer stupidity of the UNHCR is exemplified with its lame-brain assertion that “some people confuse the refugee issue with a security debate.” 

     U.N. refugee agency chides Austria over “xenophobic” politics

    Heaven forfend!

    Next we’ll have bumptious Berliners telling us that the truck-bomber arrived in Germany as a ‘refugee,’ or carnaptious Canadians claiming that the man arrested after this month’s terror attack in Edmonton is a ‘Somali refugee.’



    • Seth Levitsky 11:27 pm on October 5, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      All these enemies that are ‘known to police,’ it’s insane the police don’t act on what they know.

      If laws need to be changed, so be it. If the politicians won’t change the laws to let the enemy be locked up, then the politicians are as guilty as the terrorists.

  • ross1948 5:24 pm on August 21, 2017 Permalink | Reply
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    Marseilles? Another Vermin Car Attack? 

    Just waiting for a welcome guest to arrive after a fairly lazy Monday, and suddenly there’s a ‘breaking news’ flash, about a vehicle in the Old Port area of Marseilles ploughing into TWO bus stops, one victim reported dead so far.

    So far, all we know about the driver, who was caught by police, is that he’s a 35-year-old man known to the police for “acts of minor delinquency.”

    Marseille crash: one dead after car hits bus shelters

    Which means nothing!

    Perhaps if his name is revealed, we can start conjectures.


    Evil on the road again?


    It’s when you’ve been to a place and enjoyed your visit that these atrocities, if atrocity it is, hit you hardest.

    We had a great little stroll through that part of Marseilles, maybe a quarter of a century ago ( the offspring still small enough to need a hand to hold!) and it was a sunny day, hot like my day here in Jakarta has been.


    Hasil gambar untuk vieux port marseilles


    I remember being impressed by the almost castle-like architecture of the place – and the intriguingly exotic bars we passed!

    I hope this is not another assault on Europe by the ISIS rape-gang.

    If it is, what a great pity the French cops didn’t do what their Spanish counterparts did after the Barcelona outrage, and shoot the SOB!.

  • ross1948 11:40 am on June 8, 2017 Permalink | Reply
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    Turn Again, Theresa – Alien Court WILL ‘Limit’ Your ‘Rights’ Reform! 

    No Brits in their right minds would ever vote for Keir Starmer, the Labour politician -a ‘staunch Remainer‘ candidate in London’s Holborn seat, and more disturbingly a former Director of Public Prosecutions…


    Hasil gambar untuk keir starmer



    • …who will probably win election in a constituency infested with people not in their right minds…

    • …….
    • …….
    • ….but we need to pay careful attention to what he has just said, not least because in a poll of party members last week, almost half named Starmer as their candidate of choice to replace Jeremy Corbyn, should the current leader stand down


    Hasil gambar untuk keir starmer


    …and we need also to pay attention to the Guardian, a purveyor of repulsive prejudices, but which nevertheless gives verifiable chapter and verse from the ‘European Court of Human Rights…’



    ….which serves as enforcer for ‘European Convention on Human Rights’ statutes and has brazenly stated it can limit any action taken by any UK Government to fight the terror threat.

    This line is also taken by Labour’s Starmer.

    Theresa’s Tories have argued that they can shuck off the manacles imposed on national security by the rights-rat ‘Convention,’ simply by ‘derogation’ from its diktats as and when the Tories think fit.

    NOT SO.

    …this can only be done by declaring a state of emergency and that derogations can only be made “to the extent strictly required by the exigencies of the situation…


    Gambar terkait


    Their fact-sheet also points out that no derogation is allowed from certain convention rights, including the rule of “no punishment without law” as well as bans on torture and inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment. The latter right may rule out deportation deals involving terror suspects with countries that May wishes to strike to speed up their removal from Britain..



    So a pack of robed sticky-beaks can strike down Britain’s sovereign rights (much more revered by decent people than all the ‘human rights’ hogwash we hear so much about!) to decide what action has to be taken to defend the realm, and when, and for how long!

    And Mother Theresa has not denounced such an outrageous situation!

    As indeed we noted a month ago!



    Mrs. May’s election manifesto SPECIFICALLY rules out British withdrawal from this supranational busy-body outfit, until Brexit is finalised, a process which, at the rate we’re moving, will be measured in years rather than months.

    Maybe she will U-turn on her manifesto, as she has U-turned on so much else, but she certainly hasn’t yet said so.


    Gambar terkait


    She MUST call for not derogation, but REPUDIATION, of this vile charter, which has done so much damage to all the countries it bullies, not Britain alone. Dirty Danes Say Pedophilia’s A ‘Human Right? Fock Off! 

    It is plainly essential that she clarify this before Brits wake up this morning and head to the polling booths to cast those vital votes.





    • Diana 12:36 pm on June 8, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      You are not going to get many comments today, Ross, because even at thus ungodly hour all your readers are getting up and getting ready to go out and make a difference.
      But I am on your side about this so a few words if I may.
      May has to be up front and tell us she will get us out of that strangle-hold..
      I looked it up a few minutes ago and here’s what the BBC has, and it confirms the danger of European courts-conventions being able to interfere with our affairs.

      The government must also keep the secretary general of the Council of Europe fully informed of the measures and its reasons for imposing them.
      Derogation can and has previously been challenged in our domestic courts and at the European Court of Human Rights.
      It also requires some formal and public act, such as a declaration of martial law or state of emergency.
      If that is not done, the derogation would not be lawful even though the UK might have been entitled to derogate.

      ‘must?’ ‘requires?’ ‘challenged?’ ‘not lawful?’
      Who do they think they’re talking to?
      Liechtenstien? Botswana?
      We are GREAT BRITAIN and we have GOT to get out of this kind of Euro-Control!
      Have a nice day over there and please tidy up this hurried comment..

    • Pamela 6:38 pm on June 8, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      All that you write is indisputable and I am worried that she will use that court and that convention as excuses to renege on her ‘enough is enough’ statement but Corbyn is so appalling.

      I noticed that she was ‘warning’ us that if the Tories lose six seats then it’s Corbyn for Number Ten. I would tell her, if I were lucky enough to meet her, that there are at least six seats she should lose, the ones mentioned here over the past month, Clarke, Soubry, and the other Brussels fans.

      If she does not ‘win big,’ as Americans say, those Remainers will combine with the Opposition parties to impede progress in getting us out.
      Be that as it may…I am tired out. I know you must miss the fray, more so on election days than nay other, but believe me, you are better off in the tropical sunshine of Indonesia.

  • ross1948 4:23 pm on June 7, 2017 Permalink | Reply
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    Scrap The Crap! Theresa’s Words We’ve Waited Years To Hear! 

    The Enemy Within’s most powerful weapon has been the hogwash about ‘human rights,’ national and supranational statutes which obstruct the fight against sub-human savages.


    Now Theresa May appears to have grasped that fact.

    Theresa May: I’ll tear up human rights laws so we can deport terrorists

    If she means it, and if she WILL act on those words that decent patriots – in every country – have waited so long to hear, then May could be a truly great Prime Minister.

    Her record, alas, makes me less than convinced.

    Theresa May DITCHES her plans   1 JulyU-turn 2016

    But perhaps reality has woken her up.


    • Marie Simpson 6:29 pm on June 7, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      I am all for repeal of the ‘rights’ codes, and withdrawal from that European Convention which has been sneakily altered since it was set up half a century ago.
      Like you I am hesitant about trusting May. She has wriggled back and forth on the question very vigorously even in the past year.
      In the end, Thursday, I will vote for the most conservative candidate on the ballot paper, which where I vote will probably NOT be the Conservative Party candidate.

    • Pamela 8:04 pm on June 7, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      I will hold my nose and vote for the Conservatives, but I wouldn’t if I lived down the road in Rushcliffe. where they have nominated Kenneth Clarke.
      If he had any integrity, he would stand as a Liberal Democrat.
      There are a lot like him, howling liberal wolves in Tory clothing and they represent a threat to Brexit if they are elected in substantial numbers.

    • Danny Lane 8:15 pm on June 7, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      It’s time this ‘human rights’ obsession was put to rest. We have seen our country prevented from deporting the worst, lowest specimens who have no right to live anywhere. The killers, terrorists, rapists and now that Pakistani ‘asylum’ seekers who beat up his wife, all of them should have been deported but there they all are, still in England, because the ‘human right’s laws, British or European.
      Rights = Wrongs today. Tomorrow who knows, so I’ll take a chance and take Theresa at her word. As you say, reality might finally have percolated through to her politicians’ brain. .

    • Mike Mercer 9:53 pm on June 7, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      In my constituency there is no Ukip candidate, and the Tory is a wet.
      I wont vote for Sinn Fein Corbyn’s Labour Party and the Liberal Democrats are looneys.
      So what to do.
      There’s an independent who seems an honest person although with strange views. That will have to be my option but it pains me.
      If I had known, I would have stood myself!

    • Fiona Fenton 1:58 am on June 8, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      I have no candidate worth voting for, a Remaining Tory, a Corbynite and a LibDem, so I will spoil my paper then go across town to help out the Ukip man there.
      I honestly dont trust May, she is a professional politician who has abandoned conservative values repeatedly,

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