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    How Does A Lesbian Cultural Marxist Appeal To Ontario Muslims! 


    Foto The Conservatarian Canadian.
    Not a lot, I would think!
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    Canada Slandered – Callous Arabs and Turks Go Un-Condemned! 

    What a pleasant lazy Saturday, a wander to my warteg for brunch – big plate of good Indonesian food, plus a take-away bag for my midnight snack, total bill under Rp.30K – then home, to sunbathe out front, reading a good magazine (more of that in my Sunday blogging!)


    • lazy-sloth-14384269
    • ————————–
    • Then a cheery visitor, who cooked me an arvo meal, then left just a while ago, me settled down to enjoy The Listener, that interesting Canadian crime drama, set in a Toronto I barely recognise as the city I was more familiar with back when one flew in and out via Maltom Airport.  

    They renamed it for Lester Pearson – had it been changed in honour of John Diefenbaker, I’d have been better pleased.


    • Pearson-1 Pearson
    • ================
    • Pearson was called out by my not-too-distant cousin ( by marriage) J. Waldo Monteith MP, during the Flag Debate, when he told Pearson ‘You must be nuts!‘  for suggesting Conservatives abandon the beloved Red Ensign!
    • —————
    • canadaredensignold2
    • ——————
    • Which brings me to the way Canada has been slandered in the hue and cry by pro-crimmigrant propagandists, the very dirty campaign against Harper and his Immigration Minister Chris Alexander.
    • How many cheap-jack hacks have accused Canada of some kind of blame for the child drowned while his family were engaged in illegal activity off the Turkish coast?

    The reality?

    In the words of the boy’s aunt in Vancouver, the treatment of her family in Turkey was “horrible.”


    Instead of targeting the most visible and apparent villains in this drama — the Assad regime in Syria, the Turks, ISIS, Saudi Arabia and Qatar — the Liberals and the NDP sharpened their knives and went after Alexander

    So how much lower than a snake’s belly can Canada’s Liberals and NDP socialists sink?

    The true story is brilliantly told by the kind of Muslim migrant every country needs, Tarek Fateh, a true Canadian patriot I’ve praised before and no doubt will again.


    Tarek Tarek Fateh

    A Muslim Voice of Reason – Khadr May Return, IF………!!!! 


    Tarek tells it like it is. He disposes, lucidly, of the appeasement nonsense and slanderous trash-talk from Turdo and the socialist Mulcair, echoed by the disgraceful Mayor of Calgary, a noisy shrill named Nenshi,  Nenshi lashes out at Chris Alexander on refugee crisis  designed to score political points in the on-going Federal election campaign there. Tarek lets Canadian Kurds speak for themselves, with Hadi Elis, of the Kurdish Community Centre of Toronto laying it on the line.

    “If there is anyone who is guilty of this crime, it is Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Qatar…all those who have refused to embrace hundreds of thousands of refugees fleeing war, not Minister Chris Alexander who needs no lectures on compassion by politicians who are catering to the Islamists inside Canada.”

    This is not just one man’s opinion. The oil-rich ratbag realms have been shown up even by the leftist Amensty International – the five Gulf countries—Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and Bahrain—“have offered zero resettlement places to Syrian refugees.”    http://www.thedailybeast.com/articles/2015/09/04/the-middle-east-needs-to-take-care-of-its-own-refugees.html


     Tarek notes how Turkey prefers to dump them in the sea and hope bleeding-heart, guilt-ridden liberal Europeans embrace them and pay for their resettlement.


    • Cameron and Erdogan (1) Erdogan
    • ————–

    Tarek then describes the obvious solution to the situation that has been allowed to develop in the Middle East. 

    Strictly from a management perspective and common sense, Saudi Arabia has the land, the resources and lies in the vicinity of the crisis. The refugees and the Saudis speak the same language and settlement and integration could happen sooner and at a fraction of the cost.

    But it’s far easier to call for the head of Chris Alexander than to be honest and admit the villain in the drama is Saudi Arabia and criticising the Saudis might upset the Islamist vote bank both the Liberals and the NDP covet.    


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    Admiration of the Nation, and Europe – U.S. Heroes Subdue Train Terror Swine! 


    All praise and honour to the brave Americans (reportedly United States Marines) on that high-speed train who managed to overcome a terrorist with a Kalashnikov who was hell-bent on murder.

    These smart young guys heard the satanic savage loading his gun in the rest-room, so we’re told, and their military training led them quickly to identify the sound and confront the blood-thirty fiend.

    One’s only regret is that they didn’t kill him.

    But then the nauseating shrills from the half-wit ‘human rights’ lobbies would have been up in arms. The heroes would probably have been detained for interrogation, or worse!


    Gunman opens fire in ‘terrorist attack’ on Amsterdam-Paris train

    If anyone should be detained for culpability in this matter, it’s the European politicians who refuse to institute proper punishment for terrorist swine who abuse their countries’ hospitality.

    How many jihadists, salafists, sectarian scum of every sort, are getting free board and lodging at immense expense to tax-payers across the Continent and the British Isles, instead of the death penalty they so richly deserve?


    • agallows
    • ========
    • Though media reports say that, so far, the seriously injured victims are only that – injured, not dead – there’s no excuse for not stringing up the SOB who carried out this outrage. He was, so the media admit, ‘known’ to French intelligence, for association with evil sectarian causes, so should have long since been detained and deported, back to Morocco, whence the scumbag allegedly came to Europe.

    Why was he ever allowed into Holland, or France?

    European countries should only admit aliens who bring some obvious advantage to their society. People who adhere to sectarian ideologies bring nothing but poison into the body politic of the civilised world.


    • devil_by_lucasgraciano-d5agjlm
    • ——————-
    • Their creed requires them to put their ideology above allegiance to France, or Holland, or ANY country, even Morocco! Such treasonous vermin are beyond the pale.

    Kick them out.

    And if they’re caught in the act of violence, hang them! 


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    Aaaw, Poor Little ISIS Man! Nobody Likes You? Go Eat Worms, Pig! 

    Feeling bright and breezy this sunny Sunday morning?

    Not for long, as you take in the tragic tale of a good-for-nothing bum who enlisted with the ISIS rape-gang, then found life wasn’t quite so cool as he’d imagined.


    • Image is taken from a pro-Isis Twitter account
    • =================================================================
    • =================================================================
    • “My life was hard and nobody liked me,” he said while crying.

    Pathetic pig!

    And that was BEFORE he decided that a jolly adventure with sectarian scum who kidnap and rape little girls…9-Y-O Yazidi Girl Pregnant After Rape by 10 ISIS Men ….would be JUST what he needed!


    • worms
    • Nobody liked him?

    Sounds like everyone saw him for what he really was!

    “I didn’t have many friends. I was on the Internet a lot and playing games.”   http://www.nbcnews.com/storyline/isis-terror/captured-isis-fighter-joining-extremists-syria-ruined-my-life-n398976 .

    Thousands of young people are on the Internet a lot and playing games  – but they don’t become acolytes of Satan!


    Presumably, since he ran off to join the vermin, he took breaks between his ‘games’ to read something about what ISIS was doing to the women and children (never mind beheading the men) who came under their cruel control.


    Does he seriously expect anyone, anywhere, to believe he was ignorant of the inhuman evil he chose to cleave to?


    Hardly! The renegade, now thankfully behind bars, can’t deny it.

    The prisoner was promised $50 per month along with a house and a wife.

    Silhouette weeping

    Like, duh, where was this ‘wife’ to come from? The Daesh Dating Agency? The ISIS Post-Prayer Disco?

    Of course he knew his ‘wife’ would be allotted to him from the terrorised captives seized by the predators.

    Iraq: Yazidi girls ‘raped in public’ and sold to Isis fighters …


    Unless of course he was lucky enough to win the heart of one of those ugly, demented ( and ever so devout! ) bints that left England to serve as ‘brides,’ aka sicko sex-slaves, for the murderous thugs – to the ‘dismay’ of their doting parents….


    . . 

    But he said that life under the group was not what he hoped.

    So he did a runner.

    Like many others who relished the prospect of life as a molestor of the helpless…

    Up to 100 British Jihadis stranded in Turkey – Too scared to return home

    …, the idea of earning his keep with the Legion of Hell was unappealing – hard work, of any kind, often isn’t  – and he’s now in a quandary.

    The revolting, snivelling swine doesn’t know what’s to become of him.


    Might I suggest he be handed over for use as target-practice by the Yazidis training for pay-back?

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    Indonesia – Sexism Endorsed by Constitutional Court? 

    It can be discouraging work, following how courts in Indonesia decide cases. 

    I’m not talking about local courts, not the court in Serang, which handed out six-month sentences to the swine arraigned after  the Cikeusik Pogrom..

    Victim of Islamist Murder Mob Gets Six Months in the Slammer 

    …nor to the Temanggung court, which sentenced an eccentric evangelist to five years for criticising Islam (and that wasn’t enough for the bigot rabble present –




    – the judge had to flee from their amok-run, his failure to have the fellow executed inexcusable, in their view, despite no such penalty being on the statute book!)

    Nor even to the imprisonment, under the so-called ‘blasphemy law,’ of a Shia cleric in East Java, for preaching his own denomination’s beliefs.Outlawing Witchcraft? Outlaw Bakor Pakem! 

    These local verdicts are bizarre, to put it charitably.

    But what about the higher levels, like the Constitutional Court?

    I was scanning the Jakarta Globe over my fourth cup of kopi jawa the other day when I came upon an article by some woman named Barr, from Human Rights Watch, about child marriage.


    When I see the word ‘child,’ I tend these days to be on guard.


    There was a ludicrous item recently https://www.thebureauinvestigates.com/2015/07/16/600-unaccompanied-child-asylum-seekers-deported-uk-afghanistan/ about the deportation from Britain of  ‘unaccompanied  child asylum seekers,’ a catch-phrase that conjures up images of tiny tots being loaded aboard and shipped off, clutching teddy-bears, to foreign parts.

    On closer inspection, it turned out the ‘tot’ who starred in the ‘scandal’ was a 23-year-old, who’d been in the UK for years!


    And of course there’s the recurrent theme  of renegade ‘British’ ‘children’ sloping off to join rape-gangs in the Middle East, who at 16 or 17 years old are just as capable of knowing what’s right and wrong as you and I were at that age.


    evil children

    And it’s not just ‘British’ ‘children!’ 

    Australian teenager in court over terrorist bomb plot – BBC …

    http://www.bbc.com/news/world-australia-32686275 – An Australian teenager who allegedly planned a bomb plot appears in children’s court in Melbourne charged with terrorism offences.

    Montreal teen pleads not guilty to terror charges | CTV News

    http://www.ctvnews.ca – A 15-year-old Montreal teenager appeared in court Wednesday on charges of committing robbery to benefit a terrorist group, making him the first youth charged 


    Treason is a crime not too difficult to categorise as a very big wrong, and since 16-year-olds in Scotland now enjoy (with full SNP approval) full voting rights, I presume at least those 50 plus SNP MPs at Westminster are leading a chorus of demands for adult punishment for young traitors.


    Right, back to topic – those paragraphs above simply included to show that I’m not some neo-colonialist that picks on Indonesia while ignoring Western short-comings.


    The Barr article has a go at Indonesia for allowing ‘child marriage.’

    The Constitutional Court rejected a petition against the 1974 Marriage Law, which is indeed open to criticism – not least the disgusting rule that permits primitives to engage in polygamy – men, but not of course women (sex equality doesn’t figure) can take extra spouses, if the existing spouse is disabled, terminally ill or unable to bear children.  




    Any country that countenances polygamy should either outlaw the practice or legalise polyandry, but sadly, many morons here regard women as undeserving of respect as human beings. 

    ‘Immoral Activities – Sitting in Coffee Shops Laughing and Talking…’ 

    IslamoNazi Gauleiter – “Women Already Have Limitations, Let Alone Non-Muslims!” 


    But in this case the complaints were about that part which permits women and men to marry as they choose once they reach 21, but allows girls to marry at 16 with parental permission. Boys must wait until they are 19 to marry with parental permission.

    Ms Barr is agitated about the age of 16, reckoning it’s too young.

    But as noted, Scots of that age can vote and, if I’m not wrong, Scotland has traditionally let people marry at that age. And with parental consent, the same applies in various European and US jurisdictions. 

    And I have to say, in fairness to the current legal state of affairs, that, having taught teenagers in Jakarta for my first dozen or so years here, Indonesian girls DO often show significantly more mature attitudes than boys.

    Of course it’s up to Indonesians to decide on the appropriate age for marriage.

    But in this day and age, surely there can be no sensible excuse for discriminating between boys and girls.


    • jokowi
    •  —————————

    However, if President Jokowi seriously wants to apply his ‘Mental Revolution’ to this archipelago, he will surely expedite his Minister of Women’s Employment, Yohana Yembise, who has pledged to reform that 1974 act.


     Minister Yembise


    Unfortunately, the present parliament seems submissive to sectarian prejudice…

    Creeping Shariah,’ Warns Prof. Muhammed, As Jakarta Dims! 

      …so she may have her work cut out for her. 

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      Hi Ross. We are all back in Jakarta now and happy to read this too.
      It is very bad for polygamy to be in Indonesia. How many of these politician are polygamying? I think PKS is worst but maybe you can tell us who beside them is guilty.

      The discrimination on marriage against girls is bad also. It is not because like you think, the girl is more mature. It is so some bad parents can easily make marriage for daughter to help the fathers business.

      You must also tell about the discrimination of religion, a girl who loves a man and a man who loves a girl of different religion must one of them convert, I think this is wrong.
      Marriage law is intolerant.


    • Santi 15:02 on July 23, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      Happy holiday Ross?
      Soon be finished for us but you have written much for us to enjoy and say thanks to you for.
      This about the marriage laws is very true, so many stupid rules when all should be free to marry at same age, without parent permission.
      If women and men are needing parents to agree before they can marry, they should not be able to marry.
      Not until old enough to be of own free choice..
      We are talking about this right now and all want to make this comment.


    • Ati 10:06 on July 28, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      Hi Ross
      I am so sorry no commenting for so long a time, been away busy but now I say I like this wrtiing you do about sexism.


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    ‘Immoral Activities – Sitting in Coffee Shops Laughing and Talking…’ 

    couple_sharing_tea_time_victorian_style_wood_display_silhoue_8b1071a31 Harlot!


    Today, however, some of the women of Aceh have strayed far from the teachings of Islam and have engaged in immoral activities such as sitting in coffee shops and laughing and talking about unimportant things.   – See more at: http://www.thejakartapost.com/news/2015/06/18/your-letters-let-aceh-be-with-its-sharia-law.html

    I know it’s just a letter to an editor, and indeed when I first read it yesterday, as I was en route to a party where beer and wine would flow freely and lots of attractive bright gals would undoubtedly be laughing and talking about unimportant things…




    …..my initial reaction was that it must be some kind of spoof, written by a simple-minded ‘Islamophobe.’




    Naaah, surely nobody’s going to make such an imbecilic assertion as part of a serious argument?

    But I persevered.  

    This geezer was responding to an article on the shariah subjugation of Aceh women, which mentioned that in the past there were outstanding female characters in that sorry province.

    As I may have mentioned before, before the descent into sectarian barbarism, Aceh had queens, sultanas who ruled successfully, and one of the heroes, heroines, rather, of Aceh’s struggle against the Dutch was the famed Cut Nyak Dien – 


    Cut Nyak Dhien portrait.jpg

    Cut Nyak Dhien,

    She clearly managed to lead the Resistance without wearing the scarf that denotes second-class status.

    And her daughter, Cut Gambang, also distinguished herself  in those wars.  


    And another Acehnese lady named Cut ( it’s pronounced Choot and denotes blue blood) is also recognised as a national hero.

     Cut Meuthia


    But this fellow writing to the JP reckons women nowadays are a cut below Cut.


     Why were so many women successful in the past?
    The answer is their behavior. They did not go out with someone who was not their Muhrim (related by blood), nor did they spend time doing useless things. Most importantly, Acehnese women in the past obeyed anything that the ulema commanded them to do. 

    Oh.  Anything?  The ulema (‘scholars’) should be obeyed in everything?  I could go through the ludicrous list of Indonesian Council of Scholars fatwas, on everything from yoga, bike-riding and wedding photos…

    fatwa mui sholeh

    …but this post is already quite long – just use our search box inserting MUI, then laugh or cry at the results!


    Now, again,  we can dismiss the retarded rot as just another letter to the Ed.

    Until we recall the reality of Aceh, the gross, grotesque sexism,  in which, sad to say, some women are collaborators.


    Against people’s will: Public Order Agency officials and sharia police take away several women in a van in Banda Aceh, Aceh, on Wednesday. These women were detained at entertainment spots on New Year Day.  The authorities imposed a ban on New Year celebrations in Aceh. More than 90 percent of Indonesian Muslims celebrated New Year’s Eve joyfully throughout the archipelago, including in many places in Aceh, without any problems. (Antara/Irwansyah Putra)

    Aceh women taken prisoner by the shariah gestapo


    Banda Aceh Mayor Illiza Sa’aduddin Djamal ordered venues including restaurants, sport centers, Internet cafes and tourist attractions to not serve women after 11:00 p.m. unless accompanied by their husbands or other male family members…




    • ===============
    • Pathetic, but nothing less than one expects from this fanatical female.

    Does she really ask her male masters for permission to go out at night? Does she feel not even a tincture of shame at having her own sex relegated to the status of kindergarten kids, infantilised, unable to go to and fro without supervision?  

    At least tots can go out with either mum or dad. Up in Aceh, an honest middle-aged woman can’t enjoy a night out with her girl-friends unless some geezer tags along to legitimise the outing.  

    And the Mayor abhors religious liberty as much as she despises fair play for her own sex. She has distinguished herself over recent years for Dark Age drivel exemplifying intolerance. 

    Islamist Mayor – We Know Where You Live! Submit to Indoctrination OR ELSE! 

    I’m not sure what she means by tourist attractions.


    The Sharia Hell of Aceh!

    The Sharia Hell of Aceh!


    Presumably the mediaeval mentality up there on the self-styled ‘Verandah of Mecca’ would include that vile venue where women are publicly whipped, for reasons only comprehensible to the savages who order the whippings.

    Not Fasting – How About A Whipping? Aceh Slips Deeper Into Barbarism 

    I was also going to comment on the next sentence from the Jakarta Post report – The directive, dated June 4, also prohibits women from working in such establishments after 11:00 p.m. –

    One of the immediate benefits of going out to a cafe, resto or bar or anywhere at night in Jakarta is to be served your cold beer by a cute smiling waitress.


    dancer a welcoming smile in a Jakarta bar


    But then up there in Nasty Land, there can’t be many bars to go to! 

    Just as, if Indonesia’s Parliament presses on with the Islamist prohibition law currently going through its initial legislative stages, the entire archipelago will be submerged in the same sort of twilight zone, to become  –

    Indonesia, Truly Arabia!  




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    Shariah City? Some 12,000 Reasons To Steer Clear of Depok! 

    And carrying on from the last post, more news from Depok, West Java – by the middle of last week, Habib Idrus al Gadri had collected 12,000 of the 106,152 voter ID photocopies he needs to get on the ballot paper. 

    Now read on!




    Depok, a city just beyond the capital’s city limits, is not a place where people who like living in the 21st or even the 20th century would choose to live. Islamist bigotry there is entrenched.

    It’s not just the frothing fanatics of the FPI and their vicious vigilante raids, but was evident in the Communist-style expropriation by the city authorities of a minority house of worship a few years ago…  – https://rossrightangle.wordpress.com/2011/05/25/depok-jadi-kota-pki-islamist-council-grabs-private-property-communist-style/

    ….another sin of intolerance yet to be remedied by the Jokowi Government in Jakarta.

    But the then Mayor, a follower of the jihadist PKS party (often said to be modelled on the Muslim Brotherhood) is approaching the end of his term of office.

    The election is due later this year, in December, but already numerous luminaries have entered the fray.

    Some are better than others, notably Rieke Diah Pitaloka.


    rieketetendalam Rieke


    She is not only a spirited foe of the IslamoNazi element but is admired for her readiness to stick up for the downtrodden. We posted on one excellent example of this a while back. 

    Bravo RiekeHospital Caught in the Act!

    However, although she’s pollng well, she lost her last battle in those parts…

    West Java Votes for Dark Age, But Rieke’s A Ray of Sunshine 

    …and, after all,the current mayor is PKS. So maybe voters there prefer benighted rule to modern pluralism.

    Certainly, if that’s so, they’ll love PKS.


    anisAnis Matta


    osama_bin_satan mass-murdering beast Bin Laden


    That party’s national leader, Anis Matta, infamously wrote an adulatory ode to praise the terrorist mass-murderer Bin Laden after 9/11, a heinous thing to do but for which he’s never been called out by the major media or parties in Indonesia, which is sadly telling.


    However, there is at least one other candidate who can out-jihad anyone else, none other than our frequent ‘star,’ the FPI Gauleiter for Depok, Habib Idrus. Damn sure he’ll not want to shake any voter’s hand if she’s the wrong sex! The white-shirt gangster group’s attitude on women has long been made clear, most famously by their Jakarta  leader, when he said.

    Although some Dark Age dolls may cover their dainty fingers with a cloth, so as to shake without sin!


    == –Idrus, Gauleiter of Depok FPI Depok’s FPI Gauleiter Habib Idrus

    • 000000000000000

    Idrus was once described as looking berserk when he couldn’t break into the Mayor’s office –Islamist Bigot Biter Bit in West Java  – so he may feel that an electoral debut is a much less demanding approach!

    Anyway, here’s a taste of what he wants for Depok. 

    The goal of Depok leadership is very clear…”Firstly, eradicate disobedience, with enforcement of shariah law. That’s most important, because we know immorality is rampant in this city…And also build Depok with a religious vision that can meet the needs of all its citizens.”   


    Nothing much new there that he hasn’t said before, EXCEPT that bit about a religious vision that can meet the needs of all its citizens.

    Really? ALL its citizens?

    Including the innocent Ahmadiyah whose mosque was shamelessly stolen?

    I’d love to believe him, but don’t.

    I believe Habib Idrus is as much a friend to religious liberty as his movement’s Secretary General, Sobri Lubis, who is still available for your inspection here –  ‘Bunuh, bunuh, bunuh,’   – kill, kill, kill!http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U7RLCXNdKF4    –  on video, urging a pig-ignorant rabble to MURDER Ahmadis.  


    Tomorrow, Monday, is the deadline Idrus has to meet with all those endorsements.

    Will he make it?

    Anyway, one of the local media has been running a poll.

    Western readers won’t know many other names, but might find it fun to drop by this link  http://www.hariandepok.com/35698/fpi-depok-minta-satpol-pp-gelar-razia-di-apartemen-dan-tempat-kos which takes you to another Depok story, but on the righthand side of the page, you’ll see a list of calon walikota, mayoral candidates. It’s obviously open to anyone to participate!

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    Kenapa, Pak Presiden? GKI Yasmin Masih Disegel! 

    I haven’t been to Monas Square for a while, not sung a hymn since Easter! 

    Easter in Jakarta – No ‘Islamophobia’ Among Persecuted Christians! 

     Yesterday I went way down south, to Pejaten Village Mall, a pleasant outing, to meet up, one after the other, with a young friend and an older one.
    Always good to keep in touch.
    Embedded image permalink
    First weekend in June – Jokowi’s Palace in the background, as victims of intolerance are forced to worship on the public street
    But this very weekend, back up  by Monas, across the road from President Jokowi’s Palace, I’m told the persecuted Christians were once more at worship out in the hot sun, the GKI congregation from Bogor still barred by nasty Islamist bigots from their church – and the HKBP church from Tambun, Bekasi, in a similar plight.   
    There is ABSOLUTELY no excuse for this. We’ve reported again and again on the Supreme Court ruling which neither President SBY nor his successor, Jokowi, have seen fit to enforce.
    So many Indonesian friends of freedom, of every creed,  rejoiced when Jokowi won that close election.
    They believed his commitment to religious liberty would result in the police being ordered in, not, as before, to act as referees between those Christians and the sectarian louts who hate them, but to fulfil their duty and open up the church for its congregation to enter and worship freely.
    Lily-Wahid Lily Wahid, a Muslim champion of freedom
    Instead the thug gangs, GARIS etc, against whom brave Muslims like old Lily Wahid stood up despite crass intimidation, appear to have got their way. The self-styled ‘pluralist’ Mayor who replaced the overtly bigoted mayor in Bogor, is playing the same game, even denying the existence of the Yasmin congregation.

    X-Rated Xmas – Foul-Mouths Bully Christians, As ‘Moderate’Mayor Denies They Exist!’ 

    Will Jokowi some Sunday soon come out of his palace, walk across the street and tell these victims of evil that he will have their churches re-opened…or will the darkness continue to spread across Indonesia.
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    Ten More Reasons For Canada To Bring Back Hanging? 

    I see ten suspected traitors have been held at Montreal Airport, allegedly aiming to enlist in the ranks of Canada’s sworn enemy, the jihadist rape-gang, ISIS.

    Police have seized the passports of all 10 young people and investigators have spoken to their families and friends. No one has yet been charged and the investigation is ongoing, the statement said.   http://edition.cnn.com/2015/05/20/americas/canada-montreal-arrests/

    We waited patienty for an update. Here it is!

    Ten young Quebec Muslims who were detained for allegedly trying to join jihadist groups in Syria received precise travel instructions, financing advice and moral support from individuals they met at a Montreal mosque….



    No charges have been laid in the case and all 10 youths were released from police custody.

    For God’s sake!

    A pack of treacherous vermin, off to join a rape-gang, which incidentally is at war with Canada, and they get a pat on the head and head off home to Mummy?

    Back when my Dad and many other Ontario lads joined up, in 1939/40, and sailed off to war, what would have been the response of normal Canadians if ten undesirables had been caught sleazing off to join the Waffen SS?



    So all a big case of mistaken identity?

    The ten were not really going anywhere?

    Or they were into archaeological field-trips?

    Or some sun-bathing on the Med?

    come on Canada

    Come on!

    The same report tells us their own families have asserted that they were carefully organised by some jihadist swine who hung about a mosque led by a rabid fanatic.  

    If anyone in Canada wants to make war on Canada, they are traitors. In the absence of capital punishment ( one hopes a temporary absence ) they should be released only to get the hell out of Canada, forever…

    …and let them join ISIS.

    With a bit of luck they’ll be shot by Kurds or Shi’ite militia – or anyone! Who cares who operates pest control?


    Which reminds me…

    . Even the CBC can produce a useful story now and then, and its report on the sectarian fiend who murdered his wife and daughters for non-compliance with a barbaric Dark Age code is an example.


    hi-shafia-dec5                                                                                 The victims of the beast


    After his first-degree murder conviction in 2012, Shafia took on a religious leadership role at the Kingston Penitentiary.


    Now it is conceivable that somebody convicted of even the most heinous crimes can genuinely repent of their sins – and there are few crimes more heinous than Mohammad Shafia’s.

    But the story makes clear there is no real repentance.

    Groves said he was surprised to find Shafia leading the religious gathering Friday given that he had shown little remorse for the 2009 killings. 

    Shafia’s three teenage daughters and his first wife in the polygamous marriage were found in a car submerged in the Kingston locks after a family road trip to Niagara Falls.


    Shafia apparently murdered his victims  because of  displeasure with his daughters betraying traditional Afghan values and got life, without parole for at least 25 years.


    Mohammad Shafia, his wife, Tooba Yahya and their son, Hamed, were convicted in 2012 of the murders of the couple's three daughters and Shafia's first wife. A national security committee was told Tuesday that Mohammad Shafia intimidated inmates into attending prayers.

    Vermin in captivity


    Along with two other primitives, namely his second wife and son, serving the same sentence, the cost to Canadian tax-payers to feed and clothe and house these vermin behind bars for a quarter of a century is clearly enormous – millions of dollars!

    Money that could be spent on decent Canadians, REAL Canadians, who need it.

    The new CBC focus arises from the fact that this swine has been intimidating unwilling convicts into participation in religious rites – forced conversion included.

    This outrageous sectarian bullying was exposed when the prison psychologist, Robert Groves, testified before the national security and defence committee hearing on security threats facing Canada..    

    “They were not [all] Muslims but believed that they dare not refuse to attend Friday prayers,” he told the hearing….Groves said he believes Shafia was “self-appointed” in his role in the prison, and said about 25 men gathered for prayers.

    This creature should never have been allowed to live.


    Unrepentant, satanically evil, he should certainly be permitted no position of responsibility in prison activities, ‘religious’ or otherwise.

    Freedom of religion, fair enough!

    But any preacher of any creed should be required to include in his sermons not just prayers for Queen and Country, but also condemnation of jihadist terrorism, and adjurations to his congregation to observe civilised Canadian standards –


    – in other words, RESPECT for freedom of religion – recognition of everyone’s right to adhere to a religion of his or her choice, including, of course, the right to convert in or out of the religion concerned. (I might add the problem is not only a Canadian one!  Intimidated Into Apostasy – Forced ‘Conversions’ in UK Jails  )

    And RESPECT for religious liberty includes NO demented drivel about punishing ‘apostates.’ 

     The story reminds me of what is reported of that diabolic old brute Abu Bakr Ba’asyir, imprisoned here in Indonesia for terrorist offences.


    He too, it seems, is allowed to hold ‘religious’ services with other convicts gathering to hear his doctrines of hate.  

    Ba’asyir has preached to most of the 326 inmates about his dream of creating an Islamic state, or caliphate.  http://www.asianewsnet.net/ann_news.php?a=http://www.asianewsnet.net/Indonesian-terrorist-convict-Abu-Bakar-

    Both he and Shafia should be locked away in solitary confinement, until they mend their ways, which will probably be the day when Hell freezes!.

    “This form of intimidation is what one finds routinely with zealot extremists.”

    But isolating the swine, while maybe a practical solution to the problem of how they poison other minds, still falls short of justice – and probably costs even more from the public purse.

    The best thing to do with cold-blooded killers and terrorists is not to put them away but to put them down.

  • ross1948 23:52 on May 3, 2015 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: , , , , Islamist, , , , , , , , ,   

    Pelacuran Dimana? One Law for the Rich! 

    Jakarta Governor Basuki “Ahok” Tjahaja Purnama is recommending that the city administration legalize prostitution in certain areas…



    “Legalizing a prostitution site would be a solution because no matter how hard we try, we will never be able to eradicate prostitution. It will always exist as long as humans exist.” 


    Ahok’s proposal makes an interesting contrast to the approach of Indonesia’s second-largest city, Surabaya, where the mayor last year ordered the shut-down of one of the oldest prostitution zones. the Doly district. 

    Piala Dunia Dolly? Kupu2 Lawan Fanatik2? Who Needs World Cup Matches? 

    But rather than debate the different approaches, how about the way it’s reported.

    The Jakarta Post accurately notes that the hooker industry operates in plain sight and in various places across the city.

    But then it offers a somewhat selective snapshot of these ‘various places,’ naming three here in Jakarta and one in Bandung.




    There are several illegal red-light districts in Jakarta, including Kalijodo in West Jakarta, Boker in East Jakarta and Bongkaran in Tanah Abang, Central Jakarta.


    • kalijodo Kali Jodo
    • —————–
    • Well, Kali Jodo would be quite a site, or sight, if properly developed, using its potentially picturesque waterside location.
    • But Ahok himself has threatened to have it erased. 

      Aduh! Adieu Kali Jodo? 

    • However, as constituted at present, it is certainly not upmarket, though its little bars do serve a decent beer at a decent price. I know at least one expat who likes to drop by entirely for that reason.
    • I’ve no info on the other two areas, but suspect they too cater for the low end of the market.
    • =========================
    • Hence I am moved to ask why the JP doesn’t name (and shame?) most of the upmarket hotels, 5-star variety, where slappers swarm, especially on ladies’ nights.
    • After 10pm, when they weary of their Blok M endeavours, they arrive in droves, and those hotels are awash with rich foreigners…

      Islamist to Sexy Model: ‘Don’t Thank Me, Thank Allah!” 

    • ….and even the occasional Islamist fanatic party functionary, like the one who became a headline last year!
    • —–
    • falatehan Blok M’s Jalan Falatehan
    • ==================
    • Nor is the intrepid reporter even seemingly aware of Blok M, where many, if not most, bars on Jalan Falatehan teem with kupu2 malam, ‘night butterflies, ‘ who aim to ensnare a moneyed expat.
    • Not all expats here are moneyed by any stretch of the imagination, but in the eyes of the butterflies,and certainly compared to the poor local patrons at Kali Jodo, every foreigner is fairly affluent.
    • stock-illustration-30527208-silhouettes-of-beautiful-pin-up-girls-1950s-style
    • ===================================
    • Nor is there any mention of Jalan Jaksa, a somewhat pale shadow of the night-life hub it was ten to fifteen years ago, but nevertheless a centre for back-packer budget travellers and the less affluent resident aliens, and thus for less avaricious girls on the make.
    • It used to be a lot of fun, but is now being gentrified…boring, yeah?
    • ——
    • If Ahok is serious in his aim to limit prostitution to one official centre, is he going to tackle what happens on those seamy, steamy streets, or in the expensive bars of those glitzy hotels?
    • Doesn’t sound like it.
    • =
    • SATPOL SatPol PP
    • =
    • We see on our tv news, from time to time, ridiculous razia (raids) by SatPol PP civic militia, dragging hapless young (or not so young) ladies off on their trucks.
    • But never yet have I heard of a raid on the fancy haunts of five-star tourists and businessmen.

    He suggested that the city administration provide one apartment building as a prostitution site where visitors would need to provide identification… 


    • Bajaj+Before Bajaj
    • ======================
    • ONE apartment block?

    For a city of between ten and twenty million souls? Queues stretching a mile and a half down the road outside, where irate wives and girl-friends could cruise by in bajaj to spot errant menfolk and hand-bag them?

    Methinks our good Governor underestimates the L.Q. of the  populace!

    But Lust Quotient or not, methinks in reality that Ahok is not expecting to get too far with this scheme. 


    • ahok
    • ———-
    • “I understand that this idea would be impossible to implement, especially in our country where everyone claims to be pure from sin. But if anyone has a better idea, I would like to hear it,” Ahok said.

    If that’s the plan, let’s hope the city would make sure that the ‘religious guidance‘ would be ‘given’ by decent people – not foul fanatics.

    I still shudder at the way West Java Police handed over defenceless children to rabid sectarians for ‘spiritual guidance!’Muslim School Burned by Angry Crowd – Police Enlist IslamoNazis to Counsel Kids! 

    As the old song has it, best be leavin’ well enough alone!



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