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    Sanity Rising in Oslo – But Court Gives Green Light To Islamist Hate! 

    Splendid news of a poll in Norway, where there’s been a massive turn-around in public opinion, away from Swedish-style moronism on the crimmigrant issue, shifting towards realism.
    And the Norwegian Government is in tune with the electorate, approving plans to reduce asylum seekers’ social benefits, putting them on a par with levels in neighbouring Nordic countries to make Norway less attractive, and speed up the processing of some cases and the expulsion of rejected asylum seekers.  http://www.thelocal.no/20151125/two-of-three-norwegians-dont-want-more-refugees
    So far so good, but what about this other recent report?

    Norway Islamist risks terror recruiting charge

    Ubaydullah Hussain

    Ubaydullah Hussain was convicted for threats against Johnsrud in February 2014…for this and some other criminal offenses, he was sentenced to 120 days in prison, of which 60 days was suspended. 

    • judgingjudges_header

    Hussain, who as recently as Saturday afternoon condoned last weekend’s terrorist attacks on Paris, quickly claimed that PST had conducted a “witchhunt of me and other faithful muslims.” It earlier had been revealed in court that Hussain had ordered the cameraman Khan to hide or destroy what he’d filmed, fearing it would incriminate him.  http://www.newsinenglish.no/2015/11/20/high-court-upholds-filmmakers-rights/

    Valiant Viking Sylvi Blasts Pro-Parasite Pinko Prelate! 

    • Sandy Gallen 5:45 pm on November 28, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      Hundred per cent agreement with what you say and I wish I could say Britain was better, but that Anjem Choudary was released on bail and only this week taken back into custody. He should NEVER have been allowed to walk British streets after what he has said not just in this case but ever since he started his enemy propaganda.
      His sponging on the welfare state only adds insult to injury.
      He’s not the only one either. They should all be hanged.

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    Reassuring French Muslims? How About Reassuring France? 

    I spent the latter part of yesterday watching the continuous updates from Paris, along with my guest, an Indonesian Muslim.

    We were identically appalled at the enormity of the evil that was done by those filthy savages hollering ‘Allahu Akbar.’

    I dare say we both recalled the equally filthy savages at Cikeusik, a few years ago, recorded on video as they bludgeoned three innocent Ahmadi martyrs to death.


    They too hollered the same blasphemous call. 

    And I am utterly confident that my other Muslim friends here are just as disgusted as we were. 

    At least the jihadist scum in Paris got what they deserved and will now be burning in Hell.

    That outcome differentiates the French police from their Indonesian counterparts, who stood back and let the pogrom happen.

    And those Cikeusik pigs eventually arrested got off with slap-on-the-wrist sentences.

    Victim of Islamist Murder Mob Gets Six Months in the Slammer 

    However, my guest is long gone now, after making me a great bacon breakfast, BTW, and now the media is rattling on about how Muslims in France need reassurance, that they’ll not all be blamed for the crimes committed by Islamists.

    It would be monstrous if they were blamed. Many of them will share my guest’s views. But there are things that could be done to minimise the risk of an unfair backlash.

    • islamophobia-21


    Condemnations of the atrocity from Islamic leaders have been forthcoming, and are welcome.

    But there is more they could say and do. They could call on their clerics in every mosque to clarify perceived aspects of their creed that alarm everyday French (and other!) folk.

    First, they should be required to denounce any suggestion that ideological allegiance trumps their duty as French citizens. Sectarian solidarity with foreign populations is inadmissable as a reason to criticise their country’s foreign policy.


    • heretics-title


    • Equally important, perhaps, is a clear decree that ‘apostasy’ and/or ‘heresy’ can never be grounds for harm. Every imam should be required, on pain of dismissal from his pulpit, to tell his flock that, just as anyone has the right to convert to Islam, so too anyone is free to convert out of Islam, to another faith, or to none.

    A similar clarion call must be sounded in every mosque, that while the preacher may not like certain cartoons or other depictions of prophets…




    … such dislike should be expressed via sermons, emails to editors or Facebook posts, ALONG WITH an unequivocal injunction against any physical threat to the authors of such drawings. 

    • sexism
    • As for sexism, well, it’s their mosque, so if they can’t abide women worshipping side by side with men, okay, but OUTSIDE, in a free society, no second-class status  may be ascribed to women. 

    Any cleric unwilling to comply with these modest requirements should be excluded from religious premises – in fact, it might be wise to exclude them from France altogether.


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    Octogenarian Hanged For Love of History – Time To Cut the Crap!’ 

    Hard not to erupt in helpless fury when we read of the latest monstrous evil done by jihadists.



    Heart-breaking, all the more if you share the victim’s love of history and archaelogy, as I do.

    But can we at least hope we’ll now hear the end of the clap-trap about ‘de-radicalisation,’ as if there’s anything except evil involved in what the BBC continues, inanely, to call the ‘So-Called Islamic State?’

    As systematic rape becomes an increasingly powerful recruiting tool for Isis…   http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/middle-east/isis-leader-abu-bakr-albaghdadi-exposed-as-serial-rapist-of-hostages-who-made-women-his-personal-sex-slaves-10456237.html

    That single extract from a recent story in The Independent should have been sufficient to shut down all the wittering academic and political simpletons who bore us on a daily basis with their theories on how to prevent ‘radicalisation’ and thus reduce the flow of fiends to swell the ranks of ISIS.


    evil children


    To be de-radicalised, you have to hold a radical ideology! The vermin who enlist with ISIS do not.  They just savour murder and rapine. 

    It’s really gotten to be not just nauseating but wearisome, the amount of printer’s ink and verbal diarrhoea, vacuous intellectuals explaining that these poor little satanic pigs are ‘alienated’ by the wicked United Kingdom that oppressively gives them free schooling and health care and welfare benefits from the day they are born.

    They are not ‘alienated.’ They are aliens, undeserving of the name ‘British’ at all, barely human at all, to be frank.


    They are dirty savages, motivated by evil, and animated by the prospect of raping helpless girls, and/or free fornication with the mangy little sluts from the UK, and other Western countries, who travel thousands of miles to open their legs for psychotic thugs.

    And, as we now know, by the hanging of innocent, and admirable, octogenarians.

    What’s required to deal with them is NOT de-radicalisation but decapitation.


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    Tunis Terror, One Pig Dead – Will Brussels Plead For His Comrade? 

    Over two dozen innocent tourists on a Tunisian beach murdered in cold blood by jihadist scum, rounding off a nightmare day. One of the pigs who launched the attack was shot dead by police, but at least one other has been taken into custody.


    We know that any satanics captured and convicted for the French atrocity this morning will never get what they deserve, not from the courts, at least. There’s no more guillotine nowadays.

    But non-European nations often still grasp the idea of justice, so there IS a possibility any savages caught by Tunisian police may face the death penalty, if they’re found guilty of participation in the mass-murder spree.

    • =========
    • gallows
    • ————
    • Capital punishment has regrettably not been used for some considerable time, but if the country wants to show tourists it cares for their safety, maybe common sense will return and they’ll start stringing up swine again.

    So what will the European Commission have to say about that, if it comes to pass?


    • jean-claude-juncker-2006-
    • —————
    • Juncker and his knee-jerk fellow-commissars in Brussels have made it embarrassingly clear there’s no filthy blood-stained brute in the world they won’t bleat for. They’ll assail the ears of Tunisia’s authorities, no stone unturned to save the life of vermin who commit heinous crimes against innocents.
    • ==================
    • lampedusalampedusa-171-clandestini9
    • —————
    • And the same Euro-Creeps are busily importing thousands more primitives, heedless of the plain truth that many among the bludger hordes are after more than benefits.

    Hell, even when they were aboard their crimmigrant cargo vessels, they had begun their sectarian pogroms.  Refugees Drowned for Being Christian – The Daily Beast

  • ross1948 10:46 pm on May 12, 2015 Permalink | Reply
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    Will Brussels Shrill for the Butchers of That Bengali Blogger? 

    Another innocent blogger has been brutally murdered by filthy savages.
    Third atheist blogger killed in Bangladesh knife attack
    This killing comes only a month or so after the previous such vile violence.
    That previous cowardly murder was carried out, allegedly, ludicrously, by swine described as ‘religious students’ in many media, on whose behalf the EUSSR may soon be bleating.
    Note that familiar blend of vacuity and evil in their faces
    It seems those two admitted their guilt. 
    Their victim apparently sent them into tantrum mode by criticising Islam.

    Washiqur Rahman…was apparently targeted for his writings about Islam….he opposed what he called irrational religious belief…

    Rahman had apparently expressed solidarity on Facebook with Avijit Roy, the Bangladeshi-American blogger who was hacked to death Feb. 27 in Dhaka for “crime[s] against Islam.”   

    Bangladeshi Blogger Hacked To Death; 2 Students Arrested

    I have yet to hear any sane person – several savages, yes but no sane, civilised human being – argue that criticising ANY religion should be grounds for murder.
    Nor should it be in any way a punishable offence.
    But leave that aside for now,
    In Bangladesh, vile murder of this sort still means that any sectarian pigs convicted could be, rightly, put to death.
    Of course there’s no guarantee of that, unfortunately, as some of the security forces are infected with the poisonous ideology that motivated the scum in the photo.  
    Rafida Ahmed, the injured wife of the slain blogger Roy, recently accused elements of the local police of standing by idly while her husband was butchered. “While Avijit and I were being ruthlessly attacked, the local police stood close by and did not act.”   http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/worldviews/wp/2015/03/30/islamists-hack-another-blogger-to-death-in-bangladesh/
    Unpleasant echoes of that case in Afghanistan Farkhunda – Mob Murder Bigots To Hang – Despite Brussels’ Objections!   and also the Cikeusik Pogrom, here in Indonesia, when cops stood aside and let Sunni savages martyr three innocent Ahmadis.  http://www.liveleak.com/view?
    However, we shall see.
    But what about David Cameron?oEUSSR-Flag


    What is not in doubt, alas, is that if any vile terrorist is proven beyond a shadow of a doubt to have slaughtered any innocent person, in Bengal or anywhere in the world, and is sentenced to the right and proper penalty, then David Cameron will order his Foreign Office flunkeys to fan out to save them.



    He is a sicko of course, but he will himself be acting on the orders of sicko degenerates in Brussels, who – as always –  will be up there on the world stage, hysterically seeking to save the swine’s skin.

    The EUSSR never met a condemned killer it didn’t want to save.

    • Mick Arness 12:13 pm on May 13, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      They are opposed to capital punishment but are total hypocrites about what volume they protest at.
      Bali Bombers, VERY quiet, but the drug-smugglers, much noisier.

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    Over 6000 Wannabe Rapists Swoop On Syria – Brussels Blames Boredom! 

    The number of Europeans who left to fight in Syria is estimated to range between 5,000 and 6,000, among them 1,450 from France, according to the European Commissioner for Justice Vera Jourova….She added that there were fears that the numbers were “significantly undervalued.”


    EU: Nearly 6,000 Europeans left to fight in Syria


    This daft bint knows the statistics, more or less, but refuses to admit the true motives of these satanic scum.


    For that, we need only look at UK media, even left-liberal elements, which today report on the essential evil at work. Yazidi sex slaves ‘gang-raped in public’ by Isis fighters,    

    Incredibly, this over-paid Brussels flunkey tells the peoples of Europe, many of whom have, like the poor Yazidis, also  seen their young women fall victim to vermin similar to those  who have enlisted with the enemies of civilisation….


    …that she favours ‘prevention’ not ‘repression.’ https://euobserver.com/tickers/128295/

    Is she insane?



    Prevention means keeping the scum in the UK or France or Belgium. European countries neither want nor need such demonic swine on their territory.

    Repression, yes, okay, as a start – detention, internment, is sensible – as a prelude!

    But the real answer is deportation..or death.

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    Easter in Jakarta – No ‘Islamophobia’ Among Persecuted Christians! 

    1st Image


    That photo was taken last Sunday, the persecuted congregations of GKI Yasmin church and others, like the Bekasi members of HKBP, gathered for worship on the public pavement across from President Jokowi’s Palace.

    Just like his predecessor, SBY – famed for his call for a worldwide blasphemy diktat to censor those who ‘insult’ religions ( though there’s little demand for such a universal censorship except from fanatics among his own co-religionists) – Jokowi has declined to order his police force to enforce the Supreme Court ruling that these innocent folk be allowed to worship in their own church buildings.

    Yet he presents himself as a champion of Pancasila pluralism.


    Just like the ‘moderate’ Mayor of Bogor, on whom much hope was once focused, when he succeeded his bigoted Islamist predecessor.  


    bima-arya-sugiarto-ketua-dpp-pan Arya Boma


    Now Mayor Arya Bima point-blank refuses to unseal GKI Yasmin’s locked gates. Worse than his predecessor, he even denies GKI Yasmin exists – which makes one wonder how the highest court in the country could grant a decree of deliverance to a church that isn’t there!

    X-Rated Xmas – Foul-Mouths Bully Christians, As ‘Moderate’Mayor Denies They Exist!’ 

    In any event, I can give him my personal assurance they exist, because this afternoon I joined them in the baking heat for their Easter Sunday service.

    The cruelty of Bima, pandering to ignorant savages who threaten violence, treating them, as if they deserve consideration in the basic principle of freedom of religion, is shameful.

    But until the Government acts as if they believe in pluralism, he will get away with his intolerance. 

    My aim today, however – apart from reminding you that this outrageous oppression continues – is to show a few more pictures, from today’s worship.






    The broad view above, maybe you spot nothing remarkable. But the close-in pic?

    Is that two Catholic nuns in old-fashioned habit?

    That’s what I assumed, at first, but curious, I asked another guy with a camera.

    “Oh, not so, Mister They’re Shia Muslims!”

    And one of them was dashed pretty – well, they both were cute, but one shockingly so! No burka nonsense, but draped head to toe in black.

    And there they were, well received on Easter Sunday by a crowd of Christians who have been treated abominably both by Islamist fanatics and by the Government which should be safeguarding their constitutional rights to worship freely in their own churches.

    It sure made me think.

    Yes, of course the Shia here have also suffered monstrous persecution by the authorities. 

    ‘Hate’ Conclave Goes Ahead in Bandung Amid Minority Protests 

    “If You’re Serious About Your Faith, Get To the Back of the Queue!” 


    But these Easter celebrants do not respond to their shameful maltreatment by tarring good Muslims with the same brush as should be rightly applied to the IslamoNazis jihadists.

    Like the two Muslim girls, they share a sense of what’s right and wrong, and want to put things right in their country.

    Something of a lesson there for a lot of people. 

    What a nice way it would have been to round off the sunny day out, had President Jokowi emerged from that Palace you can see in the background, sauntered across the road.

    How gladsome, had he come and told them that, as Commander-in-Chief, he was going to issue prompt orders to every soldier and police officer in the archipelago to open up those churches and minority mosques –  or guard their reconstruction where they have been destroyed by ignorant Sunni bigots.

    But it didn’t happen.

    The searing heat of the afternoon was balanced by a chill of indifference emanating from the shuttered palace.


    • Anita 12:02 pm on April 6, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      It was good to see you there, Ross.
      Thank you for coming to be with the oppressed.

  • ross1948 5:51 pm on March 11, 2015 Permalink | Reply
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    Another 116 Reasons for Obama to be Cheerful! 

    After arming ISIS and Al Nusra, Obama has to accept the blame for those thousands of innocents terrorised by the scum.



    But no, he won’t.

    Too busy playing golf?

    Or too busy unleashing more savage scum on more helpless victims. 

    • Gitmo-terrorists-released
    • Released Gitmo prisoners return to evil ways: report | New York Post.

    WASHINGTON — More than 100 prisoners released from Guantanamo Bay went right back to being terrorists when they got out, according to a new report.

    Out of 647 detainees who were released, 116 — or 18 percent — have been confirmed as “re-engaging” in terrorism, according to the report by the Director of National Intelligence.

    Any remorse from the Manchurian in the White House?

    No. He still wants to turn loose all the rest of the vermin currently caged there.

    • Lairedion 12:43 am on March 12, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      Like the late Reagan should be put to shame for setting up Al Qaeda and Ollie North for arming Iran. But I guess this was also Obama’s fault, one way or the other.

      • ross1948 7:59 am on March 12, 2015 Permalink | Reply

        Morning, Lairedion!
        The difference is that while both Reagan and North, like all of us, may have made some mistakes, they were pro-American.

  • ross1948 7:28 am on March 3, 2015 Permalink | Reply
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    Why Tolerate This “Safe Haven for Jihadists?” 

    A nice evening last night, but something not so nice – a shocker ( not) in the Jakarta Post, with ‘news’ ( not ) that Nusakambangan top security prison in Central Java ( where Ba’asyir the Beast and many other evil Islamists are held )  and the prison’s immediate hinterland, have become hotbeds of savage sectarian subversion.


    abu-bakar-ba-asyir Ba’asyir


    I’m not faulting the JP for calling attention to this outrageous situation, merely reminding readers that this AIN’T ‘news’ – we have covered the issue before, more than once…

    ISIS Indonesian Chief Arrested – But Will He Walk Free Tomorrow? 

    as indeed has the Jakarta Post over six months ago -they quoted JAT fuhrer, Mochammad Achwan, as saying that Ba’asyir’s support of ISIL was conveyed after he gathered high-ranking JAT leaders and his family members on Thursday in the supposedly maximum-security Pasir Putih prison in Nusakambangan, an island near the coast of Cilacap, Central Java. Ba’asyir is serving a 15-year prison sentence for terrorism offences there.   http://www.thejakartapost.com/news/2014/07/15/ba-asyir-already-funds-helps-isil-bnpt.html

    , and what is really shocking is that the authorities in Jakarta cannot plead that the menace burgeoning before its very eyes is ‘news’ to them.

     “Islam cannot win without jihad…”


    We asked the key questions last year – ‘

    ‘So has the governor of that ‘top-security’ prison been given orders to isolate this rabid old cur? If not, why not?

    And if so, what the hell’s going on?…who okayed that ‘gathering?’  Why has the collaborator, or is it plural, in the prison management not been named, shamed and fired, or better still sentenced for giving aid and comfort to terrorism…why is Ba’asyir the Beast getting kid-glove treatment?’

    • The news-worthy ( for overseas readers) and good-news aspect of this new JP piece is that the concerns are being raised by a leading local Muslim!

    “The hard-liners grow well in Nusakambangan and the surroundings. Cadres are trained and indoctrinated at a number of sites there!”

    That’s the view of Khazam Bisri, who’s secretary of the NU in Cilacap, near the prison.

    Nu Nahdlotul Ulama

    Nahdlatul Ulama (NU), Indonesia’s biggest Muslim movement


    Weirdly, the JP adds that the area has long been infested by ‘hard-line’  (ie jihadist fanatic) Muslim groups whose activities often go unnoticed by security agencies due to the area’s remoteness.   http://www.thejakartapost.com/news/2015/02/26/island-a-breeding-ground-hard-liners-agus-maryono.html

    Unnoticed? I thought they were out hunting for them.‘ISIS Flags? We’ll Burn Them!’ Bravo, General Moeldoko!

    Well, Khazam has noticed, and done his good citizen’s duty. He’s spoken up – so there’s no excuse for those agencies not to notice too. 


    •   NU’s Khazam
    • “The hard-liners grow well in Nusakambangan and the surroundings. Cadres are trained and indoctrinated at a number of sites there..”

    He obligingly identifies three specific places near the prison where the forces of evil are active. And he confirms what has long been known, that ‘radicalization activities inside the prison were conducted by Ba’asyir and other convicted terrorists with visitors to the complex…”Each of the inmates will teach and indoctrinate an average of five people on each visit ,” Hazam said.

    No need to doubt his estimate that there are at least SEVENTY jihadists confined there, so that’s about THREE HUNDRED AND FIFTY new recruits for rat-baggery each visitors’ day – more or less, since probably some of the visitors call by more than once.

    Easy answer – STOP THE VISITS!

    And, since he also tells us that the nearby kampungs are being colonised by these dangerous foes of freedom…DOWN WITH COLONIALISM!

    out with them

    Uproot the infestation – use Densus 88, the special police anti-terror unit to load them onto trucks and expel them.


    Or better still intern them.

    Key point, solitary confinement, 24/7 – these jihadists don’t merit normal prisoners’rights’ ; they don’t afford rights to the rest of us.

    Interestingly, Khazam, a devout Muslim, note, relates that in one isolated location, a mosque has been built, without authorisation.

    Well, we’ve seen closure, and wanton destruction, of ‘unauthorised’ churches, on the flimsiest excuse, just outside Jakarta, in the fanatic-run city of Bekasi.

    Hey, Golkar! Are You TRULY Proud of ‘No-Shame’ Neneng? 

    What goes in Bekasi surely goes in the Nusakambangan backwoods.

    No authorisation? Knock the thing down.  

    After all, that’s what the ‘congregations’ there aim to do to other houses of worship – read on!

    Taufik Hidayatulloh, chairman of the Cilacap Interfaith Communication Forum  (also a Muslim – you can tell by his name) is chiming in with his own warnings about the darkness spreading across his territory.

    “They spread propaganda to locals to reject the presence of churches and even to flatten worship venues!” Taufik said. And he wants the security forces to devote more attention and resources to this threat. “There is no police precinct or military subdistrict command [Koramil] in Kampung Laut. You could say it’s a safe haven for jihadists.”

    These Muslim men deserve applause for their efforts to alert the authorities.

    But the Jakarta Government Ministries must be well aware of the satanic presence both inside the prison and in its surrounding districts. They don’t read RRA, maybe, but they for sure get a free Jakarta Post on their desks every day. 

    I am reminded of what I quoted from Sidney Jones in our post last week.Jakarta Mosque Mayhem – IslamoNazi Louts Silence Moderate! 



    • Wati 11:41 am on March 3, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      This is a terrible thing if they are not stopped from doing this propaganda and most of all in the prison.
      Maybe true the police not clever enough to find the terrorists in the villages but in the prison very easy, yes?

    • Jose 1:16 pm on March 3, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      The truth is that there is no serious committment in Jakarta to the elimination of jihadism. The FPI is proof, openly violent, openly honouring Osama Bin Laden, but unbanned.
      And you yourself have shown up the leader of a significant political party (the PKS) for his public admiration of that Al Qaeda terrorist.
      The execution of the Bali bombers was the last time Indonesia did anything practical about jihadist terrorism. Every terrorist since then has been let off lightly, including Baasyir.
      I think it’s very much to the point that Jokowi this week asked an audience of school students if they agreed that drug criminals should face capital punishment.They all shouted their agreement.
      He would not have asked if he didn’t believe they’d agree. By the same political logic, he won’t ever ask the same question about terrorists. The meeting might split fifty-fifty, or worse, on that kind of question.

    • Rendi 1:15 pm on March 4, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      I do not blame you for what you say but please understand that all the community in the Cilacap area do not think like the terrorists.
      What can we do if the police do not help us?

  • ross1948 5:36 pm on February 27, 2015 Permalink | Reply
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    Satanic Sectarian Savages Murder Blogger in Dhaka! 

    Today’s dire news comes from Dhaka, in Bangladesh, where a completely blameless blogger has been hacked to death on a public pavement. He’s been a voice for freedom of thought, so the obvious suspects are Islamist ignoramuses, who think any such thoughts merit death.

    The body of Avijit Roy, founder of Mukto-Mona (Free-mind) blog site which champions liberal secular writing in the Muslim-majority nation, was found covered in blood after the attack which also left his wife critically wounded.   http://www.theguardian.com/world/2015/feb/27/american-atheist-blogger-hacked-to-death-in-bangladesh

    How come sectarian scum are invariably slimy cowards?


    fpi skulk in mosque IslamoNazis cower in mosque



    We see Jihadi John hiding behind his mask. We saw the yellow-belly FPI here in Indonesia run to a mosque for sanctuary, too gutless to emerge till they were guaranteed a police escort out of Sukorejo, where an innocent housewife died after they invaded the small town in Central Java.

    They were scared sh+tless of the citizens’ righteous wrath.

    Now we read of an unarmed man butchered with machetes by two pusillanimous pigs, who also hacked at his equally defenceless wife.

    • Avijit Roy, the blogger on Mukto-Mona who was killed in a machete attack.
    • Avijit Roy had received threats, from predictable sources. Now the police are hunting the swine who committed this crime.

    But until incitement to murder is outlawed – and by that I mean rounding up and locking away cretinous clerics who preach that blasphemy, atheism and apostasy must be punished by murder  – these heinous crimes will continue.

    Evil should not be debated but defeated – hammer the blood-thirsty beasts. 

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