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    A Million Already, Now More Jihadist ‘Refugees’ OTW! 

    bulgar turkey-and-its-neighbours-map


    “Fighters travelling without passports left Syria about a week and a half ago in order to reach Europe by boat via Turkey and Greece,” a memo sent to police and security services across Belgium said, according to La Derniere Heure newspaper.


    They don’t say how many, because they don’t know.

    And what’s worse is that nobody knows how many have already made it to Berlin and Paris and Vienna…


    ‘Refugee’ savages amok at Greece-Macedonia frontier


    …or London, since Camoron appears to be letting the latest boat-bludgers stay on, parasites, preying on the UK tax-payer.

    Migrant attempts to cross English Channel on flimsy boats are “no longer extraordinary or isolated”, according to French maritime authority Calais migrants use tiny boats to cross Channel




    And what’s the worst yet is that the Italian Navy, and the entire Frontex flotilla on the Med, is ferrying in hundreds and thousands more every week.

    out with them


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      Did you see what Soros said in the Guardian newspaper?


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    Eighty Years On, A New Rome-Berlin Axis? 

    It’s been almost exactly eighty years since Hitler and Mussolini forged their Axis, and while history never quite repeats itself, there’s something ever-so-slightly disturbing about the clammy, Merkel-Renzi embrace this week, a Cultural Marxist action replay of the Nazi/Fascist camaraderie on display back in 1936…


    At least Adolf didn’t kiss Benito!

    …and it has to be said that it wasn’t just the visual impact – one could certainly hear eerie echoes of yesteryear, amplified by the arrogance of the Merkel-Renzi joint brow-beating of the much smaller, peaceful country that lies between the two large European powers.  


    Rome, Berlin in ‘total opposition’ to Austria border plan

    Even while berating Austria, Mama Stasi brazenly attempted to induce continental amnesia about her grotesque role in precipitating the crimmigrant crisis last year. She urged other countries to defend borders “from the Mediterranean to the North Pole” or suffer the political consequences.

    Angela Merkel Warns Of Return..



    • a22ee-snoutsintrough
    • ————————

    Who was it flouted EUSSR rules by throwing her ‘come one, come all’ invitation to a million parasitic primitives, who naturally stomped their way through the Balkans to dig their snouts into German tax-payers pockets?

    But hold on a moment.

    Let’s again look at her motives for this schizoid change of tone – no change of heart, rest assured! 

    Mama’s concern now is not to preserve the stability and distinctive character of the nations of Europe, both under grave threat from the multicult migrant menace which she created, with Brussels Commissars serving as ardent cheer-leaders.

    Frans Timmermans, the Dutch vice-president of the European Commission, said that “diversity was the future of the world,” and that Eastern European nations would just have to “get used to that.” 



    Far from it! Mama wants borders wide-open!

    Merkel told a press conference with Renzi that Europe’s cherished freedom of movement is at threat, with ramped-up border controls in response to the crisis raising questions over whether the passport-free Schengen zone can survive.

    Cherished? It’s the EUSSR, stupid!

    The relentless drive toward supranational supremacy at the expense of sovereignty,that’s her motivation. If countries DO try to safeguard their people by fortifying frontiers, they’d best beware of Axis wrath. 


    Renzi lashed out at Austria on Thursday, describing Vienna’s position as “anachronistic.” “This is the wrong attitude even if there is a migrant crisis,” he said.

    And who’s intensifying that crisis?

    The same report says 28,000 unwanted aliens have crossed the Med to Italy this year alone. With an effrontery to rival his Axis partner’s, Renzi talks of  pushing for Nato naval patrols off Libya in time for the summer people-smuggling season, and a deal with Libya on the model just concluded with Turkey.

    There are TONS of European naval vessels down there already, and what are they doing?

    Acting as a ferry service!


    And ANOTHER Erdogan-style pact, with one more undesirable immigrant brought across for each one that’s sent back?

    No solutions there, only more ways to keep a stricken continent infested!

    Meanwhile Mama Stasi renewed her bleats about quotas, shrilling about the need to “respect the human dignity” of immigrants and to “share the burden” of the influx.

    hands off


    No mention could we see of the need for her imported savages to respect the human dignity of German womanhood.

    And why would ANY sane government be prepared to share the burden which she herself created by her wilful and lawless open-door antics?

    Every responsible leader in Europe should say it loud and clear – Mama made the mess, so she should clean it up – by shifting the aliens, yes, but to whence they came, NOT to happily homogeneous societies!


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