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  • ross1948 08:00 on November 30, 2021 Permalink | Reply
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    Dorsey’s Replacement WON’T Be His China Doll! 

    Despite what one might expect, I’m not singing and dancing in response to Jack ‘Jackboot’ Dorsey’s ‘retirement’ from control.


    No Dancing! ….esp at 7am in Jakarta!


    The Twitter tyrant may be off to make mischief somewhere else, who onows where next….



    …but his capacity for malevolent mischief is boundless….

    ‘China Doll’ Dorsey Dons Jackboot Again! 

    ..yet, judging from this screenshot, widely circulated on other social and anti-social media, notably on Zuckwit’s F-Book….

    …his successor at Twitter is just as obsessed with pursuit of far-left wokery.

    May be a Twitter screenshot of text that says 'Parag Agrawal @paraga "If they are not gonna make a distinction between muslims and extremists, then why should I distinguish between white people and racists." 2:29 AM Oct 26, 2010 Echofon 1,168 Retweets 2,911 Quote Tweets 1,687 Likes'

  • ross1948 06:10 on November 16, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    So Twitter Censors You, But Not Islamist Holocaust Deniers? 

    We know very well with whom Dirty Dorsey’s collaborating….

    Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey – as awful in his personal appearance as his threat to freedom of expression

    ….and we know his freaky geekstapo have been censoring patriots in many different countries, not because the patriot tweets are in any way offensive but because they were likely to undermine Dorsey’s preferred candidates…

    Censor-Virus Spreads – Dirty Dorsey’s Now A MEDICAL Expert?!


    Twitter Hypocrisy – Their Censors Green-Light Pro-Violence Hag!

    ….and causes!

    Sometimes the Twitniks shrink from outright suppression of what targetted patriots say, instead attaching a label smearing the message as ‘disputed’ – disputed, again, of course, by Dorsey’s comrades on the left!

    But how about something that MOST people, outside certain territories in the Middle East, would not think too long before ‘disputing?’



    Former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley slammed Twitter on Friday for flagging one of her tweets warning about the risks of ballot harvesting…



    …. while leaving alone a tweet from Iran’s leader casting doubt on the Holocaust. “Wow. When Iran’s Ayatollah says the Holocaust didn’t happen, Twitter doesn’t say ‘this claim is disputed…

    Nikki Haley Rips Twitter For Flagging Her While Leaving Iranian Leader’s Holocaust Denial Untouched

    Is Twitter going easy on Holocaust Denial because the Red China despot Xi and the primitive old savages…

    Is China Iran’s last resort for survival?  Tehran sees a proposed strategic partnership with Beijing as its savior…


    ….who run the benighted Islamist dictatorship in Iran, are getting cosy?

    Just asking!

    If Dirty Dorsey explains himself, I’ll be happy to discuss his excuses.

    • Mel Henderson 10:56 on November 16, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      I would like to see if Antifa will now make aggressive attacks on Twitter for siding with the Holocaust deniers in Tehran.
      I don’t think that will happen, unfortunately, because Antifa are not really interested in attacking Nazi sympathizers like the ayatollahs.
      They are more interested in stopping free speechand freedom of assembly of patriotic conservatives.

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  • ross1948 18:00 on November 3, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    Bitter Twitter Bias – BBC’s Lefty Lucy Has Dirty Dorsey’s Back! 

    It’s not only Xi’s bandit regime in Beijing that must be delighted by Dirty Jack Dorsey’s election dirty tricks, the gargoylish Twitter toad perhaps guided in his censorship…..

    Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey – as awful in his personal appearance as his threat to democracy?

    ….viz. labelling a tweet about mail-in voting posted by President Trump as ‘misleading,’ despite what we have already reported…

    Next Time BBC Slime Say Ballot Fears Are ‘Without Evidence…? 

    ….and despite Dirty Dorsey’s (and Zuckwit’s ) geekstapo meddlers having no way of knowing whether the inadequacies already known are merely the tip of the ice-berg.

    Not only Red China – we soon heard BBC’s Sally ‘Bias’ Bundock repeat their familiar left mantra, ‘without evidence!’

    Oh yeah?



    And what about when we heard the same BBC World News, Bundock, or some other UK Pravda shrew, telling us, without evidence, that ‘Americans didn’t like’ how the President handled Biden in the last debate. Debate? Another Report The Dirty BBC Will Hide. 

    Let he or she that is without sin cast the first stone!


    Oh, BTW, at 6.20pm, Jakarta time, another Beeb-Bint, Lefty Lucy Hockings…


    Lefty Lucy Hockings


    …..invited on an ‘expert,’ a college lecturer, of course, named Tristan Hotham, and let him say, without evidence, that Dirty Dorsey was correct to interfere with Trump’s tweet. Hotham went on to say that Trump might well win, so then the social media would have to sit down and figure out what to do about people…

    ….who say things they don’t like!


    No sign of Lefty Lucy inviting on anybody to challenge him.

    • Lionel 20:05 on November 3, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      Does New Zealand have any non-left hackettes?
      I use your word for ‘journalists’ of the female variety, after reading about that bigoted Tova in NZ and now this about BBC’s “Lefty Lucy,” who is also of Kiwi origins.
      It used to be that our Dominions sent their sons and daughters to the Mother Country and they did their Dominions proud.
      Canada’s Lord Beaverbrook is the most famous example.
      I believe that horrible BBC leftist Maitlis is also from Canada, but I doubt Canadians are aware of that. She doesn’t sound Canadian and her thinking is more suggestive of Cuba or Portland Oregon.


    • Emily 21:26 on November 3, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      I saw that.
      She is not as unpleasant in manner as some of the other BBzc gang but just as biased.


  • ross1948 08:00 on November 1, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    Jackboot Dorsey’s Censorship Remains, Despit Tactical Retreat! 

    I have read a lot about Dirty Dorsey, both what he’s said and what his victims have said, and what his critics have said.

    I have shown you a photograph of the Red China fan on his Twitter board of management…

    ….to illustrate at least one possible reason for his social media plutocracy’s hatred of Donald Trump.

    But I have never actually seen a picture of the bigoted leftist Twitter billionaire…


    ….though I often use that brilliant cartoon to illustrate my relevant blog posts.

    Yesterday, however, on various media, I saw his face, a grisly, grizzled visage, which, if encountered late at night on a lonely street, might make me cross the road and wish I was in one of those American states that allows one to carry a gun.


    Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey  – as awful in his personal appearance as his threat to democracy?


    Dorsey looks extremely unwholesome, so much so that I used that photo for my Hallowe’en post last night!

    Hallowe’en! Horrid Spectres Prowl!

    That ratty thing hanging from his face, more a growth than a beard? Are there scavengers nesting within it?

    A plutocrat who can’t afford a visit to a barber-shop?

    But his appearance is just that, a marginally note-worthy aspect of a very bad billionaire whose ACTIONS are much more important.

    Censor-Virus Spreads – Dirty Dorsey’s Now A MEDICAL Expert?!   

    Twitter Hypocrisy – Their Censors Green-Light Pro-Violence Hag!

    And no sooner had I heard the creepy character mealy-mouthing a meaningless response to Senator Cruz at the DC hearing than I came across ANOTHER misdeed on the part of Jackboot Jack, a glaringly partisan stomp….


    ….further suppression of free speech rights!

    Read the whole story here.


    And then read how the huge tidal wave of protest..

    …has forced the far-left bigot’s Twittstapo to back off…


    …but only on its censorship of the New York Post.

    As far as I know, Dirty Jackboot Dorsey’s knee is still on the neck of man whose tweet on the benefits of the Border Wall is still censored.

    Don’t be fooled!

    Dorsey remains a rabid foe of patriots who try to exercise their right to free speech.


  • ross1948 17:34 on October 31, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    Hallowe’en! Horrid Spectres Prowl! 


    Tonight is All Hallows Eve, and although pinko creeps in the English-speaking world have done their killjoy worst…

    Pinko Killjoys Target Hallowe’en

    ….to spoil what was always one of my favourite nights of the year, as the outlawed fun costumes above remind us…



    …true believers in unholy creatures will be on the look-out for horrid spectres, and lo…


    Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey  – as grim, awful and grisly in his personal appearance as is his threat to democracy?


    I don’t know about unholy, but if they’ll settle for unwholesome, they probably won’t be disappointed.

    • Amanda Adams 18:08 on October 31, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      Gosh, Dorsey does look like a Tales From The Crypt star!


    • Rannie D 21:02 on October 31, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      Imagine if you’re a wee kid out guising, door to door, and THAT opened the door?
      I don’t know about kids but I’d run a mile!


    • Vicki 21:48 on October 31, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      It”s such a shame for the children that they are not allowed to trick or treat. It’s not as if that makes them any more or less’distanced’ than they are in school and parents are mostly around to see to it that they are safe.
      My friends in Scotland tell me it’s like living in a penitentiary there.


  • ross1948 11:36 on September 1, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    Kyle Update – Dirty Dorsey, Zuckwit, Stomp Teen’s Defence Fund 

    We have already said that we intend to follow the ‘prosecution’ – some might say ‘rail-roading’ is a better term – of that American teenager held in Kenosha.

    We reported this week that already there’s Democrat shrilling to prejudge the case….

    Democrat Finds Kyle Guilty- ‘This Person Murdered Two People!’ .


    …and now we learn that the Big Tech bullies are eager to deny Kyle Ritterhouse the financial support he obviously needs to fight the witch-hunters.

    On a closer-to-home note, it has come to our attention that GiveSendGo has had their links banned from Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. While the legality of this action is questionable, it is unfortunately the world in which we live


    One expects nothing else from Zuckwit’s Geekstapo…



    …nor from the Red China collabos…

    …..on Twitter’s board of management.

    I think, in view of their sleazy censorship, we should all help out as best we can.


    • Ben Baniek 12:14 on September 1, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      Very happy to help this boy.
      Very happy with you for sticking up for him, and with Trump who has just said that Kyle like anybody is presumed innocent till proved othwise.


    • Chrissie Miles 12:45 on September 1, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      Everybody should send whatever they can afford.


    • Mel Henderson 06:23 on September 2, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      All good, Ross, but you omitted to name the worst villains in the story, GoFundMe, who shut down the account that was opened for Kyle.
      GoFundMe did so as an act of political spite
      It’s not the first time they have shown us that they serve the Left and suppress the rest of us.


  • ross1948 14:42 on July 30, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    Censor-Virus Spreads – Dirty Dorsey’s Now A MEDICAL Expert?! 

    We know why YouTube suppresses videos.


    They are owned by Google and Google emphatically does NOT believe in affording the right of free expression to those whose opinions annoy the ruling elites…

    …and whose arguments are too telling to be defeated in rational debate.

    But what about Dirty Dorsey’s decision to suppress the views of a group of extremely reputable doctors on how to handle the Chinese Virus?



    Footage of the livestream on Periscope, Twitter’s livestreaming platform, had generated 1 million views before being removed by the site.

    Yes, he is far-left and intolerant too…Twitter Hypocrisy – Their Censors Green-Light Pro-Violence Hag!  ….but an additional reason has to be that Red China has effectively gained a seat on the Twitter board…

    Twitter’s Lady In Red – Dorsey’s New Censoress? 

    ….and the Beijing Bullies do not like their henchman at the helm of WHO to face contradiction!

    As for Zuckwit, who witters about freedom and fairness altogether too often for any of us to accept at face value such protestations as genuine….

    Facebook’s Hate-Freaks – Exposed! 


    …when we know how his bigoted minions excise whatever they can that dissents from their anti-nation ideology?

    Well of COURSE those sleazy silencers applied themselves promptly to the task!



    Footage on Facebook had accumulated over 17 million views within 8 hours and had 185,000 concurrent viewers at the time it was streamed. On YouTube, a clip from the event received 80,000 views before being removed by the platform for “violating YouTube’s Community Guidelines.”  


    Even the most distinguished doctors never take exception if patients suggest seeking a second opinion.

    There’s something downright creepy about Big Tech’s readiness to deny that right to millions in deference to an outfit run by a sometime communist who has never publicly repented his marxist ideology…


    Xi Jinping (left), Tedros Adhanom (right). (Allan Rios illustration)

    …nor expressed regret for his collaboration with the world’s largest and most aggressive totalitarian despotism.

    • Vanessa Reilly 14:57 on July 30, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      I am sick and tired of arrogant and medically ignorant anti-social media meddlers telling me I have to accept what WHO decrees.
      Like many people, I don’t trust WHO after its boss was exposed as a patsy (at best) of Red China.
      If we want to hear other doctors’ opinions on how to survive the Chinese Virus, we should be free to, without Dorsey of Zuckerberg interfering.
      As for Google-You Tube, they are so biased they wouldn’t let God Himself publish any view contrary to their own.


    • Lorne Marzio 17:31 on July 30, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      Is Dorsey now following orders from his Red Chinese board member?
      No challenge to Red Ted’s WHO to be heard?


  • ross1948 20:03 on May 27, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    ‘Fact-Checkers” Make War On Truth! 

    Amid the outrage over Dorsey the Dork’s latest lunge at free speech, using Trump’s most rabid critics to determine how factual his tweets are or aren’t…

    Twitter Fact-Checking Trump’s Tweets, Using WaPo And CNN


    Image result for twitter left bias

    NB – it turns out Dorsey doesn’t like facts when they get in the way of his Trumpophobic prejudice!    Read this!


    …it’s timely to consider what actually are facts and what are opinions, which do not, surely, need intrusion by overseers on Twitter or anywhere else.


    The video featured a picture of a starving polar bear that had previously been used by National Geographic to highlight the effect of climate change on the animals. As it turned out, the photographer admitted that the picture was manipulatively used.

    What does the photographer look like, that photographer who owned up?

    If I said this was a fair and accurate likeness…



    …would she be highly delighted?

    I think not!

    Because it is NOT her!

    Here she is!

    Cristina Mittermeier.jpg
    Cristina Mittelmeier


    She might be justifiably indignant at my shocking misrepresentation!

    But what’s sauce for the anti-pinko blogger is possibly not sauce for the partisan pinko creeps who published that infamous polar bear picture…..




    …and then were caught out!

    “Perhaps we made a mistake in not telling the full story — that we were looking for a picture that foretold the future and that we didn’t know what had happened to this particular polar bear,” Cristina Mittermeier, the photographer, wrote for National Geographic.

    Makes you sick, doesn’t it?



    Meanwhile, Dirty Dorsey’s meddling in America’s forthcoming election, and Zuckwit’s Geekstapo, aka ‘Fact-Checkers,’ are stomping anyone who dares tell the truth!

    Like Prager U, whose hounding by far-left bigots…

    Fight Spotify’s Indefensible Intolerance! 

    …I have chronicled here from time to time

    Read on..

    Big Tech Targets PragerU Over ‘False Information,’ New Evidence Turns Narrative Inside Out

    • Merrill Goldie 20:13 on May 27, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      A first-class wallop!
      Well aimed, well done!
      Those leftwing social media millionaires-billionaires will devote all their resources to preventing Trump’s re-election.
      We need all you bloggers everywhere to counter-attack.
      Please give us more like this.

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    • Bart Iselner 20:26 on May 27, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      Dorsey’s fussiness does not extend to pulling sinister incitement Tweets posted by deranged leftwing women.
      That lunatic ‘celebrity’ Kathy Griffin is very openly suggesting murder with her latest. “Syringe with nothing but air inside it would do the trick. F*** TRUMP.”

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    • Lorne Marzio 21:18 on May 27, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      CNN get to CHECK facts?
      If CNN doesn’t like news, it hides it. How much coverage did we hear or see of Biden’s ‘ain’t black’ blurt on CNN?

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    • Vinnie Fiore 04:06 on May 28, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      The far left magnates, Dorsey and Zuckerberg and that Starbucks Coffee-dreg too are enemies we have to fight any way we can. Starbucks is easiest, just drink other coffee, but the ‘social media’ are a harder nut to crack.
      Lets see what President Trump can come up with.

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  • ross1948 07:36 on October 27, 2019 Permalink | Reply
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    Twitter Hypocrisy – Their Censors Green-Light Pro-Violence Hag! 

    Twitter’s  Jackboot Dorsey has no time for free speech when non-lefts try to use it, but when that ugly old bat Midler applauds a violent thug…

    “…who beat the shit out of Rand Paul.”

    I think the Kurds are right to be angry, but wrong to go after individual US soldiers.

    I do not think it’s right to glorify a brutal American hoodlum. Midler does, and Twitter approved the old bag’s rant.

    Jackboot Dorsey is exposed again, the far-left double-standards dangling before our very eyes…




    ..as when I reported his anti-Brexit bigted censorship antics..


    ..how a dissenter from their cur-creed was targetted, not only by the curs but by Twitter itself, simply for arguing his case.

    Their victim is a lawyer ( yes, there are honest members of that profession!) and as he tells it..




    ..the Europhiliacs people ‘organised mass reporting’ of his resistance and his ‘account was permanently suspended last Thursday.’

    No surprise.

    Twitter’s far left geekstapo are into censorship in a big way and are infamous for stomping decent folks…

    Petition Against Canada’s Most Revolting Pervert? 

    Image result for twitter left bias


    …and indeed allowing hate-freaks to flourish beneath their banner.   Who Will Report This Remainiac For Incitement? 

    I’m glad I eschew the leftist Jackbooter’s anti-free-speech Twit scene.

    So should you all!

    • Stella Chand 12:51 on October 27, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      Jackboot is a good name for Dorsey but I would prefer something much meaner.
      He is a real hypocrite, waffling about freedom of expression.
      The freedom is given to hate-mongers like Midler and the FPBE remainazi, denied to people who advocate democratic patriotic arguments


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