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  • ross1948 2:00 pm on November 13, 2018 Permalink | Reply
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    A Man Called Ahok – Film Bagus, Tetapi… – 

    I got off my idle butt this week and went to the movies. With so many films available on cable tv, and dvds, I don’t go to cinemas nearly as often as once I did.

    But this was different.


    Image result for a man called ahok

    If you want a traditional film review, use the above JP link.

    I went to watch today because I admire the subject of the film tremendously, a very good, very decent, very human and VERY unjustly treated man.

    Most people here know that Ahok was the best City Governor that Jakarta has had in many, many years.

    Some people hated him, ignorant Islamist street scum…

    Jakarta Jew-Haters Boo Chinese Christian Candidate 

    …and high-powered extremist ‘scholars’ wanted desperately to see him brought down…

    Jokowi picks Ma’ruf Amin, key expert witness on Ahok’s blasphemy trial


    …one of whom is very likely going to be Indonesia’s next Vice-President, chosen for that position by President Jokowi, who paradoxically had once been very happy to have Ahok as his running mate when Jokowi was running as a gubernatorial candidate in Jakarta.

    Ahok ended up in prison under the benighted ‘blasphemy’ law, an outcome which did dreadful damage to Indonesia’s reputation as a pluralist democracy…

    Slouching Towards Shariah, Indonesia Jails Ahok

    Despite the sickening sight of Islamist fanatics howling for his blood, to the bitter end, it has to be said that Ahok held the loyalty of MANY decent Muslims.

    Their courage can be measured by the intimidation they withstood, some of which was mentioned in a Jakarta Post report….

    During the gubernatorial campaign, some mosques called on Muslims not to hold funeral prayers for deceased Muslims found to have supported Anies’ contender, Basuki Ahok” Tjahaja Purnama, who is Christian of Chinese ethnicity.   http://www.thejakartapost.com/news/2017/11/22/city-to-hand-out-rp-1-6t-to-mass-organizations-religious-institutions.html


    So while it was a fascinating, well-made film, it was a shame it did not cover the Jakarta chapter of his life, except brief allusions thereto at the very start and very end.

    I suppose an honest account of the events and their denouement might risk the movie-makers facing similar benighted ‘blasphemy’ charges, if they reported on the harmless quip which ignited bigot fury.

    My other criticism involves the English translation of the dialogues, which appeared throughout the movie.

    Surely it would not have cost much to get it done properly.

    Heck, I would have done the job for free, which might have improved the fluency and grammatical quality.

    • Jim In Jakarts 3:08 pm on November 13, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      Great, Ross.
      Twice in a week,you are back to telling us what we want to hear from you, about Indonesia today.
      Even if I am no longer in Jakarta, I still take a keen interest and agree with all you say about the dark path i
      Indonesia is going down

    • Kezia 3:11 pm on November 13, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      I watched it too!
      Thank you so much for going to watch this film and now writing about it.
      Ahok is a hero.

    • Santi 3:54 pm on November 13, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      I will go watch it now. We wish Ahok was still our governor.
      He is the best

      • Santi 4:19 pm on November 14, 2018 Permalink | Reply

        I watched it, a very interesting film but same like you it is I think a very great pity we do not see the bad people with the signs saying Burn Ahok and we do not see President Jokowi on the platform with Ahok-haters like Rizeq.
        That was a very bad day I will never forget, again same like you.

    • JazPen 4:09 pm on November 13, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      Me and a lot of people I work with here are now setting off to see this film.
      All Ahok fans together!
      If you say it is worth watching, they are all happy to accept your recommend.

    • Euis 5:07 pm on November 13, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      We all admire Ahok.
      He was the best governor but he was honest so they hated him.
      It was all about hate.

    • Wayan 5:43 pm on November 13, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      I do not live in Jakarta but I will try to see this film because even in Bali it is true that most people think Ahok is a good guy.
      Freedoms of religion matter to Balinese because most of us are minority religions.
      The people who hate him also hate freedom of religion and say they want to kill anyone who wants to leave their religion.
      They are enemies of Pancasila not welcome on our island.
      Ahok will be welcome any time when ever he is free to come here.

      • Connie Milson 7:29 pm on November 13, 2018 Permalink | Reply

        Ahok should of course be freed at once and should never be in prison anyway.
        Nothing he ever said or did should have been cause for arrest or trial or prison, but he is not the only one imprisoned in Indonesia for what should never be a crime in any country that says it is a democracy.
        There is a petition circulating demanding the release of another ‘blasphemy’ victim held in an Indonesian prison.
        I will send it to you tomorrow.

    • Laras 6:37 pm on November 13, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      I was able to understand the English they added onto the screen but even I myself can see it was not correct English all the time.
      You did a good job teaching me ten years ago, Pak Guru!
      PS yes, very good film.

    • Tulus 7:16 am on November 14, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      Ahok should be free.

    • Puji 7:40 am on November 14, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      The way even funerals used against the people to make them turn against Ahok was wrong and very cruel.
      His enemies belong to other cultures and not Indonesia.
      More like Somalia gang warriors I think.

    • Emas 2:21 pm on November 14, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      We saw Ahok film and it make our heart sick at how he is a prisoner for no reason.

  • ross1948 8:06 am on July 24, 2018 Permalink | Reply
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    Wave Up Festival, Jakarta, 28 July 

    Related image

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    Tags: jakarta, July 21-28, Korea Medical Road-Show   

    Korea Medical Road-Show, July 21-28, Jakarta 

    Image result for taman anggrek korea roadshow

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    Tags: jakarta, July 25 -28, Toys and Kids Expo   

    Toys and Kids Expo, July 25 -28, Jakarta 

    Hasil gambar untuk indonesia toys and kids expo july 2018

  • ross1948 10:58 am on July 8, 2018 Permalink | Reply
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    Pameran Pendidikan International, July, Jakarta 

    Gambar terkait

  • ross1948 10:28 pm on June 11, 2018 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: Celine Dion, jakarta   

    Celine in Jakarta, 7th July 

    Gambar terkait

  • ross1948 8:29 am on May 22, 2018 Permalink | Reply
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    Fine Aussie Dining In Jakarta? I Must Try This Place! 

    One of my special treats when I take one of my trips to Sydney is that delicious dish ‘DEVON…’


    Hasil gambar untuk devon australian meat


    Devon (sausage) – Wikipedia

    …which is cold meat, rather resembling baloney (no, not a Clinton speech!) that you can slice up to make yummy sandwiches, or have with potato salad, or chips, or, if you are a bot of a sloth, just chew on while watching tv.

    Now I read in the JG – Work Hard, Brunch Harder at Devon, Jakarta’s Latest Aussie-Style Café – that there’s a new eatery called ‘Devon,’ recently opened. My initial response was to rush down to Senayan City and order a few pounds of my fave food, but alas!

    According to the Jakarta Globe, that, ‘since the beginning, Devon specialized in an “international” menu, not an Australian one…’

    And I’m sure they do wondrous things with all manner of culinary joys.

    But I must await my next visitor from The Lucky Country before once more tasting the delights of Devon.

  • ross1948 7:38 am on May 18, 2018 Permalink | Reply
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    Matahari Department Store In Ramadhan Knees Panic? 

    Traffic in Jakarta yesterday was a delight, a real change from the usual nightmare.


    The USUAL!


    First day of Ramadhan, so kids off school, people staying home for family fun. It took me under an hour to get from home to Blok M, where I’d a lunch-time rendezvous with some Indonesian friends. I say lunch-time rather than lunch, because they were fasting.

    Arriving way too early, I decided to hang out at JCO with my recently acquired IPad and have a non-fasting coffee while communicating with important folks overseas.


    Gambar terkait


    Oh no!  JCO no longer has a Blok M Plaza outlet!

    Never one to waste a trip, I went downstairs and bought some potatoes in Giant supermarket.



    Then, in case there might be handy discounts in Matahari, I ascended to that fine department store and….


    One of the joys of shopping there has always been their personnel department’s choice of staff.



    Matahari shop assistants are almost without exception very pretty. Their uniforms – as above, though I didn’t take that photo myself –  comprise red tops and black skirts, look smart ,and, while not overtly sexy, enhance the employees’ good looks.

    But when I entered, I saw to my dismay that the girls have all been TROUSERED!

    Needless to say, I made enquiries and was calmly informed that they had been ORDERED to abandon the skirts for the duration of Ramadhan.

    Can this be true?

    My further enquiries, if this bizarre diktat applied to only Muslim staff or was it being imposed on Christian, Hindu or Buddhist girls  – who obviously do not, and are not required to, observe the Islamic Holy Month –  went unanswered.

    Either the people I spoke to didn’t know or were unwilling to say more.

    This is worth asking about, given the fuss made every year by Islamist fanatics, when stores ask staff to wear Santa hats.

    Jemaah Ansharusy Sharia, which aims to spread leaflets about the ban on use of Christmas  accessories by Muslims. In the leaflet, JAS forbids Muslims to help Christians who were preparing for Christmas.



    Outfit NEVER seen in ANY Jakarta mall!


    They also appealed to employers not to force Muslim employees to wear Christmas accessories.  http://www.harianindo.com/2014/12/19/34805/fpi-meminta-agar-perayaan-natal-tidak-menganggu-pemeluk-agama-lain/

    ‘FORCE’ is surely the key word.

    If Matahari girls want to wear trousers, at Ramadhan, because they think a glimpse of their nice knees might distract the devout from the introspection demanded by their creed at this time of year, okay, that’s one thing.

    I find it unlikely, because the uniform skirts are perfectly respectable, hardly micro-minis. Even so, they can take their case to management.

    But for management arbitrarily to order a cover-up of ALL knees?

    What’s wrong with knees anyway?


     In Sumatra, Knee-ophobia Rules! No Knees is GOOD Knees

    Well, lots, according to certain authorities on the subject!

    Fear And Loathing of Knees In MaIaysia, Truly Arabia! 


    I don’t expect Jakarta’s somewhat lack-lustre journo pack to pursue the issue, but would be happy to hear from anyone with info, or just an opinion.

    Oh, and did Matahari supply the trousers, or did the girls have to pay for them? Another question to which the answer might seem obvious.

    But in Jakarta, nothing is quite as predictable as it ought to be!


    If you do drop by, the effort will not be entirely wasted, Some of the SPGs – as is usually the case with SPGs –

    Jakarta Fair – SPGs Alone Make PRJ Worth The Trip! 

    – are still dressed in very feminine skirts!

    • Jim in Jakarta 9:00 pm on May 18, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      My apologies Ross. I doubted you.
      I could not believe that Matahari really did something as pathetic as making all those pretty girls wear trousers for a month.

      Today I made a special trip to check your report.
      Not a knee to be seen!
      Are the other big department stores doing the same to their staff?

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    Test Of Will, Jakarta, 5/6 May 

    Test of Will 2018 in Jakarta

    Asia’s most advanced urban fitness challenge is back! 4 Challenges, 4 minutes. INDONESIA, how strong is your will?

    What is Test of Will?
    Under Armour’s Test of Will is a distinctively modern, uniquely urban fitness challenge for the large community of advanced athletes, high achievers andaspirants across Asia who are driven to succeed and push their limits.

    Test of Will celebrates human performance, functional fitness and the training lifestyle. Participants will push the outer limits of strength, endurance anddetermination as they test themselves against their peers and the best athletes in Asia.

    The Workout
    The competition is built around a 4 minute circuit consisting of 4 functional exercises designed to challenge your strength, endurance and power. Each exercise will be done for 1 minute followed by a 20 second rest period before moving on to the next exercise. Points are scored for each of the exercises.

    1)      Over Under
    2)      Deadball Squats (20kg for men, 12kg for women)
    3)      Kettlebell Farmers Walk (28kg for men, 20kg for women)
    4)      Bear Crawl

    Date: 5 – 6 May 2018 (Sat – Sun)
    Time: 10:00AM – 8:00PM
    Venue: Senayan City
    Registration cost: IDR 200,000

    Register at :https://www.tripleready.com/TOW2018ID

    Why Should I Sign Up?
    Everyone who registers for Test of Will 2018 will receive an exclusive Under Armour TOW 2018 T-shirt (pictured below) along with other great prizes from our sponsors. TOW 2018 T-shirts are gender-specific and loose fitting, sizing guide for the TOW 2018 T-shirt can be found at http://www.underarmour.com.sg/en-sg/size-fit-guide
    In addition, the top 3 male & female participants from each age category will be awarded a limited edition #TestofWill2018 medal in place of a regional finale. The overall highest scoring male and female participants in each country will receive a cash prize of 1 million Rupiah on top of other prizes.

  • ross1948 11:22 am on May 3, 2018 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: jakarta, Painting Pallete Expo   

    A Painting Pallete Expo? Jakarta, 5-26 May 

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