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  • ross1948 09:00 on July 27, 2022 Permalink | Reply
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    Bravo, Japan! Now…How About Tsarnaev? 

    All very hush-hush, but the report that thr evil killer Tomohiro Kato has been executed in Japan seems to be true.

    And yet, it’s seven years since his sentence was confirmed?


    Surely a long time taken, to do the right thing.

    Yet no matter how monstrous a mass-murderer might be, he can count on Brussels…


    The European Union is the leading institutional actor and largest donor in the fight against  death penalty worldwide.  https://ec.europa.eu/europeaid/sectors/human-rights-and-governance/democracy-and-human

    …where the Euro-Commissars will be gnashing their teeth and wailing over justice done in Japan.

    As will Amnesty and the rest of the global pinko pack.

    But Brussels isn’t the only friend callous killers can look to for succour.

    How about that foul ‘asylum’ scumbag Tsarnaev…



    …found guilty of the Boston Marathon Bombing?

    When will he be put down like the dirty rabid dog he is?

    It’s certainly not the first time we’ve raised this question.

    Will Biden Save Bestial ‘Asylum-Seeker’ Tsarnaev? 

    • rolling-stone-magazine-Jahar-Tsarnaev-boston-bomber-cover

    Boston Bomb Pig


    Boston Marathon Bomb – Why’s Scumbag Still Breathing? 

    We know that The Dotard is devoted to keeping killers safe from the consequences of their crimes…


    ….no matter how heinous.

    But after the good news in March, the Supreme Court’s ruling that the death penalty was in order, we were all hoping the swine would soon be herded to an abattoir…



    …but it’s not happened, and why?.

    …Tsarnaev’s attorneys, in a filing on Thursday, asked the US Circuit Court of Appeals to consider four constitutional claims not taken up by the high court… https://nypost.com/2022/04/08/boston-marathon-bomber-dzhokhar-tsarnaev-appeals-death-sentence-again

    More legalice manoeuvring!

    Note the date, April, and the SOB is still unfried…unshot…unhanged.

    Maybe his execution can be this year’s Christmas treat?


    American readers, please keep me up to date with this.

    I get diverted on daily dramas and forget to follow up these longstanding cases.


  • ross1948 20:45 on July 16, 2021 Permalink | Reply
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    Biased BBC – ‘Quiet Rebel Naomi Osaka Changing Japan?’… 

    How Quiet Rebel Naomi Osaka is Changing Japan?’

    That’s the enticing text that ran across my UK Pravda screen…



    …and if the BBC thinks many viewers will tune in after reading their lure, methinks their pro-BLM bosses must be smoking something stronger…



    …than my favourite brand of local ( produced in East Java!) cigarettes.

    Before this part-Japanese yelper started her attention-seeking “mental health'” bleating…

    Mental Health?’ Pity BLM Osaka EVER Spoke To Media! 

    Naomi Osaka

    …she was not at all quiet, attracting international attention by espousing the cause of the BLM hate-group.

    From what I read about Japan…

    Bravo, Japan! Stand Firm Against The Rat-Packs!

    Stand Firm, Japan – Keep ‘Em Locked Up! 

    …there’s a lot more sense there than in most West European countries.

    There will be woko-weirdo women like Osaka, men too, but not too many!

    • Fiona 20:55 on July 16, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      Both she and the BBC are a pain in the posterior.
      No wonder they are adding her to the other very annoying women on their Xmas card list.


    • Zak 01:22 on July 17, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      She is a burotof woman. Better of Japan is çanging her


  • ross1948 19:02 on December 15, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    Bravo, Japan! Stand Firm Against The Rat-Packs! 

    Good to see that a Japanese court has handed down a well-deserved death sentence…

    ….in a case that turns the stomach.

    According to the indictment, Shiraishi strangled and dismembered eight women and one man aged 15 to 26 from Tokyo and four other prefectures from August to October of 2017.

    He is also alleged to have sexually assaulted all his female victims


    The swine will be hanged, though one might wish he could be tortured for a while first!

    But in the days or weeks or longer between the sentence and the execution, Japan will find itself beset by rat-packs, ranging from the Shamnesty maggots…

    ….to the arrogant neo-colonialist Euro-Commissars, who seek to impose their own decadent ‘values….’

    The European Union is the leading institutional actor and largest donor in the fight against death penalty worldwide.    https://ec.europa.eu/europeaid/sectors/human-rights-and-governance/democracy-and-human-


    ….on every country in the world.

    One hopes the Japanese will treat the entreaties of the rat-packs with the disdain merited by such.

    If the degenerates create a din, send an email to your nearest Japanese diplomatic outpost, urging that the just sentence be carried out..

    …and if your government is subordinate to the EUSSR, make it clear that their meddling is not be carried out in your name!

    • Uncle Oz 03:43 on December 16, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      Australia should bring it back, use it in the terrorists at least.


    • Chrissie Miles 10:58 on December 16, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      I hope the Japanese execute this monster.
      I would like to hope the EU would mind its own business, for once, but it’s too much to hope for that, I’m afraid.


    • Delise NZ 13:20 on December 16, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      Three cheers for Japan for the death sentence.
      Another three when they carry it out.


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