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  • ross1948 14:30 on November 2, 2022 Permalink | Reply
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    ‘Torture?’ Tagging Crimmigrants? 

    Most of us could name various forms of torture if asked, if only from reading spy stories, or watching movies.


    ‘Admit it! You told a tranny bloke to use the Gents!’


    Or even old writings on The Inquistion!

    There are all kinds of torture. Pulling out finger-nails. Electrodes applied to bodily parts.

    Even prolonged sleep deprivation.



    But thanks to the Guardian  and a bunch of leftist ‘charities’ and pro- crimmigrant agitprop outfits….




    …we learn there’s a new, utterly nightmarish, form of ‘torture’ on the go.

    GPS tagging used to monitor undesirable aliens, namely…

    those on immigration bail facing deportation…’



    Obviously, such individuals are VERY unlikely to try to avoid being sent back where they belong…

    …..so it’s montrously, unreasonably, cruel and wicked…



    ..that the authorities feel it’s prudent to use GPS tags to keep tabs on such ‘people’s every move including where they shop, worship and who they spend time with..’

    IMHO, what’s shocking is that it’s only been in use since January.

    Oddly, it’s seemingly not been condemned as a form of ‘torture’ when utilised on other anti-social person or persons, as even the Guardian hacks admit.

    Tagging of people in the criminal justice system has been in place for years 

    These aliens apparently ‘feel stigmatised by having a large, heavy tag strapped to their ankles…’

    Well, boo-hoo-hoo!

    They can always protest by refusing freebies – or just go home!

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    Grievous Bodily Harm, But UK Can’t Deport? 

    The judges remarked that deporting him would be “cruel and morally wrong” as it would undo his rehabilitation.



    His ‘rehabilitation’ must be open to question if it can be undone by relocation.

    Officials targeted Peccoo for deportation after he was imprisoned for grievous bodily harm (GBH) and drugs offences in 2015.

    I’d say that made him a sufficiently undesirable alien….

    ….wouldn’t you?

    The department’s lawyers argued that he continued to remain a threat even after he had completed his sentence

    Being the Guardian, the hacks have stacks of quotes from folks who think this is a dashed fine fellow, including the notorious JCWI…

    Previously they’ve shown their true colours, literally, as above – telling the Home Office to unleash undesirables from its immigration detention centres.

    Great Escape? UK Pro-Crimmigrant Pinkos Exploit Covid!

    …. and the Mayor of Bristol, a city many of us regard as a blot on the national landscape…

     e.g. Bristol University….

    and the lawless haters of BLM..

    Protesters throw the statue into Bristol harbour
    .. and it’s cr-ppy constabulary. .

    ….a view reinforced, on learning that no less than 90,000 residents there signed a petition supporting this poor, hard-done-by Jamaican.

  • ross1948 19:56 on March 18, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    Great Escape? UK Pro-Crimmigrant Pinkos Exploit Covid! 

    As a prelude to the story below, I ought to point out how the far-left are busily lashing out on rightwingers who are allegedly  –using the COVID-19 pandemic to advance their political agenda…


    That the ‘Open Democracy’ gang- featured here previously. –  is essentially extreme left can be attested by the background of the authoress named, an American ‘professor’ called Julia DeCook….

    …whose credibility is surely discernible from her role as ‘an expert/fellow for the Institute for Research on Male Supremacism (IRMS)!!!’

    In fact, the contrary is surely the case, because,after our report on the crimmigrant ferry crowd’s demand that Greece give up on detaining the illegal ‘migrant’ hordes currently making life hell for Aegean islanders…

    Pro-Crimmigrant Medics Exploiting Corona Crisis?

    …now we get those leftist ferry-men’s think-alikes in Britain spouting the same kind of subversive gunk, a collection of crimmigrant collabo cliques…

    Bail For Immigration Detainees, Medical Justice, Detention Action, Right To Remain, Immigration Law Practitioners Association, Women for Refugee Women, Joint Council for the Welfare of Immigrants, Liberty, Migrants Organise and Medact


    These creepy crews proliferate like maggots on a dead skunk – only ever heard of one of them, and the JCWI, as far as I know, used to be concerned with honest immigrants, not lousy illegals!

    But now?

    Behold -they’ve shown their true colours, literally, as above!.

    ….this time telling the Home Office to unleash undesirables from its immigration detention centres.




    Like the MSF leftists, they are using the increasingly scary corona virus crisis as a weapon to wield…



    …on behalf of a lawless pack locked up because they have no right to be in Britain at all!

    Dementedly, the lobby for the lawless wants these crimmigrants turned loose!

    The excuse?


    Rather than keep the pack behind bars and thus keep any outbreak of the virus within the detention centres, well away from decent British citizens…




    ..these agitators are openly exploiting the crisis as a means of achieving now what they could not achieve in normal circumstances – letting them escape justice and roam free on UK streets!

    Under some previous Home Secretaries, such as Theresa the Appeaser…



    ..or Awful Amber Rudd…

    …who knows but the pinkos might well have got their way.

    Fortunately, with Priti Patel in charge, a woman who’s shown herself prepared to make Home Office flunkeys shape up or ship out…


    …it looks like the creepos will get nowhere fast with their shameless shrilling.

    A Home Office spokesperson said: “The health of people in Immigration Removal Centres is of the utmost importance and we have robust contingency plans and are following all Public Health England guidance. We remain committed to removing foreign national offenders or those who violate our immigration rules.There have been no recorded cases of coronavirus in immigration removal centres.



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