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  • ross1948 19:00 on July 31, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    Connolly Street, Belfast? Why Not Jean McConville Street? 

    Women, labour, the working class, Irish and ethnic groups, are invisible in the city centre. That needs to change. We want to change Castle Street to James Connolly Street as a start…”


    That’s the declaration of continuous culture war heard from an ex-councillor named McVeigh, whose party affiliation is very oddly omitted from Belfast Live’s report.

    Could it be he’s the very same fellow described as a ‘former IRA bomber” in a more candid part of the Ulster media?


    Obviously renaming a well-known street after a man infamously part of the 1916 republican insurrection, whose statues grace both Dublin and, regrettably, a disloyal district of West Belfast..


    The statue of James Connolly, Irish republican socialist leader, in Dublin

    … is offensive to loyal British people in any British city.

    But let’s consider the other categories carefully.


    McVeigh suggests Mary Ann McCracken, who is listed in wikipedia as a ‘supporter of the United Irishmen.’

    No thanks!

    Apart from anything else, that organisation’s name is surely irredeemably sexist  – not ‘Irishpersons! – and since we are told we must judge olden-times notables by modern standards, that must exclude McCracken.

    Might it not be more locally relevant to name a street after Jean McConville, a humble Belfast woman murdered by the IRA…


    Cast-Iron Calls Obama – Let’s Get Adams Off the Hook! 

    …a foul crime defended by Sinn Fein’s Mitchel McLaughlin.

    In January 2005, McLaughlin declared that the ‘killing of McConville was not a crime, saying that she had been executed as a spy in a war situation..’

    Why not rename the Falls Road after Jean McConville?


    A constant reminder of what Sinn Fein is all about.

    Mr. Speaker, Sir – You’re the Scum of the Earth! 



    Ethnic minorities?

    If we want to go down that road, why use McVeigh’s weird suggestion of Frederick Douglass, an American who had nothing at all to do with Ulster?

    If there’s to be a road renamed to honour a black man, better by far to choose one of those listed below.


    Black lives murdered by terrorists: Top rown from left: Pte Eustace Handley; Kingsman Marcel James Doglay; Gnr Errol Gordon; Gnr Anthony Brian Abbott Middle row: Pte Lynford Pryce; L/Cpl Grenville Winstone; Pte Anthony Carlos Harrison; L/Cpl Paul Garrett Bottom row: Julius Stephen; Abayoni (Max) Olorunda

    Black lives murdered by terrorists: Top rown from left: Pte Eustace Handley; Kingsman Marcel James Doglay; Gnr Errol Gordon; Gnr Anthony Brian Abbott Middle row: Pte Lynford Pryce; L/Cpl Grenville Winstone; Pte Anthony Carlos Harrison; L/Cpl Paul Garrett Bottom row: Julius Stephen; Abayoni (Max) Olorunda



    And what about ‘labour and the working class?’

    Might we not consider Johnny McQuade, a working-class hero who served the community tirelessly all his life?


    Johnny McQuade

    Just a few random thoughts on a plan surely put forward as a provocation by a man who wants to see Ulster amalgamated with an alien and hostile republic, which would undoubtedly abet his desire for cultural revisionism.


    • Billy King 23:04 on July 31, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      That is brilliant, Ross.
      The IRA want to turn our country into a wee tail of the Eire dog.
      We don’t want their history or their language here. Eire’s where it belongs.
      We belong to HM The Queen and to nobody else!


    • Colum 03:01 on August 1, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      They shouldnt be renaming streets at all.
      Its just playtime politics for people with nothing better to do,


  • ross1948 19:07 on February 13, 2015 Permalink | Reply
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    Mr. Speaker, Sir – You’re the Scum of the Earth! 

    No, I’m not talking about that funny little chap at Westminster, nor about any Australian or American politicians whose job it is to chair debate in their legislatures. They may have their faults, undoubtedly.

    But nothing like this!

    Sinn Féin’s Mitchel McLaughlin has been elected as the new speaker of the Northern Ireland Assembly, becoming the first nationalist to hold the position. First Minister Peter Robinson said his party would honour its agreement to support the election of the assembly’s first Sinn Féin speaker.  


    Mitchel McLaughlin
    Mitchel McLaughlin


    The word scum is absolutely apposite, surely, to Sinn Fein/IRA’s Mitchel McLaughlin, now duly elected, thanks to Peter Robinson’s DUP, as Speaker in Ulster’s Stormont Assembly.


    robinson1 DUP’s Robinson


    I quote Jim Alister, TUV leader and often a lone voice in that provincial parliament against collaboration with the terrorist party.

    “…He is still the same Mitchel McLaughlin, who, with great notoriety, told the general listening public that that most cruel of crimes, the kidnapping, murder and secret burial of Jean McConville, was not a crime. “

    For non-Ulster readers, I refer you to our post last year, on the Sinn Fein murder-gang’s slaying of that poor Catholic woman.



    Jean McConville

    Jean McConville, abducted and murdered in 1972   The Beast of Belfast – Adams Still Lying About Housewife’s Murder ‘-

    Please note, vermin like McLaughlin have never expressed remorse for that heinous crime, nor any or their atrocities. Including one highly relevant assassination –  

     “Of course, the Chair…that he wants to sit on was once occupied by Sir Norman Stronge for more than two decades. What happened to Sir Norman Stronge? He was done to death most cruelly — shot and incinerated by an IRA attack on his home. One asks Mr McLaughlin this: was that a crime?


    Most-Wor.-Sir-Knight-Capt.-Rt.-Hon.-Sir-C.-Norman-L.-Stronge-Bart.-HML.-MC.-MP. Sir Norman Stronge, murdered, at the age of 86, by IRA scum

    “It seems that some who are going to vote for him neither know nor care whether he thinks that was a  crime. We know what his party president thinks of the murder of a previous Speaker of the House, for he is on record as saying: “The only complaint I have heard from Nationalists or anti-Unionists is that he was not shot 40 years ago.”




    Yes, Gerry Adams, the very same Beast of Belfast known to have had a hand in the murder of Jean McConville, wallowed in his cowardly comrades’s killing of an octogenarian, watching tv  in his own home. 

    And Jim pinpoints the role of the DUP, once seen as the champions of Ulster’s loyal Brits, once a loud voice against admitting terrorist scum into the corridors of power, as pivotal in the elevation of this swine to the Speakership.

    “Someone of that ilk, who thinks that the murder of Jean McConville was not a crime, now aspires to hold the position of Speaker courtesy of the votes from the DUP Benches….The next time they walk past the memorial to Sir Norman Stronge may they hang their heads in shame.”

    Adams, McLaughlin, McGuinness, Kelly…cowardly terrorists, brazen traitors!

    Blair and Major will be remembered with a shudder for their criminal irresponsibility in bringing these vermin in from the cold. And Peter Robinson and his turncoat DUP are morally no better, if they let this swine take the Speaker’s Chair. 

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