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  • ross1948 13:50 on November 30, 2019 Permalink | Reply
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    2012 Plus 16 = 2028 – The Pig Should Still Have Been Caged! 

    A shocking indictment of the UK ‘justice’ system!

    That swine Usman Khan was unleashed on London NINE years early.




    If Johnson lacks the guts to campaign for the execution of every terrorist, then life is the only realistic alternative, and life must mean life.

    And those 25000 jihadists KNOWN to the security services…




    …need urgently to be interned, pending deportation.

    • Amanda Adams 16:24 on November 30, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      That’s the trouble, so much concern about these beasts’ “rights” when they should have no rights at all!
      Two innocent lives lost because the devil was let out early.


    • Ned A 19:33 on November 30, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      Well put!
      Johnson is a pussy.
      He can talk about ‘letter box’ bag-heads all he likes, but he will not challenge the big ‘Islamaphobia’ lie.


  • ross1948 01:47 on January 7, 2017 Permalink | Reply
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    Breaking News – Fort Lauderdale – Terrorism? 

    So as we were just switching off for the night, news of one person killed, and many others injured, after another gunman opened fire in Fort Lauderdale Airport in Florida.

    No further details yet.

    Was it another outbreak of jihadist terror?

    And if so, will Obama’s soon-to-be ousted apparatchiks white-wash this as they did when the Islamist traitor at Fort Hood murdered many Americans? 

    Hasil gambar untuk fort hood nidal hasan

    Who will forget how that orgy of sectarian hate was dismissed as ‘work-place violence?’

    And how much more terror can the USA handle before it starts serious vetting of the so-called ‘refugees’ Obama’s letting pour in?’ .


    At Least 9 People Shot, 1 Killed in Shooting at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood Airport, Suspect in Custody

    • Mort 03:43 on January 7, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      It’s gotten worse, with five dead, and we have just heard the local sheriff tell us the shooter is in custody.
      But they haven’t said if it’s terrorism or not.
      It will be determined sooner or later why these innocent people were killed but your reminder of Obama’s behaviour is timely. Only this week he’s been releasing more Gitmos to go back to doing what they do best.


    • Jojo 09:42 on January 7, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      I have been watching this news develop for hours and we are hearing the shooter told the FBI he had voices in his head telling him to join ISIS.
      That was two months ago.
      Now it’s all another ‘mental health’ issue.


  • ross1948 15:23 on September 6, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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    Besim ‘Unfathomable?’ Get Real, Your Honour! 

    In what possible way can Mr. Justice Croucher justify his assertion in court this week that it’s somehow ‘unfathomable’ that an alien cur like Sevdet Besim, an 18-year-old boy, planned to kill a law enforcement officer, to crash into him with a car and then behead him with a knife..”




    Is it Besim’s age?

    Shouldn’t be.

    After all, Europe has been over-run by savages as young as, and younger than, eighteen – the sort of undesirables who terrorise women in Stockholm Station….Swedish police warn Stockholm’s main train station is overrun … those poor little unaccompanied minors…Poor Wee ‘Unaccompanied Savages,’ Again! 


    …or that ‘Lone Wolf’ Man on the Bavaria train….Mein Gott!! Afghan Axe-Man? ‘Unaccompanied Minor!’    …all those ‘boys’ whom we’re forever being told we should feel sorry for.

    And one of Besim’s soul-mates turns out to be none other than that piece of pig-sh-t we covered last year, 14 years old…

    evil children

    So Now Life Only Means FIVE BLOODY YEARS!?! 

    ….and already rotten to the core – and the UK authorities are still hiding that swine’s identity, presumably so that, when they all too soon turn it loose, some good guy doesn’t track it down? 


    But back to the judge’s inability to ‘fathom’ Besim’s evil.

    Is it that the malignant beast was “corrupted by lunatic clerics?” 

    Shouldn’t be in the least surprised!

    Who in Oz is not aware of many clerics’ dedication to ‘corrupting’ and/or inciting and/or indoctrinating whomsoever – Australians read all the time about jihadist treason –Hizbut Tahrir Non-Violent? Implement The Promised Ban– and most are perplexed why their government fails to expel the Anti-ANZAC Cancer in Australia!  

     and …


    Australia's Grand Mufti stands with Sydney siege gunman Man Haron ...

    PM with malignant mufti Australia, Deport This Sex-Obsessed Sectarian! 

    …just as many find it revolting that their Prime Minister openly hobnobs with one of the most benighted bigots in the Commonwealth, the foul foreign fanatic who calls himself the Grand Mufti of Australia.

    Incidentally, the pig Besim’s own lawyer identified the particular place where his potential for evil was recognised and energised.

    Besim’s barrister, George Georgiou SC, said his client was a young man who was exposed to a radical form of Islam by charismatic older men at the Al Furqan Islamic Information centre in Springvale.  


    THAT’s a familiar name.

    Furqan Fanatics! Oz Jihadists Shut Down – Now Show ‘Em The Door! 

    Perhaps Aussie readers can advise us if, the den having been closed, all sectarian undesirables who lurked there have been deported, and if not, why not?


    I worry about Judge Croucher, however, handing down a sickly soft sentence, ten years ( out inside seven) when life was an option? 

    Had the swine shown an ounce of contrition, there might be an excuse, but hardly!

    Besim blew kisses to a large group of supporters as he was led from the dock.


    • shoot terrs

    He and all his ‘supporters’ would be better put in front of a firing squad, before any more atrocities are unleashed. 

    • Raven 15:15 on September 7, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      ‘His Supporters?’
      Traitors to Australia!
      These deserve no mercy.
      You are quite right with what you say about a firing squad..


  • ross1948 18:22 on July 15, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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    A Couple of Nice Questions for France To Ponder 

    I’ve had France24 on all day, and just watched the moment when the police shot and killed the jihadist pig.

    One less evil demon in the world, but how sad it took so many innocents along with it. 


    • pighunt
    • ————————-
    • Now I have to go out for a while, but a couple of questions.

    It is reported that the pig was born in Tunisia. It is also reported that it was known to the police, not for jihadism but for non-political crimes against persons and/or property.

    Why was the pig still in France?

    Why had it not been corralled and deported, Undesirable aliens, non-citizens who break the host-country’s laws, should surely be deported?


    • Hollande


    And a question to President Hollande, who agreed to take in 30,000 so-called ‘refugees’ to curry favour with Mama Stasi Merkel.


    merkel danger


    Will he now listen to his own people rather than the arrogants in Berlin and Brussels and put a STOP to this insane admissions policy?



    • Pamela 19:32 on July 15, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      You’re on form today, Ross, and great to read how you’ve stuck to the news from France from morning till your local time-zone night.
      I have been trying to keep up too and hear now that the jihadist was back in Tunisia as recently as four years ago, so yes, why was he permitted to return to France if he was a known criminal?


  • ross1948 22:10 on November 25, 2015 Permalink | Reply
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    Remove the Mufti, Not The Badge! 

    The excuse of ‘being offended’ is wearing thin – continued ‘hurt-feelings’ whining stokes ‘Islamophobia’ much more than jihadist terrorism.

    Terror-attacks are committed by a few, whereas the tantrum-cr%p is ostensibly community based. 


    sorry Enough appeasement?


    So it is offensive to a minority – how small a minority?

    I’m damned sure there are plenty of decent Muslims who don’t appreciate the way fanatics antagonise their fellow-citizens. From whom, exactly, did the Defence Ministry take the advice that led them to disown that beautiful badge, which seems not to ‘offend’ patriotic Australians. 

    It turns out Turnbull’s kick in the teeth for patriots follows the appointment of an imam to the Religious Advisory Committee to the Services in June, an appointment endorsed by…

    Wait for it! The Grand Mufti of Australia! And he’s not Australian at all, but Egyptian. He should have no say in approving or disapproving anything to do with Australia. 

    The latest nonsense crawlery from Oz is a perfect example of grovelling obeisance to people who knew, or should have known, for sure, when they chose to live in Australia, that the Commonwealth had and still has a fine martial tradition.


    Anyone can join up and serve, regardless of creed or colour. Oz is majority Christian, so the threatened badge recognises that, but Jewish chaplains don’t have to wear it. They, so far as I know, have their own. 

    Why not give Muslim chaplains their own cap badge too, so each faith has their own insignia?


    Bernard Gaynor


    I doubt Tony Abbott would have put up with this PC cr%p.

    It’s hard to disagree with former army major Bernard Gaynor,  Australian Liberty Alliance candidate, when he asserts that the grovel move is a prime example of ‘political correctness destroying our military heritage!”

    And speaking of that very-much-less-than-grand ‘Mufti,’ 


    • ——————
    • The Mangy Mufti should be taken to the nearest airport with his passport and tooth-brush and his pretentious sectarian title and booted out of Australia. 

    Ibrahim Abu Mohammed, while dismissing anti-terror strategies as ineffective, said the focus should be on racism, Islamophobia, duplicitous foreign policies and military intervention.  https://au.news.yahoo.com/nsw/a/30113151/australia-wont-close-borders-bishop/

    Well, he certainly has some personal insights into terrorism. He was standing side-by-side with a Hamas fanatic in Gaza when he declared –

    “I am pleased to stand on the land of jihad to learn from its sons.” 


    Hasil gambar untuk hamas blood jews


    • The old swine also objected when Tony Abbott wanted “advocating terrorism” to be banned by law – on that occasion the MM obligingly gave us a brief glimpse into what goes on among the enemy within.
    • He said that such a reform risked snaring any ‘clerics’ who “advocated the duty of a Muslim to defend his land.”



    caliphate Is this where the Mangy Mufti’s loyalties linger?


    What duty, and what land?


    Decent people have surely heard enough traitorous cr#p from his sort, ratbags whose duty to Queen and Country goes up in smoke if there’s a quarrel with foreign powers populated by those that share their creed. 

    Treason-talk like that fertilises Islamophobia around the world. The cur’s comments on foreign policy and military intervention would not be out of place at a conclave of the hate-gang Hizbut Tahrir. 

    Oh, yeah, Mufti Mangy reckons those caliphofascists are ‘actually in favour of free speech.’


    • hizbutisrael Hizbut, here in Indonesia -‘erase Israel from the world map’
    • —–
    • ———————-
    • Yeah, right.
    • HT worldwide have made it crystal-clear they DETEST democracy.

    Abbot should have deported the lot, including MM..


    Not a chance. I haven’t heard Mealy-Mouth Malcolm (MMM, not to be confused with the above MM!) even use the correct term  – death-cult – for ISIS.

    If he has, please tell me. I’m more than ready to amend my statement.   

    But more and more Australians are learning the nature of the beast. Mangy Mufti-style disloyalty should be an automatic one-way ticket out of Australia  – and every civilised nation.



    And not one single aspect of the national heritage should be discarded to placate people who put sectarian solidarity before their proper allegiance to Australia.  

  • ross1948 15:18 on November 22, 2015 Permalink | Reply
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    Explosion in St. Denis? Obama Abets The Enemy! 


    All honour to the splendid French security forces who shed blood to nail the gang holed up in St. Denis – jihadist pigs shot dead…

    • …several arrested, one female blown up.

    I was going to say something very unpleasant about her, but have just read that till recently she lived a normal healthy life, until infected by the Islamist virus.

    – ‘she loved partying and going to clubs. She drank alcohol and smoked and went around with lots of different guys’ 

      thttp://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3325180.html –

    Sounds like my kinda gal!

    So I will just reflect on how sad, that she chose the path of evil in her final days.

    But overall a fine day’s work for the good guys!

    • congratulationssuperjob
    • Then who pops up like a diabolic jack-in-the-box to redress the balance in favour of the satanic cause but…

    ….yes, it’s gotta be…


    …Washington DC’s very own Prince of Darkness.


    Gitmo-terrorists-released .

    5 Yemeni Guantánamo Inmates Are Sent to United Arab Emirates – The New York Times . The man has no shame!

    I was moved to post on this after watching yet another BBC propaganda plug for the Un-American president, the Beeb apparatchik describing him with a straight face as ‘extraordinarily candid’ and ‘disarming in his honesty.’

    Then the clowns round this nonsense off with a re-iteration of their commitment to objective journalism.

    May God forgive them.


    • Danny Tyler 11:40 on November 23, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      I LOVE the illustrations!


  • ross1948 12:25 on November 19, 2015 Permalink | Reply
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    Had Belgium Acted, Paris Lives Could Have Been Saved! And In the UK? 

    ,“To the brothers who reside in the lands of the infidels… he said, according to CNN, “hit the pigs in their communities so they no longer feel safe even in their dreams.”


    Just watching the news off and on, last night, as today, and what should I see but a Belgian teacher, recounting how one of the filthy pigs, Bilal Hadfi, who hit the headlines last weekend…


    Embedded image permalink  Bilal Hadfi, an evil jihadist pig


    …was vociferous in her class-room, lauding those other swine who murdered the Charlie Hebdo people.

    Here’s a Flemish language interview – http://deredactie.be/cm/vrtnieuws/videozone/programmas/journaal/2.41791?video=1.2498133

    The teacher says she did her duty and reported the brute to the school authorities. 

    And then?

    • evil children
    • The school PRESUMABLY reported him to the police – if not, heads should roll. Figuratively, of course!

    But seemingly, despite loud and unequivocal support for an Islamist murder gang, the juvenile jihadist was not put safely behind bars. That’s reprehensible.

    If the slimy little swine had been in prison, he’d not have been in Paris last week.

    But I’m not going to single out Belgium for blame.

    Brits are fully aware of Cameron’s pathetic grovelling to the European Court, for years, when he should have lost no time in handing over the mangy beast Hamza to our American allies.

    Pig Hamza Convicted, But Snake Cameron Blocked REAL Justice! …

    • ——–
    • … and Anjem Choudary remains unexpelled from the realm. He WAS arrested, but last I heard, the traitor is out and about in London!
    • insanityfair
    • Time every single satanic menace of that sort was locked up, prior to deportation.


    Empty Threats, But Cameron Will Cower From Crim-Loving Court

    But first, we need to tackle the Enemy Within, not just the cringing creeps I have just seen on France24, urging their country not to fight back, but also in institutional terms.

    We have to cut loose that putrescent albatross, the European Court, from around Europe’s neck.

    Oh, and what about some sections of the media, such as the BBC…?

    BBC Editor Compares British Jihadist Anjem Choudary To Gandhi

  • ross1948 18:23 on June 14, 2015 Permalink | Reply
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    Shariah City? Some 12,000 Reasons To Steer Clear of Depok! 

    And carrying on from the last post, more news from Depok, West Java – by the middle of last week, Habib Idrus al Gadri had collected 12,000 of the 106,152 voter ID photocopies he needs to get on the ballot paper. 

    Now read on!




    Depok, a city just beyond the capital’s city limits, is not a place where people who like living in the 21st or even the 20th century would choose to live. Islamist bigotry there is entrenched.

    It’s not just the frothing fanatics of the FPI and their vicious vigilante raids, but was evident in the Communist-style expropriation by the city authorities of a minority house of worship a few years ago…  – https://rossrightangle.wordpress.com/2011/05/25/depok-jadi-kota-pki-islamist-council-grabs-private-property-communist-style/

    ….another sin of intolerance yet to be remedied by the Jokowi Government in Jakarta.

    But the then Mayor, a follower of the jihadist PKS party (often said to be modelled on the Muslim Brotherhood) is approaching the end of his term of office.

    The election is due later this year, in December, but already numerous luminaries have entered the fray.

    Some are better than others, notably Rieke Diah Pitaloka.


    rieketetendalam Rieke


    She is not only a spirited foe of the IslamoNazi element but is admired for her readiness to stick up for the downtrodden. We posted on one excellent example of this a while back. 

    Bravo RiekeHospital Caught in the Act!

    However, although she’s pollng well, she lost her last battle in those parts…

    West Java Votes for Dark Age, But Rieke’s A Ray of Sunshine 

    …and, after all,the current mayor is PKS. So maybe voters there prefer benighted rule to modern pluralism.

    Certainly, if that’s so, they’ll love PKS.


    anisAnis Matta


    osama_bin_satan mass-murdering beast Bin Laden


    That party’s national leader, Anis Matta, infamously wrote an adulatory ode to praise the terrorist mass-murderer Bin Laden after 9/11, a heinous thing to do but for which he’s never been called out by the major media or parties in Indonesia, which is sadly telling.


    However, there is at least one other candidate who can out-jihad anyone else, none other than our frequent ‘star,’ the FPI Gauleiter for Depok, Habib Idrus. Damn sure he’ll not want to shake any voter’s hand if she’s the wrong sex! The white-shirt gangster group’s attitude on women has long been made clear, most famously by their Jakarta  leader, when he said.

    Although some Dark Age dolls may cover their dainty fingers with a cloth, so as to shake without sin!


    == –Idrus, Gauleiter of Depok FPI Depok’s FPI Gauleiter Habib Idrus

    • 000000000000000

    Idrus was once described as looking berserk when he couldn’t break into the Mayor’s office –Islamist Bigot Biter Bit in West Java  – so he may feel that an electoral debut is a much less demanding approach!

    Anyway, here’s a taste of what he wants for Depok. 

    The goal of Depok leadership is very clear…”Firstly, eradicate disobedience, with enforcement of shariah law. That’s most important, because we know immorality is rampant in this city…And also build Depok with a religious vision that can meet the needs of all its citizens.”   


    Nothing much new there that he hasn’t said before, EXCEPT that bit about a religious vision that can meet the needs of all its citizens.

    Really? ALL its citizens?

    Including the innocent Ahmadiyah whose mosque was shamelessly stolen?

    I’d love to believe him, but don’t.

    I believe Habib Idrus is as much a friend to religious liberty as his movement’s Secretary General, Sobri Lubis, who is still available for your inspection here –  ‘Bunuh, bunuh, bunuh,’   – kill, kill, kill!http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U7RLCXNdKF4    –  on video, urging a pig-ignorant rabble to MURDER Ahmadis.  


    Tomorrow, Monday, is the deadline Idrus has to meet with all those endorsements.

    Will he make it?

    Anyway, one of the local media has been running a poll.

    Western readers won’t know many other names, but might find it fun to drop by this link  http://www.hariandepok.com/35698/fpi-depok-minta-satpol-pp-gelar-razia-di-apartemen-dan-tempat-kos which takes you to another Depok story, but on the righthand side of the page, you’ll see a list of calon walikota, mayoral candidates. It’s obviously open to anyone to participate!

  • ross1948 00:23 on May 27, 2015 Permalink | Reply
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    Dirty Little Jihadist Moron in Austria Jailed! Throw Away the Key! 

    Just home, great party, but tuned into EuroNews to hear the voice of the enemy within, and bingo!



    A ‘teenage boy in Austria’ – planning to bomb a Vienna train station in the name of the Islamic State group and sentenced to eight months behind bars. The teenager of Turkish origin… pleasing to note they didn’t call the obnoxious little pig ‘an Austrian teenager!’ – has been sent down for terrorist offences, and his pinko lawyer says his evil crime was due to being ‘socially excluded.’ 


     Sobieski, a role-model for today!


    Pity he wasn’t old enough to get a proper sentence. Death would be appropriate, but pending Austria waking up to reality, life would do.

    Yet Austria’s history ought to have alerted the people there to the menace.

    Although better still, on reflection, this little cur should face deportation, since the mini-jihadist clearly doesn’t consider himself Austrian – or even human!


    Jihadists, after all, are basically sub-human, devoid of conscience or decency – who else would lend support to a gang of rapist-murderers like ISIS?.  The public prosecutor told the court that the defendant expressed “no feelings of guilt..”  

    And devoid of patriotism. His allegiance is plainly to supranational sectarianism.

    Judgng from his lawyer’s pathetic whines, the piglet reckons that because he didn’t have a fun childhood, he was entitled to opt for satanic scheming, laying plans to harm decent people. 

    Bestial brat!

    Lots of kids have it tough. Normal youngsters face up to challenges, make sensible choices. They don’t resort to fiendish plans for murderous mayhem.


    People in Austria, as in every Western nation, must be fed up listening to this kind of hogwash ,the same miserable excuses we heard in France, when the banlieiue swine ran amok.

    What the hell’s the merit in keeping scum like that alive?

    Austria convicts 14-year-old on ‘terror’ charges – Yahoo News

    • Eames 07:25 on May 27, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      Why don’t you say what you really think?

      Seriously, this is good, sums up what almost everyone feels about these ungrateful colonisers.

      They want it handed to them on a plate and are so quick to bite the hand that feeds them their welfare benefits.
      We have them in every Western country now, and those fools in power haven’t the balls to kick them out.
      A revolution is what’s needed.


  • ross1948 16:57 on May 11, 2015 Permalink | Reply
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    Australia’s Demon Doc – Good Lesson, Good Riddance! 

     Tareq Kamleh 
    That evil grinning ghoul, the ‘Australian’ doctor who sloped off to sign up with the ISIS vermin pack is still listed as a registered practitioner, despite vowing to never return to his former homeland.  http://www.skynews.com.au/news/national/2015/05/11/i-s-doctor-s-registration-still-listed.html
    Well, nobody in their right mind these days would approach him for medical assistance anyway- any physician who enlists with a gang of murderous rapists is best avoided by folk concerned about their health.
     Jordanians understand
    So good riddance to one more satanic jihadist.
    But there’s also a useful lesson to note.
    He also denied he was brainwashed into joining IS and said his decision to venture to Syria was “well-educated and calculated.”
    Next time you hear some pig-ignorant pinko telling us that terrorists are just poor, down-trodden people, disadvantaged, discriminated, driven to desperation by injustice, ask them how much a doctor makes per annum.
     BTW, how did Dr. Death get to be ‘well-educated?’ In which universities, funded by which tax-payers?  
    A needy doctor is as rare as an honest lawyer! 
    They may not be millionaires, but they live pretty cushioned lives. 
    This Kamleh helps us tear down the marxist mythology propagated by morons like Obama’s half-wit Harf  – PC hogwash like “we need…to go after the root causes” like “lack of opportunity for jobs!”
    But the reality is that our enemies are not remotely interested in jobs, or justice.
    On the contrary, sex-predators, slavers, slaughterers of innocents, they rejoiceth in iniquity, as the Good Book puts it.
    ISIS is a peerless example of this.
    devil_by_lucasgraciano-d5agjlm ISIS
    What is required is neither job-creation nor de-radicalisation but extermination –
    – of every jihadist swine, by every means necessary.
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