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  • ross1948 18:11 on April 21, 2019 Permalink | Reply
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    Mesinesia Music Festival, Jogjakarta, 25 April 

    Image result for yogyakarta april pameran 2019

  • ross1948 03:01 on December 20, 2018 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: Albertus, , desecration of Christian grave, jogjakarta, Kotagede, security services,   

    Lift Up The Kotagede Stone – See What Crawls Below. 

    Further to the foul deed done in a Jogjakarta cemetery, as reported here already…


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    RIP Albertus – Jogjakarta Christian, Persecuted Even In Death

    …an investigation conducted locally has claimed that a written statement from the widow of Albertus, the Christian man whose grave was desecrated by vile bigots – a statement that she would not make an issue of the incident  – was in fact actually drafted and sent to her by seven people representing village officials, the police and local military command.




    If that’s so, then clearly some action from honourable men holding senior ‘police and military’ rank is urgently required to purge the security forces of any bullying slugs in that vicinity found to have collaborated with the sectarian brutes who committed the vandalism at Albertus’ grave.

    It occurs to me that the ideal honourable man to ensure dishonourable discharge for any such good-for-nothings would be President Jokowi, who has often asserted his belief in religious liberty and pluralist tolerance.




    …though IMHO merely firing any such collaborators identified is surely not enough – far better to put them on public trial for the offence suggested by the investigation team..

    violation against the state ideology of Pancasila and the 1945 Constitution.


    The shocking claim comes from the Catholic ‘commission for peace and justice’ which operates under the auspices of the Archdiocese of Semarang.

    They were told by Albertus’ widow, Winarni, that she was told to sign the statement to shut down the outrage on social media over the incident.


    We have seen desecration of Christian holy places before, as when riotous savages ran amok in another Javanese community.

    ..A Statue of Jesus Among the Rubble in Temanggung






    • Dewi 09:13 on December 20, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      This sounds like bad officials are not serve all groups and must be fired.
      The President and the Sultan must speak strongly and also act strongly.


    • Junita 15:33 on December 20, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      We have to stop the enemies of Pancasila.


    • JazPen 19:03 on December 20, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      You couldnt have put it better, Ross.
      If the b-stards responsible for this are not put on trial and locked up ( for years I hope) then what knd of future has Indonesia got?


  • ross1948 05:49 on December 19, 2018 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: Albertus Slamet Sugihardi, , Christian burial, cross desecration of Christian grave, , jogjakarta   

    RIP Albertus – Jogjakarta Christian, Persecuted Even In Death! 

    Good morning?

    Sorry, not today!


    Villagers of Purbayan in Kotagede, Yogyakarta, have cut off the cross on a Christian’s grave, saying the religious symbol was not welcome in the village.




    The rest of the report, in the Jakarta Post, frankly makes me want to vomit.

    Read it for yourselves.


    • Kezia 06:13 on December 19, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      This is so shaming, not only that one horrible man saying those horrible things but the whole community there that is allowing the horrible man to stay in the village and not putting the cross back to make it right.


    • Santi 07:38 on December 19, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      A sad and terrible story.
      The Sultan of Jogjakarta is famous as a good and tolerant man.
      He should go to this village with forces of good and restore the cross on Albertus grave.


    • Wisnu 14:12 on December 19, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      What kind of man is this that carries hate even against a Christian dead and in the grave.
      Indonesia must fight against this.


    • Rawel 15:12 on December 19, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      I read all the story in our language newspaper and I also feel sick to read it. The horrible man who damaged the cross is like a monster.
      Who made the horrible man a leader in his village?
      He is better made to go away forever.


    • Jim in Jakarta 18:03 on December 19, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      There are times we have no words to express what we feel.
      That f-kwit in that village who somehow got a widow’s “permission” to desecrate her husband’s grave?
      I think I stood on something like him in the park where people were walking their dogs here.
      I scraped it off.
      I wish somebody could scrape him off the planet.


    • Tano 19:26 on December 19, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      I am not Christian and I am not Muslim. I am Indonesian.
      May the poor dead man rest in peace and may the wicked man who is a ‘leader’ in Kotagede go to Hell.


  • ross1948 20:36 on March 8, 2017 Permalink | Reply
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    Study UK Expo, 8th March, Jogjakarta 

    E-poster What's New Jakarta revisi [HIGH-RES] FEMALE

  • ross1948 12:24 on January 18, 2017 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: 'Saya Copet', , , , , , , jogjakarta, pickpocket, ,   

    “I’m A Pick-Pocket!” OK! So Why Not Shame IslamoNazis? 

    Speaking of criminals – I refer to my previous post, in which I abhorred Obama’s ( admittedly unsurprising) empathy with treasonous freaks…

    Breaking – Obama Commutes Traitor Freak’s Sentence 

    …I thought overseas readers might be interested in the sort of scene which met my gaze a few days ago when I transitted Harmoni Central Halte Busway, the main bus junction in Jakarta.


    Hasil gambar untuk saya copet harmoni“I am a pick-pocket!’ (no camera on me, so that is a previous example – seems it happens a lot, tho I’d not witnessed it before!)


    I emerged from a Route 8 bus and was walking up to catch another, heading south, when I passed what I at first took to be an effigy.

    Not so!

    It moved (very slightly) and I slowed down to stare at the individual with his hands bound behind his back and a sign slung round his neck, declaring to all the world that –


    Seems he had been apprehended, and probably roughly handled – one hopes- for trying to steal from law-abiding users of the bus-way.

    A good idea?

    Probably, though if all the pick-pockets in Jakarta were caught and similarly subjected to public shaming, it would cause congestion at bus-stops!


    • Paris-Pickpockets
    • ——-
    • When I was new to the city, I fell prey to such anti-social swine, and, though now alert to the risks (and thus unscathed for years) I gather it still goes on, a lot.
    • But what I’d like to see is the same treatment meted out to other sorts of criminals as well.
    • ——-
    • The rich corruption convicts, of whom there are way too many, and sectarian hoodlums…



    …don’t get put in places like busways with signs round their necks identifying their outrageous crimes.

    …even when they attack the police!

    There are other undesirables about too, all over Indonesia, not just in Jakarta, like those foul brutes in Cikeusik…



    Cikeusik, Banten Province, February 6th, 2011. Watch the pigs at their bloody work on this link..   http://www.liveleak.com/view.


    Victim of Islamist Murder Mob Gets Six Months in the Slammer 

    … and those cowardly louts in Jogjakarta, whose violence we covered some time ago…

    IslamoNazi Thugs Attack Indonesian Artist in Jogja 

    If such anti-social creatures were put on display in public places, people would probably not just cast a dismissive glance at the scum and walk by.

    Likely, they’d be spat on, kicked, or at least loudly derided.

    And THAT would be a VERY good thing.

    So why does it never seem to happen?

  • ross1948 00:17 on July 7, 2016 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: 16-20 July, jogjakarta,   

    Superfood Expo, 16-20 July, Jogjakarta 

  • ross1948 00:23 on September 20, 2015 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: , Festival Jajanan Kekinian, jogjakarta   

    Festival Jajanan Kekinian, Jogjakarta, 23 – 27 September 


    Festival Jajanan Kekinian - Jogja Expo Center, 23 - 27 Sept 2015

  • ross1948 00:17 on July 17, 2015 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: Bantul Baptist Church, FJI, Front Jihad Indonesia, , , jogjakarta,   

    Java Heat? Jogja Baptists Menaced Due To ‘Climate Change?’ 

    One headline in the Jakarta Post tells us  –

    Global warming to fuel migration, terrorism:    http://www.thejakartapost.com/news/2015/07/14/global-warming-fuel-migration-terrorism-report.html

    Really? Migration, yes, if global warming is all it’s cracked up to be, which is doubtful, given the trickery and deceit resorted to by its champions!




    But terrorism?

    Does the temperature, rather than satanic evil, inspire wicked people to do wicked things?

    Which leads us to ask if there’s been a sudden heatwave in Jogjakarta, given the other JP report this week, from Bantul Baptist Church, where –

    “We want the church to close and its signboard to be taken down,” Yogyakarta FJI commander Abdul Rohman said during a protest in front of the church on Tuesday.


    • devil_by_lucasgraciano-d5agjlm
    • =============================
    • FJI members arrived at the church on Tuesday afternoon, some covering their face with turbans, others wearing blue vests emblazoned with Jamaah Hizbullah.

    Bantul Police officers formed a human chain to prevent FJI members from entering the church complex. The police also seized some iron pipes from the members


    And if you follow that link, you’ll see a photo of these cowardly bigots of the Front Jihad Indonesia, brazen in their sectarian hatred, but craven when it comes to showing their faces.

    Good to note that the Jogja Police did their duty and prevented this jihadist thug gang getting at the little church.

  • ross1948 02:35 on June 4, 2015 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: 5th June, jogjakarta, Soundbooster   

    Soundbooster, 6th June, Jogjakarta 

    SOUNDBOOSTER by Biline Quantum & Se7en Glow entertainment

  • ross1948 06:36 on May 18, 2015 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: 29 – 30 Mei, Gadjah Mada Innovation Expo, jogjakarta   

    Gadjah Mada Innovation Expo, 29 – 30 Mei, Jogjakarta 


    Tempat: Hall Gelanggang Mahasiswa UGM

    Gadjah Mada Innovation Expo (GMIE), 29 - 30 Mei 2015



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