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    Why Does Austria Blame Greeks? ‘Twas Brussels Done it! 

    Austria’s Interior minister, Johanna Mikl-Leitner –“It’s clear that that if we can’t secure the Greek-Turkish border, the Schengen border will move to central Europe.”

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    I don’t get why there’s such a fuss about preserving Schengen.

    Part of the fun of hitching around in the Sixties was getting lots of good passport stamps!


    vermin  Open borders are open not just to nice folks but to jihadist vermin.

    But never mind…

    “We have to name things by name, everyone knows we need to secure borders,” she said, adding that Greece must act as soon as possible to protect the EU’s external borders.

    Under Tsipras marxist rule, there’s little appetite for stemming the tide of undesirable aliens.

    Greece in the past DID do a lot to fight off illegal incursions. Good for Greece – Commandos Corral ‘Asylum’ Invaders! Oz Please Note! 

    But the ‘EU’ was notorious for its ingrate efforts to undermine Greek resistance. Crimmigration Cut! Greece Merits Europe’s Thanks – Instead… 

    Who’d trust Europe’s enemies in Brussels to step in now?

    After all, we all watched as Mama Stasi Merkel and her EurocRat comrades bludgeoned the Greek Government into submission –Brussels colonises Greece  –a long ultimatum requiring Athens to force the Greek people to swallow all kinds of upleasant economic medicine.


    Hasil gambar untuk brussels bullies greeks


    Everyone around that table knew very well that alien hordes were pouring in, but was there ANY MENTION AT ALL in that EUSSR ultimatum of any requirement to safeguard the seaways, OR reinforce the border fencing?.

    Brussels had a golden opportunity then to make Tsipras resume his patriotic predecessors’ anti-crimmigrant action.

    But they didn’t, although, like Miki-Leitner, they knew the resources were there and could have been re-activated.

    “It’s a myth that Greece can’t secure the borders. It has one of the largest navies in Europe.”

    Yes, the Greeks did it before, more than once.



    If they hadn’t, when the 300 stood their ground, there’d be no Europe today!

    But then the  Austrian Minister goes loopy, adding that she is “sure” Europe needs a common border and coastal guard.


    Europe already has Frontex, which has shown itself a paper-tiger, worse, in fact, scooping up thousands of unwanted ‘asylum’ parasites from the sea, only to bring them to Europe!

    Why were they not dumped back on the shores they’d left?


     Because ‘Europe,’ in the form of the unrepentant communist Moghieri, appointed by the Brussels Commissars to be their High Representative, issued her infamous decree that NONE of them should ever be returned!


    • arafat Comrade Mogherini with her comrade, Arafat


    “No refugee or migrant intercepted at sea will be sent back against their will!”  EU’s Mogherini: No Forcible Repatriation for Migrants .  

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    Oesterreich – Sinn Und Unsinn 

    Sad to see two countries which were once combined in a great monarchy now needlessly falling out over the bludger issue.

    ‘Austria, sense and nonsense,’ my headline says.


    That sums up the news from a small but historically distinguished land this week, and the nonsense starts with back-biting in Vienna, where there is resentment that Hungary is bravely resisting the ‘asylum’ tsunami.

    “Hungary’s decision is completely unacceptable for us,” Austrian Interior Minister Johanna Mikl-Leitner said on Austria’s ORF radio station, adding that “we do not rule out border controls as a last resort.”



    That would involve passport checks on the Austrian-Hungarian border – something that ended when the two countries implemented the Schengen agreement on border-free travel nearly a decade ago.

    Schengen has turned out to be a mill-stone around the neck, subverting security for everyone.

    Better, surely, to beef up security on borders – if undesirables get through one, then they may not get through the next. The more controls, the better. Not least in Austria,  to stop the flow of fresh snouts into Austrian tax-payers’ pockets, from the same Balkan areas whence the bludgers are invading Hungary.




    After all… 

    Austria itself stopped processing asylum requests this month, in an effort to pressure other EU states to do more to help absorb waves of refugees.  Austria warns Hungary it may retaliate in row over migrants

    …Austria herself is in near as dire straits as Hungary!

    And while the Federal Government may lack the sense to join Budapest’s defiance of the EUSSR, Austrian provinces are less craven. They’re sensibly standing up to Vienna!

    Austrian provincial governments are refusing to meet quotas for housing asylum seekers, leaving the federal government struggling to limit and deal with the migrant influx. 


    Easy way to solve that problem! 

    Austria had 21,000 asylum requests in the first five months of 2015 alone, this compared to around 17,000 requests in all of 2013 and 28,000 in 2014. .http://www.breitbart.com/london/2015/06/24/defiant-no-more-cowed-hungary-retreats-from-indefinite-suspension-of-eu-asylum-rules/

    All Europe is reeling from the alien onslaught.

    Solidarity is required, against the onslaught and against the EUSSR, whose communist spokesman, Mogherini, has told the intruders they will NEVER be expelled against their will. She and her collaborator kind are the enemy within – why should small civilised countries fall out amongst themselves?

    Austria should applaud Hungary’s stand and, in a spirit of good neighbourliness, start a programme of large-scale deportations, sharing intel, trucks and armed personnel, to load up unwanted foreign wasters and trundle them down the road, to Serbia. And they should guarantee assistance to the Serbs, to see the deportees across Serbia, and into Greece or Bulgaria.

    And then?

    • map-of-greece
    • I reckon Bulgarians and Greeks ( and by that I mean the people, not the politicians) would warmly welcome an extension of this convoy until the illegals who crossed from Turkey are all back there. 

    A tall order? Maybe so.

    But what a grand vision, the nations of Europe joining in a show of unity in defence of their heritage, quite starkly different from the ‘unity’ imposed by the anti-nation elite of the EUSSR.


    Meanwhile, as a footnote, Austria above all ought to be aware of the anti-democratic  impulses that motivate Brussels. Who’s going to forget how the EurocRats viciously turned on Austria when Austrians dared vote for a patriot party, and that party thus earned inclusion in a ruling coalition? 




    Brussels slapped sanctions on a member state!   BBC News | EUROPE | EU threat to Austria


    Yes, the ‘friendly family’ of the EUSSR applied sanctions against little Austria because the supranational establishment didn’t like how the Austrian people practised democracy.

    So why should any Austrian, or any patriot anywhere, respect the ranting of Commissar Juncker or his comrades today?


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