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  • ross1948 17:40 on March 13, 2022 Permalink | Reply
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    Cleese Smeared By Daily Mail Dork! 

    John Cleese was 100% accurate when he ‘rebutted claims that the British Empire was the first to colonise communities from other states..’




    Yet some Daily Mail hack Jacob Thorburn, smears his perfectly irrefutable comments as a ‘rant?’

    And some insolent pinko uppity ‘confiscated’ Cleese’s microphone?

    Everybody in Britain knows the Romans ruled for almost 400 years…

     This Summer, Hit The Wall – Hadrian’s That Is!

    ..and it makes as much sense that Brits get ‘reparations’ from both Italy and France, referring to the historic invasions of the Romans, and 1000 years later by the Normans under William the Conqueror..’



    .. as it does for money-grubbing whiners in the USA to make similar demands in respect of the institution of slavery…


    Hope nobody minds this delightful illustration of the Confederate colours!


    ….which was abolished over a hundred and fifty years ago during the war between the Confederacy and the USA.

    I want reparations from Italy’, he told the stunned crowd. ‘And then the Normans came over in 1066…


    Related image

    John Cleese


    …they were horrible people from France and they colonised us for 30 years and we need reparations there too, I’m afraid..

    Apparently many of the audience ‘gasped‘ – indicating that they were moronic ignoramuses.

    Perhaps if American teachers were doing their jobs instead of pandering to uptights…

    UK/USA School Told ‘Cut SJW Cr-p?’

    .. then the ‘gasping’ gits would have known that Cleese was right.

    But then right and wrong…


    .Black KNIVES Matter? Hideous Hate-Freak Helm Exposed.

    …are alien concepts to pro- BLM bigots.


    • Mo Garrist 20:57 on March 13, 2022 Permalink | Reply

      The idiot who grabbed the mike from Cleese is a disgrace to the United States.

      Not a red cent in ‘reparations, not till the BLM head-cases make reparation for all the property burned and wrecked in the riots.


    • JazPen 22:02 on March 13, 2022 Permalink | Reply

      Cleese was and is one of the greats.
      Those rude Americans will only have made him more popular at home in his own country.


    • Jim Ex Jakarta 22:37 on March 13, 2022 Permalink | Reply

      Damn them, the crowd that gasped, the panel that were too stupid to listen to the truth.
      I hope Cleese knows there are millions of Americans who are on his side.


  • ross1948 10:00 on December 30, 2021 Permalink | Reply
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    Cambridge Jackboot Berk- A Slow Learner? 

    We got some new tv channels recently, replacements for The Walking Dead, etc.


    Useful pic – can be used both for zombies seeking fresh flesh, and for Channel crimmigrants delightedly approaching the fancy free hotel accommodation provided by Priti Patel!

    …not a good trade, alas.

    I miss the zoms!

    But one of the channels has old UK comedies, including Fawlty Towers, which was, and is still hilarious.

    And the star of course was John Cleese, whom I have applauded a few times, a week ago, and a year ago, for his sense.

    He has laudable ability to use our common language (English!) as an educated Englishman should.

    We Opine That Dom Joly Is Ill-Educated…Or An Inverted Snob? 

    Related image

    John Cleese


    Now again I praise the man, who seems to have shamed some shrinking violets at Cambridge, University into removing their jackboots.

    The pathetic little plonkers had declared a black-list, after a guest speaker mocked Hitler’s rhetorical style ( making it very clear it was mockery)



    So Mr. Cleese, whose comedy routine often included mockery of Adolf, promptly showed his contempt for the shallow society’s  jackanapes leadership by cancelling a scheduled appearance .

    But did the society president, whose term ends this month, only purport to back off?

    Here’s what the pip-squeak said.

    Our speakers may say what they wish in our chamber, and absolutely never need to fear that anything they say will put them on a list of any sort…”



    ..he almost simultaneously announced he’d still recommend to his successor that the guy whose impersonation of A. H. got woke-weasel knickers in a twist “ought not be re-invited back.”


    Time the twerp made up his mind on censorship!

    Or grew up!

  • ross1948 10:29 on December 17, 2021 Permalink | Reply
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    Karishma OTW To Top BBC Job? 

    John Cleese seems to be in the news a lot recently….


    Related image


    ….probably because he doesn’t suffer fools gladly and, although he was once prominent in the Liberal Democrat Party, his honesty…

    London is no longer an English city.’

    …and his respect for free speech command widespread admiration.

    We Opine That Dom Joly Is Ill-Educated…Or An Inverted Snob? 

    Also his command of the English language!

    Today I watched the interview.

    We see her most days here, that Karishma, and as a rule, she doesn’t come across as malevolent like Maitlis, or ignorant, like Old Vic Derbyshire,  or nasty, like The Naga….

    Don’t Gag My Black Voice! Stacy Calls Out BBC’s Mannerless Maitlis!

    NewsNight’s Night-Hag, Unpunished Again! 



    …and certainly she isn’t ugly, like Barnett ( but who is?!?!)

    But now we hear from John Cleese that even in their Singapore outpost, the BBC is  infected with the woko-virus.

    Instead, the interviewer, whose name was, I think, Karishma, started by asking me questions about Cancel Culture.

    “I replied courteously and in full.

    I explained that if parents were over protective, it did not prepare children well when they entered the real world.. “

    It was fun to watch JC correct her grammar, but, like a dog obsessed with a bone, she just had to return to her snow-flakey BBC nonsense about how jokes can ‘hurt!’




    She started on about the American comedian Dave Chapelle..

    Transfreak Folks Can’t Take Jokes! 

    …whose witty remarks provoked a tranny tantrum.

    As Cleese said, he had been invited to talk about his comedy tour of Bangkok and Singapore, so this “was not the interview I had agreed to…”

    He then, without fuss, ended it.

    So I am formally complaining to the BBC about the deception, dishonesty and tone of this interview. Karishma had no interest in a discussion with me.


    Karishma Vaswani Net worth, BBC’s Indonesian Editor and Reporter

    “She wanted only the role of prosecutor. The BBC needs to train her… “


    True for her, you think?


    Even more so for that Coven in London!

  • ross1948 22:40 on May 30, 2019 Permalink | Reply
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    We Opine That Dom Joly Is Ill-Educated…Or An Inverted Snob? 

    Not having lived in the UK for 20 plus years, there are probably many ‘prominent’ people there of whom I’ve never heard.

    One such is ‘the British comedian Dom Joly,’ who appears to be either poorly educated –

    – unlikely, because he was a privileged boy who attended expensive ‘independent’ schools’ and got into the University of London –

    – or else he’s one of those inverted snobs who likes to diss any sign of erudition on the part of others. We used to have one who made ignoramus comments here, affecting not to know what ‘mendacity’ meant.

    I eventually blocked his dull-witted comments.

    Intelligent critics still welcome!

    But Doly, whoever he may be, came to my attention with his asinine riposte to John Cleese’s unremarkable observation that ‘London is no longer an English city.’


    Related image


    This self-evident truth attracted criticism, from all sorts of fairly worthless people, notably the Mayor of London, who must have provoked belly-laughs galore by claiming that the capital’s ‘diversity is its strength.’


    Multiculturalism is the watchword of the Mayor of London.


    Related image

    MetroMay 29, 2019
    Following Brexit, Mayor of London Sadiq Khan launched the London Is Open campaign to celebrate the multiculturalism of the city.

    NB   NOT English culture, NOT British culture, but MULTICULT.



    His Honour goes to bizarre lengths to legitimise his ideology in the eyes of British people.

    Get this!

    In fact, much of the terrorism, almost all of it, which has tormented London, and other parts of the UK, has been perpetrated by evil people who can’t stand Britain, who spring from ‘cultures’ that are quintessentially alien, perhaps most particularly in their primitive attitudes towards women.


    Sometimes we read that, while the parents or grandparents of terrorists, or other predators, did their best to adjust to civilised values, it’s their children or grandchildren who have relapsed into barbarism.

    Think Rotherham!


    Drearly Doly not only rails against Cleese’s tweet ‘...it is basically a very racist tweet...’

    No, it’s not.

    Black and brown people can assimilate very easily into English or Scottish culture, IF they wish to. It’s all about culture. And culture includes language, which Doly does seem to have a problem with.

    “Even the language is insane, who uses the word opine?”  https://www.theguardian.com/culture/2019/may/29/john-cleese-criticised-for-saying-london-is-no-longer-an-english-city

    The answer, Dullard, is anyone whose vocabulary is not limited by inadequate knowledge of the English language.

    • Diana 22:53 on May 30, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      Course Cleese is right!
      Nobody that’s been to London recently can deny it.
      That’s my opinion and so I opine it.


    • Val Tunner 10:31 on May 31, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      I lived in the UK till a year ago and I never heard of ‘Dom Joly’ so dont think for a minute you are out of touch.
      We all must have met people like him.
      The office drongo who, if you use a word that indicates you’ve read more than two and a half books in your life-time, burps and says ‘Swallowed a dictionary or wot?’ Then looks around for applause for his wit.
      As for John Cleese, he is correct and that London Mayor confirmed this by saying that London is ‘multicultural.’
      That means it may still have some English bits but those are obviously outnumbered by foreign bits, like the Somali ‘community’ which was on the news last week. They are a tiny percentage of the population but involved in something like 80% of knife crime.


    • Eve Canning 14:01 on May 31, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      I never heard of Joly either but I’m quite happy to keep that way.
      He’s a pompous fart, and no mistake.
      I might disagree with somebody but I don’t give them vocabulary lessons, even more so when their vocabulary is better than mine.


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