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To be fair, Toynbee ( who says of the vermin gang that they could be heroes)  – though any piece of sh-t who talks of ‘Sinn Fein’ and ‘heroes’ in the same breath doesn’t deserve ‘fair’ – is only echoing that uppity queer in Dublin.

She names him in her article –

The taoiseach, Leo Varadkar, ventured to call on the party on Wednesday to take up their six – soon to be seven seats…

In other words, as with so many of his predecessors, notably Albert Reynolds…


Blood-Beast Adams, Eire’s ‘Taoiseach’ Albert Reynolds and the slimy SDLP leader John Hume shake on their anti-self-determnation pact


…the wretch Varadkar wants the current generation of the ‘political wing’ of the IRA murder gang to do his dirty work.

That’s no surprise.

But for ANY British person with a shred of decency to hail the enemies of the United Kingdom as ‘saviours’ and ‘heroes?’

How low can Toynbee sink?

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    D-Day for SDLP! Honour Sinn Fein/IRA Vermin, Or Not? 

    This week, on October 20, in Downpatrick, in the British Province of Ulster, District Councillors will hold a final vote on whether to honour a cowardly convicted IRA terrorist, Raymond McCreesh.

    And not just honour the swine, but name a children’s play-area after the traitor. We’ve covered this previously Ulster Moron Compares IRA Vermin to Nobel Prize-Winners 

    This scandalous scheme, paying tribute to a sectarian scumbag, is akin to spitting on the graves of the Kingsmill Massacre victims.




    But now it’s time for every councillor to make plain where he or she stands.

    Unionists believe that the stance taken by SDLP councillors will be critical in deciding the outcome.


    Hasil gambar untuk raymond mccreesh IRA

    Grinning Ghoul McCreesh


    As you can see the arithmetic isn’t complicated. Party political representation on council is Sinn Fein 14; SDLP 13; DUP 4; UUP 3; Alliance 1; TUV 1; Independent 5.

    In other words, unless the SDLP stands up to those members inextricably allied with the murder-gang, the forces of republican evil will prevail.

    I’m old enough to remember when the SDLP had decent people at the helm, like the gutsy Gerry Fitt.

    But that era faded and a nasty, self-righteous slug, John Hume, emerged, who had no conscience whatsoever about linking up with Blood-Beast Adams.

    Along with the despicable Eire premier Albert Reynolds, they established a united annexationist front, dead set on forcing Ulster under Dublin rule.    



    Blood-Beast Adams with collaborators Reynolds and SDLP’s Hume, all eager to hoist the Eire tricolor over Ulster

    Sometimes we still see occasional signs of the old days, when the SDLP can be clearly differentiated from the murder-gang’s running dogs.

    Where do they truly stand?

    Thursday this week we’ll maybe know for sure.




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    SDLP- Ulster’s SuDeten-Land Party! 





    Pick up your atlas and look up the United Kingdom, please. It’s very clear that it includes four British peoples, Scots, the English, the Welsh and the most proudly British of all, the people of Ulster!

    Few Ulsterfolk will have forgotten, nor will ever forget, the moment when that po-faced, self-righteous hypocrite, John Hume, dropped the mask of ‘moderation’ to make common cause with the IRA murder-gang. He and the eabid republican Reynolds appeared together with IRA/Sinn Fein’s Adams to proclaim their imperialist agenda for all the world to see, and here’s the photo to prove it.
    Now we have irrefutable evidence that Hune’s scumbag SDLP successors are no better than he, ever-ready to do down the British folk whose homeland Ulster is, ever-eager to drive the British Province of Northern Ireland out of the UK and into subjugation by an ever-expansionist Eire.
    editorial image

     Announcing the changes for drivers in England, Scotland and Wales recently, transport secretary Claire Perry said: “British motorists will soon be able to fly the flag with pride.”

    BRITISH motorists, not some, not selected, but ALL British motorists.


    It was revealed in recent days that Northern Ireland will be the only part of the UK not to have the Union Flag on new licences.

    That’s an outrage!  Vicious discrimination against Ulster. Perpetrated by?

    …the Department of the Environment (DOE) and SDLP both revealed it was their Minister who took a decision not to follow Great Britain’s lead.



    A DOE spokesman said Department for Transport (DfT) Ministers wrote to the Environment Minister Alex Attwood in 2012 to inform him of the changes.

    “Driver licensing is a devolved matter in Northern Ireland and is the responsibility of the Minister of the Environment,” he said. “The DfT letter recognised the particular sensitivities surrounding symbols here…it was decided not to proceed with any change to the Northern Ireland driver licence.”

    One of his SDLP anti-British henchmen told the media that the Minister has rightly chosen to avoid politicising the issue by retaining the current design.”

    POLITICISNG? The flag is only a political issue for the Sudeten minority. By that, I equate the traitor element with the Sudeten Germans in Czecholslovakia in the inter-war years. They were indeed entitled to self-determination and a re-partition was arguably fair. But instead they cheerfully allowed themselves to be used as a tool for the destruction of Czech sovereignty.

    Alex Attwood

    Alex Attwood


    As Maggie noticed years ago, re-partition – re-drawing the Border between Ulster and Eire –  made a lot of sense. But Dublin and its Fifth Column in Ulster would have no part of it. They were ravening for annexation, of every British subject in the entire six counties of Ulster. 

    UUP MLA Tom Elliott hit back that the Belfast Agreement, which he said the SDLP holds as “a bastion of their armoury”, is implicit that Northern Ireland remains part of the United Kingdom until the majority decide otherwise.

    “The SDLP criticise others for not holding to the principles of that agreement, but here they are deciding against both the ethos and the letter of the Belfast Agreement

    Likewise, DUP MP Jeffrey Donaldson said that the SDLP claim to be “the guardians of the Belfast Agreement” but at the same time, continue to use the unconstitutional term ‘the North of Ireland’ in order to “whitewash” Northern Ireland’s British identity.


     Mural, Shankill Parade, off Shankill Road.



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      Good for you. So many insults, heaped coals of fire on our heads, but we wont be beaten. Attwood is a traitor.


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