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    Mike Pence And His Nelson’s Eye – Never Saw Islamists’ Victims! 

    I didn’t get a chance to meet up with Mike Pence today, but I just read what he has been saying.

    “Indonesia’s tradition of moderate Islam frankly is an inspiration to the world and we commend you and your people. In your nation as in mine, religion unifies, it doesn’t divide.” http://www.independent.ie/world-news/mike-pence-praises-indonesias-tolerant-values-on-visit-to-jakarta-mosque-35638468.html

    Gambar terkait


    I wish he had had his talks with President Jokowi not today but last Sunday.

    If he’d been having lunch in the State Palace in Jakarta then, he might have looked out the window and seen the people I was standing beside.

    Oppressed Christians In The Street Heat, In Pluralist Indonesia 

    Then he might have made somewhat different comments than those reported in today’s media.

    From all accounts, the US Vice-President is a serious Christian and he could have asked his distinguished why those fellow-Christians had to hold their Easter Sunday Service on the street.


    Persecuted Protestants with Jokowi’s Palace in the background


    President Jokowi, being an honest man, would have had to reply that they are prevented from using their own church by vile Islamist bigots.

    X-Rated Xmas – Foul-Mouths Bully Christians, As ‘Moderate’Mayor Denies They Exist!’ 

    He might even have told his guest that Indonesia’s Supreme Court found in favour of the persecuted Christians, but that Indonesia’s Government has failed to enforce the ruling.

    All very sad, that VP Pence missed the chance to talk with some of the many victims of savage sectarian intolerance.

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    Oppressed Christians In The Street Heat, In Pluralist Indonesia 

    Just got home, late afternoon, and it’s still hot outdoors.

    Every year, every other week, these brave, persecuted Christians have been worshipping on Jakarta’s street, forced to do so because the Government of Indonesia will not enforce a ruling from their own Supreme Court.


    Two weeks ago, the pre-Easter Service, across the street from President Jokowi’s Palace


    The endless torment of these innocent people is an affront to anyone with a sense of justice. But the engrained Islamist intolerance among many here, not most but many, has to be seen and heard to be believed.

    Take the ‘moderate’ Mayor of Bogor, where the GKI Yasmin congregation’s sealed church is located.


    His predecessor was a frothing fanatic, and when Bima Arya was elected a couple of years ago, a lot of us seriously thought this might herald a new era of religious liberty.

    Instead, we had to publish the reality, under this headline.

    X-Rated Xmas – Foul-Mouths Bully Christians, As ‘Moderate’Mayor Denies They Exist!’ 

    So today, Easter Sunday, off I went to show solidarity on the roadside opposite President Jokowi’s Palace.


    Persecuted Protestants begin worship.

    I took these two photos (above and below) myself today- sorry if they’re not high quality.


    The sign records the sadfact that this is the 142nd time they’ve been here on the street, instead of their own church, which was sealed by vicious sectarian bigots


    It’s been the practice of these oppressed Christians to reserve one of their little plastic seats for Jokowi, in case he cares enough to join them.

    But, presumably to underline his oft-proclaimed commitment to plurlism and religious liberty, he’s never crossed the street to join them…


    Rizieq, far left, Jokowi with microphone

    So Has Indonesia Come To This? Paradise Lost? 

    …an interesting contrast with his readiness to appear on the same platform with the blood-thirsty Islamist Habib Rizieq not long ago.



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    Ain’t Just Ahok – More Indonesian Dissenters Behind Bars! 

    While the strange spectacle of a 21st Century ‘blasphemy trial’ rumbles on in Jakarta, with the city’s Christian Governor Ahok facing a possible five year sentence for a humorous quip about a Koranic verse – yes, seriously!..


    Governor Ahok

    “We encourage the government to process the death penalty for Ahok as soon as possible,” said Rizieq

    Good Muslims Speak Up For Threatened Christian Governor 


    …there’s more bleak news for those of us who love Indonesia.

    In another Jakarta court, three men arrested for their involvement in the Gafatar movement, whose activities we have covered over recent years, most recently when we wrote the following…

    GAFATAR_GERAKAN_FAJAR_NUSANTARA_33‘Movement of the Indonesian Dawn’

    We posted on them last year, when some other cops collaborated with a mob of FPI thugs in another Indonesian province. https://rossrightangle.wordpress.com/2012/10/23/islamonazis-arrest-alleged-defamers-cops-collaborate/

    Gafatar is abundantly law-abiding and has made every effort to comply with local laws.

    “They have sought a permit to be able to conduct their group activities but I have not given it to them,” Johannis said.

    Why not?

    Johannis said their initial surveillance showed that the group was aimed at unifying differences in the country while mixing up several religious teachings.

    Oh, well, we can’t have that sort of nonsense, can we?

    Cops – “Islamist ‘Scholars’ Can Veto Religious Liberty” 


    …have been sent to prison because – wait for it  – they had “contradicted and offended Islamic values held by most Indonesian citizens.”   http://www.thejakartapost.com/news/2017/03/07/gafatar-leaders-sentenced-to-years-in-prison-for-blasphemy.html

    One is tempted to say, so what?

    Indonesia’s current head of state, President Jokowi, often tells us how his country, ‘the largest Muslim democracy in the world,’ is ‘pluralist and tolerant.’

    “Our constitutional system honors and guarantees diversity and pluralism and it is our task to preserve these..”

    Pluralism Guaranteed by Constitution, says Jokowi


    Many people had hoped that his campaign slogan ‘A Mind-Set Revolution,’ would herald a break from the oppressive attitudes that prevailed under his predecessor President SBY…


    …who had actually suggested that Indonesia’s ‘blasphemy law’ be replicated WORLDWIDE!


    Among other considerations, the court noted that prayers were not obligatory in the belief of the Gafatar movement, while the religion’s holy book said prayers were obligatory.


    No dissent from Islamic dogma allowed?

    And the court’s other excuse for jailing these harmless men?

    The judges also pointed to local rejection of the Gafatar movement’s activities in a settlement they had established in Mempawah, Central Kalimantan, as evidence that their belief was disturbing to other people.  http://www.thejakartapost.com/news/2017/03/07/gafatar-leaders-sentenced-to-years-in-prison-for-blasphemy.html

    So what, again?

    If some people get ‘disturbed’ because they hear opinions different from their own, those ‘disturbed’ would be well advised to grow up – sit down with Gafatar to debate these issues, or better still –


    But minding one’s own business, in matters of religious liberty, is a concept foreign to the outfit which needs to be recognised as the driving force behind the slither into a Dark Age.


    Yup, you guessed it. Not a government department at all!

    The power to veto religious liberty lies, in this ‘tolerant pluralist’ land, with the Islamist self-styled ‘scholars’ of the MUI, the Indonesian Council of Ulemas!.

    “If the East Nusa Tenggara MUI does not recognize this group, this Gafatar group, then the government will ask law enforcers to disband the organization and take their leaders to justice,” he said.


    Yes, the same MUI whence these enlightened words emanated.


    • ma'arruf amin

    • Ma’aruf
    • ——-

    It was MUI’s Deputy Chair, Ma’aruf, who kindly advised everyone that FGM is a ‘human right!’  


    And here’s another of their ‘scholars’ talking. 


    Syamsul Maarif,  General Secretary of the Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI) Jakarta

    “If the act of adultery is by a married person, then stoning is the sentence, while if unmarried, then it’s whipping,” he said.

    • …...

    God Save Indonesia from Islamist intolerance!

    • Wanita Jogja 4:58 pm on March 8, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      Gafatar should be punished if they are doing something bad but there is no evidence for that.
      This sentence to prison for disagreeing with MUI is so unjust.
      Indonesia is going the wrong way faster and faster.
      I am glad you love our country more than the Islamists extremists do. They only want to change us into Arabs.
      Terima kasih banyak

    • JazPen 9:25 am on March 10, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      All good points, from Wanita Jogja and from you too Ross. Nothing in the press reports to justify why these men are in jail except that they disagree with one religions doctrines.
      Its a blot on Indonesia’s already blotted record and wont reassure people already worrying about whats happening to the country.

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    Another Triumph For Islamist Bigotry In Indonesia! 

    Sad to see another triumph of intolerance in Indonesia, with Islamists gloating over the suppression of religious liberty in Depok.

    As we predicted yesterday – West Java – Depok’s Damnable Dreary Bigotry, Again!  – a mob of bigots descended on the Ahmadiyah mosque,as the peaceful minority was about to carry out their Friday prayers at the mosque, on Friday (24/2) afternoon.

    Bit of a waste of time, because  the equally bigoted City Government of Depok had already sealed the innocent dissenters’ house of worship.



    “There have been no reports of resistance at Ahmadiyah mosques when we sealed the place again,” he told local media on site. ‘However,’ he added, “if the seal was to be removed, there would be strict sanctions.”-Local cop, quoted in http://timesofahmad.blogspot.com.au/2017/02/indonesia-ahmadiyya-mosque-in-sawangan.html


    Depok’s record of intolerance is quite spectacular – if you want a laugh, read this one from a few years back.–Islamist Bigot Biter Bit in West Java  

     Among the sectarian mob this weekend was Abdullah Shafi, local Muhammadiyah notable.

    Massa Ormas Protes Masjid Ahmadiyah di Depok



    • muhammadiyah
    • ===========
    • That pretty well finishes off any pretensions by Muhammadiyah to be a voice for ‘moderate’ Muslims. 
    • Shafi evidently felt no shame at all in keeping company with the notorious IslamoNazi FPI…


    Image result for fitria sumarni depok

    IslamoNazi white-shirts at Depok


    ….and the notorious FBR.

    There’s a few past posts about the FBR, which you can find via our ‘search’ box, just across to your right, but to facilitate your inspection of their bona fides…




    Right On, Ratna! Activist’s All-Out Attack on IslamoNazis 

    …try that one!


    Seems there were leaflets circulating among the rabble that essentially rejected the existence of Ahmadiyah and described it as a cult.

    Just to emphasise how infantile and vindictive they could be, the mob also asked Depok City Government to cut off electricity to the Ahmadiyya and urgently remove the contents from the Secretariat of the Ahmadiyah.




    • Since nobody in the Presidential Palace seems to have recalled President Jokowi’s previous call for minorities, in Depok or anywhere in Indonesia to be left unharassed – . Jokowi Urges Cops To Protect Minorities – in Depok – I’ll quote at length what the Ahmadis have said in response.
    • “Masjid Al-Hidayah has been established since 1999, is open to the public and already has a building permit (IMB) as a place of worship and our home since 2007.” 
    • Mubarak claimed that Ahmadiyah has been actively involved in social activities…staying in touch with leaders and scholars in Sawangan and has never violated any law.
    • “Forced Closure of mosques by the municipal government that bases itself on SKB 3 minister and derivatives to Perwali Depok on Ahmadiyah is not based on the correct rules..”
    • For new readers, that SKB# is the infamous and grotesquely discriminatory Tri-Ministerial Decree – .  http://www.hrw.org/news/2010/11/04/indonesia-uphold-religious-freedom 
    • – an intolerant sectarian diktat issued under former President SBY…
    • ==========
    • SBY…yes, he’s the man who wants a worldwide ‘blasphemy law!’
    • SBY to ask the world to ban blasphemy | The Jakarta Post
    • ——
    • “We deplore the attitude of Depok City Government, as discriminatory and does not carry out its duty to protect its citizens to practice their religion…the right to association and assembly are guaranteed by the state through the constitution…”
    • Ahamdiyah also asked for assertiveness from the President, through the Minister of Internal Affairs, to ensure the Depok City Government does not preclude the right to worship and assemble…
    • Ahmadis also ask police officers to ensure security and the activities of worship that group.
    • JazPen 9:51 am on February 26, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      Its bad when there are so many really ‘moderate’ (sane) Muslims here in Indonesia but so few organisations that represent them.
      Muhammadiyah dont qualify and after that Gandaria City squall a few years ago, NU doesn’t have much credibility either.
      I think we have seen the best days of Indonesia unless Jokowi starts acting instead of just talking about pluralism..

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    Indonesia’s Oppressed Won’t Get The Xmas They Deserve! 

     Will President Jokowi restore religious liberty as a Christmas present to his persecuted Protestant fellow-citizens?

    I had been planning to write something on this but a local media report reminded me to stop idling during this public holiday (The Prophet Mohammed’s Birthday!) and get on with it!


    jokowi-twitter Jokowi

    jusuf-kalla4 Kalla


    Human rights activist Todung Mulya Lubis said he was seriously disappointed with the the human rights agenda in two years of Joko Widodo/Jusuf Kalla leadership.

    During these two years, the government has not managed to resolve any cases of past human rights.

    “We were somewhat disappointed by the non-realization of the human rights agenda,” said Todung





    Todung was one of the compilers of the Jokowi-JK legal agenda when the two ran for office in the 2014 presidential election.

    At that time, human rights activists had high hopes for Jokowi to resolve cases of past human rights violations.



    Can’t quarrel with the man!

    Despite clear-cut rulings, as far up the line as the Supreme Court, the President has failed to enforce those court decrees.

    So the Christian congregants of Bogor’s GKI Yasmin and Bekasi’s HKBP Filadelfia continue to worship, in rain or baking heat, across the road from his palace in downtown Jakarta.

    • ———————————-
    • SAM_8896

    Praying, the persecuted people face the palace of the man who won’t enforce his own high court’s order


    • Every second Sunday, they show up to sing and preach and pray on the street there, a standing condemnation of the government’s lack of commitment to the pluralism Jokowi likes to boast about.
    • The media don’t any longer report it much. Every so often some reporter takes notice, like this, a few months ago.


    Bona Sigalingging 2

    …until now, our two churches are outlawed in Bogor and Bekasi,  still sealed illegally by two local governments and no remedy from the central government,” said Bona Sigalingging, a spokesman for GKI Yasmin, in front of Merdeka palace in Jakarta…

    http://www.tabloidpodium.com/berita-77-hari-jelang-natal-2016-gki-yasmin-dan-hkbp-filadelfia-masih-disegel-.html .

    I must calculate when their next service is due and try to attend it. Whatever, I’ll do my best to drop by on Christmas Day.

    It will, I gather, be the 120th time they’ve had to worship this way.

    Hard to believe any country could do this to their own people, but if you recall the vile savagery…

    Christ’s Ascension Day – Islamist Savages Pelt Congregation With Sewage, Urine and Rocks 

    devil destroyed

    …and rancid hypocrisy in the neighbourhoods concerned…

    X-Rated Xmas – Foul-Mouths Bully Christians, As ‘ModerateMayor Denies They Exist!’ 

    ….it is sadly not surprising. 



    • Santi 1:13 pm on December 13, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      It is so wrong they cannot worship in their church but must stand or sit in the street like beggar.The president better to tell police to open the church and protect the Christian people.

    • Astuti 3:13 pm on December 13, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      Very bad what is done to Christians and Ahmadi people here and I will go to join with them on Christmas Daty eventhough i am not same religion.

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    Solidarity With REAL Refugees – Some Musings From Jakarta! 

    TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – President Joko Widodo reaffirmed on Saturday that Indonesia`s constitution honors and guarantees the values of diversity and pluralism.



    “Our constitutional system honors and guarantees diversity and pluralism and it is our task to preserve these,” he said before thousands of people at a prayer event.  http://en.tempo.co/read/news/2016/11/12/055819793/Pluralism-Guaranteed-by-Constitution-says-Jokowi


    The Ahmadi religious minority here are blameless, but have long been subjected to violent assault, arson and even murder, three of them martyred by evil sectarians, in Cikeusik five years ago.


    \ahmadiyah2 Ahmadiyah-Dianiaya-di-Cikeusik

    Scenes from Cikeusik

    Victim of Islamist Murder Mob Gets Six Months in the Slammer 

    Only last month an Ahmadi leader, Mirajuddin Sahid, has reminded us, speaking in Jogjakarta, that “up to the present time the government has not been serious about protecting Ahmadis.”

    The Jakarta Post quotes him as saying that the ‘worst’ example of religious persecution was the fate of the 119 Ahmadi families in West Nusa Tenggara who years ago had been evicted from their homes.  


    These completely inoffensive Ahmadis have been treated abominably.

    Unlike many so-called ‘refugees’ in Europe, these people are genuine. And what’s most shocking of all is that they are ‘refugees’ IN THEIR OWN COUNTRY! 

    Readers who have followed the story will recall they were driven out of their island home after ferocious attacks by Islamist brutes….


    ahmadis transito 
    Savages – or, as UK’s Amber Rudd might say – ‘unaccompanied minors’  – in Lombok destroy Ahmadi homes -100 cops just watched


    …mob rule unhindered by about one hundred police who could easily have subdued the rabble but declined to do so.

    The victims ended up in a shelter in Mataram, the Wisma Transito building –


    In Squalid Internal Exile, Lombok Ahmadis Denied Voting Rights 


    And they’re still there!

    Take a look at those children in the photo – and please note, unlike the strapping men of military age being sneaked into Britain by Rudd’s rogue Home Office flunkeys, those kids in Mataram ARE, (or at least were, when the pic was taken) ACTUALLY kids – the picture was taken at least five years ago. They WILL be adults soon, a lot of them – some of them must be already!

    Their parents were denied basic rights, even, as in our previous post, above, the right to vote. Have those young folks fared any better since that poignant picture was taken?

    What a way to treat people, adults or children, simply because of how they worship God Almighty.

    Brits please note, the evil that pursues them now reaches all the way to the UK!


    The Ahmadi leader, Mirajuddin Sahid, rightly condemns this situation.

    “They have been staying there for the last 10 years and the government still does nothing about it!”

    Where are the hundred thousand marchers protesting in Jakarta’s streets about this outrageous situation? 

    Those Islamist fanatics aimed to bend the Indonesian justice system to their will, and today Jakarta’s Christian Governor has been named a suspect for ‘blasphemy’ by the police.

    We haven’t forgotten how the ‘blasphemy’ law has been used by Islamist bigots elsewhere in Indonesia to persecute dissenters. Think of Tajul Muluk, the harmless Shia cleric, convicted for practising his own faith in East Java.


    tajulTajul, one of Indonesia’s prisoners of conscience https://rossrightangle.wordpress.com/2012/04/21/indonesia-shariah-fanatics-howl-for-blood/

    Which century is Indonesia living in, the 21st…




    …or the 12th?

    • What is the Indonesian justice system doing for the Ahmadi refugees?


    Ahmadiyah burned Koran in Cisalada

    Ahmadi Koran burned by Islamists in Cisalada, 2011


    • Oh, and I see Fadli Zon was quick to describe the police decision to name Ahok a ‘blasphemy’ suspect as a ‘relief.’

    To whom?

    Hasil gambar untuk fadli zon trump candidate

    Fadli Zon, with a friend he found in the USA


    We covered Fadli’s declaration of ‘open house’ at the Indonesian Parliament buildings a week or so ago. The Deputy Speaker was eager to offer accommodation to Islamist extremists who’d come into Jakarta for the fanatic demo which ended in shocking violence that awful Friday night.

    Will Fadli Open ‘The People’s House” To Jakarta’s Homeless? 

    We asked if he would be equally hospitable to people who genuinely need somewhere to sleep, like Jakarta’s homeless.

    I didn’t expect a response, nor did I get one.

    But now I am reminded of an even more pressing case that ought to stir Fadli’s charitable instincts, namely, those Ahmadi refugees.

    Fadli Zon justified his offer to let intolerant extremists sleep over in the House of Representatives by saying it’s the ‘house of the people.’

    The Ahmadi refugees in Transito are just as much the people as those jihadists. They are undoubtedly better citizens, who believe in the pluralism of which President Jokowi has been boasting. 

    Will Fadli summon them  to Jakarta, to find more comfortable lodgings than the miserable shelter they’ve endured for years and years?

    PS Don’t hold yer breath!

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    Jittery Jakarta – Jokowi Urges ‘Carry On As Normal!’ 


    It’s Friday, 4th November, the day Jakarta sees a very short ‘Long March’ –  – aimed at maximising pressure for the prosecution of the capital’s Governor Ahok.


    • ahok Governor Ahok
    • —-

    It may be incomprehensible to you overseas readers, but all the Governor did was make reference to a Koranic verse in a way that Islamist extremists don’t like.

    Islamist Ordeal For Jakarta Commuters, Police Investigation For Governor! 

    Western folks concerned about their civil and religious liberties may draw their own conclusions about what kind of migrant-vetting is required to keep this kind of stuff out of their previously free countries.


    fanatic censorship demo in a Western city


    Or is it already too late?


    Watching the news this morning, I’d say the fanatics will muster a lot of ‘marchers,’ and cause a lot of disruption – at least!

    It’s totally needless, of course, since the police are already investigating Ahok’s ‘offence.’


    • jokowi-twitter Jokowi
    • ======================
    • Yet such is the situation, and President Jokowi has felt it necessary to exhort the people of Jakarta to go about their legitimate activities.

    A lot won’t.

    As I said yesterday, many people will stay off work. They are fully aware of what the FPI, the self-styled ‘Islam Defenders Front,’ the key player in this exercise in street theatre, says and does…


    • Sejumlah massa dari Front Pembela Islam (FPI) melakukan aksi di depan Gedung Mahkaman Konstitusi (MK), Jakarta, Rabu (27/1).


    fpi kill busddhist


    • …and they prefer to avoid risking proximity to any such behaviour.
    • At this point, it’s only fair to point out that Indonesia’s two largest Muslim organisations have urged their members to skip this manifestation.
    • With no work to go to myself, I’m going to monitor the various tv channels, to try to keep you up-to-date on developments.


    • ibicomputer
    • ———-
    • Meanwhile, however, it’s nearly 8.30am and there’s a cat needs to be fed, and then a walk to be taken in search of the tukang gado2, for my own breakfast!

    Alas, no visitors today – getting across a demo-stricken town has been deemed too arduous a price to pay for my charming company! 

    09.11 – Metro TV has a reporter at the istiqlal Mosque, where lots of white-clad people are milling about. One oafish individual stood behind him jabbing one extended finger upwards at the camera.

    Hasil gambar untuk rude finger gesture


    Might this rude gesture have been offered in the knowledge that I had just sat down to watch?

    Meanwhile, it’s being said that traffic is flowing smoothly downtown. This suggests it is by no means a normal day in Jakarta!

    • 10am

    TVRI, the local state tv, equivalent to BBC, but maybe not as biased, has text news that the Rectors’ Forum has told students NOT to carry college banners at the demo. I’d have thought it better if they disciplined students who cut classes to join a sectarian parade.

    Which reminds me,all these thousands I can see gathering at Istiqlal – do they not have jobs to do, families to support?


    No gado2 today. I went to Superindo and shopped for rendang beef, etc, then returned via my fave warteg for a lunch of tempe, tahu, pare and rice.



    The nice lady who runs it has brought in a new load of teens from Tegal and although they seemed giggly-shy at first, now they are chatty.  Maybe next month (between my party days) I’ll start another free English class during their quiet arvo hours.

    Anyway, back home, Trans 7 TV news is showing some women who intend to drag their tiny tots along on the Short ( sorry, Long) March – what can they be thinking? The tiny wee children have no idea what it’s about, they’ll be weary, and if trouble does break out, what then?


    On Berita Satu news, they had an incredibly cute girl reporter with frizzy hair talking about the economic implications. At least Indonesians understand that the wider world is aware of the damage intolerant Islamists like those gathering at Istiqlal can do, not just to harmony in a multi-creed country, but to the confidence of prospective investors.

    1.15pm and from the Bank Indonesia roundabout, endless hollering of ‘Allahu Akbar’ – we had a close-up of some benighted bint holding up a placard headed ‘Moms for Justice’ with the message ‘Big No to Blasphemy.’

    A big grin on her face, so maybe she’s seen the sad joke in the words of her placard,  the absolute indifference of most of those organising this event to justice, their hatred of religious liberty…

    FPI in West Java – ‘Let’s Burn Out the Orphans!’ 

    Head-Scarfed Harpies Hurl Dung and Urine at Christians

    …exemplified by their persecution of the Ahmadis, and their resistance to court orders which acknowledged the rights of Christians to use their perfectly legal churches in Bogor and Bekasi and elsewhere.


    Almost inevitably, I fell asleep once the speeches began. All that yummy warteg nosh and the droning and blatting of the ‘orators’ was too much from me.

    But an interesting detour; the wannabe caliphate in Ankara has apparently extended its sticky-beak antics to Indonesia.


    Viral di Medsos, Kedubes Turki Bantah Dukung Demo 4 November

    A senior member of Erdogan’s junta has been photographed fraternising with the fanatics

    …an official at the Embassy of Turkey posed with the November 4  demo mob at the Istiqlal Mosque.

    The ‘official’ was no less than Erdogan’s Deputy Defence Minister, in town for the ‘INDODEFENCE Fair!’

    Anyone’s free to go and look at the big mosque, but openly hanging out with people obviously involved in extremist activities? No foreign government emissary, surely, would be dim-witted enough to do something like that?

    It’s a big no-no for anybody in the diplomatic world to do so, or put oneself in the position of seeming to do so. His bosses in Ankara have quickly denied any aim to interfere, but given the ideology that permeates every aspect of the current Turkish regime…?

    Well, I leave it to you to decide whether or not, as they now claim, “the Republic of Turkey has not the slightest intention of intrusion in Indonesia’s domestic affairs.’http://news.detik.com/berita/d-3337161/viral-di-medsos-kedubes-turki-bantah-dukung-demo-4-november


    Aah, the crowd is still baying Allahu Akbar,and I hear the name of  a figure from the past. Amien Rais is somewhere about.

    • Amien Rais, demonstrated his ‘moderate’ credentials splendidly fifteen years ago when he showed his solidarity with the Laskar Jihad murder gang, which was sailing off to Maluku to butcher innocent Christians.
    • When Laskar Jihad’s parent body Forum Kommunikasi Ahlus Sunnah Wal Jama’ah called a mass rally of Muslims at Jakarta’s Senayan Stadium in April 2000, the attendees included Amien Rais, leader of the Partai Amanat Nasional (National Mandate Party)http://www.atimes.com/atimes/Southeast_Asia/SEA-02-161013.html.
    • ================



    The LJ, an Islamist killer-gang, murdered hundreds, maybe thousands, of Christians, in the late Nineties.



    FPI’s Rizieq has invited Rais aboard the Command Car. ‘Please, make way, Pak Amien Rais is coming aboard’http://pekanbaru.tribunnews.com/2016/11/04/amien-rais-fadli-zon-fahri-hamzah-dan-rizieq-shihab-satu-mobil-komando


    And as I’m cross-checking what I’m hearing with other media. who else’s name pops up?

    Ahmad Dhani. He’s a man with no small opinion of his own importance..AA? Siapa Kucing Mewah Itu? Ahmad Dhani HARUS Tahu! …who’s apparently seeking elected office in Bekasi, a place of which the less I say the better…Head-Scarfed Harpies Hurl Dung and Urine at Christians

    Dhani is a singer. Not one I would ever buy a ticket to hear…

    5 pm

    …but another singer is present I hear Rhoma Irama, whom I did hear, at a dangdut concert up at Ancol, Jakarta’s sea-front years ago.


    rhoma irama_0weeps

    Again, I can give you a couple of links to let you know what he’s like…

    So Dangdut King Slams Sexy Singers? What’s Worse – Exotic Beauty or Islamist Bigotry? 

    Big Blubber Walks Free – But is Irama’s Embrace the Kiss of Death? 




    • Lani Suryarwati 12:35 pm on November 4, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      Sounds like good food at your warteg, Ross.
      I agree with all you write so far, and I hope the police will keep these embarrassing extreme people under control.
      It is true, no good mother would make her little children go on this parade.
      These Islamists are very bad.

    • Ati 12:46 pm on November 4, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      I like this and am interested in your day. Sorry long time no see Ross but always try to read what you are saying.
      Yes, FPI bad, Ahok good.

  • ross1948 6:23 am on August 7, 2016 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: Deli Serdang, , , Ibnu Hajar Muhammadiyah, , , , Jokowi religious liberty, Karo, Muslim, ,   

    More Mindless Bigotry in Sumatra! 

    As some of you will have discerned by now, I’m not currently in Indonesia and my eye has not been on the news-ball as much as usual.

    So this halal horror story, an example of the nasty intolerance which provokes ‘Islamophobia’ around the world, dates from last week.

    But it’s instructive, so here it is.


    My headline refers to Sumatra, but the nightmarish outbreak of sectarian violence in Tanjung Balai Tanjung Balai’s Burning Temples – A History of Bigotry!  is in a different part of that island from Deli Serdang, where ignoramuses have got the Islamist local government pandering to their worst sectarian prejudices.

    It’s a campaign to stamp out local eateries run by the Karo people, eateries that specialise in pork.

    But you can judge the sort of bone-headed mentality in Deli just by reading this quote from one of the nasty little agitators in the Jakarta Post report, a jerk named Ibnu Hajar.



    • He declared that the presence of the BPK eateries along that section of the highway was very disturbing to him because the majority of people living in the area were Muslims.


    What’s ‘disturbing’ about the fact some people have different dietary inclinations from you? Never mind that the Karo people are the ethnic group that was there first.

    The halal whiners are new-comers, or the spawn thereof, pushy gits, laying down the law on those who, in terms of identity with the territory, are their elders and – given the halal whiners’ arrogance – their betters, too. 

    Can’t these whiners just grow up, live and let live, get a life, the way civilised people do?

    I don’t object to folks eating halal in my neighbourhood, or at the table next to mine in a resto, so why should schmucks like Ibnu object to people who prefer pork to whatever he shoves down his gob?

    Oh, but he’s so tolerant, really.

    Ibnu said that they would not ban anyone from selling foods like BPK, but the sellers had to pay attention to their locations. “Don’t sell non-halal foods like BPK in a Muslim neighborhood because it is not good…”

    What backward, benighted bigotry!

    Pork IS good! Eating it IS good. Selling it to those who want to buy it IS good.


    Nobody is forcing Ibnu or his fellow-whiners to eat it. 

    NOBODY has to like it, eat it or buy it or sell it, UNLESS they choose.

    But freedom to choose is anathema to the likes of Ibnu. Everyone in the vicinity has to toe the line, bow and scrape to ignoramuses who lack the mental capacity to grasp the simplest aspects of pluralism.

    I don’t want to force-feed the Ibnus of this world with pork, but I do think they need to be force-fed some crumbs of the pluralism that Indonesia’s supposed to be about.

    And sadly there are LOADS of Ibnus up there, hundreds of people from different Islamic organizations,who rallied to demand  the closure of all the BPK eateries including the famous BPK Tesalonika that has a prominent location on the trans-Sumatra highway at Kilometer 29. They also urged the regency administration to act quickly to close them down.

    Nasty sectarians rally against eateries

    Now you expect that sort of malignant behaviour from the IslamoNazis, and the JP reports that the FPI white-shirt thug gang were indeed involved.

    But should we expect ‘moderate’ Muslims to be spouting this kind of hateful hogwash too?

    Alas, we must, because Ibnu is identified as not only the protest coordinator but also the chairman of Muhammadiyah’s Deli Serdang branch..



    New readers overseas may not now that Muhammadiyah is one of the largest mass-membership Muslim outfits in the Indonesian archipelago. And it is always depicted in the media as ‘moderate.’

    Not on our blog it won’t be, not after this.

    Not unless they expel Ibnu Hajar.


    • islamophobia-21
    • ————-
    • If they don’t dissociate themselves from his sort of intolerant fanaticism, then they are simply exacerbating the ‘Islamophobia’ which his conduct and those of that mosque mob in Tanjung Balai incite.  

    I will let you read the linked article for yourselves.

    You can marvel at how the bureaucrats in Deli seek to rationalise their oppressive conduct by means of disseminating “appeals” to all the managements of BPK eateries or eateries selling other non-halal foods to replace their current menus with halal ones.

    This of course is not sectarian!

    All perfectly pluralist!

    To the extent that one pathetic puke in the local government is quoted viz. –“Thank God, almost 50 percent of them have replaced their menus with halal foods.”   http://www.thejakartapost.com/news/2016/07/29/traditional-karo-eateries-targeted-muslim-groups.html

    What’s so shocking  is the authority is so overtly in bed with bigotry.

    I had heard that President Jokowi’s government was going through local bye-laws to weed out sectarian shariah stuff and any similar drivel.

    Surely central government intervention is urgently required in Deli.

  • ross1948 12:45 am on March 29, 2016 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: , , , Jokowi religious liberty, , , ,   

    Sectarian Intolerance Rules in Subang, West Java! 

    Sad to record another step taken to drag Indonesia down, this time by the bigots who run Subang, West Java, who have issued a local diktat banning the peaceful Ahmadiyah minority creed…





    Has anyone told these intolerant Islamists in Subang that we are already quite far into the 21st Century?

    Aaaah, but West Java isn’t!

    Just check out that benighted province’s name in our search box, the Bekasi regent’s jihadist oppression of minorities, the Depok theft of the Ahmadis’ place of worship https://rossrightangle.wordpress.com/2011/05/25/depok-jadi-kota-pki-islamist-council-grabs-private-property-communist-style/, the provincial governor’s loathesome hope that the Ahmadis might just ‘disappear.’





    We expect no more, no less, when reading about West Java.

    And I fear the Subang Ahmadiyah leader, Yendra’s, appeal to Jakarta, to protect his congregation’s civil and religious liberties, will prove futile.


    • freedom-of-religion
    • ————–
    • Yendra asked the central government to intervene to address the ban. In addition Yendra asked the Chief of the Indonesian Police, Badrodin Haiti, to ensure Ahmadiyah in Subang do not suffer intimidation and interference…

    When a mob of Islamist savages took to anti-Ahmadi ethnic cleansing in Lombok, a hundred cowardly cops stood by and watched.

    In Squalid Internal Exile, Lombok Ahmadis Denied Voting Rights 

    When three Ahmadis were martyred at Cikeusik, in Banten Province, next door to West Java, brutally bludgeoned to death by another mob of rabid swine….


    • ahmadiyah2
    • Sectarian swine at Cikeusik, revelling in hate  – nobody has EVER been charged with murder, despite a fullvideo http://www.liveleak.com/view
    • =====================

    ….the police again fired not a single shot to disperse the filthy brutes.

    And President Jokowi has not lifted a finger to annul the Tri-Ministerial Decree that formalised blatant discrimination against these inoffensive, respectable citizens. 

  • ross1948 12:00 am on March 28, 2016 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: , GKI YYasmin, , , , , Jokowi religious liberty, oppression, , ,   

    Still Shunned by ‘Pluralist’ President, Java Christians Observe Easter On the Street 

    What most of us liked about Jokowi when he was Governor of Jakarta were his unannounced visits to all sorts of places, the most enjoyable, for citizens, being when he caught out good-for-nothing slugs employed in government offices flouting their responsibilities.


    jokowi-twitter Jokowi



    Lazy bureaucrats quaked, because he’d go all over town.

    But now it seems he’s not prepared to cross the street from his palace, despite the fact that those he’d meet there are all decent, patriotic Indonesians.

    I refer of course to the persecuted Christians of Yasmin Church, hounded by evil Islamist bigots and banned from worship in their own church premises by first an overt fanatic mayor…


    • freedom-of-religion
    • ——————
    • …and now by a so-called ‘moderate’ who treats the victims of sectarian intolerance with an indifference tantamount to contempt.

    Bogor’s Mayor Cowers From Bigotry – West Java Shamed AGAIN! 

    And today the Yasmin folk were out there again, under a blazing hot sun.

    I wanted to join their Easter service but thought it was on Good Friday, so had a journey then for nothing. I could find no advertised time for today’s service, so missed it too.


    • Hasil gambar untuk adnan buyung yasmin ‘Open our sealed church!’
    • ====================-

    However I go along often, and last time I reported that there was a special seat reserved for Preident Jokowi, who likes to boast of his commitment to pluralism.


    The Christians of West Java have been put through Hell.

    X-Rated Xmas – Foul-Mouths Bully Christians, As ‘Moderate’Mayor Denies They Exist!’ 

    Head-Scarfed Harpies Hurl Dung and Urine at Christians 

    They say in the linked story that they still hope their Head of State will uphold the Supreme Court ruling in their favour.


    I’d like to hope so too, but I’m afraid I no longer regard that hope as realistic!


    • Wulan 11:56 am on March 28, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      Good Ross. Jokowi must help these people. They would help him if he need.

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