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  • ross1948 21:00 on November 25, 2022 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: judges death penalty, Killer Kevin Johnson, , Officer William McEntee   

    Put This Missouri Pig Down! 

    William McEntee was a cop with a wife and 3 kids.

    Officer William McEntee

    Along with some other officers, on 5th July, 2005, he served a warrant for the arrest of Kevin Johnson, the criminal in the photo below.

    Pic: Missouri Department of Corrections via AP
    Kevin Johnson,  killer pig!

    Alas, Johnson’s 12-year-old brother, who suffered from a congenital heart defect, collapsed and began having a seizure. He later died in hospital.

    In other words, the boy’s death was entirely due to his scumbag brother’s criminality…

    …but like many such scum, the pig in the picture is incapable of accepting responsibility.

    .When the police officer later returned to the neighbourhood to investigate unrelated reports of fireworks being set off, Johnson shot him several times.

    Incredibly, it’s 2022, and the pig’s still not been put down, even though its own attorneys ‘don’t challenge his guilt!’

    Why, then, not let the pig be hauled off to the handiest abattoir?





    The lawyers ‘claim racism played a role in the decision to seek the death penalty, and in the jury’s decision to sentence him to die.’

    Don’t know about you, but to me it sounds very much like the kind of BLM hogwash we’ve heard too much of since….

    …that worthless waster Floyd’s demise.

    Johnson is black and his victim was white.

    Big bloody deal!

    Those resourceful attorneys also claim he has ‘a history of mental illness – and that he was 19 at the time of the crime.

    That latter argument is self-evidently BS, since even the US Supreme Court…

    ( before its membership changed for the better!)

    …stopped the death penalty for criminals ‘younger than 18 at the time of their crime.’

    So the pig is perfectly eligible for execution.

    As for mental illness, yes, total absence of conscience could be thus construed – so what?

    I tend to agree more with this assessment.

    The surviving victims of Johnson’s crimes have waited long enough for justice, and every day longer that they must wait is a day they are denied the chance to finally make peace with their loss…”


    • Jim Ex Jakarta 00:36 on November 26, 2022 Permalink | Reply

      I took a look at media reports and what got me mad was most of them had the pig’s picture but not nearly as many had a picture of the cop he killed.
      i hope Johnson burns in hell.


  • ross1948 03:01 on July 18, 2020 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: , Cassandra Stubbs, judges death penalty, , Wesley Ira Punkey   

    ACLU Trumpophobe Backs Callous Quartet’s Bid To Thwart Justice! 

    What utter hogwash we heard in Kansas this week, from a merciless killer’s attorney!

    Rebecca Woodman said her client was “a 68-year old, severely brain-damaged and mentally ill man who suffers from advanced Alzheimer’s disease and dementia.”



    This May 2000 photo provided by the Kansas Department of Corrections shows Wesley Ira Purkey, who was convicted of kidnapping and killing a 16-year-old girl, and was sentenced to death.

     Wesley Ira Purkey

    If that beast Wesley Ira Punkey had been any or all of those things when he kidnapped and murdered an innocent 16-year-old girl, then his attorney would have been entitled to adduce those facts in his defence.

    But he wasn’t.

    The brutal crime took place  MORE THAN TWENTY years ago.

    Let’s be absolutely clear – he was guilty as sin and admitted it, though even as he was rightfully sent to Hell this week, his ‘dementia’ didn’t prevent him whining a suspiciously articulate objection to his fate!


    .But okay, Woodward’s job was to defend the swine.

    The truly deplorable performance came at the Supreme Court, where that callous leftist quartet again forced a vote, losing 5 to 4, again…

    At Last! First Federal Execution For HOW MANY Years? 

    …in a bid to let the poor murderer…

    ..sorry, the pure evil murderer, avoid the death he deserved.

    And even their irresponsible antics were outdone by the revolting Cassandra Stubbs, director of the Capital Punishment Project at the American Civil Liberties Union.


    Look at me, I’m off my bloody rocker!’ Cassandra Stubbs did not say that but one has to wonder!

    We expect the ACLU to be on the wrong side of just about every issue…

    Memo To ACLU – Yer Off Yer Rocker! 

    A Liberal Diagnoses Disease In America’s Body Politic! .

    The Final Nail in the ACLU’s Coffin

    Bravo ICE! Pro-Active Plan Provokes Pro-Crimmigrant ACLU Tantrum 

    …but this rabid woman’s ranting effort to exploit the Chinese Virus Crisis surely ought to get her a prize for outrageous irrelevance!

    There was no reason for this administration to restart federal executions now — after a nearly two-decade hiatus, during the worst public health crisis of our lifetime — except to distract from its mainly failings, particularly its failure to keep people safe during this pandemic…” 


    So wedded to leftism that she invokes the pandemic, which has absolutely NOTHING to do with Punkey’s crime, nor his guilty verdict, nor the high court’s decision, nor his execution!

    What a disgraceful woman, so immersed in Trumpophobia that she can’t stop gibbering about completely extraneous issues even when she’s mounted on her favourite hobby horse!


  • ross1948 18:12 on June 29, 2018 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: , , , judges death penalty, Osama's bodyguard, ,   

    Belatedly, Germans Bounce Beastly Bludger ‘Bodyguard!’ 

    Having echoed the indignation of all decent Germans that an alien identified as the sometime ‘bodyguard’ of the satanic Bin Laden…

    Merkel’s Terror Guest, Shielded By Journo Jerks! .


    Didn’t do a very good job of body-guarding that, did he?


    …had been enjoying years as a welfare bum in the city of Bochum, I am now pleased to report that the sponging savage IS to be deported, or so it’s claimed.

    Ridiculously, previous failures to do so were justified by the fact the swine might risk appropriate punishment in his native Tunisia…


    Hasil gambar untuk bodyguard bin laden Germany

    “…poor little Sami doesn’t want to go home, because, he whines, there’s a threat of torture in his country of origin.”

    Germany Ensures Jihadist Scum Don’t Get What’s Coming To Them! 

    …and just as ludicrous too is their reason for expelling the evil creature now, that Tunisia currently has a ‘moratorium’ on capital punishment.

    Typical moronically Merkelite mewling!

    To be fair, to some extent, her wet judges have had their hands tied by the degenerates on the European Court, who will go to any lengths to safeguard scum.


    Let illegal migrants go free, EU court orders..

    The sooner Germany, and all other European nations, repudiate the upstarts in Strasbourg, the better.

    Let’s hope once the beast arrives, the ‘moratorium’ expires, and that that he expires soon after!

    Meanwhile, it might be no bad thing if the German cops began detaining for deportation all those Salafists and other sectarian savages currently subject to mere ‘observation…’

    Hinder Dangerous Jihadists? OMG…That’s ”Hardline!” 

    ….observation that proved SO effective in the case of that other Tunisian pig….

     – –

    ….whose attack on the Berlin Christmas market added more innocent victims to Mama Stasi’s ever-growing tally.


    • Manfried 19:58 on June 29, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      I hope before he is put out, that Merkel will be also put out.
      You say a cat has nine lives but always this devil woman escapes political justice.
      Her days must be numbered by the power of the people.
      Long live AfD!


    • Jerry Jerman 21:30 on June 29, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      I am feeling down today because that ‘EU Summit’ has let Merkel skate on the thin ice again by not blaming her for her crimes against Germany and all the crimes against Germans her savages have done.
      It is good if the talk about secure centers for the illegals will mean what it says but already the left ‘ngo’ gang is singing the same old protest songs about “rights.”
      If the centers are under control of governments in Italy or Hungary, secure they would be. If they are under EU control, like Frontex, they will be like the Club Med for the savages.


    • Hannelor 23:35 on June 29, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      Now let them remove the others hundreds of thousands who are not loyal to our country.


  • ross1948 13:49 on April 22, 2018 Permalink | Reply
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    Brussels V India! Euro-Commissars Eager To Save Child-Rapists? 

    Three cheers for India, where the Cabinet has approved plans for the death penalty for evil scumbags convicted of preying on little girls under 12 years of age.


    .Gambar terkait


    But who can disagree with the Indian lady I saw on the news this morning, who asserted, with both passion and logic, that the arbitrary age limit should be waived.

    The more pigs put down, the better.



    Disturbingly, the BBC tells us that executions are rarely carried out in India, with just three recorded in the last decade.


    And what about the foot-dragging in that notorious case that shocked not just India but the whole world – four men convicted in the Delhi bus case were sentenced to death but, disgracefully…


    Hasil gambar untuk get on with it!


    …this has not yet been carried out.

    It seems there’s a mind-set problem in the judiciary, because today’s report quotes a judge in that gang-rape  case who said it fell into “the rarest of rare category” which justifies capital punishment in India.



    What possesses him to say that? Why should proper punishment be ‘rare?’

    Probably an alumnus of some pinko university in the weasel world of the EUSSR, where I’ve no doubt Juncker, Merkel and of course their compliant and-maiden Theresa the Appeaser will be wringing their hands!


    The European Union is the leading institutional actor and largest donor in the fight against death penalty worldwide.


    It’s official Brussels policy to wage diplomatic war on behalf of threatened vermin!

      As we said just a few months ago…

    Stand By, Child-Sex-Predator – EU Rescue Efforts Loom! 

    So watch out for that unholy trinity, taking time off from Brexit shadow-boxing, to gird up for a new struggle, to save the necks of brutal child-molestors.

    And terrorists!

    After all, as we’ve explained, more than once, the UK has long acted in servile fashion as a Brussels running-dog, openly meddling in Indonesia’s internal affairs.

    UK’s Jakarta Rep Frantic to Save Terrorist Skins -A Neo-Colonialist Par Excellence! 

    So let’s hope India stands firm and starts hangings ASAP!

    It’s appalling that the last hanging took place in 2015, when India strung up was the Islamist swine behind the 1993 Mumbai mass-murder bombing.

    India introduces death penalty for child rapists

    • Tanvi 16:41 on April 22, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      Thank you.
      If Europe tries to push India on this then Europe will get a harsh push back.
      Mr. Juncker and the two women leaders in Great Britain and Germany can be uncaring about child-rape in their own countries but they may not extend their stupidity to our country.
      We Indian women do care and will fight for more reform until all the convicted rapists get the death penalty.


    • Vijay D 16:57 on April 22, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      Who do they think they are? India has celebrated 70 years of independence and will not be told what to do by the rulers of any Western country. The British Raj is long dead and gone.
      I read about English law today and it is sad to read, hardly any punishment at all for very bad crimes. They are not what they were.
      We are a free nation and we are not members and never will be of that ‘European Union,’ so it is none of their business if we hang the men who violate children..


    • Salli 19:14 on April 22, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      No neocolonial dictators welcome.
      If you British want to live under a Brussels Raj, you are welcome but India will not.
      Justice for the children!


    • Mikki 22:28 on April 22, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      As an Indian working overseas, I want to thank you for this rebuke to the Europeans who want to force their sick values on my country.
      We will not accept Western weakness in or country any more than they would let me tell them how to run theirs.
      I pity the EU leaders who have no humility and no conscience.
      I pity more the women of Europe whose leaders value them so cheaply that they are not doing as India is doing.


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