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  • ross1948 22:56 on February 27, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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    Pathetique! Savage Mob Amok, As France Fawns On Calais Curs! 


    I should say by way of preface that my reference to ‘fawning’ above is no slur on the people of France, who, I’m sure, are mostly outraged at the slap-on-the-wrist sentencing, at the Cazeneuve crawl and the way cops are kept from acting as they easily could, and should, to curb the crimmigrants terrorising Calais.


    French court sentences six migrants to jail for storming British ferry

    Wow, you think, wonderful, surely a serious prison term – five years, at least, then prompt deportation!

    Ya GOTTA be kidding! The savage swine – one Syrian, one Sudanese and four Afghans – got ONE MONTH each for their amok-run, and were immediately released, time in pre-trial custody apparently requiring this.

    For Pete’s Sake.

    If there were deportation officers waiting in the court-room with manacles, ready to escort the lawless parasites to a ship or a plane, okay, maybe it’s easier on the tax-payers to unload them back to whence they came. Crimmigrants who travelled through other safe European lands to reach France and declined to seek ‘asylum’ prior to crossing the French border have no right to be in La Republique. 


    Hasil gambar untuk migrants storm ferry calais Calais crimmigrants amok last month


    But no way! The doltish court unleashed the savages on the increasingly desperate people of Calais.  

    And here’s what such soft soppy sentencing begets.




    CALAIS AT WAR: Thousands of migrants scream ‘UK! UK!’ in violent riot as Jungle spared

    CALAIS descended into open warfare last night as thousands of migrants rampaged through the town yelling “UK! UK!” as they made their way back to the crime-ridden Jungle camp.

    Several thousand migrants took part in a violent victory march after French authorities performed a U-turn and scrapped plans to raze a huge section of the squalid shanty town to the ground. 

    Hordes of hooded asylum seekers clashed with French riot police and yelled obscenities at terrified locals as they marched through Calais in the dark, unperturbed by heavy rain.”  http://www.express.co.uk/news/world/647381/Calais-migrants-refugees-violence-French-port-town-Jungle-camp-eviction-halted

    See for yourselves on the video by Calais Infos Verities, who commented observantly – 

    French Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve said the eviction would be done “progressively, by persuasion and with respect for people’s dignity.”  http://www.dw.com/en/french-court-sentences-six-migrants-to-jail-for-storming-british-ferry/a-19066911


    • cazeneuve Boot-licker Cazeneuve
    • ————

    Why doesn’t creepy Cazeneuve just go down on bended knee to the brutes?

    They should be herded out at gun-point, and stuff their ‘dignity!’ They show no more ‘dignity’ than they show gratitude. 

    Bad enough that the ‘evictions’ are only from the Jungle and not from France but those illegals are to be rewarded for their illegality with  nearby heated containers..


    or welcome centers around the country


    Good grief!

    Undesirable aliens are NOT ‘welcome!’ They need to be dumped in detention centres with electrified fences!

    But no matter what most Calaisians, or most French  people, think! The Enemy Within sedulously serving the swines’ cause have told France to play nice, because….

    The migrants PREFER to live like pigs in their self-created middens.“The refugees don’t want to be all over France,” Moseley said. “They want to be in Calais.”  https://rossrightangle.wordpress.com/2016/02/22/enemy-within-thwarts-calais-savages-eviction-or-not/

    And who among the ‘great and good’ in Paris or Brussels is going to forego the pleasure of pandering to spoiled evil brats? Like Ms. Clinton says…

    Hillary Clinton: White people should ‘practice humility’



  • ross1948 10:09 on February 14, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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    Now They’re Not Even ‘Migrants,’ Merely ‘Displaced Travellers!’ 

    You have to hand it to the pinko press. Even in an article which specifically states that the Calais crimmigrants are ‘illegally in France, ‘ the media curs will call them anything but what they are – ‘illegal immigrants.’

    Now the flavour of the month is ‘displaced travellers.’

    I have been a traveller for years. Most of you may well be too. It’s fun to travel, and educational.

    Hasil gambar untuk Happy traveller

    To be ‘A Happy Traveller’ has long been recognised as a good thing.

    But the word has been bastardised for years, appropriated by PC nincompoops to describe Roma wasters and similar anti-social elements who illegally occupy other people’s property…

    A group of travellers have left tonnes of rubbish and human excrement on a children’s slide in Roundshaw Park this morning. The council has closed the children’s playground and cordoned off the park while they clean up tonnes of building materials, human excrement and asbestos.


    Tonnes of rubbish dumped next to a children’s playground 

    A similar incident happened in Tooting Common last month when several tonnes of rubbish were left behind.http://www.echo-news.co.uk/news/10726911.PICTURES__Travellers_leave_behind_poo_on_children_s_slide

     …and then leave it in conditions that would disgrace a piggery! These swine deserve to be publicly flogged.

    But every Brit, at least, knows about that. 

    The report in the Independent Online is ostensibly about how the anger of decent French folk is boiling over.


    Hasil gambar untuk righteous indignation


    Disgusted by the failure of the cops to round up illegals and expel them from the Jungle – please note, if they have not applied for ‘asylum,’ they are ipso facto illegal – patriot ‘militias’ have been driven to take the law into their own hands in a bid to subdue the savages’ criminal activity.

    Incredibly, the police are arresting the righteous French, while still the illegal swarm go undetained and undeported.

    What sort of fair trials the hapless French may face may be gathered from the bigoted leftism we hear from one Dunkirk prosecutor, Eric Fouard.


    Hasil gambar untuk fair trial

    “The ideas they peddle are that there are too many migrants in France.”

    Hardly a peddled idea! It’s the view of a majority of French men and women!

    When Hollande declared himself a Mama Stasi running-dog, eager to take in thousands of ‘refugees,’ he dared not consult his people in a referendum, but the polls showed their condemnation. Most citizens disapproved but the collaborationist minority clearly included court jester Fouard.

    He and his colleagues and their legal teams have launched no deportation proceedings against the savage horde…




    …so they are either ideological camp-followers of Hollande’s appeasement or plain scared to stand up to the regime’s refusal to enforce the law.

    French immigration law is clear. Even this Independent Online scribbler, way down toward the end of the article, admits that the jungle rabble are in France illegally..Since they are illegally in the country they have no right to eventual reparations.   


    These aliens have NO right to be in Calais, nor in France. French patriots are quite right to push for their removal. The curs certainly have no right to enter the UK.


    So why are they being pampered, fed and housed in hotels by Cameron’s contemptible cabal? Guilty Conscience? Home Office Hiding Crimmigrant Costs! 

  • ross1948 08:38 on November 10, 2015 Permalink | Reply
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    Calais’s Rabid Curs Amok Again – Put Them DOWN! 

    We wake up to a sunny morning, full of promise.

    Then we read that the savage swarm in Calais have once more been on a violent rampage, cops galore injured.

    So this is how these ingrate scum show their gratitude for the extra largesse recently decreed by a cretinous French court? Calais – So Cretin Courts Are NOT an Anglo-Saxon Monopoly! 

    “It is the first time it has been so violent and we unfortunately have many colleagues injured,” said Gilles Debove of the SGP police union. “If one day there is a revolt in the camp, it will be madness,” he said, describing the situation as worrying.     16 French police hurt in clash with Calais migrants

    If there is a revolt? The Jungle beasts are quite revolting enough already, I’d say. And what qualifies as ‘madness’ is the failure of Hollande and his politically-correct apparatchiks to take the hand-cuffs off the cops. 


    calais cop-18

    Calais Cops V Savage Swarm – Bug-spray won’t suffice!

    BEFORE the swarm’s brutal forays escalate to worse levels, before their murderous intent is fulfilled – and it is murderous, with British truckers, tourists, and Calais’s decent citizens as well, subjected to a reign of terror at ther primitive hands – it’s way overdue that authorities cease and desist the kid-glove cr#p.


    shoot terrs


    It’s time to do what sensible people on both sides of the Channel have been urging for months, implement real deterrent measures.

    Ensure that police are issued with sufficient live ammunition, and are given carte blanche to open fire on crimmigrants who go on the war-path in pursuit of their illegal objectives.

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