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  • ross1948 23:43 on July 26, 2019 Permalink | Reply
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    School Walk-Outs Unpunished, Now Mangy Mutts Attack Cops! 

    Germany, like Britain, does not use corporal punishment on obnoxious school-children.

    I have no idea if abolition was approved voluntarily by a German government…

    So Will May Stoop To Major’s Sub-Snake’s-Belly Level? 

    ….or if, like the UK, it was a decision made by a cowardly PM ( Major) who actually believed teachers should have the right to wallop young jerks, but then buckled to a diktat issued by the decadent ECHR clowns in Strasbourg.

    But even in the absence of the cane and/or the belt, the weak, sicko school authorities in Germany have behaved disgracefully during the recent massive insubordination by spoilt brats who followed the call of that Swedish twat Thunberg by engaging in repeat mass truancy.


    Deport That Swedish Brat! 


    I have not included a photo of Greta Thunberg, the Swede-Brat, simply because I hate the sight as well as the sound of her.


    As far as I know, not one ‘student’ ( pupil, surely) has been expelled from ANY German school for such gross indiscipline.


    So why now the shock-horror response when a 50-strong pack of mutts, ‘school-leavers,’  stormed a police station in an attempt to free a friend.


    The scumbags ‘threw glass bottles and stones at the police station,’ breaking a cell window…and one ‘school-leaver kicked an officer, narrowly missing his head… Others tried to break down the door of the police station.’  https://www.theguardian.com/world/2019/jul/26/german-teenagers-charged-after-trying-to-free-youth-from-jail

    Spare the rod!

    PS – by coincidence or not, the scene of the appalling episode is only a few kliks down the road from the even smaller town, Pocking, where another gang of ratbags made it into the news a couple of years ago.

    What a great pity the brawlers this week did not, back then, raid the domain of the pig-ignorant scum who were then harassing innocent German school-girls.

    German Girls Forced Into Shariah Dress-Code By Sex-Pest Syrian Ingrates! 

    But then they’d have been punished mercilessly, because the German establishment cares a lot more about filthy alien savages than it does about its own policemen.


    • Billy King 23:55 on July 26, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      This popped up as I was commenting on the petition, so I have had a gander and I quite agree with what you say. Specially about John Major.
      He did the dirty on Ulster.
      But those German kids need a belting or three.
      All that energy wasted on rioting against the police?
      National Service in my Dad’s day seemed to do a lot of good, or as you say, at least turn their aggression against them that deserve it, like those ungrateful migrants.


      • Annelie Neumann 23:21 on July 27, 2019 Permalink | Reply

        It is so, just as you say, Herr Billy.
        It is forbidden for German teachers and even parents to punish a disobedient child in any way that might hurt the child and now we have a generation of undiscipline.
        The result is that now good manners is not very often the habit.


  • ross1948 19:01 on September 14, 2018 Permalink | Reply
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    No “People’s Vote” For Scots Parents! The Separatist ‘Brat-Charter! 

    Whatever next?
    Abolish prisons?

    “A consultation has already been undertaken into the Children (Equal Protection from Assault) (Scotland) Bill earlier this year and received more than 650 responses with almost 75 per cent of those in favour of the legislation.’


    So about 400 Scots have endorsed this nonsense!


    The separatist SNP shrew, Sturgeon, likes referenda when she thinks they may go her way…


    Instead of a ‘consultation,’ which most Scots probably never noticed….
    Why not a referendum?
    And if cost is an issue, synchronise.
    referndmlet peole vote

    Hold a vote on the same day as the next elections for local councils, or for her provincial ‘parliament.’

    Aaah, but the ‘ban has the backing of the Scottish Police Federation, Barnardo’s Scotland, the Church and Society Council of the Church of Scotland and the NSPCC.’

    Big deal.


    Presumably the church has already approved retrospective condemnation of Jesus for driving money-changers out of the temple by threatening them with corporal punishment?
    Another unelected upstart, Scotland’s Children’s Commissioner Bruce Adamson, has jumped onto the bandwagon.
    “We should never consider the assault of a child for the purposes of punishment to be justifiable,” he said.


    Why the heck not?
    “Scotland is one of the last countries in Europe to amend its law to protect children…”

    Oh, well, if ‘Europe’ is okay with indisciplined brats going unpunished, that’s a clincher, yeah?

    Read more  – https://www.scotsman.com/news/politics/smacking-to-be-outlawed-in-scotland-as-ban-is-backed


    My thoughts strayed back to another news item last month, not from Scotland but from England, near enough, surely, to be relevant!

    Image result for The footage was shot while the teenager and a woman, 52, were arrested on suspicion of assaulting a police officer

    …the teenager and a woman, 52, were arrested on suspicion of assaulting a police officer on Peel Street in the town on Monday evening. In the video, two police officers can be seen restraining the girl and, when the policeman hits her in the face, a bang can be heard as girl’s head collides with a metal shutter….the officer’s actions have divided opinion on social media with many people calling for the police officer to be sacked while others praise him for managing to handle the difficult situation….

    You really need to wonder why RT or any media would proceed to seek comment from an ‘Occupy’ slug on anything, esp. something which has nothing to do with the subversive oaf.

    …George Barda from the Occupy London equality and social justice movement…said his first reaction was shock and dismay.

    Never heard of him, nor of anyone who would describe ‘Occupy London’ trouble-makers as campaigning for ‘equality and social justice’ when in fact they are subversive leftists.

    Never mind.

    After all, the real issue here is why the anti-social little bitch was not slapped more often by her parents in years gone by.

    Feral brats are not self-generating phenomena.

    They exist today in vastly greater numbers than when I was that age simply because children rarely encounter proper discipline at home, good parents perhap intimidated by nutjob warnings…Ban smacking, children‘s tsar urges – BBC News…whilst at school those teachers who might be useful are denied the most effective means of deterrence, the cane in England and the tawse ( belt) in Scotland, thanks to degenerate ratbags on the European Court of Human Rights…



    …and more specifically to the gutless John Major, who as PM at the time of the robed clowns’ ruling…

    …ordered by John Major to toe the Government’s agreed line, the Education Secretary told MPs: “My own personal view is that corporal punishment can be a useful deterrent …


    ….bowed like a servile creep and coerced his Cabinet colleagues too into subservience to the foreign fools, even though he had openly expressed his own approval for corporal punishment in UK schools not long prior to his u-turn.
    He and Theresa The Appeaser are two of a kind – recall her still unexplained U-turn after she said the UK ought to withdraw from the Strasbourg Clown Court’s jurisdiction!

  • ross1948 22:24 on August 31, 2017 Permalink | Reply
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    London Louts Get £1,000 Jaunt, Lest They Go Mugging? 

     Hard to credit the folly of those in charge of public spending in London, if what I read in the Guardian is not fake news…


    …that a group of young people deemed to be at risk of getting caught up in crime and disorder during the Notting Hill Carnival were removed from the area and invited to a watersports weekend at a cost of more than £1,000 each.


    I don’t think the Guardian would invent such a story, so one’s natural response must be…


    …at risk of getting caught up in crime and disorder…?

    What does that MEAN?

    A spokesman for the Conservative-controlled Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea explained that these are young people who colleagues are concerned may be vulnerable to being victims of violence or exploitation over carnival weekend.”


    “The emphasis is on safeguarding young people and protecting them from any harm.”

    Well they could listen to the Police Federation.

    Notting Hill Carnival should be banned for police officer safety, suggests Met Police Federation

    ‘What other event would be allowed to carry on regardless with so many police colleagues under attack?’


    Probably not a bad idea from Mr. Ken March, the coppers’ spokesman, but he’ll never rise high in the police with sch sensible views, not while Amber rudd is Home Secretary!

    Bt back to the main story!

    If there are bad people out there intent on harming these ‘young people,’ it would surely be a lot simpler just to tell their parents to lock them in their bedrooms!


    Or station a cop at their front doors!

    If they are actually ‘at risk!

    But it seems not exactly clear that the teens on whom the Tories are fawning really are at risk themselves or if they pose a risk to decent people!

    Just listen to this man.

    Daniel Renwick, a youth worker in the Ladbroke Grove area where the carnival takes place, expressed concern about the ACE scheme.

    I dare say he’s not the only one, if rate-payers get to hear of this project!

    But hear him out…

    He said that although it was preferable to provide positive activities for the group rather than subject them to dawn raids by the police….


    Youngsters in danger of attack by criminal elements might be subjected to dawn raids by the police?



    Mr. Renwick doesn’t, unfortunately, go into ANY detail about why such raids might occur. Instead he meanders somewhat, that there were concerns about how they were selected.

    “There are questions about whether or not the information on that database [from which participants are selected] is always correct,” he said.

    I remain confused.


    But I strongly suspect that these youths got a grand outing, costing a grand apiece, NOT because they were at any risk themselves but because they are known to be of such anti-social character, UK equivalents of those juvenile delinquents  described by Obama’s ‘Justice Department as ”justice-involved…”


    ….that they were likely to engage in criminal behaviour!

    And I wonder why all the civilised kids in their streets, honest boys and girls, who honour their parents, obey the law and have respect for society and the police who serve it…


    But a pleasant weekend away would not go amiss, either!


    …should not be getting the goodies, instead of worthless louts?


    …and why the Conservatives in Kensington have chosen to reward rotten apples in the social barrel!

    Better by far to restore corporal punishment, and flog them till they beg for mercy when they step out of line.


  • ross1948 22:05 on September 30, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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    Bravo, Dutch Teens! But Shame On The Authorities! 

    Delightful to read this week that some young folks in Holland turned the tables on vicious ‘migrant’ Turks. The Dutch kids set about them, after endless provocation by the alien louts.

    The arrogant migrant ratbags are now bleating that they have nowhere to hang out, as if that justified their unpleasant malignant loitering and harassment of passers-by.


    • Dutch Treat? 'Happy Campers' on January 28th!
    • ————
    • Many young people don’t have anywhere to hang out but are not thereby transformed into an anti-social cancer!

    As it happens, they have long had opportunities to take their ease in premises paid for by the Dutch tax-payer, of course.

    Here’s what a spokesperson for the youth centre said .

    “This has already been playing out for 10 years. They get everything from the city council, everything is done…But each time they destroy the property and steal.

    • devil_by_lucasgraciano-d5agjlm
    • They even threatened us with a firearm when we tried to stop them from smoking inside.” 

    Hell’s Teeth!

    What’s required, clearly is not to PROVIDE them with a place but to teach them to KNOW their place! The swine should doff their caps in respectful gratitude each time an honest Netherlands citizen passes by.

    Instead they’ve been causing endless mayhem,  till at last decent young people decided enough was enough.

    But when the confrontation led Dutch cops finally to arrest four of the undesirable aliens, were they locked up pending deportation?

    Ya gotta be kidding!

    Ilgun, 19, was released on Friday afternoon. According to local media he has been banned from the neighbourhood he has been terrorising, and will get guidance from the City Hall and rehabilitation authorities.  http://www.express.co.uk/news/world/712099/Migrant-youths-reign-terror-over-vigilantes-attack-thugs-shocking

    Guidance? Is that some kind of sick joke?

    The only guidance that MIGHT have any useful effect is long-term incarceration with weekend outings for public flogging.


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