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  • ross1948 00:01 on November 16, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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    Despite Islamist Intimidation , Ahok Campaigns On! 

    Well done, Governor Ahok!

    Despite fanatic ‘scholars’ and menacing mobs, he’s going ahead as per usual, mingling with the decent people of Jakarta – and that’s the majority, believe me!

    I was out among them today, normal, friendly folks, who are nothing like the undesirable brutes who have been giving Ahok a hard time.

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    • congratulationssuperjob
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    Jakarta Governor Basuki “Ahok” Tjahaja Purnama says he will continue to carry out blusukan (impromptu visits) during his campaign although several groups have prevented him from campaigning in certain areas due to his alleged blasphemy.  http://www.thejakartapost.com/news/2016/11/14/ahok-to-continue-blusukan-despite-protests.html

    This blasphemy stuff is getting to be a bore. There’s no serious substance to the charge, and why should it matter?

    God doesn’t need lawless layabouts like those in the news ( see below) to defend Him.




    week ago there was a pig-ignorant rabble amok-run during one of his walk-abouts in Rawa Belong, in West Jakarta.

    Ahok was rushed to safety by security personnel after several people protested his visit and accused him of committing blasphemy. The incident left one of his aides hospitalized.

     Last weekend, in Kedoya, West Jakarta, there was another protest by a pack of primitives.

    These hate-freaks are nothing new.

    Jakarta Jew-Haters Boo Chinese Christian Candidate 

    Obviously, the police should get stuck into the swine if they turn violent. I can’t see any reason for reluctance on their part, since the same kind of thugs injured several of their fellow-officers in the Islamist riot last month in downtown Jakarta.  

    Breaking News – Jakarta Cops Tear-Gas Islamist Louts! 

    As is so often the case with outbreaks of sectarian hoodlumism here in Indonesia, there are grounds for believing the swine causing trouble are imported louts.

    Ahok himself told the local media that “we’re aware that people who have expelled us and put up banners rejecting [our presence] are actually not residents of areas where they have staged protests.

    We saw similar intrusions in Sukorejo, in Central Java, a year or two ago, when a gang of IslamoNazi thugs descended on the town and caused mayhem. After an innocent woman was killed by one of the brutes’ vehicles, the townsfolk took after them.


    fpi skulk in mosque
    Skulking sectarians

    The gutless sectarians ran for it, and cowered in a mosque till after dark, when they scuttled out of town under a police escort.

    One hopes Jakartans will soon start to show the same civic pride.


  • ross1948 10:33 on July 25, 2015 Permalink | Reply
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    Un-Fasting In An Empty City, Plus A Movie Review, Sort of… 

    Well, one of my regular visitors will soon be on a train, heading upcountry, for most of a week. Nor is that homeward-bounder the only absent friend, another also away in East Java, till the start of August.

    And those who have got back to Jakarta already are too busy for the social whirl.

    What am I to do without them?

    Blog, I guess, but no major political posts ready today, so for now, just this.


    This past week, the few days when Jakarta awaits the return of its population from all the little kampungs they’ve gone home to, provides a golden opportunity to check out places you’ve wondered about but couldn’t summon up the energy to investigate, simply because the horrible traffic renders it too hard a challenge to undertake.

    • bc4fa-malciputragrogol Citraland
    • As regular readers know, the Hero supermarkets often offer good deals,  like the smoked ham I mentioned a while ago, as well as eggs, frequently discounted by 50%. Since Hero has branches at Citraland and at Puri Indah, it’s not unusual for me to jump on the B14 angkot that plies between the two.
    • puri Puri Indah
    • And on that route, the A&W in Kedoya is a place often seen but never, till this week, experienced. Nor could it be, for two months, till this past week it re-opened after extensive renovations, which included, to my delight, a large open area upstairs.


    • congratulationssuperjob
    • Well, first of all, an open area means smokers don’t get persecuted – and it’s nearly as good as a balcony. 

    Balconies have for years inspired me, that carnival atmosophere of sitting up somewhere and watching the world go by, a place detached enough to reflect, while wide open with views in various directions. So this week I dismounted and tried it out. I took a paperback, a Robert Goddard novel newly acquired from Lottemart (‘Play to the End,’ a great read, Rp.30K) I smoked and watched what there was of the world go by – but not a lot to watch, this week, in our empty city!

    But I do wish A&W would skip the cr#p. I refer to those tiny, obscure little signs saying that the prices displayed ( about four times the size of those obscure signs) are subject to a 10% tax. 



    There’s no need for such sly add-ons!

    Just be upfront, quote the actual price, for God’s sake!

    I detest this ‘plus-plus’ garbage that one encounters all over the city. Governor Ahok should put it on his list of things to clean up.

    The burger I ordered included fries and a big glass of root beer, advertised at Rp. 52K, the real price soaring to Rp.57.500 –




    – enough almost to tempt me into emulation of Michael Douglas in that great movie ‘Falling Down!’

    Tangent time!

    Some of you may never have seen, or even heard of, the film, but it’s brilliant, a ripping one-day yarn excoriated by one demented pinko critic, named Tasha Robinson, in terms that convey just what a wonderful watch it is –


    “It’s seemingly meant as a sort of dark comedy about the petty annoyances of life, and how they can accumulate and become so maddening that over-the-top cathartic violence seems like the only satisfying option.

    But Douglas’ violent reaction to his surroundings, and the way the film treats virtually everyone around him as worthless, and presents his violence as the comedic payoff, turns it into a tone-deaf, self-pitying lament about the terrible persecution facing the oppressed majority in an era of political correctness and increasing multiculturalism.  .http://www.avclub.com/article/our-most-hated-movies-of-the-90s-86560


    That shrill shrew’s ‘review’ tells you what a damn fine film it was, a lot of good-for-nothing gits getting their due!

    Get a DVD and enjoy!

    End of tangent


    However, A&W’s stuff was edible and potable enough, the waitresses cute enough, the free gift of a purple plastic mug breath-taking enough, so no need for such Douglas-oid responses!

    Alas, I fear fast food does not always agree with me – I can at least testify to the cleanliness of their toilets! To be fair, everyone else seemed perfectly happy with what they ordered. 

    The following day I went to Kepa Duri Busway stop, which is very close to a big food-court which opened last year. As buses have borne me past, en route to Permata Hijau… 



    …I’ve oftimes speculated on its merits.

    For future reference, there’s a little bandstand at the Seven 8 Nine, and looking through Google, it looks like they have live music at night. Better still, there are signs indicating beer is available, and if the pork ribs are as good as their signs suggest, there’s clearly something to be said for a visit. 

    Sadly, I can’t say my visit was worth the effort in terms of emerging with a full gut. I didn’t eat, because many of the food-stalls were still closed, and when I went to buy some pork ribs, it turns out you have to get some sort of card, at a separate booth, before you can obtain any sustenance at all.

    Too much hassle!

    A walk down the road, where a much humbler food court charged me nearly Rp.30,000 for some bits of chicken and a chunk of rice. The proprietor was pleasant enough, as he handed me a menu with only three choices, but when I chose one, he quickly told me that one wasn’t available!

    Desperate, I ordered a plate of ayam gongo, chicken being forever cheap here in Jakarta.  I unwisely didn’t ask the price – 


    Twice what I pay for a brimming plate of goodies at my warteg.

    Hurry back from Tegal, ladies! Though maybe they can’t – I heard on tv last night there was a 10 kliks traffic jam in that North Java city where my warteg providers are vacationing.

    That ayam gongo place was, is, NOT a good deal, so I won’t bother to raise that second foodcourt from deserved obscurity by naming it.

    Today I venture forth once more, foraging again, but last night?

    Home-cooked left-overs, spuds, mince and mie goreng!

    • johnny-walker-logo

    My next five to ten days will be a waiting game, who returns faster, the eatery gals or my visitors….meanwhile I must be content with the company of my old buddy, Mr. Johnny Walker. 






    • JazPen 11:09 on July 25, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      Morning, Ross.
      I am delighted too, more because you are back on the subject of Jakarta. For most of the week you have been writing about America. I can see you are making useful points but I like to read about what you call ‘our fine city.’
      There’s always a lot of Jakarta news and that should give you a lot of raw meat to get your fangs into.
      What’s Ahok doing? How’s Jokowi? The MUI? The FPI?
      Tell us please.
      Otherwise we only have the Jakarta Post or the Jakarta Globe to turn to and I know what you think of them.


    • Intan 11:49 on July 28, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      Plus-plus is so really annoying.
      I take my little sister and her friends from school, prices at AW say I must pay 280000 rupes so I give 300000.
      No change, they ask me more than 300000.


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