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  • ross1948 16:12 on March 18, 2023 Permalink | Reply
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    Starmer Stupidity Echoed In USA 

    Labour Party leader Keir Starmer has shown his cowardice more than once .

    “Trans rights: Starmer says MP was wrong to say ‘only women have a cervix’’

      Labour’s Penis Problem 

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    Stumped By Starmer’s Impotence? Why?

    .. by making really stupid statements which he must know are untrue…

    “Trans rights: Starmer says MP was wrong to say ‘only women have a cervix

    …and we all understand his cowardice is due to the power of the pro-pervert lobby in his party.

    But it seems the same kind of woke drivel-think is oozing around the USA, where  there’s a report about a….

    “…course for first-year students at Indiana University School of Medicine instructs future medical professionals to use the phrase “people with cervices” instead of “women.”

    That’s just one example of the indoctrination in what one medical professor decried as an “anti-scientific” and “anti-biological” new part of the school’s curriculum.

    The professor, who spoke to The Daily Signal on the condition of anonymity, was also disturbed that he heard nothing about this indoctrination until it had already been implemented.  READ

    We know that unwholesome nonsense like that often originates with cultural marxists….


    …in America and is then imported by their fellow-degenerates in the UK.

    Does anyone know whether Comrade Keir spent minutes and minutes working on his anti-science outbursts all by himself…



    … or did he just grab a brochure published by ‘gender-ideology’ jerks in California…



    ….or, as we must now sadly speculate, Indiana?



  • ross1948 14:35 on June 7, 2022 Permalink | Reply
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    A Very Queer Update From Keir! 

    From LBC…

    In March Sir Keir refused to tell Nick whether he thought a woman could have a penis, sparking mockery on social media.



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    • Keir Starmer’s never-ending story –“Trans rights: Starmer says MP was wrong to say ‘only women have a cervix’’  Labour’s Penis Problem 
    • Breaking News…

    The Labour Party leader has fessed up on his true feelings about male genitalia.

    Now he claims that only ‘the vast majority of women don’t have a penis!’


    And to the minority, it seems, he thinks we should all defer, offering ‘respect’ to their delusionary nonsense…

    …their sad belief that by wishing they were women, they have magically become women.

    Next time I go shopping, I shall tell the cashier that I have long wished I were a millionaire, so I must be one…

    …and so I should be accorded appropriate purchasing power.

    Yet I fear the gal will request proof – sight of my cash or credit/debit card.

    Prudent, surely,  to demand indisputable evidence.

    So next time some stubbly freak approaches a toilet marked for Ladies, or ‘women,’ as ladies are nowadays described, similar sight of proof must be required.



    An horrid sight, unlikely to be willingly allowed.

    But then, soon enough, perhaps, if Labour’s far-left Mayor of London has his decadent way…


    Ladies and Gents’ No More -Sadiq Fatwa Bans Courtesy! 

    …Brits Will All Pee Together!



  • ross1948 15:15 on February 8, 2022 Permalink | Reply
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    BBC-Pedo Savile Case? Starmer DID Apologise! 

    A 2016 report into his abuse found staff at the BBC missed numerous chances to stop him.
    And now the BBC tells us anxiously that somebody in a crowd shouted ‘Jimmy Savile’ and Starmer had to be bundled away by cops?
    Ludicrously, at 2pm today, Jakarta time, I heard the BBC describe Savile simply as a ‘TV personality…’
    …hiding the jarring truth that he was BBC’s pet predator!
    Nor did Little Laura Kuensberg mention Savile’s BBC relationship in her long BBC website screed. 


    Whilst anyone who reads this blog, even once a month, will be aware of how much I abhor Jellyfish Johnson….

    True Colours? Jellyfish Crawls To The Coven! 

    A Jellyfish Trapped In A Fairy Circle?

    Has Anyone Costed Bojo’s BLM Appeasement Commission

    ….it’s important to note that his remarks about Starmer’s presence at the top of the Crown Prosecution Service during the Savile scandal need not be dismissed or twisted as so many media hacks have done.

    Far right celebrates after Johnson repeats ‘Savile slur’ in parliament

    The prime minister was widely criticised for repeating the slur that is widespread online – but extremists were delighted https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2022/feb/05/far-right-celebrates-after-johnson-repeats-savile-slur-in-parliament

    The Telegraph makes the point that whoever heads any organisation has a desk on which the buck at least used to stop.


    No photo description available.

    Fair point!


    Having considered all that, why was Starmer NOT involved in the decision?

    It seems fundamentally odd that the handling of a case involving such a ‘high-profile’ low-life as the BBC’s child-molester would not have been referred upwards, so that at least the top dog could have a look.

    If Starmer was kept in the dark by his underlings, the question arises – why was Starmer kept in the dark?

    On the other hand, what we know about the Crown Prosecution Service suggests that Starmer was not the only leftist lurking in its corridors..

    Crown Prosecution Or Crimmigrant Collabos?

    Hasil gambar untuk keir starmer



    ‘Migrants crossing Channel to claim asylum in UK ‘will no longer be prosecuted’

    Priti’s Legalice Stab Brits In The Back 

    ….nor the only one to move on to other spheres of activity. Don’t Blame The Judge – ‘Twas The Jurors! 

    We should ask why Jellyfish has not ordered an investigation into how many leftists are still employed within CPS ranks…



    …and if they are basing decisions on ideology rather than the right of decent British people, adult or children, to be safe from predators.

    • Noreen Paterson 23:11 on February 8, 2022 Permalink | Reply

      The Crown Prosecution Service was a big mistake. It used to be that the police took responsibility for prosecutions ( the police then were more honest) but then the CPS was set up and the usual “civil servants,’ or shall we say smug know-alls, took over, leftwing io varying degrees.


    • Mack The Knife 23:58 on February 8, 2022 Permalink | Reply

      Your comments column has been inaccessible all day.
      I wanted to comment on at least three, this one most of all but could not get through..
      Anyway, one last time before I give up.
      Well said, every word.


  • ross1948 21:10 on November 28, 2021 Permalink | Reply
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    Crown Prosecution Or Crimmigrant Collabos? 

    Didn’t Labour leader Keir Starmer used to run the Crown Prosecution Service


    Hasil gambar untuk keir starmer


    He has his new job now, but it seems like a lot of his former CPS colleagues (comrades?) still ostensibly serving Britain….


    The Crown Prosecution Service notoriously…UK Tax-Payers – ‘Defective Descendants Of Albino Mutants?’ …crawls to BLM racism


    – if any ‘civil servants’ today still see that as their role-

    ….are no better than Enemy Within collabos.

    Here’s the latest news of their anti-British mind-set!

    The Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) is failing to prosecute migrants who arrive in the UK illegally, figures show, as MPs warned that “soft touch” justice was encouraging people to get on small boats to cross the Channel…. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2021/11/26/failure-prosecute-migrants-arriving-illegally-leaves-uk-looking/

    That’s a damn disgrace.

    We know there have been thousands of crimmigrants pouring in from France….

    only 51 convictions among 46,000 people who have entered illegally since December 2019


    … and each and every one of the wannabe parasites should have been charged and detained….

    ….not just a paltry 51, for pity’s sake.

    If convicted, of course, of ANY offence, they should not serve further time…

    ( at already over-burdened tax-payers’ expense!)

    …but simply get kicked out, back to where they came from.


    • Pamela 21:41 on November 28, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      They must be a very strange ‘prosecution’ service if they don’t prosecute serious criminal acivity.
      They should be fired, or transferred to another government department, like the one that hands out social security payments or pensions.
      If they had to look at the cases of old people struggling to survive, they might develop a conscience.
      That is unlikely,though. The left have no time for British people, if there are illegals that ‘need’ help.


  • ross1948 14:30 on September 27, 2021 Permalink | Reply
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    The Madness Of Keir Starmer! 

    Thou Shalt Not Speak The Truth!


    Asked about the row, Sir Keir said claiming only women have cervixes was “something that shouldn’t be said..”.

    This eagerness to suppress truth is alarming, given that Starmer is a former Director of Public Prosecutions…


    Hasil gambar untuk keir starmer



    When a party leader reveals he has –

    A – either lost all grasp of reality… or

    B – sold his soul to appease freaks

    Then he needs to be retired.

    But so deeply saturated is British public discourse with gaystapo poison that any new Labour leader would be just as cowardly, and..



    …make statements just as heinously dishonest as Starmer’s.

    And as for the Tories?

    ..Health Secretary Sajid Javid attacked the Labour leader, saying his remarks were a “total denial of scientific fact”.


    True, of course!

    But, presumably with Javid’s knowledge and at least acquiescence, Jellyfish Johnson is hard at work, pushing through the degenerate agenda…

    Queers Day Question – Will Bojo Copy Turdo’s Freak ‘Ban Plan?’ 

    …which we wrote about months ago, living up to that vile woman’s left-liberal legacy.

    Mrs. May Set To Poison Tots’ Minds 

    The Conservative Party, like Labour, is steeped in evil.

    • Pamela 17:06 on September 27, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      We must all be waiting for the next verse from the Gospel of St. Starmer,.
      What should we expext next?
      ‘Claiming that the world is round is something that should not be said.’
      ‘Claiming that the Queen’s Coronation took place in 1953 is something that should not be said.’
      ‘Claiming that Paris is the capital city of France is something that should not be said.’

      The Labour leader is a complete fool and we should all be laughing at hin, but isn’t it frightening that this could be our next Prime Minister?

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    • Amanda Adams 20:23 on September 27, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      Starmer is making himself a laughing stock.

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  • ross1948 19:29 on July 24, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    Starmer-Troops Urging OfCom – ‘Stomp UK Media Diversity?’ 

    My personal eating habits have changed since the onset of the Chinese Virus, simply because it’s faster and easier to use cucumbers, cheese and tomatoes to make salads – which I find I like – than to prepare anything else.


    Still, I relapse now and then.

    I bestirred myself and boiled up a couple of packets of instant noodles with potatoes the other day and it was yummy!

    But my regular Indonesian visitor, on hearing of my detour from the straight and narrow dietary path, scolded me cheerfully –

    ‘Karbo terus!

    Non-Stop Carbohydrates!

    So I was thinking of writing about Bojo’s latest Nanny-State venture, his ban on ‘junk-food’ ads….

    ..Johnson had previously criticised the sugar tax, labelling it a “sin stealth tax”, but is understood to have changed his mind after he was hospitalised with Covid-19 in April. The prime minister is said to blame his own weight issues for contributing to his illness…



    …which says more about Bojo’s infantile inability to control his personal gluttonous urges than anything else, and his evident assumption all other Brits need to be told what to eat, like 5-year-olds.

    But I prefer to alert readers to something much of the British media will perhaps have gloated over.


    Read this, then use the link!

    We have this leaked letter, arguably proof that Sir Keir Starmer wishes to curb the free press and most notably attack an independent, so-called, media regulator,” said Ashraf Rattansi, host of RT’s Going Underground, referring to the Labour leader.


    I often take a look at RT and never know if it will make me smile, or nod approvingly, or explode!

    RT’s Sophie Gushes At Foul-Mouthed Un-American!  

    But unlike Theresa the Bubbler…


    May BANS Media From Media Freedom Conference – Seriously! .

    =Gambar terkait

    …I have always defended RT’s right to publish what it pleases!

    Hands Off RT! Somebody Should Start A Petition! 

    ..because, as I have noted previously –

    – it has done what a BBC report claims it has been ‘attempting’ to do. – ‘position itself as an alternative to mainstream media outlets’

    RT OK – Some Reasons Why May’s Jackboot Is Misplaced!

    It has its own biases, though nothing as all-pervasive as the BBC’s, which for years and years…

    …but this year with almost manic escalation…

    …has poisoned the air-waves with its partisan prejudice.


    But if you carefully peruse the linked RT report, you will see for yourselves what Labour is up to, eager to collaborate with an un-elected outfit, OfCom, which should have no place in a free society, as a jackboot on the throat of free expression, or at all!

    We now have the words of… Starmer’s Shadow Department of Culture, Media, and Sports Secretary in a private letter sent to this independent regulator saying, almost telling her urgently, ‘I need to see you.’

    Jo Stevens
    …Jo Stevens, Starmer’s Shadow ‘Culture’ spokesperson


    To do what?

    To interfere with an independent regulator?



    If OfCom is holding secret conclaves with censorious Labour busy-bodies like Starmer’s sneaky side-kick, Jo Stevens, it’s no ‘independent regulator!’

    • Noreen Paterson 21:23 on July 24, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      Tell me, Ross, how you choose what news to discuss.
      This was very interesting to read, but got me wondering.
      You jump from your eating tastes to Boris Johnson’s, then completely break with all that and go on to RT.
      You ignore important countries for weeks but write about places some of us have barely even heard of.
      Is there any pattern to it that I can’t figure out?


      • ross1948 12:20 on July 25, 2020 Permalink | Reply

        Good afternoon, Noreen. Your comments are always welcome, especially as you are articulate and don’t make me overhaul your grammar as others often do.
        My apologies for not replying sooner but time-zones matter.
        The answer?
        Purely random,is how I work.
        Sometimes somebody sends me something, or I read something – I read constantly – and it gets me started. Sometimes what I write lies dormant in the pending box for weeks. Then breaking news reminds me to dust it off and use it.
        At the moment I am obviously engaged in the war of civilisation V barbarism, BLM being the latter and it being a real threat to all civilised countries.
        I’m writing much more about America, because unlike Britain, the USA has a leader who is fighting back.
        The larger countries get plenty of attention but the smallest news item in the smallest country will catch my eye if it seems interesting or useful to make a point.
        And sometimes, on a sunny day like today, I get fanciful and let my mind roam, thinking of fun ideas that will infuriate undesirables!


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