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  • ross1948 18:24 on January 10, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    Ress-Mogg Shames Himself, His Party And His Government! 

    Up till this week, I had a lot of time for Jacob Rees-Mogg.


    Rees-Mogg Rumble- Who Really Is Divisive


    You can check back through the blog for proof of that.


    I could ignore his ridiculous collaboration in the Commons tribute to that slimy little Bercow, although now that Mogg has become the object of my displeasure, I won’t…

    But Did Berk Bercow ANSWER The Question? 

    Image result for bercow brexit


    ….Bercow, when I knew him, in London, years ago, was a straight-talking patriot.

    He became a lousy left-liberal Europhiliac, and as for how he treated his staff as Speaker?

    He deserves leper-status, abhorred by all, for his performance in the chair, not a laudatory chorus.

    Enough of that.

    For today, it’s Rees-Mogg who deserves a sound blog-thrashing!


    For egging on a caterwauling SNP queeress MP, who wants to set the police on an octogenarian Ulsterman, Ken Maginnis, who, as an MP himself, served his constituents faithfully for years, before being elevated to the Lords.


    Lord Maginnis
    Ken Maginnis

    Old Ken had a dispute with security staff at the entrance to the Lords, into which the SNP MP stuck its snout.

    Later he made a passing reference to the separatist sexual maladjust as ‘queer,’ which, being a lesbian, she clearly is.


    SNP MP Reports Lord Maginnis To Police For
    Hannah Bardell, Lesbian separatist MP

    As a result, the nasty bitch got her tartan tweedy knickers in a real twist, stamped her (hob-nail-booted?) little foot and lost it!

    Not even a puff at a corn-cob pipe could likely have calmed her fevered brow!


    She’d report Lord Maginnis to the Metropolitan Police for a ‘hate-crime!’

    More good reason to abolish that absurd category of ‘criminal offence,’ never mind that queers often refer to themselves as queer!

    Okay, we expect shrill tantrums from aberrants.


    What about the fake ‘High Tory’ Mogg?

    Listen to his ‘LGBT’ grovel-rant!

    :“The attack on the honorable lady was indescribably disgraceful and she clearly owes an apology from the noble lord for what he said about her.

    “I think everyone who heard about it was shocked by the comments that they are said to have made and that they have not contested.

    “I think they’re really appalling and I know we can’t criticize members of the other house or place other than on a specific request, but I think we can stretch the rules in these circumstances.”


    ‘Stretch the Rules?’

    Mogg Crawls to the Gaystapo!

    Maginnis tells the truth and faces investigation for doing so?

    Mogg has plainly abandoned those High Tory traditional moral values he liked us to think he clung to.

    No wonder Bojo favours him!


    • David Blaxton 19:10 on January 10, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      Rees Mogg has let down every conservative who looked to him to be their spokesman in Johnson’s government. Like you say, nobody expected much of Johnson but a lot of people expected Mogg to be on the side of traditional values.
      In the USA the gay agenda is roller-coastering along.
      Trump has done a little to slow it down but not much.


    • Noreen Paterson 20:10 on January 10, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      How disillusioning.
      I read about the trouble with Ken Maginnis’s security pass and the worst ‘crime’ he has committed was losing his temper with a jobsworth.
      For that lesbian to go wailing to the police because Maginnis said correctly that she’s queer is outrageous.

      She is a queer, and if Rees-Mogg was any kind of democratic conservative he would have told her off, not made the offensive comments about Maginnis that he did.
      We can’t trust anybody in this ‘Conservative’ government.


  • ross1948 23:54 on July 15, 2019 Permalink | Reply
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    Fire The Rip-Off Republican Rátbag! 

    It’s an almost stunningly foul deed done by the British Government, if it’s true, and it almost certainly is.

    Tax-payers’ money, to the tune of £10000, was dished out to a disloyal scumbag ‘civil servant’ at the Northern Ireland Office ‘because he was offended at having to walk past portraits of the Queen and Duke of Edinburgh.’


    For God’s Sake!

    The swine presumably didn’t object to HM’s picture on the cash shoved into his slimy pockets.

    What he should have got, and deserved, was a sound thrashing and a boot up his bigot backside on the way out the servants’ exit, into the gutter…


    …where Dublin’s Fifth Columnists belong.

    That the revelation is true can hardly be doubted, because the mangy mandarins at the NIO have gone into instant cover-up mode.

    We will not comment on individual personnel matters,” weaseled some mouthpiece of the mandarins.


    But Ken Maginnis, a very good Ulster MP who’s now in the House of Lords, not only exposed the scandal but named the piece of republican filth who staged the shake-down…



     “Lee Hegarty, who serves on the Parades Commission…”

    It’s appalling that anyone disloyal to Queen and Country should be working in any capacity in the civil service, which supposedly exists to administer HM Government’s policies.

    But for a department of state to reward a ratbag for flaunting his traitorous mentality, promoting him to a senior position on a body already disliked for its perceived anti-British antics…



    … instead of firing him on the spot?

    And why did May’s minister, Teresa Villiers MP, approve the payment to the dirty bigot?

    According to information unearthed by Lord Maginnis, she did so ‘on the recommendation’ of the senior civil servant at the NIO.

    Why didn’t Villiers slap the turd down? Why accept an oily diktat from that smarmy mandarin…


    , Head shot of Sir Jonathan Stephens

    …by the name of Jonathan Stephens.

    Stephens should be shamed into the daylight and publicly cross-examined before at least a parliamentary committee, if not a judge and jury, to learn WHY…

    ….he was so desperate to shower money from the public purse on treacherous vermin like Hegarty.

    • Billy King 13:38 on July 16, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      And then they tell us its Brexit that risks peace in Ulster?
      Its scum like Lee Hegarty, lining his pockets at our expense cos he hates the sight of his lawful sovereign.
      Thrashing is too good for him.


    • Aileen Strathmore 17:58 on July 16, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      You are on the right track but that Stephens doesn’t even deserve a hearing.
      if he recommended dipping into our money to soothe a traitor’s fevered brow, he should be drummed out of the UK Civil Service.


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