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  • ross1948 17:50 on August 24, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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    In Sleazy Massachusetts, What Does One Expect? 


     The proband – is that the correct word?
    An 18-year-old accused of sexually assaulting two high school classmates is facing two years of probation despite the district attorney’s office’s recommendation of two years in jail….
    Scott Berkowitz, President of RAINN (Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network), was disappointed in the judge’s decision.
    Silhouette weeping
    • “It’s really discouraging when everyone in the process does their job and … then you see a sentence like this,” Berkowitz told ABC News today.
    • He said the judge’s decision in this case is likely “discouraging for the victims” and also likely “deters other people from reporting their crimes” and “putting themselves through this entire criminal justice process,” because they will wonder, “is it worth it?….”


    “I don’t think it would ever occur to a judge or lawyer that after someone [was] convicted of a murder, that they [would] just get probation because they deserve a second chance,” Berkowitz said.

    “There would be a universal understanding that there are consequences for committing a crime that bad.”

    Oh Yeah?

    We should sympathise with Mr. Berkowitz’s indignation, but deplore his failure to recognise that, in Massachusetts, there’s a history of an absence of “consequences for committing a crime that bad.” 

  • ross1948 08:35 on July 3, 2015 Permalink | Reply
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    Mary Jo Kopechne for the Ten-Dollar-Bill? 

    Money-changers were chased out of the temple by an irate Jesus and He is generally admired for that exemplary use of corporal punishment.

    So I have been observing with interest reactions in the USA to the latest Obamanation idea, changing America’s money!


    • The U.S. Treasury plans to put a woman in place of Alexander Hamilton on the $10 bill. Who would you like to see on the bill?

    Question of the Day

      Susan B. Anthony
      Nancy Reagan
      Hillary Clinton
      Sandra Day O’Connor
      Sally Ride
      Shirley Chisholm
      Jeannette Rankin
      Rosa Parks
      Amelia Earhart

    View results


    Exactly what did Mr. Hamilton do, to merit being cast into numismatic oblivion?

    I leave that to my readers in that country to tell me, for while I have read and enjoyed much American history, I’m no expert in that man’s role.

    I do find it odd that people not yet dead are being proposed as candidates in the poll above. Surely hubris, for their fans to promote them thus?

    So how about honouring a lady who died young, whose name is still recognised throughout the world as a victim of one of America’s most infamous men, for whom justice was never seriously sought?


    • Phil Walker 09:36 on July 3, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      You will enrage the liberals with this one, Ross, but I have to agree with you that Kennedy’s crime deserves to be immortalised.
      He was a very bad man, and not just for the Chappaquiddick incident.
      I think there are times when the saying about ‘don’t speak ill of the dead’ must be ignored, people like Hitler, Stalin, Mao, and smaller American no-goods like Benedict Arnold and the Rosenbergs.
      Teddy Kennedy has been nearly beatified by the media and a little revisionism is way overdue.


    • Jeannie 13:22 on July 3, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      I like this idea of yours.
      She does deserve to be on the bill, reminding us every time we go out what a sh-t Edward Kennedy was.


    • Lou Drapeau 16:15 on July 3, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      I thought Obama might put Bradley ‘Chelsea’ Manning on the ten-spot. Just his traitor type!

      However, yours is a GREAT idea.
      Poor MaryJo was left to drown by that coward Kennedy. She was just a harmless girl.
      He was rotten to the core and everyone just swept his crimes under the carpet.


    • joey 16:22 on July 3, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      Oh, yes, that is a very good proposal.
      A good person on a currency note to make sure we will never forget the ‘man’ who killed her.
      Some of your stuff is righteous but monotonous, if I may say so, but congratulations on this one!


    • Barry Kane 04:42 on December 31, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      This year is almost gone forever, just like poor Mary-Jo, and of all your many good ( and some not so good ) blog emissions in 2015, I think this was the best.


      • ross1948 12:57 on December 31, 2015 Permalink | Reply

        Thanks, Barry!
        I was inspired by your comment to revisit the Democrats and Girls issue.


  • ross1948 22:54 on March 23, 2015 Permalink | Reply
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    Abbott’s Eire Error? A Bit Irish, To Be Sure! 

    The Australian PM’s call to his nation to celebrate their Irish heritage caused an outcry, largely for the numerous references he made to the colour green, drinking Guinness and singing.


     That’s just weird!


    Even if you have never heard the song about The Wearing of the Green, you’ll have seen international footballers wearing that colour. While Irish whiskey is very well known, Guinness is at least as famous, a product of their Dublin brewery.

    And singing?

    Is that now some shameful activity? Why would any country resent mention of singing as one of their characteristics? 


    So how come Tony Abbott gets it in the neck for talking about those three things on St. Patrick’s Day?

    I have never been reluctant to criticise the man if I think he’s wrong….“Koin Untuk Australia” – Understandable Reaction to Abbott’s Blundering!  …and praise him when he makes sense….Tony Tackling Hizbut Hate-Freaks – Craven Cameron Still Wimps Out! 

    If he had chosen to talk about unpleasant aspects of the Emerald Isle (ooops, green again!) like Sinn Fein/IRA’s terrorism…


    Edward Kennedy Obituary


    ….or the fact that Edward ‘Girl-Drowner’ Kennedy was a descendant of migrants from there..


    • nazi-eu-hitler
    • ———————-
    • … or De Valera’s condolences to the German Embassy in 1945 when Hitler died, then, yes, lots of people would have been upset.

    But he was being pleasant and friendly.

    Why don’t the whingers get a grip?


  • ross1948 23:51 on September 24, 2014 Permalink | Reply
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    Climate Critics for Guantanamo? Another Kennedy Hypocrite Menaces Free Speech! 


    Not a new story, but a new threat



    It might be unfair to say that this latest Post-Camelot Cretin is a stinking hypocrite on a par with his late unlamented Uncle Edward ‘Girl-Drowner’  Kennedy but then that douche-bag would be a hard act for anyone to follow.

    Nevertheless, RFK Jr. is a dangerous, demented dork and his call for critics of his climate panic policies to be persecuted/prosecuted qualifies him as a serious contender for the title of Public Enemy Number One, a crowded field in today’s USA.

    Kennedy told Climate Depot that it is regrettable there are no laws on the books to curtail climate-change skepticism among lawmakers.

    Maybe he reckons his pal Obama could stick ’em all into Guantanamo, once the jihadist terrs are all turned loose! Obama, after all, shares Kennedy’s simpleton mind-set on climate change.


    Mind you ,Michelle was probably lucky just to have to listen to the old scold’s belly-aching. Given the Kennedy family history, it could have been a lot worse had he invited her for a midnight sea-side drive!

    Anyway, just use the link to watch his antics!   http://www.americanthinker.com/blog/2014/09/watch_rfk_jr_lose_it_at_climate_change_march_when_confronted_about_his_hypocrisy.html

    Of course, it’s not only Americans who need to be  their guard against this Stalinoid creep and silly little ‘celebs’ like Leonardo De Caprio, whose starring roles in fictional tales seem to have led him into swallowing the IPCC’s cr@p, hook, line and sinker.

    Yeah, he’s in the video too!

    There are far too many twits from the media who have jumped on the bandwagon, despite enormous ignorance of what’s at stake. We can mock them, but the politicos are a menace – you can bet the taste for totalitarian tactics isn’t unique to RFK Jnr.

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