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  • ross1948 20:05 on March 9, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    Cambridge Cops To Arrest X-Stinko Vandals? 

    As far as I know, that wet wally who runs Cambridgeshire Constabulary has neither resigned nor been dismissed, so one can only imagine how citizens there feel when they pass a cop on the street.

    Why X-Stinkos Aren’t Arrested – Cambridge Cops Offer Excuses! 

    Craven Cambs Cops Refuse To Defend Democracy! 

    …although we know what honest Cambridge folks think about the Stinkos!



      As for the proprietor of that restaurant on Mill Road, I wonder what he thinks, after ‘Extinction Rebellion Cambridge’ aka Stinko Scum,  ‘apologised’ for vandalising his eatery.

      The Stinkos ‘covered the windows of the Vanderlyle restaurant on Mill Road in posters, leaving damage and marks on the outside of the building.’


      No matter what sin they felt had tainted the place, they had no right to do what they did, and, while I’m not expert on every aspect of English law, the phrase ‘criminal damage’ springs to mind.

      Clearly the identity of the sleazy vandals must be known to the Stinko spokes-swine who offered the ‘apology.’

      If Cambs police were doing their job, they’d be calling on the Stinkos and requiring the names of the vandals. If the Stinkos fail to oblige, they should be charged with complicity in the crime.

      But given their pusillanimous police chief’s record of weak-kneed weaselling…?

      I won’t be holding my breath!


    • ross1948 09:21 on February 15, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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      “Masked Thugs Run The Streets Of Portland!” 

      “…masked thugs run the streets of Portland, Oregon, and if you are targeted by them, then you are the problem, according to Portland police.” 


      If you use that link to watch the videos, you’ll very quickly see what the intended victim of an Antifa Red Nazi mob in putrescent Portland was up against!

      Here’s the video. (Content warning: Language):

      Red Nazi mob amok in Portland, unhindered by cops


      …and I do wonder if my suggestion not long ago, that the “entertainment industry’s” recently released ‘Stumptown’ crime fiction series is a left-inspired ploy, to portray the pathetic Portland Police as responsible, even likeable…

      Stumptown TV Series – Aimed At Polishing Portland’s Putrid Name? 

      ….was not absolutely accurate.

      In the real-life incident this month, the Keystone Cops in Oregon actually appear to BOAST that they failed to use appropriate means to disperse the violent Antifa scum…


      ..glass bottle, tennis balls, rock, concrete, batons, cans, and mud at the officers and other people. Three people were treated after being pepper-sprayed by people in the crowd, police said, noting officers did not use force against anyone during this event.”


      …despite the fact that the swine were hurling potentially lethal missiles, not just at cops but at innocent by-standers!

      Those ‘police’ were properly equipped and numerous enough to batter the red bast-rds back into whichever sewers they had oozed out of.

      The cops there carry guns but, as far as we can tell,  never even drew them.

      Planning a trip to America’s North West?


      Avoid Putrescent Portland!

      PS – There was a more general report published this week on who’s complicit in the far-left violence –  https://pjmedia.com/news-and-politics/the-morning-briefing-media-is-complicit-in-leftist-violence-against-trump-supporters/

    • ross1948 09:04 on November 9, 2019 Permalink | Reply
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      Kentucky’s Keystone Cops Let Red Nazi Hoodlum Walk! Arrest Ronaldo Dixon! 

      What an appalling police force Lexington, in Kentucky, is burderned with!



      If a young woman is menaced by a thug, the very least nearby cops should do is grab the brute and hold him for questioning until the truth of the case is clear.

      Not in Lexington, it seems, where a courageous gal named Kaitlin Bennett was told that the next time she faces danger from an Antifa Red Nazi named Ronaldo Dixon, she should just ‘turn and go the other way!

      Protect and Serve?




      Image result for ronaldo dixon antifa"


      By using the link below we can watch a video, of the savage’s victim.



      WHY is there no APB out on this hoodlum Ronaldo Dixon?

      Who is ‘tying the hands’ of Kentucky’s Keystone Cops?

      • Chrissie Miles 10:47 on November 9, 2019 Permalink | Reply

        Something like that.
        Breitbart exposed him!


    • ross1948 18:54 on June 5, 2018 Permalink | Reply
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      ‘Our City Now!’ Alien Pigs Attack Jew, Run Off – And The Cops? 

      And as the sun goes down in Jakarta tonight, a look at the news from Germany suggests that a latter-day version of the swastika seems to have risen over Berlin…



      ….where, according to the Times of Israelhttps://www.timesofisrael.com/israeli-says-he-was-assaulted-in-berlin-for-listening-to-hebrew-song/ – a young Israeli man, waiting for a train in Zooli Station with a couple of pals, was confronted by some of the primitive alien scum who have insanely been allowed to colonise the German capital.

      The completely inoffensive trio ‘were attacked!’


      Because the Israeli lad was listening to a Hebrew song!


      The filthy savages went berserk, ranting that

      “Berlin is our city now…

      …and here we don’t listen to fucking Jewish music.”.

      One of the victims was taken to hospital, a broken bottle the new-style Arab nazis’ weapon of choice. Then OF COURSE the yellow-bellied pigs scuttled off…



      …before any cops might materialise to apprehend them.


      Yes, but here’s what’s disturbing.

      The incident was recorded on the station’s security cameras…Berlin police said in a statement that since the assailants fled the scene the police could not provide details of their identities.

      No footage to study, no description of the filthy savages?

      End of story?

      How about a dragnet through the bad parts of Berlin, where these crimmigrants congregate?

      Or are the Keystones reduced to telling us it’s no use because all undesirable aliens look alike?

      • Hilde 21:38 on June 5, 2018 Permalink | Reply

        Shame on the police but shame on Merkel.
        She is to blame for all the crimes that would not have been committed if she had not opened the gates and let savages pour in.


      • Petra Malley 23:18 on June 5, 2018 Permalink | Reply

        It is no doubt true that Berlin is theirs, but the loss of Germany’s capital need only be temporary, IF there are enough Germans ready to take it back from the barbarians.


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