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  • ross1948 04:09 on March 23, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    Garut Gals Will Cheer You Up – Unless You’re A Kill-Joy! 

    Pretty dismal news on all fronts, and, sadly predictably, when something very un-dismal happens, the kill-joys start braying.



    Garut is located in Indonesia’s West Java province, a source of much unpleasant news over the years… 

    Ahmadi Koran burned by Islamists in Cisalada, 2011


    …but here’s a sight to cheer up all normal people, guys at least!


    HEBOH TARIAN EROTIS DI GARUT, Ditonton Ratusan Laki-laki, Wakil Bupati Jengkel, MUI Sebut Haram

    Dancers at Garut Culture Fest, a week ago.

    Great stuff, yeah?

    But we read in  Tribunnews.com that –

    The dancing of those girls evoked controversy from the citizenry of Garut.

    The local ‘scholars’ got all fretty.

    ’The girls’ activity is deemed not to reflect the vision of Garut Regency!’

    Oh dear!

    The local Majelis Ulama Indonesia (MUI) chairman, Sirodjul Munir, holds that whoever staged this ‘must take responsibilty, because the show does not accord with Garut culture. Moreover, the dancing could be seen by minors!’

    It’s clearly haram! It has disturbed the morality of the people.”

    Like, uh, which people?

    The audience didn’t seem at all upset, and since there is no nudity evident in the video…


    …though it’s hard to tell, because the video is blighted by the imposition of opaque intrusions, similar to the way state censors here blur cleavage when a bar-maid in a film bends forward!


    ….why bring minors into it?

    Do West Java folks never wear shorts?

    Sadly, it appears that the deputy regent joined in the whining, regrets galore!

    The MUI man is no doubt a worthy successor to the gent who held the same position nine years ago…



    …who objected to the lovely Miss Universe contestant pictured above, and we are all too familiar with the thinking of the ‘scholars…

    “A Wise And Noble Step?” Islamic ‘Scholars’ On Terrorist Unleashed In Indonesia! 

     Bali Hindu King – Don’t Kill Our Cows! Muslim ‘Scholars’ – Get Lost!!  

     Islamist ‘Scholars’ – “Don’t Complain if You’re Attacked!” 

    …and not just in West Java!

    But when people in Indonesia, just like everyone else in the world, are feeling stressed and depressed, can the wowsers not lighten up and choke back their kill-joy chorusing?

    • JazPen 16:47 on March 23, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      Indonesian girls always cheer me up!
      I wish some of the ‘scholarly’ men were not so depressing.


    • Jim Ex Jakarta 20:07 on March 23, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      What is wrong with these sad ‘men?’
      No fun, no freedom, is that how they expect people to live?
      If they get all hot and bothered at the sight of pretty girls’ legs, then that is their problem.
      They should stay in and take cold showers, not embarass themselves by complaining when the audience had no complaints.


  • ross1948 21:23 on December 16, 2019 Permalink | Reply
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    Alas For Australia, Lucky Country No More! 

    National Health and Medical Research Council updates guidelines for first time since 2009 and says adults should average no more than 1.4 drinks a day


    Let’s hear it for those Australian kill-joys!


    You go out to the pub with your mates and go home after TWO drinks?

    The secret of immortality, clearly.


    If you’ve never lived, how can you ever die?

    • Kenny Darlow 23:25 on December 16, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      It’s the same in England, nosey parker ‘experts’ telling us in one ear that we are all going to drown due to climate change and more shouting in the other ear that we can’t be allowed to smoke or drink in our few pre-drowning years.


    • Ned A 17:22 on December 17, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      Bloody experts. Two beers?
      They drive normal people to drink!


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    Malevolent ‘Dutch’ Multicultists Target Kids’ Christmas Fun! 

    I see that the annual PC ( pinko creep) ranting against Holland’s Black Piet has begun again!

    black-pete Black Pete, who is presented in colonial attire with a black face and large red lips, is celebrated as part of Dutch Christmas.   https://euobserver.com/tickers/130050

    We’ve covered this kill-joy caper by far-left multcultist malevolents FAR too many times to have to go over it yet again in detail.


    Black Piet OK! Parasite State Media V Dutch Xmas Fun! 

    Suffice to say that if some immigrants and their off-spring don’t like it, tough.

    It’s a new-comers’ duty to adapt, not demand the host nation change customs it doesn’t wish to change.

    The undesirable alien crowd has in the past not hesitated to try hoodlum tactics…

    = kids_alone01 We reported some  years ago how Dutch left extremists waged their heroic multicult war on little children.

    Intolerant Leftists Disrupt Dutch Kids’ Party 


    …to impose their uppity arrogance on difficult Dutch people who breathtakingly believe that they have a right to enjoy their own cultural traditions in their own country.

    So it’s no surprise that some of the uppities, having sown the wind, now find they’re reaping a little bit of whirlwind in response.

    .   Last week, police arrested four people in The Hague after they stormed a building where anti-Black Pete activists were gathered, smashing windows and throwing fireworks in an apparent attempt to intimidate them.

    Well, my heart goes out to them!

    I mean to the arrestees, not the far-left f-wits in the building!

    The Kingdom of the Netherlands is one of Europe’s oldest democracies. So whatever whining minorities may say, what counts is what the majority want.

    And a recent opinion poll showed 59% of Dutch people wanted to keep “Zwarte Piet” in blackface…

    Another 26% said the tradition needed to be changed gradually.

    =   =appeasement

    Sadly, this appeasement mentality seems to be growing, and it’s time to challenge the drips who want to kow-tow, like the municipal leaderships in Amsterdam and Rotterdam and –

    -the national public broadcaster

    who have decided to ditch blackface in favour of figures smeared with soot – from the chimneys they are said to go down to bring children their presents.   https://www.theguardian.com/world/2019/nov/16/dutch-anti-racism-activists-plan-protests-blackface-character


    How soon will it be that some pinko creep starts pushing for poor Piet to have his faced smeared with pink soot?

    Image result for rainbow face

    Or, given the ‘orientation’ of so many of the pathetiques who get their kicks by being kill-joys, RAINBOW soot!

    • Jan K 17:12 on November 20, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      Since when do multiculters care what the majority thinks?
      They may begin to care, when the Dutch are the minority, outbred in their own country.
      Between 15- 20% now, more coming in, reproducing all the time.
      Wilders is right.


    • Martin Van G 01:32 on November 21, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      The Dutch ‘national public broadcaster’ has thrown its support behind the small minority of Dutch who want to change Black Piet?
      Like the BBC they use public money to pay the salaries but do not ever respect the wishes of those who pay them.
      State media are a bad idea.
      Better to privatise them.


  • ross1948 14:17 on April 19, 2019 Permalink | Reply
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    One Daily Bacon Rasher = Cancer Risk? 

    Oh for God’s Sake!

    I just saw that ‘news’ on the BBC yesterday, or the day before, and groaned…


    …not loudly, but more of a muffled sigh of exasperation.

    Is there NOTHING, no simple joy at all, that the kill-joys don’t want to spoil with their whining?




    Better to tell these sticky-beaks ‘experts’ to cut back on their baloney!

    • Chrissie Miles 16:04 on April 19, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      I must be dead already.
      Hardly a day goes by without bacon and eggs for breakfast and sometimes lunch if I have time.
      Of course I ignore these prophets of doom.
      If I read all their stodgy warnings, I would need another cigarette to calm myself down.


  • ross1948 04:10 on January 24, 2019 Permalink | Reply
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    Thigh-Phobia Update – Countering Indonesia’s Kill-Joys With Comedy 

    You will remember, perhaps, the killjoy campaign against that pretty K-Pop group Black-Pink, which we wrote about last month!


    BlackPink OK – Thigh Panic Hits Indonesia! 

    Image result for shopee blackpink

    ‘The clothes do not even cover the thighs!’

    So whined the middle-aged misery who started the censorship petition, and incredibly, the tax-funded bureaucrats whose job it is to safeguard people here from the awful sight of female thighs ( not male, it seems!)  caved in – that utterly inoffensive ad was removed from public view.


    Related image


    Just in case you appreciate, like I do, attractive young females, here are a few more Black Pink photos.


    Image result for black pink


    So sadly, censorious prudes made Indonesia something of a laughing stock.

    But laughter has not yet been banned here, not quite yet, and the proof of that was a retaliatory petition, not the big one I mentioned in that previous post, but a smaller one, which nevertheless got quite a few signatures.

    That petition requested support for Maimon Herawati, the initiator of the BLACKPINK ad stop petition –

    – to become a member of the girl band!



    Usai Stop Iklan Shopee, Muncul Dukungan Maimon Herawati Jadi Personel BLACKPINK


    Can you picture her in such a role?


    Image result for har har har

    I have to say, poor old Maimon looks exactly as I expected she’d look! Namely, like somebody who is not having much fun!

    I feel sorry for her, in a way, but would feel sympathy only if she had not, by her petition, shown that she doesn’t want the rest of us to have much fun either.


    That’s the link to the petition, which has evidently languished since the forces of gloom triumphed.

    Perhaps, just for fun (God Forbid!) you readers could add your names to it.

    It will have no practical effect but it costs you no money and only moments of your time, and would show a bit of moral support to the forces of humour and cheer here.


    • Santi 10:36 on January 25, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      Very funny, yes.
      I do not think she will accept invitations to join the band.


    • Wulan 14:28 on January 25, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      I will help her join the miniskirt girl band.


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    Only In Benighted Aceh? Fun Fake-Santa Video Maker Detained! 

    Maybe it might not only happen in Aceh, Indonesia’s Dark Age province, where slightly built young women are publicly flogged by masked brutes for reasons the rest of the world would laugh at, were the rest of the world not shuddering…



    The Sharia Hell of Aceh!


    …but certainly it’s no surprise that it’s happened there, the latest demonstration of the po-faced kill-joy mentality we have come to expect…



    Aceh’s Mad Mullah – ‘Dancing is EVIL – It Involves Body Movements!’ 


    …after years of observing how dreary life must be in the province that likes to style itself ‘the Verandah of Mecca.

    After a video of Vice Presidential candidate Ma’aruf Amin ‘wearing a Santa Claus costume‘ appeared all too briefly on the internet…


    MUI’s Deputy Chair, Ma’aruf Amin


    …the cops up there ‘moved quickly and arrested‘ the alleged culprit, a man with the initial S.

    Aceh Regional Police Chief Inspector Rio S Djambak seems to be quite pleased with his force’s alacrity…


    Image result for rio s djambak kapolda aceh


    …and he has promised that the police will continue to hunt down the video makers because they are said to have spread hate speech. 


    Since when is a good-natured jokey video ‘hate speech!’


    Hoax KH Ma'ruf Pakai Baju Santa


    Well, the answer to that is when the man ostensibly wearing the Santa suit is not only President Jokowi’s VP candidate but also a senior figure in the MUI, the ‘Indonesian Council of Scholars’ – ‘scholars’ here in Indonesia actually means ISLAMIC ‘scholars,’ by the way.

    We have written a lot about the MUI…

    Adam Created By Angel?” Islamist ‘ScholarsCall the Cops

    Cops – “Islamist ‘Scholars’ Can Veto Religious Liberty” 

    …and it is useful for folks overseas to read it, particularly on the wisdom of Ma’aruf Amin.

    Related image

    Jokowi’s VP Pick – A Champion Of Clitoral Clipping! 

    So Ma’aruf Amin is probably the last person one might expect to see in Father Christmas gear, which is why anyone who saw the video would very promptly realise it was a joke…


    … but as we know, humour is as rare as door-to-door carolling in Aceh.

    Listen to top cop Rio, who has –

    – advised the public not to try making content containing hate speech. “We don’t mess about with this problem, we don’t discredit people, spread hate speech or bring other people into disrepute. It’s a crime.”

    “The police will hunt down all those involved in the hate speech video. Moreover, the victim of this video is a vice presidential candidate.”

    I don’t see why Amin’s political prominence should come into it – after all, if there is hatred being spread via the internet against even the humblest Jakarta street-sweeper, that should concern an impartial police force every bit as much as some saucy jibe at a cleric running for high office…

    …but perhaps somebody will ask Rio about that.

    Meanwhile, he’s a top cop with a mission.

    “We will arrest all of them!”

    To put all this brou-ha-ha in perspective, Ma’aruf Amin amazed the nation a day or two ago by wishing his Christian fellow-citizens an unprecedented ‘Merry Christmas!’

    He had hitherto been seemingly reluctant to offer this basic civility…

    “The issue is debated, [so] it’s better not to say it,” he said in December 2012 as reported by tempo.co. He reiterated his stance in 2016 as reported by tribunnews.com, that “I would rather not say [‘Merry Christmas’]” if disagreements existed on the issue. .https://www.thejakartapost.com/news/2018/12/25/jokowis-vp-maruf-amin-posts-rare-christmas-greeting.html

    …but, hey, it’s an election year coming up!

    All the Muslims I know were happy to offer me the traditional Christmas greeting, but there are a minority of sectarian uptights around, whom we have noted in the past.

    IslamoNazi Christmas Warning – Don’t You Dare Disturb Us Bigots! 

    Whether poor ‘S’ uploaded or downloaded the video, I have no idea.

    But all the fuss about this video is baffling.

    Neither Amin’s fans or foes can be expected to believe what they see if they watch it – so what’s the big deal?

    • Budi 08:45 on December 28, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      Of course nobody thinks he ever wear Santa hat. It was a big joke.
      You ask good question. Why no sense of humor here anymore?


    • Jim in Jakarta 13:00 on December 28, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      They do like to make fools of themselves!
      And I do not mean the funsters who made that video,


    • Kezia 16:48 on December 28, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      Ma’aruf Amin should tell police to drop the case. It is only silly fun.
      But there is a problem.
      Do not expect any MUI to have a sense of humor.


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    An Odd Islamist Boy In The Big Apple! 

    “Obviously the date wasn’t the best date,” said senior Pakeza Sahbbir, who will be not attending. “You’re not suppose to listen to music during Ramadan, so that’s why it’s not really allowed.”  http://abc7ny.com/society/nyc-school-wont-move-prom-over-ramadan-conflict/2027911/

    That’s from an ABC report about some high school in New York which has apparently been put under pressure for holding its students’ prom during Ramadhan. I hear there’s been an appeasement pledge from the authorities not to do so ever again.

    The rise and rise of Saudi America?

    But it’s the sheer drivel from  the student quoted above that grabbed my attention.

      ‘Not supposed to listen to music?’ 

    Who says?

    Living here in the largest Muslim majority country in the world, it’s almost impossible NOT to listen to music during Ramadhan. If you channel surf, you’ll soon find tons of music, singing, dancing, capering about, all celebrating Ramadhan.

    I just checked Kompas TV, ANTV and Indosiar, three popular channels, all ablare with good musical fun!

    If you go shopping in the malls, the canned Islamic/Arabic music just goes on and on.

    There no doubt are kill-joys around, all year long, like that cretinous cleric in Aceh…



    Aceh’s Mad Mullah – ‘Dancing is EVIL – It Involves Body Movements!’ 


    …just as I have met rude bigot women, maybe two or three in all my nearly twenty years here, who wrap a cloth around their sectarian hands before deigning to shake mine…

    Sweden – Rude Little Rat Plays Race Card! 

    Swiss School Panders To Sectarian Brats! 

    ….just like those obnoxious sectarian brats we reported in Europe last year.


    But MOST Muslims here enjoy listening to music, during Ramadhan as well as before and after Ramadhan.

    Indonesia has many problems, including a definite and regrettable drift towards Arabisation,

    But thanks be, any benighted fanatic like New York’s primitive young Pakeza would find himself a very odd man out in Jakarta.


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    Minol Dilarang? Bright Morning Here But Dark Age Looms! 


    It’s a fine morning out there, and in here breakfast is being prepared.

    Later I must get going and find a computer store, to install my latest Kapersky anti-virus. These modern computers don’t have a slot into which the disk fits, so I need the assistance of somebody who knows his (or preferably her!) way around technology.

    However, before heading out, a word on some news spotted in Republika.com.




    Although I’m sure there are some sensible people among the ranks of Indonesia’s PPP  – United Development Party  – (the current Minister of Religious Affairs, Lukman, is a member and he’s a vast improvement on his predecessor, the unspeakable Suryadharma Ali, who was and is also PPP) its followers rarely say things which meet with my approval.

    Thus no surprise to read the outburst from Arwani Thomafi, who sits on the House of Representatives Commission V.


    Arwani has just declared that the introduction of nationwide prohibition is the responsibility of the public and law enforcement officials.

    Infantilising the population, denying that they are mature enough to decide for themseleves what they wish to drink, is, alas, only to be expected from the political establishment here.

    We have, even in Jakarta, civic leaders who reckon all good little boys and girls, including adults, should be tucked up in their cosy wee beds by midnight! 



    ‘You’re Only An Adult! It’s Past Your Bedtime!’ Jakarta Rules, OK? 

    But Arwani did surprise me by denying that the Prohibition Bill, now reaching its final stage in committee, is sectarian.

    The principle of the prohibition of minol by Parliament is not because of the religious aspect, but in of health, social and economic terms.

    ( minol  = minuman alkohol = alcoholic beverages)



    • The impact of these negative effects, in the field of criminality, that is what concerns us, not a matter of Islam and non-Islam..

    Well, that’s like banning cars because some drivers are reckless!

    So that’s not how others see this pending legislation.


    Shariah Controlled Zone_thumb[1]


    Creeping Shariah is one alternative perception, dragooning grown-ups by a Big Brother state which perceives a glass of cold beer on a hot day as haram – and is not satisfied with the normal age-restrictions on beer-sales and the already draconian restrictions on where we can buy such appealing products.

    Creeping Shariah,’ Warns Prof. Muhammed, As Jakarta Dims! 

    And thanks to Arwani, we learn that it’s not so ‘creeping.’ He boasts that there are numerous regencies (local government areas) all over the archipelago that have introduced such intolerant diktats, including Papua Manokwari,  South Jogjakarta, Sleman, South Kalimantan Banjarbaruand provinces...


    The Sharia Hell of Aceh!

    The Sharia Hell of Aceh!


    …and of course let’s not forget the focus of brutal bigotry in Indonesia, Aceh, where the joys of shariah law are displayed to perfection in our photograph of a cowardly masked fanatic beating a young girl before an audience of baying savages. 

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    Enrage the Enemy – Get Out And Celebrate! 

    Well, there it is, the final curtain about to come down on a year which has been okay for me personally…
    vintage party animals
    ….but a grim – indeed disastrous – one, in so many ways, around the world.
    The rising tide of barbarism continued, and continues, specific horrific episodes, most abominably in France.
    But it’s not just the sickening series of one-off atrocities. 
    There’s a grand -indeed grotesque – design very clearly discernible too…
    ‘Aw, c’mon, Europe, be tolerant. It’s cultural micro-aggression to demand he uncover his face!’
    ….a programmed colonisation of Europe, building on an existing disloyal population, true, but now dwarfing all previous efforts by the Enemies Within, the cosmopolitan cultural marxists, to subvert their own countries and cultures.
    What’s to be done?
    This may sound flippant, but an immediate option is to get out there tonight and party!
    Have as much fun as you can! It’s surely incontestable that the forces of darkness, with whom patriots in every Western land contend for their nations’ destiny, DETEST fun.
    They despise women, especially women who look like women, especially pretty women.
    And ditto for wine, and song.
    They are sour-faced satanic savages and their only delight tonight will occur if civilised folk give in and sit about doing dull things.
    Brussels and Paris may have cancelled their fireworks, but you can still raise hell, sing and dance and holler when the clock strikes twelve.
    Show the scum you’re not prepared to be bullied into dullness or despair!
    Anyway, whatever YOU do, I’m off out later into the Jakarta night, a bit of a drink, a song or three, but not too heavy a night ahead, alas!
    I must be on my freshest form tomorrow morning, a journey to be undertaken, to a happy reunion on a special day.  
    Therefore my next immediate job is to finalise my packing then hit the warteg for a late brunch, via the minimart for a slop (carton) of Bohem…
    …in case I have to hang around various terminals for whatever reason.
    Not toooooo early a start in the morn, time to consume a swift gallon of black kopi jawa and fry up a batch of bacon and eggs…
    ….for breakfast, of course, but also for sandwiches en route – prices at terminal eateries are damnable rip-offs!
    Fear not, there’ll be more blog-posts today, before 2015 vanishes.
    I’ll wish you all a Happy New Year once it has arrived – and once I have arrived in my destination.
    • Santi 09:39 on January 1, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      Selamat Tahun Baru, Ross, enjoy 2016 and your holiday this weekend.


    • JazPen 09:26 on January 4, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      Happy New Year, Ross


  • ross1948 03:37 on October 8, 2015 Permalink | Reply
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    Hands Off Jakarta Nightclubs! Can Ahok Thwart Kill-joy Creeps? 

    I haven’t always agreed with Jakarta’s Governor Ahok, but it’s fair to say such disagreements are rare.


    • ahok Ahok
    • ——————
    • That’s because he generally talks plain common sense, and has done so again last month, by scorning kill-joy councillors intent on infantilising their fellow-citizens.
    • I mean, what’s with this demand for packing people off to bed at a fit and proper bed-time determined by the likes of City Council Speaker Prasetio Edi Marsudi.

    Ahok has made it clear he’d hammer nightspots guilty of allowing drug abuse, and shown his mettle by shutting the awful Stadium.

    Let’s Re-Open TANAMUR, NOT the Stadium! 


    But he refuses point-blank to contemplate Prasetio’s demand to make law-abiding clubs close early.

    “What is wrong with discotheques?” asked Ahok.

    Nothing, of course!


    • Hasil gambar untuk wild party
    • =============
    • Young people, and many not so young, enjoy them, revelling till the wee small hours.
    • But that seems to be what gets up the wowsers’ noses.

    Prasetio expressed concerns over the lengthy operational hours of nightspots in the capital. He called on the city administration to reduce the operational hours up to the middle of the night only. He observed that a number of nightspots operated until 2 a.m. and even 3 a.m.


    •  Prasetio
    • ===============
    • Well, hell!
    • Heavens to Murgatroyd!
    • No rational argument adduced to support his censorious stance, except that some clubs are afflicted by narcotics, which is undoubtedly true, but not in any logical way linked to their hours of opening and closure.

    I suppose Prasetio has drained his 9 p.m. mug of cocoa and is well-tucked up in his comfy wee bed by 9.30pm.

    But normal folk don’t do that, not in 2015, unless of course they are dead boring deadbeats or work so hard they’re just fit to drop by the time they leave their offices.

    Charitably, I assume Prasetio is in the latter category.

    But even most hard-working grown-ups understand that ‘work hard, play hard’ makes excellent sense.  Healthy adults and teens don’t behave, nor wish to behave, like octogenarian decrepits. 


    3c1b1-get_real_big  Get real, Pras!


    But despite Ahok’s cautions, it now transpires the wowser elements on the City Council – and that would certainly include Mohammed Taufik – are going to ram through the idiotic midnight curfew.

    Who’s Taufik? Read our previous post –

    Ahok and His Enemies – Prabowo’s Jakarta Flunkey Excuses IslamoNazi Rioters 

     -which includes this gem, on how, when the FPI thug gang staged their sectarian protest against Jakarta’s new Governor Ahok, the Jakarta Post noted that City Council Gerindra Party leader, Mohammed Taufik, echoed the louts’ hostility to Ahok.


    • Taufik – man of distinction?
    • ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo


    ….though not a notably modest man, he has a lot about which he should be modest – he was fired as the Jakarta General Elections Commission chief in 2006 after committing graft while in office. 


    He also merits mention not just for his wholesome character. As one of Prabowo’s hangers-on, Taufik issued brazen threats against the Chairman of the Election Commission.

    Taufik has been reported to the police, for making kidnap threats against the Election Commission Chairman. And the police have assigned protection to the Chairman of the KPU, all its members…  Police provide protection for KPU officials following threat


    So it’s never a surprise to find Taufik on the wrong side of any issue.

    He’s not just deputy speaker but also currently running Balegda, the City Council’s Legislation Agency – “[The nightclubs] will have to close at midnight. It has been decided [by Balegda] and [we have all] agreed,” said Balegda  head Mohammad Taufik on Friday as quoted by kompas.com. He added that there would be no more bargaining…


    cantik bar cewek dancing hostess bar jakarta nightlife entertainment karaoke girls karaoke bar


    discussion on the draft bylaws on tourism will also include matters such as karaoke clubs, saunas, massage parlors and live music lounges.


    • Jackboot Stomp fun, stomp tourism  – Jakarta City Council’s official policy?
    • ——————————
    • “Do remember that rules are made to be obeyed and executed,” said Taufik.





    Of course this move is imbecilic, but even imbeciles usually have some reason, however odd, for what they do.

    Is this curfew inspired by the essential intolerance that characterises Islamist ideology, these damfool councillors displaying a new and noisome aspect of ‘creeping shariah?’

    Or is it that they just hate to think of anyone enjoying him/herself?


    For my part, even if I’m home, it’s normally well past midnight before I hit the pit. Few of the city’s nightclubs appeal to me, much of the music being hideous, non-stop, metallic, repetitive jungle garbage.




    But if I make my way to the good dangdut joints up in Pasar Rumput, or the milder versions around Jalan Belora, other patrons would wonder what was amiss were I to leave before 1 or 2 am…or later.


    • quote – Gary, Men Behaving Badly.
    • —————————-
    • The governor said that he did not see any negative impacts from discotheques and other evening entertainment facilities as long as they abide by regulations.
    • “I don’t like visiting discotheques, but we should not be hypocrites,” he added.


    Ahok’s quote above dates from last month, when Tired-Out Prasetio and Tiresome Taufik were still propelling their grand design to miserabilise Jakara. Now the sad sacks seem to be on the verge of success.

    One must hope that our good Governor has the clout to kick the cretinous ‘clock-in-for-bedtime-story-time’ scheme into the Thousand Islands Bay…

    …speaking of which, I heard there was an even more hare-brained proposal, to exile all nightlife to one of those little islands off Jakarta’s shore.

    • idiot
    • Is there a concerted strategy to turn this very lively capital city into a hell on earth, or is it just crass stupidity?


    • Tanyawati 05:56 on October 8, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      I think you write wise words on this and funny also with the man Prasetio having his cocoa at bed time, although Indonesian people do not have this tradition.
      Ahok is a good governor and I hope he can save Jakarta from fools. Only FPI will support DPRD wish to stop fun at night and they are ALWAYS wrong.
      This is good to read to begin my day. Thank you so much.


    • JazPen 17:22 on October 8, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      They are so self-righteous, it’s hard to take them seriously. You are probably optimistic, Ross, if you think Ahok can stop people so bent on destroying everything that makes Jakarta liveable.
      Where do we all go eventually, Cambodia? I know one expat who is checking out Yangon for nightlife.
      It IS sad, after so much fun here for so many years, to see this caliber of nitwit ruining it for everyone except their rich friends


    • ati 09:09 on October 9, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      Yes. It is crazy idea, why not call them evening clubs not night clubs. Jakarta Councilors all crazy, no thinking for young people, only for bored boring people.


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