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  • ross1948 22:02 on May 23, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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    Austria – A Battle Lost, But Kulturkampf Goes On! 

    By the narrowest of margins, Austrians have chosen to avoid the inevitable confrontation with those indifferent, or worse, regarding their traditional values, independence and identity.



    • It’s an existential war that won’t go away, however, and in two years time the FPO has a fair chance of a dominant role when a new parliament is elected.
    • ——————–

    As with most countries, the prospect of a patriot triumph at the national level depends on a healthy local resistance movement, and that definitely exists.

    Read on!

    We have all read about imbecilic appeasement asses in Britain erasing porcine images from folk culture…

    BBC NEWS | UK | Education | Three Little Pigs ‘too offensive’


    Church school renames Three Little Pigs to avoid offending Muslims …

    ….in order not to ‘offend’ aliens who don’t understand that migrating means THEM adapting to their new country, not the new country adapting to them.

    The British establishment seems determined to lose the Kulturkampf, the ‘clash of cultures,’ with scarcely a shot fired.

    However, there’s a much healthier attitude in Austria, or at least on the part of Andreas Rabl, the Mayor of Wels.


     Mayor Rabl


    In his little town, in Upper Austria, he has introduced a “value codex” for nurseries, which prescribes that children aged four to six should be able to recite by heart five German-language poems and five songs.

    Migrants who refuse to send their children to nursery face cuts in benefits.  



    A real people’s mayor, defending his own country’s culture, instead of appeasing the arrogance of uninvited ‘guests!’ A small step, yes.

    But it boldly asserts the simple fact that, if you choose to settle in Austria, you should leave inappropriate baggage at the frontier when you cross.



    That’s what the UK needs more of, and quite a few other civilised nations too, instead of the nitwits who designate backward mind-sets among certain ‘migrants’ as ‘culture’ rather than telling them to shape up or ship out!

    BTW, although it’s a Guardian story written from that leftist paper’s bizarre viewpoint, there is also honest coverage about the disgusting corrupt cronyism cherished by the establishment parties ( the socialist SPO and the phoney ‘conservative’ OVP)  

    It remains to be seen if the new green fascist in the presidential palace will want, or be able, to do anything about that.

    After all, he owes his position to the in-crowd swinging their votes behind him in a desperate attempt to thwart the FPO patriot party. Their ploy worked this time, but…


    But with nearly half the country behind him, I think Norbert Hofer, with his FPO leader Hans-Christian Strache, stands an excellent chance of turning the tables on the Europhiliacs in those upcoming parliamentary elections. 

    • Terry 12:53 on May 24, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      The persecution of pig stories and all that rubbish about banning baa-baa black sheep makes me sick. The complainers should acquaint themselves with English culture before they come here.
      If they don’t do that, and still come, they should shut up with their whining.Stupid foreigners who don’t like our kid-culture, they should sterilise themselves. Then they won’t have kids to be tainted with our horrible English customs and stories.
      Good for you, Mayor Rabl. And good luck to your FPO, when the next election rolls around.
      Thirty percent of Austrians did’nt turn out to vote at all. They should be ashamed of themselves.


  • ross1948 16:30 on June 24, 2015 Permalink | Reply
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    Palmyra! Besok Borobudur? Islamist Barbarians Amok Again 

    Besok is the Indonesian word for ‘tomorrow,’ but it has a fairly flexible meaning – soon, in the foreseeable future. 




    Heart-breaking news from Syria, where the rapist-murder gang ISIS has begun its usual wanton vandalism at the world heritage site, Palmyra.

    Is there nothing sacred to these satanic swine?


    Silly question!

    I have warned before that the sectarian barbarism we have already seen in Afghanistan, where those giant Buddhas were destroyed, and in the Museum of Mosul, could easily descend on Indonesia’s splendid monuments, Borobudur and Prambanan.


    borobudur-main-entrance Borbudur


    Remember Purwokerto just a year or two ago, no respect for the Ramayana legend, Bima?

    And the hate-shrilling just weeks ago from bigots when Javanese rhythms were introduced ( briefly !) into the Jakarta Istiqlal Mosque?


    patung-bima-purwakarta    Bima


    In Java, we’ve seen ignoramuses doing all they can to destroy their own people’s rich history. It’s a genuine Indonesian Kulturkampf – an insidious Arabisation!    https://rossrightangle.wordpress.com/2011/09/18/ignorant-islamist-bigots-attack-indonesias-heritage-java-statues-wrecked/ 




    The Guardian of Java, Semar, that squat but beloved figure of folklore, nowadays needs help, against those primitives in white-shirt vigilante garb.



    There is true evil abroad in the world, a near sub-human level of depravity, and it needs to be eradicated. 

    • Irwan 09:57 on June 25, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      You are good to say this for the people of Java.


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