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  • ross1948 00:01 on May 4, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    Oz Left Now Say No To Migrants? 

    “Do we want migrants to return to Australia in the same numbers and in the same composition as before the crisis?”


    Labor’s Keneally – Australians must “get a fair go and a first go at jobs..”

    Labor’s shadow home affairs minister Kristina Keneally wrote in an opinion piece for the Sydney Morning Herald. “Our answer should be no.”


    Not what one expects from a Socialist, but that’s what she said.

    And she continued..

    Keneally called for a reduction in the number of young, lower-skilled temporary workers permitted to enter the country and more investment in skills training for locals.

    Up to Oz.

    But if she, and her party, think that too many unsuitable people are coming in, perhaps it would make even more sense to get rid of some of the garbage that’s already gotten in!

    Like this insolent oaf!

    Uppity African Calls For AUSSIES To Be Deported? 


    Hasil gambar untuk richard deng melbourne


    Mr Deng, a spokesman for the South Sudanese Community Association, yesterday said thePrime Minister and Home Affairs Minister should be “sent back to where they come from

    and this pig-ignorant bitch…


    Many in Australia showed strong resistance to Sydney primary school teacher Reem Allouche telling the women's arm of hardline political group Hizb ut-Tahrir that men are permitted to hit women with sticks


    Sydney primary school teacher Reem Allouche telling the women’s arm of hardline political group Hizb ut-Tahrir that men are permitted to hit women with sticks.

    Hey, Aussies! Be ‘Sensitive’ to Migrant Savages! 

    Obvious examples!

    And there are plenty more like them! Another wise step would be for Ms. Keneally and her colleagues to offer bi-partisan backing…



    …if Scomo starts proceedings to withdraw Australia from the obsolete ‘refugee convention,’ which was meant to facilitate sanctuary for decent people fleeing political persecution by communists etc…


    Beware Pidliwidli, The Thug Unleashed On Oz By Judge-Jerk! 

    …but has nowadays become a charter invoked by wannabe welfare bums and barbarous brutes like that Hizbut hag!

    • Vanessa Reilly 00:17 on May 4, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      There are thousands of bad people in Britain who are either a burden on a country they don’t like or else just hate everything British.
      I’m sure many Australians feel the same way about those monstrosities you mention.


    • Uncle Oz 14:37 on May 4, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      I would never trust Labor to be tough on the illegal asylum lot, the ones that nobody wants here.
      Not much use stopping honest young workers if you dont kick out all those horrors that you have identified.
      Dont forget that Magied mutt too, she should be sent back to Sudan.


    • Abe Brown 16:41 on May 4, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      There are tons of worthless tossers like the Hizbut squad and those ‘youth’ gangs in Melbourne that were out last week.
      Keneally should tell Morrison to send them to wherever they came from before she worries about the category she is woffling about.
      If she wants to prevent burdens on the economy, send all those asylumers home. They are not refugees, except maximum 5 or 10 per cent.


  • ross1948 00:20 on January 26, 2019 Permalink | Reply
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    Happy Australia Day! If You Don’t Love It, Leave it! 

    Before any of those far-left ‘GetUp’ pinko gargoyles whine that I’m not an Aussie and should not therefore comment on matters like today’s topic…


    Image result for anna Wintour

    …let them first tell the arrogant old bat, the Anglo-American Anna Wintour, that if she’s going to visit Oz, she should tone down her intrusive and offensive pro-queer carping.



    Happy Australia Day, and well done to PM Scott Morrison, for preparing to make changes to the law, which would compel undesirable subversives on local councils to hold Australian Citizenship Ceremonies on 26 January.

    What about respect for the majority of citizens, who do not share the left’s perverse mentality  – surely it’s only a small minority of Australians who are not proud of the history that transformed a wilderness into the bright and booming Australia we see today.

    A year ago there was a poll

    Seventy percent of Australians are opposed to changing the date of Australia Day and only 11 percent think it should be moved from January 26, according to a new poll. The survey of 1000 Australians by the Institute of Public Affairs (IPA) think tank also showed only 23 percent believed councils should stop holding citizenship ceremonies on January 26, with 50percent opposing the move, reports The Australian.  https://www.9news.com.au/national/2018/01/24/07/10/poll-shows-big-support-for-keeping-australia-day-date

    Respondents also offered their opinions on Australian history and national pride. Seventy-six percent declared Australia had a history to be proud of and 11 percent disagreed.

    How many of those Oz-Hater hypocrites, all 11% of the public,  feel strongly enough about whose land it is, sincerely, that they’ll hand over title deeds of their own homes to some Aborigine agitator?



    Their appeasement mind-set eerily echoes the shameful scenes in British Columbia, and elsewhere in Canada that we witnessed last year…

    Victoria, BC – Pinko Mayor Scorns Democracy! 

    …and those idiots in the USA who diss Columbus…

    De Blasio To Cut American Core Out of Big Apple? 

    ……and clearly motivated Opposition leader Shorten when he turned logic upside down, thus –

    “You sort of know when Australia Day’s coming up don’t you, when a couple of weeks before we get the annual conservative outing to put politics into Australia Day. It’s what the conservatives do to keep their base happy.”       


    Putting politics into Australia Day?

    That’s what been done by those nauseating pinkos in Moreland and elsewhere who pander to noisy shrills ( and it’s not just Aborigines involved, but marxists, an assortment of millennial morons)

    Morrison’s ministerial colleague David Coleman asked the right question.

    “Why should councils be able to stop someone who is about to become an Australian citizen from the great honour of becoming a citizen on Australia Day?”



    • Keith Milner 14:41 on January 26, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      Thanks, mate.
      Those councils you talk about should be abolished, or better still forced to refer their Un-Australian decisions to local referenda.
      Real Australians are really celebrating today – and tomorrow, too!


    • Uncle Oz 14:52 on January 26, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      My neighbour has just told me he sent you a comment so I will too.
      Australians, most Australians like the 70% in that survey, are all for keeping our country’s national holiday as it has always been.
      The ones who do not are no better than those Hizbut pigs that disrespected Anzac Day.
      They dont belong here and you are right, they should leave.
      Before they go they should do like you also say,sell off their property and hand the proceeds to some Aboriginal charity.
      Enough for now, the party is going strong.


    • Clarry Bryan 16:06 on January 26, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      You say what I think.
      Good to read.
      I am sick of idiots wanting to change our day, our flag and everthing else and sick of all these stupid speeches at all kinds of events that get started with some prattle sbout ‘indigenous’ tribes that used to live at the place 100 or more years ago.


    • Andy Blackston 18:02 on January 26, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      All of us enjoying ths wonderful holiday weekend here agree with you one hundred and fifty percent.
      Our parents and grandparents and maybe two generations before that, were the people who made this a great place to be born in.
      They would turn in their graves if they heard dunderheads saying we should apologise to people who sat on the land for thousands of years and did nothing, not an inch of progress.


    • Darryl Y 19:50 on January 26, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      We love our country and we hate those tykes that run us down.
      If they feel so bad that we made it such a great countryto live in,then yes,they should go back to Europe or Asia or anywhere but here.
      This whole weekend is fun. The only cloud in our sky is those morons milling around howling about ‘Invasion Day.’


  • ross1948 00:44 on December 11, 2017 Permalink | Reply
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    Oz Greens, Labor, Rush To Defence Of Criminal Aliens 

    …in a disputed recommendation, the inquiry has also called for mandatory cancellation of the visas of migrants, including children, who commit serious crimes.


    Who in their right mind would dispute such basic common sense?

    Labor argued it “does not objectively reflect the evidence… ignores crucial contextual details and places an undue emphasis on others…”



    Contextual details?

    Scumbags either get convicted or not.

    Emphasis on others? 

    Other what? Life-forms?

    Like these?

    ….while the Greens said the entire inquiry sought to “demonise particular groups of new migrants.”

    No, it demonises dirty diabolical ingrates!

    And a good thing too!.

    • Keith Milner 04:02 on December 11, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      How can they be so downright wickedly Anti-Australian?
      Why would anyone want convicted criminals to be allowed to settle in our country?
      Do Shorten and his Green friends mean to make this an election issue next year?
      I hope so!


  • ross1948 08:06 on June 29, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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    Shorten to Kiwis – ‘Please Take Our Boat-Bludgers!’ 

    Asked about using New Zealand as an option, the Opposition Leader would not rule it out. “Well it’s a resettlement nation,” Mr Shorten said. “There’s no doubt that we should look at resettlement options throughout the region.”


    Good grief!

    Since the Anzac Spirit was engendered at Gallipoli, through WW2 and the ANZUS Treaty and still today, Aussies and Kiwis, though they like to goad each other, have been not just neighbours but friends.

    Now Labor’s Shorten seriously contemplates asking NZ to carry out Australia’s garbage?

    New Zealanders have only recently saved their beautiful flag.

    Kiwis Keep The Flag Flying! But Oz Pinkos Aren’t Happy! 

    Does the Labor Party leader think they’ll readily put their beautiful women at risk? 

    Rockall, but pity the seagulls!

    There may well be small uninhabited rocky islets between the two Commonwealth cousins, and – just as I’ve suggested Rockall in the Atlantic as a suitable place to detain the UK’s ‘asylum’ parasites – an uninhabited rock far out in ‘the Old Pacific Sea’ makes quite perfect sense.



    • Until the country-shopping leeches get sent back where they belong.
    • But policies based on sense won’t get a look-in if Shorten means what he says, that Australia should first hold discussions with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees.
    • ===================
      •  Ephialtes the Traitor


      That was till recently a geezer named Gutierres, notorious for trying to bully little Macedonia into standing down its resistance to illegal incursions.‘Asylum’ Tsunami – Ephialtes Guterres Betrays Europa! 

    • Now it’s a renegade Italian named Grandi, who not so long ago made it very clear that he thinks European countries trying to defend themselves against the crimmigrant tsunami are wasting their time. 


      Crimmigrants – UN Tells Europe To Surrender! 

    • ———–
    • No responsible leader in any country should waste his or her time talking to these UN flunkeys – they have disavowed allegiance to their own nations and serve the interests of alien undesirables.
  • ross1948 10:33 on February 4, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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    Grubbing for Sectarian Votes – Labor Vies With Mufti’s Mate Malcolm! 

    Bit of a shocker, the Australian Labor Party’s slide into Hitler-think, rabid Islamists in the ascendant, with a former leading Jewish Labor man driven to express his disgust.

    But can they better Turdbull’s cavorting with that nasty bigot Mufti?

    Wot Next, Oz? Blasphemy Law? Cut The TurnBull-Sh-t! 

    The usual left-wing double-standards are on display, reds railing for boycotts of Israel but not even the teeniest whisper of similar, or ANY action against the Saudis or Iran’s fanatic ayatollahs, or any of the other Mid-East badlands which languish in Dark Age shariah law-codes. 




    Labor hostility to the only democracy in the region is evidently matched by Labor indifference to denial of basic rights to women – apparently no interest in a ban on visits to polygamy countries that allow dirty old men to have four wives but a healthy young woman to have only one husband!

    •  oooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

    Warren Mundine


    Of course any party is expected to court any voters of any creed, but not, surely, if those voters put a premium on sectarian solidarity with foreign forces.



    Hence the widespread disgust at Turnbull’s warm embrace of the reptilian fanatic imported from Egypt to glory in the title of Grand Mufti of Australia, who sees nothing wrong with the caliphofascist Hizbut Tahrir and has made it clear he thinks Oz foreign policy should be tailored to suit Islamist prejudice!

    But while the Coalition has its rotten eggs, the sheer extent of sectarianism in the Labor Party is alarming.

    Another article describes the loathesome language used by a very undesirable recruit to Labor’s ranks, ‘the first NSW Muslim MP in fact.’ 



    Shaoquett Moselmane is ‘a very nasty piece of work,’ to coin a somewhat old-fashioned phrase, which my late Uncle Alec, an unsung hero of El Alamein, was wont to use in describing another Mufti, that of Jerusalem, who, like so many Islamists, even today, had a great deal in common with Hitler’s Nazis. 


    • ————————-
    • The trouble with importing into Oz people whose loyalty remains outside Oz is that you then get foul politicians who, instead of doing their duty and demanding deportation of the disloyal, prefer to crawl through hoops to win Islamist votes.
    • Every immigrant should be required to swear allegiance, of course, but also specifically to repudiate any nonsensical notion of duty to co-religionists overseas which clashes with their absolute duty to put Australia first.


    • Mike Hoxton 09:50 on February 5, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      If they were just chasing votes,yes that would be bad enough, only hypocrites like most politicians everywhere. But they are not just doing that. They really believe in what they’re doing, remaking Australia into a shariah censored country where we cannot say what we think. If there are people in southwest Sydney who vote on the basis of what happens in Israel or Iraq, if they are not putting Australia first, then they should never have come here and they do not deserve a vote at all.


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