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  • ross1948 03:34 on July 18, 2021 Permalink | Reply
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    UK Library Freak Show – Shame The Sickos! 

    Subjecting children to freako ‘drag queens’ has caused widespread indignation in the USA – see the report below – but now this filth has oozed across The Pond.’


    Brit kids too are having similar grotesque garbage thrust upon them.

    Redbridge, in England’s capital, London, is run by the Labour Party…



    …so seeing what appeared in a public library there comes as no surprise.

    I gather local Labour leadership has apologised…..


    Yet according to the report above, a library spokesperson made clear its commitment to gross indecency  –

    “if you’ve got it flaunt it”.

    – until public outrage at the Redbridge Libraries Summer Reading Challenge – a taxpayer-funded event, made them u-turn.

    But NOBODY has been fired.

    Nor, so far as I know, has there been  any move to defund the Arts Council for its funding of degenerate garbage.

    Nor any request to have the Charities Commission investigate the involvement of Vision Redbridge Culture and Leisure (RCL).

    Nor any well-deserved pillorying of something called ‘Mandinga Arts,’ which has apparently shut down its website.

    Mandinga Arts ought to be shut down.

    Read the excellent article…


    The ‘rainbow dildo butt monkey’ is no laughing matter

    ….on spiked.com, whose author talks total sense, except that she seems to think those defenceless children were subjected to an experience suitable for adults.

    No way is that filthy freak in the photo above…

    ….or anything like it, suitable entertainment for sane adults.

    Sewage is not art.


    Meanwhile, in America…

    Do you get weary of “LGBTQ” deception?

    The video below is a unique portrayal of two viewpoints. Background: a “drag queen” named Sassy Sascha hosted a Zoom story time for children on June 17 at the Rocky River public library. Some concerned citizens protested outside.

    Sassy Sascha posted on social media that she was accosted on the way to her car:
    “Thank you to the RR Police for your protection and keeping the 45ish protesters that showed up at bay. I especially would like to thank the ladies that came to show support and put their own bodies between me and the protesters trying to approach me while being escorted to my car …I was bawling on the way home thinking of you….”

    Rocky River citizens say their protest was peaceful, that police affirmed there was no attempt to “accost” the “drag queen.”

    Listen to the two sides at the Rocky River Library board meeting.

    Who is lying? Having dealt with the exaggerations and manipulations of “LGBTQ” folks for years, I know which side gets my vote.

    Watch Video



  • ross1948 14:25 on July 9, 2021 Permalink | Reply
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    Let The People Vote The Queer Out! … 

    • Not too often do I find myself ib agreement with the Parliamentary Labout Party, but the BBC report from Westminster had me nodding enthusiastically.

    • ..
    Rob Roberts
    Rob Roberts, married man turned queer.

    Labour is proposing a change in the rules that, if approved, could see Delyn MP Rob Roberts facing a recall petition.. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-wales-politics-57749408.amp

    You can find the details of this wretch’s behaviour via most UK news sites.

    He’s disgusting.

    The electorate in Delyn deserve a chance to ditch their maladjusted MP.


  • ross1948 20:00 on April 17, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    Corbyn CRITICS ‘Cruel And Rancid?’ Not His Blood-Beast Buddy? 

    Did any of you see that headline, in the Telegraph, which struck me as a searing reflection of certain leftists’ lack of moral perspective?



    Len McCluskey condemns ‘cruel and rancid’ anti-Corbynite culture in Labour party

    It seems Mr. McCluskey, general secretary of Unite the Union, is blaming Labour critics who he says damaged Jeremy Corbyn’s chances in the 2017 election.


    One might have thought, if the topic is Corbyn and what’s REALLY ‘cruel and rancid,’ then the powerful union leader, and anyone who purports to recognise what is actually ‘cruel and rancid,’ might have spoken up when this photo of Comrade Corbyn appeared…



    …Labour’s glorious leader evidently blissfully content to be standing cheek by jowl with one of the most ‘cruel and rancid’ creatures on the face of the earth.


    Corbyn’s cruel and rancid soul-mate!


    Certainly, Labour’s bickering over ‘anti-semitism’ may have cost the party some votes.

    But how many more decent hard-working Brits washed their hands of the little louse’s party, which they and their forebears had supported for a century near enough, because of how brazenly he showed himself at ease, not only with Mid-East fanatics…

    Hasil gambar untuk corbyn loughgall

    …but with Sinn Fein/IRA scumbags who deserved not comradely smiles but a length of rope and a scaffold to hang them from.



  • ross1948 22:11 on October 21, 2019 Permalink | Reply
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    Mind How Ye Go, Sammy – Labour Will Betray Ulster In A Trice! 

    Bercow was a rightwing pipsqueak when I knew him in London years ago.

    Now he’s a leftist, up to his neck in Europhilia, giving LibDems and Labour every chance ot scuttle even the semi-Brexit Johnson is presenting to parliament.


    But every patriot in the UK by now expects nothing else from the pompous little creep.

    Fascinating Historical Footnotes! 

    Besides, Brits have handled unworthy Speakers before.

    What is unexpected is the way the DUP is behaving, a patriot party consorting with collabos like Starmer, who’s invited them to collaborate.

    “…if you want to work with us to make this situation better, our door is open,” he says.

    What’s that about long spoons required…?

    …another DUP source meanwhile refused to rule out backing a customs union amendment to the Withdrawal Agreement Bill. 

    “Clearly that would be one way we could look at addressing our concerns,” they told the paper.

    What is, however, distressing, is what we’re hearing from Sammy Wilson, who can’t be blamed for what he said yesterday when he reiterated his anger at Johnson.

    Sammy is fundamentally a good guy.


    Hasil gambar untuk sammy Wilson MP

    Time For Counter-Revolution – Sammy Wilson for Education Secretary! 

    He must know, moreover, that the Labour Party, with a mere handful of honourable exceptions, like Kate Hoey MP, who is facing a witch-hunt by the left in her own constituency, has a long and dishonourable history of favouring the illegitimate expansionism of Eire’s evil leaders…



    …and that, while many degenerates in the Tory Party can be held responsible for the darkness descending on Ulster tonight…

    …the Labour Party, predictably, were near unanimous in imposing homo-weddings, by sly parliamentary manouevres designed to thwart democracy across the water.

    Yet he’s prepared to work with these people?

    Although he made clear the DUP “does not seek a second referendum”, Mr Wilson warned: “The people of the United Kingdom were asked whether the UK should leave the EU, not whether Great Britain should leave Northern Ireland behind.”

    And he added: “We want to leave as one nation. That remains our goal. If the Prime Minister remains willing to achieve that outcome he will find DUP MPs as willing partners in that project.” https://www.politicshome.com/news/uk/political-parties/news/107405/dup-could-team-labour-commons-bid-kill-boris-johnsons-brexit

    Fine words, Sammy.

    But mind how ye go!

    Labour hardly any longer pretends to regard Ulster as part of the British people.

    They’ll take any help you give them, but they’ll stab Ulster in the back as soon as look at you.

    • Billy King 00:00 on October 22, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      I’m with you on this, Ross.
      When I was a lot younger we saw Harold Wilson let a Republican Labour MP from Belfast join his British Labour Party in parliament. That tore away the mask. At least a few Tories spoke up for Ulster but then they’ve done the dirty on us and voted for this Brexit that is not much of a Brexit at all.
      Ulster stands alone and that’s why we appreciate our friends like yourself.


  • ross1948 11:40 on June 8, 2017 Permalink | Reply
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    Turn Again, Theresa – Alien Court WILL ‘Limit’ Your ‘Rights’ Reform! 

    No Brits in their right minds would ever vote for Keir Starmer, the Labour politician -a ‘staunch Remainer‘ candidate in London’s Holborn seat, and more disturbingly a former Director of Public Prosecutions…


    Hasil gambar untuk keir starmer



    • …who will probably win election in a constituency infested with people not in their right minds…

    • …….
    • …….
    • ….but we need to pay careful attention to what he has just said, not least because in a poll of party members last week, almost half named Starmer as their candidate of choice to replace Jeremy Corbyn, should the current leader stand down


    Hasil gambar untuk keir starmer


    …and we need also to pay attention to the Guardian, a purveyor of repulsive prejudices, but which nevertheless gives verifiable chapter and verse from the ‘European Court of Human Rights…’



    ….which serves as enforcer for ‘European Convention on Human Rights’ statutes and has brazenly stated it can limit any action taken by any UK Government to fight the terror threat.

    This line is also taken by Labour’s Starmer.

    Theresa’s Tories have argued that they can shuck off the manacles imposed on national security by the rights-rat ‘Convention,’ simply by ‘derogation’ from its diktats as and when the Tories think fit.

    NOT SO.

    …this can only be done by declaring a state of emergency and that derogations can only be made “to the extent strictly required by the exigencies of the situation…


    Gambar terkait


    Their fact-sheet also points out that no derogation is allowed from certain convention rights, including the rule of “no punishment without law” as well as bans on torture and inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment. The latter right may rule out deportation deals involving terror suspects with countries that May wishes to strike to speed up their removal from Britain..



    So a pack of robed sticky-beaks can strike down Britain’s sovereign rights (much more revered by decent people than all the ‘human rights’ hogwash we hear so much about!) to decide what action has to be taken to defend the realm, and when, and for how long!

    And Mother Theresa has not denounced such an outrageous situation!

    As indeed we noted a month ago!



    Mrs. May’s election manifesto SPECIFICALLY rules out British withdrawal from this supranational busy-body outfit, until Brexit is finalised, a process which, at the rate we’re moving, will be measured in years rather than months.

    Maybe she will U-turn on her manifesto, as she has U-turned on so much else, but she certainly hasn’t yet said so.


    Gambar terkait


    She MUST call for not derogation, but REPUDIATION, of this vile charter, which has done so much damage to all the countries it bullies, not Britain alone. Dirty Danes Say Pedophilia’s A ‘Human Right? Fock Off! 

    It is plainly essential that she clarify this before Brits wake up this morning and head to the polling booths to cast those vital votes.





    • Diana 12:36 on June 8, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      You are not going to get many comments today, Ross, because even at thus ungodly hour all your readers are getting up and getting ready to go out and make a difference.
      But I am on your side about this so a few words if I may.
      May has to be up front and tell us she will get us out of that strangle-hold..
      I looked it up a few minutes ago and here’s what the BBC has, and it confirms the danger of European courts-conventions being able to interfere with our affairs.

      The government must also keep the secretary general of the Council of Europe fully informed of the measures and its reasons for imposing them.
      Derogation can and has previously been challenged in our domestic courts and at the European Court of Human Rights.
      It also requires some formal and public act, such as a declaration of martial law or state of emergency.
      If that is not done, the derogation would not be lawful even though the UK might have been entitled to derogate.

      ‘must?’ ‘requires?’ ‘challenged?’ ‘not lawful?’
      Who do they think they’re talking to?
      Liechtenstien? Botswana?
      We are GREAT BRITAIN and we have GOT to get out of this kind of Euro-Control!
      Have a nice day over there and please tidy up this hurried comment..


    • Pamela 18:38 on June 8, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      All that you write is indisputable and I am worried that she will use that court and that convention as excuses to renege on her ‘enough is enough’ statement but Corbyn is so appalling.

      I noticed that she was ‘warning’ us that if the Tories lose six seats then it’s Corbyn for Number Ten. I would tell her, if I were lucky enough to meet her, that there are at least six seats she should lose, the ones mentioned here over the past month, Clarke, Soubry, and the other Brussels fans.

      If she does not ‘win big,’ as Americans say, those Remainers will combine with the Opposition parties to impede progress in getting us out.
      Be that as it may…I am tired out. I know you must miss the fray, more so on election days than nay other, but believe me, you are better off in the tropical sunshine of Indonesia.


  • ross1948 10:42 on August 21, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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    Tulip from Hampstead? Damn! 



    I must get out and find a tukang ramput, a barber, to trim my meagre locks this sunny Jakarta morning. But first, a look at last week’s news from the UK.

    A pretty smile can sometimes belie an ugly mind-set, but surely only for so long.


    • —————–
    • Today I read that Tulip Saddiq, Labour MP for Hampstead, holds democracy in contempt.
    • There’s a report in the Huffington Post describing how she shares the same inclination as the bloated ‘Conservative’ elitists who want to sabotage the outcome of the Brexit referendum.

    Tulip’s ‘considering’ a vote against the expected move by the UK Government to trigger Article 50 – the first step in implementing the British people’s clear decision break away from Brussels rule.

    She’s certainly not alone – elsewhere, there’s a report that up to a hundred revolting Tory MPs, led by the loathesome Kenneth Clarke…

    kenClarke_2232827b (1)


    …are slavering at the prospect of subverting the people’s verdict by various forms of Westminster manoeuvring.

    Clarke has always been a cur, but in some ways I feel sorry for the Labour MP, who was elected to represent one of the worst concentrations of trendy left-lib swamp-life in London.

    She defends her latest outburst by saying she must reflect the opinions of her constituents and further down the Huff Post page, she reveals that –

    My constituency in Hampstead is full of lawyers.”  http://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/entry/tulip-saddiq-says-she-will-vote-against-triggering-article-50

    My thoughts at once strayed to the jolly jest from a character played by the late Robin Williams in one of his brilliant films.


    • RAT-facebook
    • —————————-

    Why is the N.I.H. (National Institute of Health) substituting lawyers for rats in laboratory tests?
    Three reasons:
    1. There are more lawyers than rats.
    2. When rats die, many lab technicians feel sorry for them.
    3. There are some things a rat will not do.


    Nevertheless, nobody is obliged to follow advice given by rats (sorry, lawyers)

    But there may be other factors at play. 

    Having inspected Tulip’s background, I was interested to learn that her grandfather was the first President and Prime Minister of Bangladesh.


    Mujibur Rahman

    Mujibur Rahman


    He was assassinated after banning all political parties, and cracking down on the press.

    Using government forces and a militia of supporters called the Jatiyo Rakkhi Bahini, Mujib oversaw the arrest of opposition activists and strict control of political activities across the country.  https://www.cs.mcgill.ca/~rwest/wikispeedia/wpcd/wp/s/Sheikh_Mujibur_Rahman.htm

    Now, forty plus years later, his granddaughter is showing signs of a similar distaste for basic democratic principles.


    • 21NeverMindDemocracy.png
    • ————
    • Is what we’ve been reading really and truly Tulips’ own considered opinion?

    Or a symptom of a genetic predisposition against popular sovereignty?



    • DN 17:47 on August 21, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      Article 50 has already been passed by parliament twice, once by the passing of the Lisbon Treaty and once when they passed the Treaty of accession of Croatia, so when the government have to trigger aticle 50 they have already got pariliaments approval.


    • JazPen 19:23 on August 21, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      I dont know much about Bangladesh history but I love that lawyer joke.
      I think millions of other people will too.


      • Matt Morton 03:38 on August 22, 2016 Permalink | Reply

        Yes, right on, JazPen.
        Anyone who has had to use a lawyer knows that a rat is a much higher life-form.


  • ross1948 12:42 on June 4, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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    Wot Next, Final Solution? Pat Glass, Racist and Ageist! 

    “We know the problem are older white men.

    So, if logic is our guide, we must conclude that Labour MP and ‘Shadow Europe Minister’ Pat Glass presumably likes sun-bronzed young men better than older white ones, when she’s gallivanting around Durham…




    …but from the looks of her, she’ll have a hard job finding one that likes her!

    Indeed, as an ‘older white man,‘ I feel obliged to paraphrase my old Scots drinking-buddy, viz.

    ‘Ah widnae crawl ower any of youse tae get tae her!’



    That’s a humorous generalisation – Melissa Click look-alikes may be among my readers!


    The Walking Brain-Dead?- Sex-Obsessed Melissa ‘Muscle!’ 


    If mature fellows are such a ‘problem,’ will the next Great Leap Forward from the Brave New Corbyn Labour Party be an action replay of Stalin’s liquidation of the kulaks…

    …adapted for application against male British senior citizens?

    Glass may try a bit of grovelling after her racist and ageist outburst against Brexit, but she exemplifies the worst sort of pro-Brussels elitist mentality.  

    Here’s a good article that outlines the problem!


  • ross1948 22:13 on November 18, 2015 Permalink | Reply
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    In A London Borough, Appeasement Monkeys Censor UKIP MEP! 

    A disturbing report from the London Borough of Croydon, where the mealy-mouthed management of a PUBLIC hall has shut down a debate to avoid offending Islamists.



    UKIP MEP George Batten was due to take on a Liberal Democrat on the referendum issue, but suddenly he was told at short notice that the venue, Fairfield Hall, long booked for their clash, was no longer available.


    Fuhrerin Merkel Sticks Nose into France, Jackboot into Greece


    The collaborationist cowards had bottled out, it seems, because Batten spoke up strongly on the migrant menace last week.

    An unidentified ‘spokeswoman’ tried to justify the shut-down with this drivel. –

    “We took the decision to postpone Monday’s debate following the terrible events of the weekend and their impact on victims, families and the wider society in France, the UK and the rest of Europe. 




    The management of the Fairfield Halls feels we must be sympathetic to the international situation and to these events. “There are some exceptional circumstances taking place at the moment and we must be aware of this…”  http://www.croydonadvertiser.co.uk/book-Fairfield-Halls-says-UKIP-MEP-debate-EU/story-28190165-detail/story.html

    What a craven cow!

    • melissa-zombie Croydon spokeswoman?
    • What a load of mealy-mouthed, meaningless ROT!

    She also lied in her teeth, claiming they’d discussed the censorship decision with the organiser – Batten has heard no such explanation.

    OF COURSE the Labour Party, which controls Croydon Council, denies all responsibility for their pinko hirelings’ appeasement action.

    But is it not unutterably sad that, while Parisians are making a point of going out and about in defiance of the Forces of Darkness, a pack of pinko pip-squeaks in England choose to crawl on their bellies to avoid giving a platform to a patriot who’s known for his assertive verbal onslaughts against undesirable aliens.



    Sounds like the Croydon appeasement monkeys aim to silence him – but on past form, he’s not easily muzzled!

    • K. Garner 00:46 on November 19, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      Actually the Fairfield Halls did “discuss” the issue with the local representative, but one could hardly call it a discussion since they had already made up their minds and simply wanted the organiser to agree with them – which of course did not happen.


      • ross1948 01:16 on November 19, 2015 Permalink | Reply

        Yes, I figured their idea of discussion would be a one-way street.
        If it resembled that gunk quotation, it hardly counts as a discussion, never mind an explanation.


  • ross1948 10:44 on July 23, 2015 Permalink | Reply
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    Corbyn Invited the Blood Beast to London? So Did Tony B.Liar! 

    Just getting ready to welcome today’s visitor, hence only a brief output ths fine Jakarta morning.
    So Jeremy Corbyn invited Blood Beast Adams to London in 1984?
    A disgusting thing to do, putting him on a moral par with Tony BLiar, who did the same some years later!
    Neither Corbyn nor BLiar, to be fair, were then aware of The Blood Beast’s rancid personal secret, that Sinn Fein/IRA poster-boy’s guilt in covering for a pedophile.
    Now they both do, and are still in a position to make their voices heard demanding prosecution, although so far as I know, neither Labour luminary has said a word on the subject.
    Nor have they commented – again as far as I know – on the report in the Express this week, about one of their parliamentary Labour Party colleagues –
    Police are looking into the claims about the Labour politician, who is still a senior Member of Parliament, which have been reported to officers by two fellow MPs. They include having boys delivered to his hotel room and carrying out depraved attacks on children in mental health hospitals.
    Will that case ever come to court?
    Will Adams’ case?
    I actually lived in the London Borough of Haringay when Corbyn was a councillor. In those days he looked like a hippy, but though the beard is still there, nowadays his flowing locks have been trimmed.
    Yet his marxist political rants seem not to have dimmed, either in tone or in content.
    What is it about these leftists that draws them, like moths to a flame, towards evil? Again, I’m not talking about his olden days, but his current links to organisations alleged to have connections to Hamas.
     Despite Jeremy’s gibbering and wriggling, he could not deny, confronted on Channel Four, that he’d referred to both Hamas and the other terrorist gang, Hezbollah, as ‘friends!

    But then why should we raise our eye-brows at Corbyn, when Cameron refuses to take any action against Hizbut Tahrir, nor even against the Muslim Brotherhood?  David Cameron pulls Muslim Brotherhood report – FT.com

    And as for Obama’s friends in CAIR,we already know enough about their loyalty to America! We know about their subversive notables, with all those terror links.


    As indeed do the Egyptians!


     David Cameron has made an eleventh-hour intervention to postpone the publication of a controversial report into the Muslim Brotherhood


  • ross1948 20:24 on April 29, 2015 Permalink | Reply
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    Jack The Ripper? The First Ukipper? 



    By the time we publish this, very possibly the Daily Mail may have hired a hack pinko historian to prove that Old Jack was one of Farage’s forebears! Were that proven – which I don’t think likely – it would have absolutely nothing to do with the coming UK General Election.




    And neither does this nonsense.


    Moors murderer Ian Brady reveals he is a Ukip supporter
    Daily Mail


    • The desperation of the lackey media plumbs new depths most every day, but the presentation of a senile psycho as a UKIP supporter, as if it is relevant or even newsworthy, must represent a new nadir.


    Predators and Child Molestors


    How about more attention to the noble Lord Janner, a pillar of the Establishment who can’t be prosecuted for alleged paedophile offences because he’s as mentally incapacitated as Ian Brady.http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3058177/Home-Office-chiefs-ignored-FOURTH-warning-Janner-Officials-told-child-sex-claims-1995-report.html


    Criminals presumably hold a range of political views similar to those that exist in the society on which they prey.

    Brady’s alleged pro-UKIP opinions no more reflect on that party than does Janner’s life-long Labour support reflect on Labour.

    And if we make a list of convicted Tory criminals, of whom there must be many, would that be a cause for Daily Mail headlines?

    Maybe it should, but it would be spiked, sharpish! 

    Fact- UKIP has done nothing to seek, or encourage, accommodations with any murderous psychopathic scum.

    UNLIKE the Tory, Labour and LibDem leaderships who have.

    Those are the parties complicit in elevating convicted murderers to positions of power over British citizens, within the UK.


    • kingsmill02
    • The Bad Friday Deal!
    • tony_blair_gerry_adams1
    • But you won’t hear much about that this week or next.

      Except here!


    Think carefully about who you’re going to vote for!

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