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  • ross1948 2:52 pm on August 3, 2021 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: anti-patriotic, celeb ratbags, Last Night of the Proms, Simon Rattle   

    ‘No-Proms’ Rattler Slithers Off! 

    Simon Rattle has said he avoided conducting at the Last Night of the Proms throughout his career because of his discomfort at its “jingoistic elements…”.

    Never heard of this reptile…


    …but it seems he was way ahead of his time, hostile to the sight and sound of patriotic Brits for at least thirty years, long before it became fashionable for ‘celebs’ to diss their country’s heritage..

    A contrary sort of conductor, he seems to be.

    As woke-weasels all over the UK seek to tear down or deface symbols of national pride, he’s now sloping off to Germany  – ‘nationalistic aspects’ of the Last Night of the Proms leave him ‘uneasy.’


    Crowd with Union flags
    The Last Night of the Proms

    “I never conducted the Last Night, always avoided it a bit. I’ve been uneasy about some of the jingoistic elements, ever since the Falklands in 1982,” he said


    ‘Ever since the Falklands?’

    The greatest British victory in most living memories, and he quivers at the thought?

    Maybe the aicko should return his knighthood!


    He’ll feel much less queasy in the EUSSR, where Kaiserin Ursula and her Commissars are doing all in their power to do down the very idea of the nation state.

    If you want to offer a send-off message…



    ….he’s on Facebook.

    He also has his own website.

  • ross1948 4:25 pm on August 31, 2020 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: , censoring patriotism, , , , Last Night of the Proms, ,   

    BBC Prom Queen Facing ‘Death-Threats?’ She Should Tell All! 

    While it’s unacceptable that the Finn Staveska should receive ‘death threats,’ if true, the Guardian, which last week made the claim, leaves us with questions still unanswered.


    BBC scheming to de-patriotise the Proms is entirely credible.

    The preposterous pretence that replacing vocal renderings of Rule Britannia…



    …and Land of Hope and Glory with instrumentals, meaning we hear tunes but not heroic words, is just an insult to Brits’ intelligence.

    That lousy lord, Horrid Hall, repeatedly failed to give a straight answer when subjected to determined questioning.


    Tony Hall, Baron Hall of Birkenhead - Global Conference for Media Freedom (48256794687) (cropped).jpg

    Hall – BBC Director General,  ex Channel Four, AND since 2018, President of the European Broadcasting Union


    Clearly he is on the side of the Enemy Within – he proved that by succouring Nasty Naga after her vicious bias outburst two months ago.

    Nasty Uptight Naga’s Job Is Safe, No Matter What! 



    Naga Munchetty has received the full backing of the BBC after she was accused of ‘endorsing criminal behaviour’ during a report on the Black Lives Matter movement

    The Guardian now quotes a BBC statement saying that their Proms subversion policy was a purely BBC decision.

    It would be, wouldn’t it?

    My shopping list is my decision. But if somebody tells me there’s a discount on a certain brand of cheese slices, my decision is influenced.

    So did the far-left Finn have any in-put or did she not?

    Staveska has so far NOT denied her alleged pro-BLM sympathies and….



    …we have already noted her ‘praise of Democrat US politician Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez,’ who, as I observed last week,  is so far left she could easily fall off the world.

    Priti Patel Has Powers To Declare Staveska ‘Persona Non Grata!’ 


    Was she involved in the ‘discussions’ which Horrid Hall was so desperate to obfuscate?

    The Guardian notes the whimpers of disapproval heard from Johnson and one of his ministers, and we certainly can’t criticise the leftist newspaper for ignoring the action those Tories have taken…



    ….because neither Johnson nor any Conservative in his Cabinet have proposed ANY actual steps to stop the massive abuse of public funds represented by the tax-funded propaganda channel in its brazen BLM ranting.



    Action, please, Tories, not mere mealy-mouthed moaning!.

    • Mack the Knife 5:22 pm on August 31, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      No ifs, no buts, no trust in any BBC functionary.
      Defunding is the only way to fix the problem.


  • ross1948 7:14 pm on August 27, 2020 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: , , Far-left Finn, Last Night of the Proms, Richard Morrison BBC cultural snob   

    Priti Patel Has Powers To Declare Staveska ‘Persona Non Grata!’ 

    That pinko Finn Dalia Staveska is trying to pin the blame on ‘BBC Bosses,’ and God knows they’re guilty as sin of many a crime against patriotism.

    If Only The BBC Cared About The Country! 

    Katty Kay – One Bare-Faced BBC Liar! 

    Will the BBC EVER Be Pro-British?





    Dalia is a big supporter of Black Lives Matter and thinks a ceremony without an audience is the perfect moment to bring change,” a BBC source told the Sunday Times.

    …It’s hard to take Staveska seriously if she expects us to ignore her ‘praise of Democrat US politician Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez,’ who is so far left she could easily fall off the world…

    ‘Ridiculous,Insulting, Superficial, Simplistic!’ That Sums Up AOC! 



    ….and it’s impossible to deny the Ukrainian-born Finn’s irrefutably cultural marxist directive to  ‘her 2,100 Twitter followers to listen to a BBC Radio 3 debate about classical music and race, calling it an ‘important conversation.’

    It’s an idiotic conversation, except to tell her that anyone, of any race, can play or enjoy classical music, which is indeed a product of Western civilisation but is there for all.

    Just like the Last Night of the Proms!

    Decent patriots of every colour take delight in Rule Britannia, and Land of Hope and Glory, unlike such ungrateful uppity upstarts as Chi-Chi Nwanoku.

    It’s so irrelevant to today’s society. It’s been irrelevant for generations, and we seem to keep perpetuating it.



    ….If the BBC are talking about Black Lives Matter and their support for the movement, how could you possibly have Rule Britannia as the last concert – in any concert?..”

    She’s a pampered rich bitch, with nothing to whine about, but whine she does.

    Though note well her recognition of one key reality –



    – BBC’s BLM Bias!


    Mark the ingrate’s words – …BBC are talking about Black Lives Matter and their support for the movement…                          

    That’s a violation of the BBC’s Charter duty to be impartial.


     ‘Chi-Chi’ Nwanoku deserves nothing but contempt and should be treated like a leper.


    But the cultural marxist in-crowd don’t give a monkey’s about any charter obligation if it gets in the way of pushing poisonous BLM bilge.

    Consider another slimy leftist slug…


    … ‘classical music critic’ Richard Morrison, who was in July given a propaganda platform by tax-funded BBC Music Magazine, to flaunt his hatred of patriotism…..

    ….”there will never be a better moment to drop that toe-curling, embarrassing, anachronistic farrago of nationalistic songs that concludes the Last Night of the Proms.”

    What to do with shrill filth like Morrison?



    Tarring and feathering would not go amiss, but that’s not allowed by the law of the land, which the BLM rabble flout shamelessly, abetted by craven cops, but good Brits don’t.

    Doxxing is another tempting option, but I disapprove of doxxing on principle.

    Even low-lifes like Morrison may have Innocent family members who can be put at risk!

    So for the moment, there’s that photo, easy to recognise!

    He often hangs about Hendon in North London on weekends, so if you bump into him, just tell the stuck-up piece of trash that he doesn’t have to watch the Proms, so he should can the kill-joy cr-p!

    But Staveska?

    That far-left Finn’s claim that she’s ‘heart-broken?’

    If Priti Patel wants to restore what little credibility she still commands among true Brits, after her failure to deport more than a fraction of the Channel crimmigrants, she has to declare Staveska and every foreign BLM afficionado ‘undesirable aliens!’


    Persona Non Grata!

    Britain is stuck with enough home-grown subversives.

    The BBC should not be allowed to import more!


    Rule, Britannia!

    • Diana 8:18 pm on August 27, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      An imaginative proposal, Ross, but if Patel won’t stop all those horrible Channel illegals disembarking, she is not going to stop that Finnish lefty!


    • Vanessa Reilly 9:24 pm on August 27, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      A good idea but it would take a goverment with backbone to do it, so not while Johnson is in 10 Downing Street


    • Amanda Adams 9:29 pm on August 27, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      These rich elitists hate our country so why don’t they go to another country?
      To answer my own question, it’s because they rule the roost in Britain and the elected government is too spineless to tackle them.
      The question I can’t answer is why?


  • ross1948 10:40 pm on September 11, 2016 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: , EUSSR banner, Last Night of the Proms, Ode to Joy, Union Jacks   

    Last Night of the Proms Unsubverted! 

    Despite the enormous reputation for reliable reporting which the Irish Examiner ( who? what?) enjoys around the world, I think I prefer the Daily Mail’s verdict on the ‘battle of the flags’ at the weekend Last Night of the Proms.

    The Irish Examiner tells us that the

    Last Night Of The Proms crowd shows solidarity with the EU

    Non-Brits may already know that it’s become an occasion for displays of healthy patriotism, but this year a clique of millennial renegade brats had allegedly been plotting to stage an infestation – dozens of dorks wielding the much-hated EUSSR banner.



    some of us delighted in burning the Brussels rag some years ago.

    Burn, Baby, Burn – Demophobic EUSSR Flag Goes Up in Smoke 

    Needless to say, patriotic Brits got wind of this and distributed the true blue Union Flag in quantities, to thwart the nasty plot.

    Now here’s what the Irish Examiner’s actual description of the event has to say about the euro-rag’s presence in the Albert Hall.


    There was even one prominently placed on the conductor’s stand, which was decorated with flags from across the globe.


    View image on Twitter
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