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    Amnesty ‘Only’ Use Tax-Payers’ Money For Propaganda? 

    While Giorgia Meloni is a great girl…A Violent Red Nazi Assault On A Lovely Patriot Lady! …Matteo Salvini is one of the good guys in Italy, a more reliable man than his other coalition partner Berlusconi.

    But I must say I think he’s wasting his time offering to talk to his country’s Enemy Within.

    Salvini asks to meet Amnesty


    Turning the other cheek is not a virtue I rate highly, and after the politically partisan ‘charity’ Amnesty International viciously attacked his Lega party, claiming that Italy was steeped in xenophobia and racism and 50% of Internet hate speech came from… where?


    Salvini’s party!

    Of course, Italy is NOT by any means the only country subjected to this far-left clique’s election meddling.


    Trump’s campaign is a good example of this, Amnesty said.

    “His poisoned election campaign was the example of a global trend that leads to anger and divisiveness.”

    Far Left fanatics have been ranting along these lines for the past year, or more.


    • We know what to expect from rabid extremists like Castro-crawling Michael Moore…

    ….and CNN’s pinko propagandists, like Lemon, and Jones and Tapper.

    But the source of that drivel at the top of our page is not some clapped out Media Democrat shrill.

    It’s from a so-called charity!

     The charity number for Amnesty International UK Section Charitable Trust is 1051681. Amnesty International UK Charitable Trust

    And it’s not just Italian and American party politics into which Amnesty’s sticky-beaks intrude.

    They rant against the Fides Party government in Hungary, and the Law and Justice Party government in Poland, inevitably, but they even lecture the Dutch pro-Brussels coalition in The Netherlands!

    Other human rights issues Amnesty raised about the Netherlands specifically includes ethnic profiling by the police, temporarily keeping asylum seekers locked up in asylum centers and the introduction of a partial burka ban.

    Amnesty Int. critical of Netherlands in anti-populism report | NL Times:

    “Ethnic profiling?”
    If a significant proportion of muggings in Amsterdam turns out to be committed by fair-haired Swiss grannies, is it unreasonable for Dutch cops to watch out for them?

    “They were all asylum seekers!” Told You So! 

    Or a significant proportion of those who commit another form of crime –   –  share a common and identifiable characteristic, should police ignore that fact?


    If illegal aliens know they risk deportation, and are thus likely to do a runner, it’s plain common sense to  keep them under lock and key.
    As for a ‘burka ban?’

    Nuff said.
    Sure, politicians can and will argue about all such issues. But a ‘charity?’

    The perpetrators of those shamelessly political outbursts collect funds by calling themselves ‘charitable?’

    More interestingly, whence come those funds?

    …we do not seek or accept money from governments or political parties for our work in documenting and campaigning against human rights abuses…

    OK! EXCEPT THAT, as we read the rest of that sentence, we learn that they don’t take tax-payers’ money or politicians’ hand-outs for that part of their ‘work’ but…


    …only for our human rights education work.


    Incidentally, even the most democratic country in Europe has provoked the pro-crimmigrant charity.

    Switzerland has been taken to task by the human rights group Amnesty International for its tough treatment of asylum seekers and migrants.

    Amnesty also said concerns remained “regarding the use of disproportionate force during the deportation of migrants” while several asylum seekers had been returned to other Schengen countries under the Dublin regulation

    Switzerland’s tough stance on migrants criticized by Amnesty 


    Are the Swiss meant to just tell undesirable illegals  ‘go on home, now, pretty please.’\

    They are liars, found to have no basis for the ‘asylum’ yarns they spun, so why not kick the brutes, no messing about. At the very least, it will discourage others of their unpleasant sort from resistance to orderly expulsion.

    Returned to other Schengen countries under the Dublin regulation…?

    Even The Leftal has to acknowledge that according to EU rules enshrined in the Dublin Convention, their applications for asylum should therefore be processed in the first EU country in which they arrive…


    So the crimmigrants concerned have NO grounds for complaint.

    Yet Amnesty’s arrogance does not end there. They take up a position of uppity contempt for Swiss democracy itself.

    Amnesty International also expressed concerns over a highly-controversial initiative put forward for referendum …

    So they disdain the right of Swiss to decide by democratic ballot what sort of laws they wish to live by?!

    The referendum is only ‘controversial‘ because it seeks to give Swiss law primacy over international law.

    And so it should be, at least while foreign courts impose imbecilic rulings, as they so often do.

    Definitely, Swiss can and should use their political parties to debate yes or no on that, and on any issue.

    What is absolutely outrageous is for an un-elected agitprop outfit like Amnesty to portray itself as a ‘charity’ while engaging in egregious interference in the internal politics of  Switzerland, Holland, Hungary, Poland or the United States.

    To use the adjective Amnesty uses to abuse President Trump, their rhetoric is ‘POISONOUS!’

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      Between Oxfam and Amnesty, the word ‘charity’ has surely been rendered meaningless.
      The charity commissioners have plenty of evidence that there are so-called ‘charities’ which are intent on interfering in the functioning of Western countries’ democratic elections .
      By engaging in propaganda activity against Trump in America and patriotic parties in Europe, like Salvini’s, they are openly political.
      As for illegal immigrants, including violent ones like that one you have shown Oxfam supporting, charities encouraging them are not charities at all but fifth columnists. , .


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    Media Bias – Polish President ‘Widely Regarded As A Puppet?’ 

    Just got back from my fave West Jakarta warteg



    …a great filling meal for $1.50, and have been listening to France24’s lunchtime propaganda show, aka ‘News.’

    They had one of their hacks, called Gulliver Cragg, broadcasting from Warsaw.


    Gambar terkait

    France 24’s biased hack Cragg


    It was the usual pinko guff about how the democratically elected majority in the Sejm (parliament) has upset the Euro-Commissars by trying to reform the judiciary.



    We have covered some of this before…

    EurocRat V Polish Democracy – Nasty Nils Rants Again! 

    …but the blatant bias of France24’s Lugenpresse lackey was epitomised with this throw-away line about President Andrzej Duda…

    …who is widely regarded as a puppet… 



    A People’s President! Poles To Vote On Crimmigrant Quotas! 


    Widely regarded as a puppet? 

    BY WHOM?


    Unless Gulliver meant to say that the President of Poland is widely disliked by all Europe’s left-liberal media-creeps! 


    Duda was elected in a free and fair election.

    He has shown himself to be a true patriot, as was reported some time ago.

    Duda said he would likely organise a referendum on whether to take refugees if Brussels kept insisting that Poland takes them against its will.

    The vote could take place in autumn 2019, together with Polish general elections.  https://euobserver.com/tickers/138164

    France24 ought to rein in this biased leftist Cragg.

    But they won’t.

    They are just as much part of the Brussels lap-dog crew as DW and the BBC, serving the same anti-Polish agenda we’ve seen too much of before.

     Deutsche Welle – Merkel’s Media Lap-Dog Snarls At Poland  –




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      Will Cragg now be fired? I don’t know a lot about Poland but the man Cragg called a puppet has just vetoed the law passed by his own party.
      Not a puppet. Far from it.


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    Beastly Brunhilde Cowers From Crimmigrant Confrontation 

    Another fine sunny Jakarta morning!

    That revolting renegade German, ex-secret police flunkey Merkel, has emulated the dangerous Dutchman Timmermans  – Brussels Bully Backs Off – Salute Those Valiant Poles! – by flinching when intended victims make it clear they won’t be pushed around.



    Mama Stasi on Saturday told the media that, as far as nations under patriot leadership, like the brave Hungarians and Poles, were concerned, she’d not be up for threatening them with financial sanctions…“for now.”

    In typical gutless character, she even bottled out of specifying her targets – she did not explicitly name Poland and Hungary in her answer.




    Then, in a masterpiece of hypocrisy, even for the Berlin Bitch, she brazenly declared –

    “I would like to make no threat today in this interview, but I would like to see the rule of law respected throughout Europe, as we expect it should be”.


    Was sagte Mama Fuhrerin?


    ..some have suggested that the EU could use the threat of withholding so-called “structural funds” to force a compromise.



    Has she no shame?

    Does she think every German, every patriot in every country, is suffering from collective amnesia?

    It was she who flouted the rule of law when she single-handedly tore up the legal rule-book and ordered border security forces to stand down in the face of a massive invasion of her country by an alien horde.

    • And it wasn’t just her own country’s legalities that fell by the wayside.

    • Her beloved Brussels rules, which she now invokes to bully Central European democratic governments, were quite explicit. Intruders who purport to seek sanctuary within the Brussels Empire MUST make their claim in the very first land they reach.

    • Mama Stasi Merkel flouted that legal obligation, consciencelessly repudiating the European Union’s Dublin Agreement.

    • Yet now her arrogant jackboot is aimed at peaceful EU member-states, democratic neighbours who see no reason to import the misery she has inflicted on the German victims of rape, robbery  and violence by the primitive parasites she illegally welcomed in.



    Again my thoughts stray to Von Stauffenberg, who sought to thwart the madness of another evil leader in Berlin.

    Today’s patriots are better placed, since there is an electoral opportunity to end misrule…


    …in September this year. 

    PS – Today’s news is better still, with other countries declaring resistance –

     Central European leaders vow not to be blackmailed by EU  


    …and even formerly subservient Austria seems to be lining up against the foul Fuhrerin!  Austria says wants exemption from EU migrant relocation system


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    Now It’s Hungary! Soros Subversives Exposed Again! 

    My thanks to the commenter who drew this to my attention.  All such tips are always welcome!  


    Hasil gambar untuk hungarian ministry of foreign affairs

    Péter Szijjártó


    A very useful interview with Hungary’s Foreign Minister, Péter Szijjártó, on RT.com, which echoes the concerns of Macedonian patriots on subversive alien agencies .

    We covered the Soros problem there earlier this month…

    Smash The Sorosoids! Macedonia Stands Up To Evil! 

    …and I imagine we shall be covering malignant Sorosoids in other European countries too.  

    The Minister’s answers constitute a very honest appraisal of the threat to democracy that emanates from the externally-financed Enemy Within gangs that like to call themselves NGOs

    …. We do know that George Soros finances a lot of organisations in Hungary. He has a very clear, let’s say attempt, or a very clear interest, because he has already announced it and spoken about this very openly…


    • Hasil gambar untuk regime change
    • …he would like this government to fail…

    …because he doesn’t like our approach, doesn’t like our policies.


    Gambar terkait

    God Save Hungary!


    But it’s not George Soros who has to make that decision about which government leads Hungary. It’s the Hungarian people. 

    We find it very anti-democratic that someone from abroad would like to influence Hungarian voters on whom to vote for.


    Hmmm…that should win applause from all those Clintonites and other American Leftists who have been kicking up a fuss about alleged attempts to influence US elections from abroad.

    But it won’t!

    The American Far Left won’t show any interest in Hungary’s problems, because Soros has long been the pay-master of their campaigns to undermine the USA.

    The Magyar Minister knows this!




    As George Soros had a very clear and tight cooperation with Democrats, with the Clinton family, and he clearly had a strong influence on U.S. foreign policy, he clearly had strong influence on the policy of the Clinton family…


    That’s for sure!

    And so is this! 

    ….actually, I don’t think that NGO is the right abbreviation in this regard…https://www.rt.com/shows/sophieco/375561-hungary-soros-eu-refugees/

    He hits the nail on the head!

    … the abbreviation NGO stands for Non-Governmental Organisations, and in many cases it turns out that, maybe, the letter “N” is not appropriate, because many times, other governments, or other organisations which are affiliated to other governments, actually fund this kind of organisations.


    That’s exactly what we’ve said here, and which is beyond any doubt!

    EUSSR Splurges YOUR Money for Perverts to Lobby EUSSR! 

    Jakarta Post Demophobes’ Europhiliac Links Exposed! 

    A lot of these so-called NGOs have their dirty snouts deep in the public purse, the EUSSR being a major source for agitprop outfits.




    They swill down tons of hard cash that governments, in Brussels and in many other European capitals, screw out of tax-payers’ pockets – so no way are most NGOs in any honest sense NON-government.



    Best to roust them out, and that takes us on to Poland!

    Have a look at this little saga, about the shameless spongers of an ‘NGO’ in Poland, which is funded by NORWEGIAN tax-payers!

    Poland’s Law and Justice government wants to clean up the country’s civic sector, but NGOs fear a crackdown is coming.  https://euobserver.com/nordic/136124


    • parasites

    Poland’s Prime Minister Beate Szydlo pointed to the parasite  problem last month, identifying the ideological character of more than one so-called NGO in her country…

    Hasil gambar

     “…a reform was needed because “billions of zlotys… go to foundations which are subordinate to the politics of previous ruling regimes.” 

    According to EUObs, Szydlo didn’t specify to whom she was referring, but she hardly has to.

    The pinkos concerned have been quite open about their subversive influence on Polish politics. A so-called human rights campaigner, Ewa Kulik-Bielinska by name, was quite brazen about this.

    “Law and Justice lost power in 2007 because they hadn’t realised the value of media and NGOs.”

    This brazen claim of responsibility for the outcome of an election isn’t enough for the leftist vixen, however.

    She carries on brazenly, claiming that it’s the democratically elected government that is subverting civic society through sponsoring their own organisations and presenting them as representative of society at large.


    So these new organisation are not representative? The lefty woman has to back down a little –

    Turns out one of those named is intent on investigating what the ‘impartial (haha!) EU Observer slurs as ‘conspiracy theories’ about the death of important Polish leaders.

    The other is concerned with upholding Catholic policies.

    Being of Ulster-Scots Protestant descent, I’m not necessarily a fan of Catholic social doctrine, but given Poland is a 90% Catholic country, they’ve likely got more citizens’ sympathy than the radical left-lib sort of activists of whom Kulik-Bielinska seems to be enamored.

    Yet despite involving lots of citizens, Pinko Eva claims they don’t meet the criteria for government support?



     …they aren’t civic in terms of values!”

    Not Polish values, note, but Pinko Eva’s cultural marxist values!

    And hers are revealed by the reference further down the report to where her agitprop gang got the cash to get started.



    Her own branch of Poland’s Enemy Within has come under attack for its links to American financier and philanthropist George Soros, who established the foundation together with a group of Polish opposition leaders in the 1980s.  


    Now we know.

    Or maybe I should have said LEFT, now we know!

    Nowadays the subversive so-called NGOs in Polish cities are still foreign funded, mostly by Norway, one of the largest donors to civic life in Poland. Oslo and Warsaw are currently negotiating an €809 million scheme for initiatives aiming to reduce social and economic disparities in Poland.

    And why might the government want to take an interest in how this money is spent?

    Because Pinko Eva’s own outfit has played a key role in previous rounds of the cooperation, administering a €578 million funds allotted to Poland for 2009-2014.

    How the Hell, why the Hell, has this arrogant leftist woman managed to get control of a multi-million cash bonanza to devote to the promotion of cultural marxist ‘values’ which, as the election results have shown, do not match those of the Polish electorate?

    Fine, if she raises money from leftist Poles to promote left-wing goals. That’s how politics should work.

    But here she is, whining and ranting about values when she’s using subsidies from abroad.  

    I know some may criticise the Law and Justice Poles for echoing the demands of the reds for ‘NGO’ cash. Fair enough. It would be better to stop all such foreign funding – foreign subsidies to subversives?

    NO WAY – not one Oslo euro,or slimy Soros dollar,  

    And there’s no need for any government money to go to NON-Government Organisations in any country.

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    Breaking News – Patriot Poles Eat Babies for Breakfast? 

     A past-it party animal grubbing about in the smear-swamp?


    • monica-lewinsky
    • ……………………..
    • Cigar-fan Bill Clinton has savaged key Western allies who dare to do for their people what his wicked witch of a wife won’t do for Americans.

    He shrills that Poland and Hungary find “democracy is too much trouble” and “want Putin-like leadership, ‘just give me an authoritarian dictatorship and keep the foreigners out’…sound familiar?” Bill Clinton Declares War on Poland

    Hungary, like Poland, IS a real democracy. Both regularly hold free elections, and both, of course, welcome foreigners
    When I was taking my offspring on a grand tour in the early years after those brave countries had liberated themselves from communism…
    ….we found them to be friendly and helpful to a foreign family who couldn’t speak their language but understood their history and respected their proud cultures.
    Far from any wish to keep the foreigners out, they still today are eager to have foreign visitors come.
    What they don’t want are Mama Stasi’s rape-refugees preying on their citizens. Hungary’s actually planning a referendum on crimmigration later this year.

    Imagine Horrible Hillary’s response if any similar exercise in democratic consultation on her beloved illegal immigrants were proposed?

    But that doesn’t save either European nation from Bilious Bill’s bellicose belly-aching!

    And while the accusation of eating babies for breakfast has yet to be levelled against either brave nation, it surely won’t be long till further escalation of rancid rhetoric by the cultural marxist elite, in Brussels as much as, or more than, in Washington.


    The Venice Commission is travelling to Poland again!

    Wow, I hear you say, and that’s what EUObserver regards as newsworthy?

    How many readers have even heard of this body of experts on constitutional law from the human rights watchdog Council of Europe?


    • 0742f-stickybeak
    • ——-

    Known in Poland as the “act of surveillance,” it’s surely the business of Poles and not a pack of pinkos.

    And for those of us who enjoy US crimes series like NCIS, and are constantly appalled at the crass stupidity of an American legal system which prevents police catching criminals…


    … the fact that the Poles are giving cops extended rights to record video and audio in buildings and on public transport makes sound sense.

    More sensible still, they do not have to inform those investigated or ask courts for authorisation.

     Won’t record much of interest from terrorist chatting if you tell the terrs they’re on the air!

    As with the insane delay on sharing air passenger information, only those up to no good have grounds for objection to these measures.  Why should the forces of law and order have to fanny about before going after no-goods?


    • ———–

    But fact is, this is just the latest act put on by the Brussels’ Flying Circus, the EUSSR’s hit-team aiming at Poland the same way they target Hungary and will no doubt be after Slovakia and Denmark and any other country which takes law and order seriously.

    Sadly, the Venetian Blinds have various past-it Polish politicians egging them on. 

    Three former Polish presidents and other erstwhile leaders have issued an appeal to their countrymen to bring back democratic rule of law in Poland.   https://euobserver.com/tickers/133197


    Like, what next?

    Concentration camps, torture chambers, dead-of-night arrests of dissidents? Those were the hall-marks of the Communist regime in Poland (and all communist regimes) and the current Law and Justice Party Polish Government is as non-communist, anti-communist, as one can hope to find. 

    Those fretty ‘erstwhile leaders‘ are in no danger of harm or imprisonment.

    Their foot-soldiers from the dumbo student element are out in their thousands often enough, denouncing Law and Justice as they march and holler. Yet they seem remarkably un-arrested.

    Let’s clarify, again, what Poland’s elected (by a big majority) Government has done to upset these shrillers.

    I won’t go through it here but instead let the Poles do it for themselves, as reported in this link.


    And returning to the Clinton diatribe…?

    Does Billy Boy expect those nations to get down on their knees in response to his hypocritical haranguing?

    That’s his known preference, after all.

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    Deutsche Welle – Merkel’s Media Lap-Dog Snarls At Poland! 

    It was just about tea-time when, my flu having abated ( helped on its way by the sunny weather which took me out for much of the arvo) I felt energetic enough to switch channels from France 24 to Deutsche Welle.


    deutsche welle

    ‘Think of the press as a great keyboard on which the government can play. ‘


    Just in time to catch a ten minute plus splotch of vicious propaganda aimed at the Polish Government. Merkel’s attack-dog media slobbered hostility at a democratic parliamentary democracy whose crime is not to toe Mama Stasi’s line on crimmigrants.

    Reporter – Poland Protests – People Power on the March


    That was the title of the ‘report’ – I found it on the DW website later – link above-  so you can watch it and see I’m not exaggerating.

    It struck me right away that ‘People Power’ was probably NOT how DW covered the nationwide demos in Poland against the ‘asylum’ tsunami that Merkel welcomed into Germany in violation of the agreed European rules…



    Poles refuse to be dumping ground for Merkel’s trash

    ………..and which now, she irresponsibly shrills, must be shovelled onto every other country in Europe.

    However, titles can be misleading, so let’s move onto DW’s utterly impartial, objective intro. Hahahaha…


    After the conservative Law and Justice Party swept to victory in elections last October, the opposition is fighting to preserve democracy. With a climate of fear hampering their efforts, will a major demonstration they’ve planned get off the ground? http://www.dw.com/en/reporter-poland-protests-people-power-on-the-march-2016-03-05/e-19039196-9798

    Please note, the L and J party ‘swept to victory.’

    DW’s idea of a nod to truth, before launching into lies, using the self-styled ‘Committee for the Defence of Democracy’ as collaborators. These come across as typical left-lib whiners, and their character is clear from their demo, which had as many EUSSR flags as Polish!

     I’d describe it as sheer bias – though bias is usually about a pretend attempt to give both sides, with a slant towards that favoured by the media concerned.


    • LIBERAL-MEDIA-e1315327567357-300x211
    • In this grubby broadside there was NO effort to let supporters of the government balance the arguments. Since most Poles voted for the government, it shouldn’t have been hard to find some, especially since it happened to be mostly filmed in the L and J Prime Minister’s home-town!.

    The propagandists couldn’t disguise the indifference of the average Pole to the CDD, who scraped together a mere four people to join the trip to Warsaw for the demo, in what appeared to be a sizeable town.

    No doubt due to the ‘fear and paranoia’ DW claims to observe – although we poor viewers saw none!

    To be fair to their CDD ‘stars’, there was a scene from a local cafe or bar where they actually mustered seven supporters for a meeting!

    The DW focused on one Pole whose rants against the government they faithfully translated, to illustrate what ‘the political oppostion and the EU fear is a threat to democracy and human rights.” 

    But we see not a sign of fear at all, except when a train breaks down and the agitators fear they’ll miss their demo – and no, even DW’s pip-squeak didn’t try to claim the train was sabotaged!

    This hogwash descended into near-farce when, breathlessly, the DW voice described two CDD men meeting up in a car-park one evenng, the suggestion being that the ‘perfectly legal petition’ they were organising was only safely handled after dark!


    It looked suspiciously to me like any two friends meeting up in a car-park!

    Moreover, the heroic quartet next morning strode along the street to the station, carrying their petition and specially made demo banner in broad daylight, unmolested by anyone.  Similarly when they changed trains, they chanted and waved the banners, clearly no whiff of the Deutsche Welle ‘climate of fear.’

    • lies hitler

    Frankly it’s ridiculous, as propaganda often is.

    But it is also offensive.

    First to Poland! I like Poland, and Poles, as you’ll find if you use my search box, over there to the right.

    Poland has a heroic history, and the Poles just gave a grand mandate to their leaders. What most Poles will think of this CDD branch collaborating with German media hacks pushing Merkel’s anti-Polish line I don’t know. 

    I think it’s disgusting.


    • ————————
    • But secondly, it’s offensive to honest German tax-payers who stump up millions to subsidise DW, only for its arrogant staff to use it for their own prejudice and propaganda.

    Incidentally,  one of the whines the CDD have is that the Polish Government has taken steps to end that sort of cr-p in Polish State Broadcasting.

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    People Power Wins in Poland – It’s Them Wicked Populists! 

    So Law and Justice have an absolute majority of 232 seats in the 460-seat Polish parliament.


    • Beata Szydlo, coal-miner’s daughter, now Poland’s new PM, addressing patriotic workers 
    • ———-
    • congratulationssuperjob
    • ———

    How come?

    Law and Justice has promised to lower the retirement age, boost welfare, and cut taxes for small businesses, while raising taxes for banks and supermarket chains.

    Mildly leftish, some might say…BUT!

    Its campaign also included populist elements!

    Meaning what? The above promises obviously were calculated to appeal to the people, so are they not populist?


    • LIBERAL-MEDIA-e1315327567357-300x211
    • ————————

    No, because in journalese, populist refers only to policies that appeal to the people but of which the pinko journos disapprove. eg. depicting Civic Platform as being servile to Germany, feeble on Russia, and putting Poles at risk of “diseases” brought by Syrian refugees under an EU relocation programme.      


    Basic common sense, most Poles presumably thought, and why not.

    But one aspect not given due prominence, in my view, is that for the first time since the Red Army installed the Communist Quisling regime at the end of WW2, the Reds have NO parliamentary presence.

    • anti_communism_by_leandrotr

    An admirable conclusion of the revolution which Solidarnosc began in 1980 and for which I marched in solidarity through London all those years ago.

    Meanwhile Merkel’s cultural marxist lap-dog hacks have wasted no time in commencing shrill hate-paeans against the resurgent nation.

    German broadcaster ARD accused Kaczynski of “hate speech” on refugees…

    • truththenewhatespeechcorrectspellinig
    • And that’s what will happen to any statesman or woman who takes a stand against the undesirable lying ‘migrants.’


    Let’s hope the Poles rally behind their honourable leaders and set an example for all Europeans to follow. 

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    Patriotism ‘Poisonous?’ Pinko Propaganda As Poland Votes! 

    Supporters for the conservative opposition Law and Justice party at a rally in Warsaw.
    Polish patriots – poisonous?

    After the disgraceful slurs on EuroNews…Euronews’ ‘Fascist’ Smear Against Polish Opposition! …now we have the UK Guardian weighing in against Polish patriots, an outlandish article which talks of poison and xenophobia.

    Why? Because Poland’s voters are making decisions decidedly at odds with the facts.

    But the Guardian hack, Alex Duval Smith, is somewhat selective about ‘the facts’ which he covers in his propaganda piece.


    • Hasil gambar untuk merkel hijab
    •  Mama Stasi
    • =======

    The key fact is that, seventy years after Adolf Hitler went up in smoke, his successor Mama Stasi Merkel, a veteran of the same Communist apparatus that tormented Poles at least as much as it oppressed her fellow-Germans, is performing an action replay, reconstructing the Nazis’ Pan-Europe Reich.

    Today’s Poles now find themselves jack-booted on the issue of their country’s very identity.

    • Not Welcome! Doormat
    • Berlin’s irresponsible welcome mat to undesirable aliens is being used to suffocate Polish self-determination. 
    • At least Merkel’s crimes against Germany may face ballot-box scrutiny by those she’s betrayed. But Poland’s elected government was simply ordered by Brussels (at Berlin’s behest) to knuckle under and take in thousands of people whom the Polish people do not want in their country.  
    • =
    • Foto Marsz Niepodległości.


    • A flagrant blow to the democratic principle, and to sovereignty.
    • —————
    • 4-cameron-epa Cameron and Kopacs, two of a kind?


    Shamefully, the left-lib regime in Warsaw, having felt obliged by popular opinion to resist, suddenly U-turned and buckled, Poland’s Prime Minister, a Cameron-like bint named Kopacs, emerging as a craven, crawling hand-maiden to the primitive horde’s cultural marxist sponsors.


    •  Kaczynski


    Step forward Jaroslaw Kaczynski, a true Pole, telling truths – the Guardian breathlessly says he has warned his fellow-citizens that “migrants carry very dangerous diseases!” And rocks, for throwing at cops, he might have added!

    It seems his party has had the effrontery to run a populist campaign with broad appeal. 

    So that’s what populism is all about, offering ‘broad appeal?’ Sounds like simply sensible politics to me!

    The hack falls back on one or two disaffected voices, like a fruit and veg seller from Warsaw. I have no problem with fruit and veg sellers – they are at least as likely to talk sense than smarmy George Clooney or noted nut-job Naomi Campbell, whose opinions are inexplicably touted by the left-lib media, as if they actually KNOW anything.


    Naomi Campbell Cadbury’s Crumbles before Nutty Naomi – Beauty Sans Brains? 


    “They are promoting fear of immigrants when, in fact, migrants are not going to come to Poland,’ intones the spud-seller.  She clearly hasn’t read that it’s a done-deal, thousands to be dumped on Poland, and God help the Poles if they try to ensure the influx consists of those who might be acceptable to Poles.

    Or there’s Jacek Kucharczyk, director of the Institute of Public Affairs, who is appalled that voters will think and make up their own minds on issues that matter to THEM, if not to him, rather than bow to Brussels edicts.

    “We are about to give the country to a bunch of political extremists who have been smart enough to send consoling signals to people who are scared. We are going through a kind of counter-Reformation.”  Fear and xenophobia poison Polish polls

    Counter-Revolution is what’s required!
    Solidarity ousted Communism –  now Poles need rid of the EUSSR’s Cultural Marxism.

    Scared? What could possibly scare Poles?

    The hoodlum mobs we’ve seen charging police lines across the Balkans, slobbering to get their greedy snouts into welfare troughs, no respect at all for the laws of the lands they wish to gate-crash?

    The primitive aliens in Berlin erupting into violent mayhem merely because they felt their fanatic dogma slighted?

    The bestial sectarian ‘refugees’ who murdered Christian fellow-‘migrants’ even before they disembarked in Europe?


    • pilate-washes-his-hands-lars-lindgren
    • SomethingWickedbcweb
    • ==========

    Bavarians ordering their school-kids into backward smocks to avoid risk of molestation by Syrian savages?

    The rapists in Calais, and Ventimiglia, and even in the accommodation graciously bestown by German tax-payers – filthy brutes barely settled in, immediately preying on whatever women they can get their filthy paws on.


    • hands off
    • ================

    Nothing scary about all those good reasons for Poles to fear what fate awaits their wives, sisters and daughters? .

    What IS scary is that the people of the countries in which these outrages  are occurring have not taken action to remedy the problem.

    None of the rapists has been deported, never mind put up against a wall and shot, which would be fair recompense for such revolting ingratitude.

    Pinkos usually endeavour to divert attention from important issues, identity, sovereignty, democracy, instead playing the ‘economic’ card – marxists always do, mystification of the ‘masses’ by exploiting class-prejudice.

    But that won’t wash this time. Bringing in loads of wasters has no obvious economic advantage!


    Hasil gambar untuk poland map in europe


    Poles are right next door to the Czech Republic, so they know they’ll be ripped off by the malignants en route from ISIS-Land  (or wherever they’re pretending to be from this week!)

    When the Czechs expect the parasites to stump up for some of the goodies gouged from the Prague public purse, there’s an outcry, instead of applause!

    The swine won’t own up to their secreted funds, so the liars have to be strip-searched in order to make them pay the daily cost of 250 crowns ($10.46) for their detention!

    • congratters

    Even worse, the wicked Czechs are perpetrating something akin to torture on the phoney ‘refugees….’their mobile phones were taken away when they were detained, Zeid said.

    OMG! A government that shows sense!

    Poles should do the same, as should all Europe!



    Tomorrow we’ll know if Poland’s heart beats soundly.

    I reckon it will be a good result for Poles, a bad one for Mama Merkel and her ‘migrant’ mob.


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