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  • ross1948 8:17 pm on June 15, 2019 Permalink | Reply
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    Muppet Macron, Meddler Extraordinaire! 


    It used to be that Mama Stasi Merkel held Europe’s trophy for Most Brazen Meddler, bare-faced in wading into ( though perhaps, in view of her dumpy form, waddling into ) other people’s countries and telling them which of her cronies they ought to vote for.


    Like back when she helped Sarkozy

    Fuhrerin Merkel Sticks Nose into France, Jackboot into Greece

    …and again, when she, along with other members of the Brussels in-crowd…



    …openly swaggered into French politics, shrilling for Macron and dissing his opponent, Marine Le Pen.

    Now the little creep once regarded as her apprentice in subversive sorcery, France’s Muppet…



    …is vying to outdo the Hochveraterin’s hubris!

    He’s sticky-beaking arrogantly into Spain’s internal affairs, lecturing Spanish politicians on whom they may or may not work with in the governance of their local, regional and national spheres of authority. https://news.yahoo.com/macrons-government-sends-warning-spanish-115444579.html

    The bankster had his minions warn one Spanish political party of “consequences” if it dares to work in concert with another Spanish political party.

    .”At the local level, alliances with the far right, whatever they are, are not in line with our values,” a spokesman for French European Affairs Minister Amelie de Montchalin said.


    Muppet Macron’s Mock-Consultation -“We’ll Only Talk About What WE Value!” 

    Oh, yeah, the ones he puts above democratic principles!

    The party Macron condescends to instruct, Ciudadanos, a ‘centre-right’  – aka liberal – outfit, didn’t tell the Elysee elitist to get stuffed, perhaps because of divided loyalties…


    …between Spain and the Brussels Empire, where it’s in cahoots with Macron’s party.

    But Santiago Abascal, who leads Vox, the party Macron forbids Ciudadanos to work with, spoke up.

    Senor Abascal issued a forthright denunciation of Macron for “treating Spain as if it were a French province”, calling it “a humiliating interference”.

    Although El Pais mostly uses the biased smear-term ‘far right,’ it at one stage offers a whiff of truth, by describing Abascal’s Vox as ‘anti-immigration, ultra-conservative,’  two good reasons why Vox has burst into local and national representative bodies…


    • Image result for vox españa

    Vox Pop, Vox Dei? Spanish Resistance Rising! 

    …two reasons too why it stokes fear and loathing in whatever passes for a heart in the unimpressive pro-crimmigrant French president!

    Yet methinks Spanish coalitions are not something important in themselves in Macron’s mind.

    What we are seeing is more like a vampire…


    …its cravings never sated, always, once it gets a taste for blood, out for more.

    Meddling has become an addiction, for was he not involved in the shameful bullying of little Macedonia?

    Meddling When Other Nations Vote IS, After All, OK? 

    ..and have we forgotten Macron’s flunkey, Lousy Loiseau, scolding, on his behalf, the Italian government, for doing what Macron lacked the guts and sense to do.

    Lousy Loiseau, Hypocrite Macron’s Snarling Lap-Dog, Lashes Out! 


    What we see is no principled performance but merely Macron throwing his weight about.

    It’s all a manifestation of…

    …the little sad-sack’s Napoleon Complex!

    • Jeanne 9:19 pm on June 15, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      Napoleon is still revered by most French because he was a giant on the European stage, his memory is one of power and glory.
      Macron is a midget. He thinks that snapping at neighbours in friendly countries, like a cartoon poodle, makes him significant.
      It does not. He is only noisy and embarrassing.


    • Pamela 4:09 pm on June 16, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      Snarling lapdog? She’s verily a snarler, but a bit of forgiveness is in order, if what I have just read on BrexitLive is true.
      “ Loiseau, the French president’s top choice to lead the new European Parliament liberal group known as Renew Europe, has returned to Paris after reportedly insulting the group’s leading MEPs.”
      As you often say, ‘Har har har, de har har har!’
      Yes, I remember Jackie Gleason too!


  • ross1948 10:23 pm on May 27, 2019 Permalink | Reply
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    Muppet Macron’s Action-Plan – Save ISIS Scum From Justice! 

    If only Marine Le Pen were sitting in the Elysee Palace, which, after her National Rally party’s success in the weekend election, she damned well should be…




    …we would not have to read the shameful message newly sent out by the French Foreign Ministry.

    France is opposed in principle to the death penalty at all times and in all places.” 


    Frankly, EVERY single one of the turncoat swine who scuttled off to join the satanic rape-gang in that ‘caliphate’ in Mosul should be put down.


    macron bankerUntitled-23

    While I never imagined Macron would have enough sense (of what’s right and what’s wrong) to applaud the Iraqi court’s wise  and just decision –

    Bravo, Iraq! Now Carry Out Those Sentences!Bravo, Iraq! Now Carry Out Those Sentences!

        – I didn’t think he’d be such a decadent drip as to oppose justice.

    Yet, sure enough, as his minions are now telling us, Le Muppet is stepping up to save the necks of vicious jihadist vermin.

    France has confirmed it would take “the necessary steps” to try to prevent Iraq carrying out the death penalty against three French citizens convicted of fighting with Islamic State…

    One can imagine the right steps to be taken by a little creep like Le Muppet.

    First, he’ll stamp his little foot…

    • Vanessa R 11:34 pm on May 27, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      How base!
      Traitors and terrorists due for the chop and Macron’s planning to rescue them?
      I hope the French do to him what the British have done to May.


    • Philippe 12:16 am on May 28, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      Macron is a shameful man to do this.
      Who outside the banlieue wish to stop execution of IS traitors?
      They are not true Frenchmen and that is by their own choices and so have no claim on France.


    • Lou Greystol 1:27 pm on May 28, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      He is a sorry sonofabitch. I see the Iraqis just sentenced another one to death.
      Any real Frenchman would crack open the champagne.


    • Robert Waytes 4:33 pm on May 28, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      Another one in the news, sentenced to death.
      Thank God the Iraqis understand what has to be done with these terrorists and how sad it is that the French Government is seen to be guilty of obstructing justice.
      The British Government too should hang its head in shame for allowing hundreds of ISIS beasts back into Britain.
      That Begum’s even getting British tax payers money to demand that she can stay in the country
      They should all be put to death.


  • ross1948 3:40 pm on May 26, 2019 Permalink | Reply
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    ‘France Doesn’t Belong To The French?’ Deport These Swine! 

    France Does Not Belong To The French!

    i just had this sent to me and it sums up the arrogant ingratitude which characterises too many of the illegal aliens leeching off not only France..



    …but Britain, Germany, Austria, Holland, Belgium and the Scandinavian countries.


    Note the absence from that list of Poland, Hungary and the Czech Republic – they don’t put up with fake ‘refugee’ ratbags, hence the Brussels’ elite’s vendetta against them.




    If Macron had even a stunted little scrap of backbone, he’d have had the riot police on the scene not just ‘monitor’ the scum…




    …but round them up and bundle them, manacled, onto air force transport planes, for immediate despatch to the dumps they or their parents oozed out of.

    The video can be seen on the link.
    • Mack the Knife 5:12 pm on May 26, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      No! I just watched that video and now I want to load my shotgun.
      Who do these gibbering bastards think they are!
      Poor French. If Marine was President, they’d have a leader with balls. She would have given the police orders they would enjoy following, break some heads, drag them out, detain by airport for asap deportation.


    • Ned A 6:17 pm on May 26, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      I read this all the way through and then I watched the video.
      Those illegals make my blood boil.


    • Diana 7:31 pm on May 26, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      Exactly, Mack, I have no gun but I wished I had when I watched those animals.


    • Jeanne 8:56 pm on May 26, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      Infuriating video.
      My hope is for it to be widely shown all over France and other Francophone countries.
      The arrogance of the illegal aliens will help Marine Le Pen and our allies too.


  • ross1948 3:58 pm on May 14, 2019 Permalink | Reply
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    Bon Chance, Marine! BBC Can’t Make Up It’s Mind On You! 

    Bon Chance, Marine!


    On Sunday arvo I was dozing on the sofa, when the BBC took another impartial look at the Euro-Election, focused on France, where Muppet Macron’s having problems. He appointed Lousy Loiseau to manage his campaign…

    Lousy Loiseau, Hypocrite Macron’s Snarling Lap-Dog, Lashes Out! 



    …but unsurprisingly, she’s not quite up to it.

    More interestingly, was the BBC’s alternating choice of bias. The first time the story was on- mid-morning, I guess, they called her the ‘hard-right’ leader in France. Then next time, same again.

    But NEXT time, it was back to the old ‘far-right!’

    Somebody had made an editorial decision!

    What caused this change?



    Neither is accurate of course – it should be the ‘patriot’ leader. But how come that seemingly minor alteration by the UK state-broadcaster.

    Any readers got any ideas?

    I have a few readers in France and they probably all support Marine Le Pen anyway.

    But nevertheless, I am appending her crowd-funding appeal.

    The big banks have declined to cooperate with the French patriot party, and that’s not surprising, given her opponent, Le Muppet Macron…

    macron bankerUntitled-23

    …is himself a creature of international banksterism.

    My French is execrable, but if yours is better, please view the video and respond generously.


    • Jeanne 4:10 pm on May 14, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      We are ahead of Macron in polls.
      They may call her whatever they want but the voters will decide soon and we are working hard.


  • ross1948 9:58 pm on April 17, 2019 Permalink | Reply
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    After Notre Dame Fire, A Trendy Spire? Already Macron’s Up To Something! 

    I see Le Muppet Macron’s top flunkey ( prime minister) has questioned “whether we should even recreate the spire as it was… or if, as is often the case in the evolution of heritage, we should endow Notre-Dame with a new spire…”


    I suppose it was almost inevitable that Macron would start thinking of ways to exploit the ghastly inferno.

    It’s in his nature, as a Europhiliac pipsqueak with an outsized ego.



    Given his notorious Napoleon-Complex, we might end up seeing Paris’s magnificent cathedral not even topped off with any proper spire at all…


    Image result for macron napoleon


    • …but instead fitted with some grotesquerie to commemorate his own glory as ‘master-mind’ of the renovation.

    • One can only pray…

    Seriously, though.

    The whole point of heritage is what a person, or a nation, INHERITS, from its past.


    Related image


    So the old spire should be reconstructed, with sturdier materials, perhaps, but not with some sort of glitzy trendy 21st century ‘new look.’

    It’s just my opinion – but before Macron imposes his own, how about letting the French people choose?

    He did make noises recently about referenda -though only on things that would not transgress his ideological hang-ups…

    Muppet Macron’s Mock-Consultation -“We’ll Only Talk About What WE Value!”

    So, if and when he keeps his word on even that much limited democracy, why not stick on an extra ballot paper to let the citizens decide, the Notre Dame they wept for yesterday, or a cool hipster millennial monument?

    • Fiona 10:42 pm on April 17, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      An interesting change of theme, Ross, and I am with you on this as on most subjects you like to write about.
      When Windsor went on fire, did we make the Queen restore it with furnishings from IKEA?
      Nothing against IKEA but that would have been glaringly, laughably, out of place.
      Paris’s 800 year old cathedral, so central to her history, should not be ‘modernised,’
      The very idea is repulsive.


      • Jeanne 11:40 pm on April 17, 2019 Permalink | Reply

        Thank you, Fiona, you say it in English much better tham I am able to say it.
        Macron must not be free to remake Notre Dame with a ‘modern’ spire or modern anything.
        It is an ancient treasure of France and we want it back like before the fire and like all the visitors to Paris since I was born have seen it.
        Ross has the best idea, let the French people vote to decide.
        It is not the property of Macron to decide.


    • Mort 2:00 am on April 18, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      Cultural marxists hate beautiful traditional architecture, not because of what it looks lke but because of its appeal to normal people, who identify with it as their heritage.
      The pioneering cultural marxists in Germany focused much of their energy on architecture and while the bulk of Notre Dame is still standing and therefore not obtainable by Macron’s men, the spire is down and gives them an opening to insert something unpleasant in its place.


    • Firefly 9:37 am on April 18, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      OR- A minaret (mosque) or a masonic/satanic symbolic spire (a la City of London’s adornments)

      Didn’t the invading forces build Norman towers on our English churches, as the new invading forces love to turn our abandoned churches into Mosques?


      • Gilles Morleau 9:03 pm on April 18, 2019 Permalink | Reply

        Firefly, you may be tongue in cheek but it would not one bit surprise me if they wanted to instal a minaret in Notre Dame.
        After all, Macron’s creed is all about inclusivity, not French national pride.


    • Uncle Oz 10:33 am on April 18, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      This made me look back at when the Sydney Opera House was built.
      A lot of us didnt take to it right then but it grew on us.
      Not the same at all with Notre Dame.
      In Sydney the Opera House it was brand new but in Paris it must be about a thousand years so I am told that their cathedralhas stood.
      You dont go tinkering with history.


  • ross1948 3:33 pm on March 23, 2019 Permalink | Reply
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    ‘Child’ Migrant Fakers Can Veto Age-Tests? Insanity! 

    ‘Eat your carrots or no ice-cream dessert….that’s if you agree with me, of course!’

    Related image

    ‘It’s 9pm, tomorrow’s a school-day, so bed-time for you…if we have your consent, of course.’ 


    Absurd, yes?

    Children do not get to say what’s what.

    Rules are made by grown-ups and are there to be followed.


    France’s top constitutional authority has validated bone testing to determine the age of young migrants…’


    ..and that is good news.

    Medical examination can surely cut down the number of fake ‘child’ migrants, a vexation not unique to France…



    Lying Parasites! Aged ‘Asylum Kids’ Allotted Homes As Aussies Wait in Line! 


    …but obviously a problem there too.!

    Or so it might seem, until you read down the page a little bit, and learn that –

    …an exam can be requested by a judge…

    after the minor in question AGREES TO the exam.


    We also read that, insanely, unaccompanied minors who arrive in France have the right to stay and be educated until they are 18.

    And who picks up the tab?

    NOT the ‘NGO’ political pressure groups that constantly agitate on the mini-leeches’ behalf…



    …but honest hard-pressed French working folk, whose taxes are filched by Macron’s revenue-men.

    Some parts of the report are almost funny.

    During a court case regarding bone testing from 2016, Jacques Toubon, the head of the Defenders of Human Rights organisation, said that he was “resolutely opposed” to the tests that were “ill-adjusted, inefficient, and UNDIGNIFIED.”


    Related image

    In what possible way can a wrist x-ray be undignified?

    But Toubon’s gabbling is only marginally more deranged than the idiotic protection of children law which prohibits the examination of puberty development…

    Like, why?

    But let’s not waste time on that, just get this!.

    The case was brought to court this month after a young Guinean refused to consent to a bone exam, which the judge in his case had used as proof that he was an adult.


    The uppity git should get a smack round the head and sent packing.

    Related image

    Nobody asked him to come to France.

    • Keith Milner 5:04 pm on March 23, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      A bit late in my day but worth waiting for.
      I remember that Australian report, nearly nine years ago and did anything come of it?
      So many countries seem to like being made fools of by these liars.


    • Tiny Camwell 5:28 pm on March 23, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      That Guinean doesn’t need a slap on the head. He needs a powerful boot to his backside that’ll land him back in his own country.
      I was sure I read somewhere in your blog last year that Macron had announced that he had introduced an ‘age of consent’ law making childhood end at the age of 15; and I scrolled back till I found it. You quoted the BBC – ‘France to set legal age of sexual consent as 15 – BBC News’
      The strange thing is that the reports out of Calais indicate that a lot of the migrant louts and drifters there are over fifteen.
      Logically then, they are past puberty and that makes them not children, so they have no ‘child’ rights and they can be expelled from France. Why won’t Macron get rid of them?
      I am trying to take the argument stage by stage, because I thought logic was a big thing in France?


    • Mack the Knife 5:56 pm on March 23, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      I would feel sorry for the French more if we had not got the same stupid rules that give every parasite a break. France, Britain, Germany, we all have bad laws and useless governments.
      Speaking of break, I broke my wrist when I was 16. It was painful but when it was x-rayed at the hospital I never felt anything undignified about that.
      That Frenchman Toubon is a stupid berk and no mistake.


    • Fran Burns 10:40 pm on March 23, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      What can the legislators who framed that insane rule have been thinking of?
      An alien should have no right at all to refuse such a simple check, and even less an under-age alien, if it is under-age.
      Why are the French, and other European governments, putting themselves in that position?
      There is no rational basis for such a situation to have been created. Nobody wants these aliens, who are often not just liars but violent and quite unwilling to assimilate.


  • ross1948 9:52 pm on March 11, 2019 Permalink | Reply
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    Far-Left Melenchon’s ‘Right Of Reply’ To Macron – No Fair Play For Marine? 

    I note the Guardian has provided the French far-left leader Melenchon with a ‘right-of-reply…’   https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2019/mar/10/abandon-foolish-brussels-treaties-emmanuel-macron


    …to Le Muppet Macron’s appalling open letter on the future of Europe.   https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2019/mar/04/europe-brexit-uk

    Just curious.


    Since all three ran for the French Presidency, and Marine Le Pen got lots more votes than Melenchon, will the Guardian bow to democratic values and basic principles of fair play and offer the patriot party leader a welcome to their pages?


    • Keith Milner 10:09 am on March 12, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      Fair play in the Guardian?
      Now now, Ross, you must be on the booze.
      The Guardian wouldn’t know ‘fair’ if it fell over it in the street.


  • ross1948 12:27 pm on March 3, 2019 Permalink | Reply
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    Crimmigrant Arson In Calais! Savages Still Amok! Thanks Again, Euro-Court! 

    On Monday night, a trucker in Calais drove his vehicle through a roadblock of burning pallets built by migrants hoping to hitch a ride to Britain.


    Fortunately, the driver, a Bulgarian, was only slightly injured, but the situation in northern France has clearly not changed greatly since the mayhem repeatedly reported during Le Retch Hollande’s presidency.

    Migrant mob smashed Calais trucker over head with brick

    Family escape attack byCalais migrants who launched metal pole


    Calais over-run as migrants outnumber cops 18 to 1 –

    Kent haulage boss tells of daily migrant attacks at Calais

    Refugee crisis: Hundreds of migrants storm Calais motorway 

    Interestingly, nowhere in the long article on the wearisome chore undertaken by French police to locate and prevent illegal incursions aimed at the southern shores of England, which can actually be seen from France, does The Leftal, sorry, The Local, explain to readers why this problem exists.

    We see no reason not to remind OUR readers of what we have said before.

    The entire issue would never have arisen had not that accursed gang of robed rogues, the European Court of Human Rights…


    …declared that law-breakers may NOT be arrested and detained.

    Not French law-breakers, of course, but illegal aliens.

    Let illegal migrants go free, EU court orders..

    Those judge-jerks are villains, who deliberately protect criminals from the consequences of their illegality.

    Unless and until France finds itself with a government, a president, prepared to defy the arrogant swine in Strasbourg – and it won’t be Le Muppet Macron, who is as pro-crimmigrant as his buddy in Berlin – and instruct the police…


    ….to round up every illegal alien for deportation, there can be no realistic prospect of stopping the bludger boats.

    • Sylvie Sonneret 4:56 pm on March 3, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      We detest Macron. He is all talk, promising democratic reform but not willing to put the migration issue to the people in a referendum because he understand well that we French want these illegals gone from our country, and may I say, not to England. We wish them deported to their own countries, not to become a burden to our friends over the Channel.


      • Edward Lamont 9:43 pm on March 3, 2019 Permalink | Reply

        We reciprocate, Sylvie.
        Nobody likes Macron except his banker cronies and the illegals. Much the same in the UK, where we have May who praises sharia law.
        We must build a populist front and kick out Macron, May and all the Islamists they allow to run around our two homelands


    • Mack the Knife 3:24 am on March 4, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      Even if that court won’t let French police arrest illegal immigrants, surely arsonists like the ones in the news last week are still arrestable?


  • ross1948 5:52 pm on February 5, 2019 Permalink | Reply
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    Training Courses For Dumb Animals – Macron Upholds Elitist Tradition! 

    Image result for training animals

    Allons, Mes Enfants!

    That’s how Europhiliac politicians have always viewed the people whose taxes they  soak up  – dumb animals not fit to determine how their countries are run!

    You doubt that?

    Well, just read these extracts, one from decades back, the other from last week – my capitalisation, NB.


    ‘A referendum on this matter consists of consulting people who don’t know the problems instead of consulting people who know them. I would deplore a situation in which the policy of this great country should be left to housewives. It should be decided instead by TRAINED and informed people.’ 


    Related image

    Who the heck was THAT sexist buffoon?

    Jean Rey, President of the European Commission (the job Drunkard Juncker now holds) for over ten years, in the Sixties and Seventies, came out with that outburst of obscene elitism.

    I got the quote from an excellent Spiked.com article, which you can read on the link above.

    But you know who THIS is, yeah?

    However he said he supported ‘citizen consensus conferences’ (conférences de consensus citoyen). 

    “That means that we’re going to ask citizens their opinion, but WE’RE GOING TO TRAIN THEM.

    We’re going to spend several hours or sometimes several weekends TRAINING PEOPLE and telling them: here’s the truth and the falsehood, here’s how it works; now you can make an informed decision.


    Quite extraordinary, the condescension of those two, talking of the citizens (who in Macron’s case elected him into power!) as if they were animals that require ‘training’ until  – here’s the truth and the falsehood, here’s how it works- – until they know what’s good for them.

    Note well, both the unlamented Belgian Rey and the ineffably arrogant Macron will decide what’s true and what’s false, and ‘how it works’ and only when the mere common folk have absorbed what’s handed down by elites and experts…now you can make an informed decision.

    Supercilious SOBs!

    referndmlet peole vote

    Macron does admit that previous French governments treated democracy with disdain.

    “What created a sense of malaise was that in 2005 we had a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty which resulted in a ‘no’ vote. Two years later France went back on it by a parliamentary decision.  I think it was a mistake. The people said one thing then two years later we said ‘we’re going to put that right’.”

    But this week we read that his plans to let the people vote are merely on trivial technicalities, like –whether France needs to reduce its number of lawmakers, and whether their mandates should be shortened…

    NO vote on capital punishment, NO vote on the migrant menace, NO vote on homo-marriage, ALL those key issues kept in the hands of the in-crowd.

    Nor should we be surprised, because France was just last month…   

    Muppet Macron’s Mock-Consultation -“We’ll Only Talk About What WE Value!” 

     …advised that the elite would not bow to the people.

    Or, as Maire Antoinette allegedly remarked, ‘Let them eat cake…’



    …and we know what happened to her!


    • Jeanne 6:54 pm on February 5, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      Macron thinks we need to be trained?
      He will possibly think a whip, or a carrot, is needed to train us how to think and how to vote?
      He insults us every time he opens his mouth.


    • Nichol Knight 9:38 pm on February 5, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      They always talk down to real people from their elite positions.
      At least the old aristocracies were usually patriotic but these Macroqns and Junckers and the like are nothing, the products of mutually back-scratching bureaucracies or banking cliques.
      Charmless, soul-less, heartless, they need to be swept into the gutters and their rule must be replaced by real people, the populists, who talk our language and who share our values.


  • ross1948 7:54 pm on February 4, 2019 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: democratic reform, , , Hayk Shahinyan, Le Muppet Macron, , ,   

    Marine Makes Sense On Yellow Vests – France, Beware Far-Left Manipulation! 

    Since the Yellow Vest movement is fundamentally a popular revolt, against the Elysee elitist, it’s no real cause for surprise that polls suggest their potential electoral support draws more voters from Marine Le Pen’s patriot party than from Muppet Macron’s.



    But Marine is wise to be cool and calm about this. As with the UK ‘split’ we wrote of, in a proportional voting system, the likelihood is, even if the ‘Yellow Vests could receive as much as 13 percent,’ those would transfer to her National Rally (RM). ‘
    But the patriot leader has recognised the danger of far-left manipulation of the protest phenomenon.
    Note well, how Hayk Shahinyan, who used to be with the Young Socialist Movement, has emerged as their ‘campaign director.’

    Image result for Hayk Shahinyan socialist

    Hayk Shahinyan


    It is of course possible for far-left youth to grow up and switch allegiance to patriotic movements. I don’t know a lot about Shahinyan, or where he comes from, but Marine certainly has her concerns.
    “It’s not a problem for me to have a list of Yellow Vests, yet the next question is whether they will keep their independence and their autonomy…“When we see around former socialist activists on such lists – this danger, it exists…” https://www.rt.com/news/449656-yellow-vests-european-parliament/
    Marxists always seek to infiltrate anything they think might promote their cause, so why would the YVs be any different?
    We have already seen the vicious Red Nazi Antifa type of violence in French streets, as well, of course…


    Banlieue burning


    …as scenes reminiscent of past years’ mayhem committed by alien ingrates in the banlieues.
    However, according to the RT report, many YV followers are not prepared to follow those who may pervert their reform agenda.

    Far better, surely, if they channel their energies into Marine’s campaign to represent the long-suffering French people.

    referndmlet peole vote

    She too, like them, sees proper democracy, referenda, as a way forward. And unlike Macron, she would never talk down to her fellow-citizens and tel them what they are or are not permitted to vote on.

    PS I see in the news that Shahinyan has stepped back – he says he’s taking time to think about his options, but the concerns expressed by many good French folk have undoubtedly made him hesitant.,

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