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  • ross1948 16:14 on January 25, 2022 Permalink | Reply
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    BBC Proud Of Its Woke Censoring! 

    Confronted with carefully researched evidence that UK Pravda has been censoring episodes of tv shows screened back when BBC was somewhat more watchable….

    ….a sadly unidentified ‘spokesman for the BBC confirmed to The Times that:

    “We edit some episodes so they’re suitable for broadcast today, including removing racially offensive language and stereotypes from decades ago, as the vast majority of our audience would expect.”



    Arrogant left elitist SOB!


    Name the condescending cur!



    To whom?

    Their bias…



    …their smug tone, their uppity chipmunk…

    ..sniggering at the flag, their omissions and /or suppressions, their ‘guests…’Linda Tirado –BBC Says ‘Journalist’ – She Is A Far-Left Activist..whose leftism they hide…




    …their indifferent brush-off of complainants, are offensive to millions.


    The vast majority of our audience’


    Since when did UK Pravda EVER ask the people, whose coerced license fees keep their funds flowing, what ‘stereotypes’ they would expect to be removed?

    How dare they pretend to know what we ‘would expect?’

    We DO expect The Coven, male and female, to continue foisting their ‘values’ on us, regardless of protests.

  • ross1948 15:45 on September 9, 2021 Permalink | Reply
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    Tell This Woke-Wonk – ‘Take Off Yer Jackboots!’ 

    Woke hospital foundation to relocate Thomas Guy statue despite public rejecting plans.


    The Guy’s and St Thomas’ Foundation which owns the statue claims it has a “duty” to move the statue and to install a plaque highlighting founder Thomas Guy’s historic links to the slave trade more than three centuries ago.

    More PC hogwash, exposed thanks to Foxhole!

    But more to the point…

    Who the Hell is Kieron Boyle?

    Kieron Boyle

    We know he’s ‘Chief Executive’ at the Guy’s Gang, aka the ‘charitable foundation’, which is gearing up to denigrate Guy, the founder, by shifting his statue in the wake of last year’s Black Lives Matter protests, despite 75 per cent of the public rejecting the plans during its consultation.


    So much for democratic consultation!

    Boyle and his little ‘charity’ in-crowd, arrogant creeps, ask people what they think, then, if they won’t kow-tow to the BLM racist agenda…

    …they just tell them, ever so politely, to get stuffed!

    Oh, and we know his email address..

    kieron.boyle@gsttfoundation.org.uk..and his work number  02070894552

    And here’s his deputy’s  –  catherine.cullen@gsttfoundation.org.uk

    And his Chief Investor Adviser – ethan.hall@gsttfoundation.org.uk

    The foundation’s review claimed that there was “a growing belief that history has to be ‘decolonised’” –-

    Oh yeah?

    Growing among whom?

    Obviously not among people who care, otherwise there might have been 75 per cent in favour of the appeasement of BLM whiners, rather than 75 per cent opposed!

    But Boyle and his comrades think they know better than most people.


    Like many organisations in Britain, slavery is part of our history, and we believe we have a duty to address its legacies… 

    Thus they felt up to making decisions on the statues of Sir Robert Clayton and Thomas Guy based on a strong understanding of the facts, and the views held about them….



    So the lefty wokers’ ‘understanding of the facts’ was strong?

    Obviously stronger than that of the mere majority?

    It didn’t take long to dig out that Boyle’s very much a political animal, designated a ‘Young Global leader’ in 2014 by the globalists who run the World Economic Forum.

    He has worked at No.10 Downing Street (with which PM?) and did a stint at the Foreign Office!

    An establishment elitist par execellence…



    …,so no wonder he elevates his infinitely superior opinions over what the common people think.

    This man’s arrogance should not go unchallenged.

    Use those email addresses!

    Tell the elitists what you think!


    With that Hancock gone from the Health slot in the Cabinet….

    Hancock Shoulda Quit AGES Ago!

    ...can we expect the new Secretary of State to sanction Boyle and the other pinkos…

    …and use the government’s considerable leverage to get this disgusting move reversed. 

    Probably not, but another email, to that Secretary of State, costs nothing!


    • Chrissie Miles 11:22 on September 12, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      Boyle is the boss and has to carry the can, but I just saw this in The Times so it”s probable the wokers had a new ‘nasty in the woodpile’ who pushed forward the left’s agenda.

      Dr Danny Sriskandarajah, chief executive of Oxfam GB, was appointed as a trustee in April last year. That June the foundation said that it would remove the statue of Guy from public view.

      In the same month, Sriskandarajah had discussed the removal of the statues of Cecil Rhodes in an article for The Guardian

      … ..

      As you have said before, never give a penny to Oxfam!


  • ross1948 12:42 on June 4, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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    Wot Next, Final Solution? Pat Glass, Racist and Ageist! 

    “We know the problem are older white men.

    So, if logic is our guide, we must conclude that Labour MP and ‘Shadow Europe Minister’ Pat Glass presumably likes sun-bronzed young men better than older white ones, when she’s gallivanting around Durham…




    …but from the looks of her, she’ll have a hard job finding one that likes her!

    Indeed, as an ‘older white man,‘ I feel obliged to paraphrase my old Scots drinking-buddy, viz.

    ‘Ah widnae crawl ower any of youse tae get tae her!’



    That’s a humorous generalisation – Melissa Click look-alikes may be among my readers!


    The Walking Brain-Dead?- Sex-Obsessed Melissa ‘Muscle!’ 


    If mature fellows are such a ‘problem,’ will the next Great Leap Forward from the Brave New Corbyn Labour Party be an action replay of Stalin’s liquidation of the kulaks…

    …adapted for application against male British senior citizens?

    Glass may try a bit of grovelling after her racist and ageist outburst against Brexit, but she exemplifies the worst sort of pro-Brussels elitist mentality.  

    Here’s a good article that outlines the problem!


  • ross1948 09:32 on January 9, 2015 Permalink | Reply
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    “The Islamic Republic of……………………………….France?” RIP, Stephane Charbonnier! 


    “I live under French law. I don’t live under Quranic law.” 

    RIP, Stephane Charbonnier – a GENUINE martyr!


    After yesterday’s atrocity in Paris, there’s a book coming out that is likely to sell well. Apparently, the next issue of Charlie Hebdo was due to feature its imminent publication.




    And it’s a book likely worth reading! But we’ll need to wait for its translation into English.

    …French “enfant terrible” author Michel Houellebecq has sparked uproar even before its publication….He imagines the creation of a fictional Muslim Brotherhood party in France beating the far-right National Front (FN) of Marine Le Pen in the 2022 presidential election, paving the way for the country’s first Islamic government led by president Mohammed Ben Abbes…


    Banlieue burning

     Paris banlieue 2012 – Michel’s inspiration?


    Sorbonne University, where the narrator Francois works, becomes the Paris-Sorbonne Islamic University, women drop Western dress in favour of the veil and non-Muslim professors are forced to convert or lose their jobs.

    A trifle far-fetched?

    I can’t see French women allowing themselves to be reduced to second-class shariah status. Unequal inheritance rights, blatant sexist discrimination that allows men to go about bare-shouldered, or in shorts – but Parisiennes degraded into bag-head gear in place of their haute couture?



    Surely not.


    But you can see where he’s coming from. A dozen innocent people brutally murdered this very week, their only offence exercising their constitutional right to free speech.

    But France was warned – https://rossrightangle.wordpress.com/2014/10/25/solidarite-avec-les-filthy-french/.

    Already the banlieues in  Paris and elsewhere in France are teeming with the enemy within, places where real French people hesitate to tread, the police themselves reluctant to patrol as they do in real French neighbourhoods. 


    dignif ‘LIBERATION!’

    But what’s more striking than the prospect of a good read is the sheer bloody arrogance of some ‘intellectuals,’ such as the Editor of Liberation, the leftist newspaper, Laurent Joffrin, who shrills that the publication of the book “will mark the date in the history of ideas on which the ideas of the extreme-right made their entrance in high literature.” – as if his cultural-marxist, ivory-tower fellow-travellers are the only people in France – or the world (?) – possessed of writing talent.

    Maybe what happened to his fellow-journos yesterday will make him eat his words, but I doubt it.


    Constantine-Fitzgibbon_When-the-kissing-had-to-stop (1)

    But like Constantine Fitzgibbon’s enthralling 1960s nightmare novel, ‘When The Kissing Had To Stop,’ about a Britain fallen prey to the horrific ideology of Communism, Soumission sounds like something to read with a reassuring glass of Scotch beside you!

    Because back then red totalitarianism was a clear and present danger, and for sure sectarian supranationalism is today – look at the NON-fiction book I covered in a post two years ago. A Good Read? ‘Merry Englistan,’ from the Front Line. 





    The current French President is reckoned to have won his election because he garnered every Islamist vote available.

    Today he talks of the defence of French values, but defensive moves are an inadequate response. Under Hollande, the occupied enclaves, the banlieues mentioned above, are not going to be cleaned up anytime soon.

    The necessary military force may be on tap for missions to the Central African Republic, but for whichever Parisian districts remain alienated no-go areas, Hollande will not dare to order action.

    We have seen how all the minions of the Republique tried to make light of the jihadist terrorism that occurred during the recent holidays. Any excuse but the reality, of an enemy within.


     We have seen disgusting sectarian arrogance, not only in France, but in the UK, where an elderly man was subjected to gross harassment for the mildest of jokes.

    The obnoxious swine who lodged the complaint against him was not fired, even when the gestapoid charges were dropped.  The 74-year-old was charged with causing racially aggravated harassment . no doubt because the security guard at the airport was some sectarian tantrum-prone toe-rag.

    HE’S the one who should have been charged – with wasting police time!     OAP passenger arrested by armed cops after joking: ‘I’m not …http://www.mirror.co.uk/

    Who are the masters now, in the Sceptred Isle?

    And in Germany? That old bat Merkel has the nerve to lecture citizens who protest, while her courts administer slaps on the wrists to enemy aliens.



     London Muslim Protest 3 Enemy Within England


    And back quickly to Britain, to note how one of Cameron’s troupe, Alistair Burt MP, tells his leader that Merkel is the most successful European leader of current times? That she deserves applause because she moves her wagons to the centre ground on this issues –  not chasing the populists to the right..?   http://www.conservativehome.com/platform/2015/01/alistair-burt-mp-the-strange-silence-of-british-politicians-over-merkels-confrontation-of-extremism.html

    Burt the Blowhard was lauding Merkel’s contemptuous slurs against PEGIDA.

    That growing protest movement is NOT against anyone’s right to worship as he or she pleases, but against the way Germany ( and other Western countries) puts up with Islamist arrogance, the outrageous demands that free speech be curtailed to avoid ‘offending’ tantrum-prone ingrate immigrants.

    Rather than encourage the ingrates by ‘moving wagons’ into appeasement pose, Western leaders should REQUIRE that clear, unambiguous exhortations are heard from ALL community leaders that moronic mediaevalism is NOT acceptable.


      Deport these enemy aliens!


    Specifically, that ‘clerics’ ( of all creeds) issue decrees stating beyond all shadow of a doubt that ‘blasphemy’ or ‘apostasy’ or any similar non-offences ( oh yes, and adultery too!) may never be used to justify injury to persons or property.

    It was gratifying last night to hear Maajid Nawaz, founder of Quilliam, a UK group comprising former members of Islamist organizations, urging all his co-religionists to put an end to the pernicious garbage about how people may not criticise, or satirise, any creed, including his own.

    I spent most of yesterday in the company of Muslims, from my delightful friend who came round to visit late morning, to those at the party I attended last night. The crime in Paris was as horrendous to them as it was to me. The women among them were dressed like normal women, no shrouding nonsense. They are all pleasant, intelligent people.

    Light years apart from the fanatic filth in France who committed the atrocity ‘to avenge The Prophet.’  

    It’s that twisted intolerant ideology, and the ‘clerics’ who foist it on their flocks, that are to blame for poisoning the minds of youth, instilling into immature hot-bloods the evil notion that ‘blasphemy’ is capital crime.


    out with them


    If they cannot do so, KICK THEM OUT of Britain, Germany or France or any other civilised country.   .

    • Katya 12:56 on January 9, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      Briliiant, Ross, you have made clear what most of us of all Western nationalities are thinking.
      I read today that UKIP’s Farage is being terribly insulted for saying much the same.

      I think it’s shameful that the political and media elite are doing all they can to play down the real cause of these horrible events.
      Multicultural immigration policies that don’t make foreign arrivals give up their foreign thinking and become British (or French or German) have brought us to this.
      It is time to fight back, not against any and every Muslim, because some do fit in and behave, but against the terrorists and the Western politicians who have allowed them to think their hosts must always bow to them, say nothing to upset them, and change our whole way of life.


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