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  • ross1948 8:52 pm on July 27, 2019 Permalink | Reply
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    Which Is More Biased? NYT Or France24? 

    Just tuned into that invariably left-slanted (and tax-subsidised ) propaganda channel, France24…


    ….and noticed, not for the first time, how they manage to turn not just the news and their ‘Debate…’

    France24’s Choreographed Quartet 

    ’Trump is so arrogant…so animal in his instinct….’

    Gambar terkait

    Christopher ‘The BeastDickey on Trump supporters… They are ‘STUPID! ‘


    …which sets leftists to argue with liberals and with far-leftists like Dickey The Beast. But rarely with anyone to the right!

    …and even what they laughably call their ‘World…’

    ……and even, today, ‘The Interview,’ into a mere stage on which to act out their bias.

     ‘The Interview,’ which today consisted of one of their pinko hosts feeding a fanatic ‘professor’  – Princeton, no less – one prompt after another, to facilitate her rants against Trump and those who voted for him.

    Professor Nell Painter obsessed visibly about ‘white people,’ yet seems to think  that ‘white’ is an ideology, not an ethnicity.



    In this delusion she was encouraged by the F24 dork, who bizarrely mentioned the Christchurch attack on Muslims. I guess he doesn’t understand that Islam, of course, is not a race but a religion.

    So if one’s whiteness is measured by what or how you think..




    ….how can we figure out who are really white people and who are really not?

    I won’t waste your time with all the contortions of logic and rot talked on this show, but merely ask how France24 can justify bringing on this bigoted old bat on the basis of a book she wrote 10 years ago…


    media bias

    …when they show no interest in having up-to-date, successful authors as guests, who would present views antithetical to F24’s rank liberal prejudices.

    When if ever have they had a conservative or nationalist author on their show?

    There are plenty of people writing books like that, but that brings me onto why the New York Times is toiling dishonestly to misrepresent how successful such anti-establishment writers really are.

    For example?

    Justice On Trial by Mollie Hemingway (of The Federalist) and Carrie Severino.

    The book about the Kavanaugh confirmation shot to #1 on Amazon, but the Times was playing games….again. 

    Industry sales figures show that the New York Times ignored actual data on nationwide sales in order to depress the rankings not just for the Hemingway/Severino book, but also Mark Levin’s latest book on the corruption of modern journalism.

    I’m not familiar with the conservative ladies named above, but Mark Levin…

    Hasil gambar untuk mark levin hall of fame

    … would make mince-meat of any of the French state media’s flunkeys who had the nerve to interview him.

    What a joy it would be to watch him take apart that ex-CNN clown Doug Herbert…

    Bug-Eye Doug Brays Fake News 


    According to Publishers Weekly, the only public source of point-of-sale data on book sales, “Justice on Trial,” was the top-selling non-fiction book published…. 


    Mark Levin’s Unfreedom of the Press was #2. But the Times list puts Levin at #5 and Hemingway & Severino at #6. Everything above them on their list sold fewer copies. https://www.newsbusters.org/blogs/nb/tim-graham/2019/07/21/nyt-fudged-book-sales-data-conservative-book-kavanaugh

    Image result for new york times bias

    • Penny 11:14 pm on July 27, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      As bad as each other and both as bad as the BBC!


    • Dicky Lammez 12:40 am on July 28, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      I would say that the NYT is by far the worst in the world.


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    Little Red Rettmann Rants Again! 

    Why does EUObserver hire a ranting little slug like Andrew Rettmann?

    I understand their editorial position is fanatically Europhiliac, but anyone who reads Rettmann’s slobberingly biased reports is more likely to become a Brexiteer!

    If it were a one-off, we might have let it pass…

    Little Russophobe Rettmann Rants Rabidly, Again! 

    …his bias bursts through!

     Rettmann is notorious.

    This week’s glob of ‘journalism’ starts off thus-

    Poland has lost a flagship court case over its judicial meddling brought against it by the European Commission, putting its nationalist rulers on the back foot.. https://euobserver.com/justice/145253

    To patriots in every European country, it’s absurd that Poles aren’t free to determine the prescribed retirement age of any old public servants…




    …especially when a lot of the judges concerned are has-beens, appointed or otherwise linked to the ousted totalitarian Communist regime and thus strangers to justice.



    But an impartial report would use words like ‘reforms’ or ‘amenments’ or just the bland objective description ‘changes’ and not ‘meddling,’ which has a recognisably pejorative tone.

    He refuses to smarten up, so why won’t his employers… kick-him-out

    • Chrissie Miles 5:23 pm on June 30, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      You are on this Rettmann’s case, Ross, and you certainly have good grounds to go after him.
      I have read all the other things you wrote about him and he is incredibly biased.
      He can hardly write a fair paragraph.


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    Horrible Harlan’s Hungary Hit-Job – Zoltan Zaps Back! 

    Downright peculiar introductory paragraph, I thought, as if the rich leftist Harlan Mandel were unaware of the present, as he conjured up a future Europe where news media are controlled by cartels of governments and oligarchs.’

    Oh yeah?

    Mandel even used the words ‘media-grab’ in the title of his EUObs piece, immediately reminding me of the richest oligarch of all, perhaps, and his recent foray into media-grab.

    Buying The Media – New Soros Threat To Poland! 

    soro evil


    And all those different countries’ state media, all playing variations on the left-liberal bias theme, gobbling up government subsidies while earning the tax-input by spewing out slanted sewage day after day

    BBC Leftline, Lousier By The Week! 

    media bias

    After AfD Surge, DW’s Comrade Crane Spews Bilious Bias! 

    Hell, DW even has it as part of its founding charter, a stated duty to take the liberal side, even while it takes money out of the pockets of conservative,populist and nationalist German tax-payers…



    That was the first part of a lengthy counter-attack I composed after reading Mandel’s feverish rant.

    I was planning to use it later this week, as there’s so much going on that even meaty stories need to be spread out.

    Then today, the EUObs bulletin arrived, and they have published a first-class refutation of Mandel’s far-left flight of fantasy, a long, detailed refutation, penned by Dr. Zoltan Kovacs, who serves his country as ‘state secretary for international communication in the cabinet office of the prime minister of Hungary.’

    Please take time to read it.

    While perhaps not as colourful in style as my intro, above, Dr. Kovacs certainly sets the record straight.

    I’ve inserted a couple of illustrations but his letter is exactly as he wrote it.


    Gambar terkait


    Dear Editor

    According to the opinion piece published by the EUobserver June 6, the Orban government is waging a concerted effort to capture the media.

    “Media capture,” claims Harlan Mandel, “is when governments and business interests collude to control and manipulate the flow of information.”

    The “spiritual home” of this phenomenon is, of course, Hungary, but it’s spreading its “tentacles into new territories,” Mandel warns.

    He draws a dramatic picture indeed, but it leaves out some rather important details that I would like your readers to know.

    Mandel’s “media capture” nightmare is revealed in a report published by the Media Development Investment Fund, a New York-based organisation where he is the CEO. MDIF has received at least $16.5m from George Soros.



    The fund’s previous directors and several of its board members over the years come from the Soros-funded Open Society circles. The MDIF is born of Soros funding and is very much part of the Soros world.

    What does that mean in practical terms? In Hungary, for example, MDIF funds exclusively left-liberal media outlets. It has financed Magyar Narancs and 444.hu, both staunch critics of conservative governments and causes.

    They are free to do so, of course, but let’s not pretend that the MDIF, as an investor in media, is somehow a neutral, value-free player on these media markets. The MDIF is an investor with a political agenda.

    [Hungarian flag after 1989]


    Any reasonable person reviewing a list of media enterprises that the MDIF has invested in would see a distinct pattern: left-liberal media that conform with the Soros, Open Society world view. Some might even argue that it’s a clear case of special interests that “collude to control and manipulate the flow of information.”



    They’re not the only special interests in this media game, of course. The Bertelsmann Foundation differs from the MDIF, but the overarching goal, as Politico Europe reported in May, is similar: “message control” to the extent that the foundation, according to Politico, has the commission “tacitly allying itself with the corporate interests of the media giant that bankrolls it.”

    Secondly, the Hungarian media landscape is still far more colourful than Mandel would have you believe. The MDIF CEO claims that dissenting voices are being silenced but, the biggest television audience share by far belongs to RTL Klub – and 71 percent of Hungarians get their info from television.

    RTL Klub could hardly be considered a government mouthpiece, and week after week, at least four out of the top five TV programs belong to RTL Klub.

    Furthermore, some 35 percent of Hungarians get their news and information from the Internet. Who has the biggest online audience? Index.hu, a news platform staunchly critical of the Orban government that is also the most popular Hungarian site on the internet.


    Among the top 100 Hungarian websites, according to the DKT council that measures audience share, media that could be considered as having conservative leanings and sympathetic to the government garner approximately 1.7m pageviews daily. Online, liberal media critical of the government pull in 3.5m per day – more than double.

    That’s hardly a captured media.

    Thirdly, he has his facts wrong on the media law. Not long after the Orban government took office in 2010, parliament indeed passed a new media law. The law, however, has been amended several times, following negotiations with EU institutions, and is completely congruent with European norms.

    But when you’re in the business of financing liberal media, as Mandel is, you’ve got to make your sales pitch, and that’s precisely what he does with this opinion piece, closing with a not-so-subtle appeal to new investors.


    • Petra Malley 1:19 am on June 17, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      You do a fine job bashing back at our common enemies but it is encouraging to see a senior ministerial level reaction when the media publish extremist Sorosoid attacks.
      It is not something we see often. Is this because no reactions are offered or do the media hide them away?


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    Buying The Media – New Soros Threat To Poland! 

    When your country’s state media gets cleaned up, the left-liberal choke-hold at least partially broken, what do the Enemy Within do?

    That’s a question that patriot Brits, French and Germans would love to be able to ask…

    BBC Leftline, Lousier By The Week! 

    media bias

    After AfD Surge, DW’s Comrade Crane Spews Bilious Bias! 

    …but there’s no sign yet that the resistance movements in their countries are going to cleanse the tax-funded propaganda pulpits – not anytime in the near future.



    But in Poland, blessed with a government that has done its best to free the state media of bias…

    The ruling Law and Justice party (PiS) wants to “bring back public media to the Poles,” said PiS MP Elzbieta Kruk during the debate at the Sejm, Poland’s lower house.

    ‘Ideologies and political orientations’

    Kruk, herself a former chair of the National Broadcasting Council, said that public media “falsely presented as public opinion” ideologies and political orientations that were not supported by the majority of voters….


    “The ethos rooted in Christianity and Polish traditions of freedom and independence is marginalised or discredited, while an ideological and moral fashion unacceptable to the majority of the population is ennobled,” she said.  https://euobserver.com/political/131689


    …we are finding out what the Sorosoids have up their subversive sleeves.


    Our enemies embrace


    viz. …Polish newspaper publisher Agora and A FUND BACKED BY SOROS last week won a bid to buy Poland’s second-largest radio station…

    Most of you won’t be aware that Agora is a privately-owned, left-liberal or liberal-left, oppositional part of the media…


    …contrary to the dishonest picture pained by the media in-crowd in the West, Poland is a free and democratic country, where people and press enjoy the right to debate and speak against the government. 


    Agora, whose assets include the Gazeta Wyborcza daily and a talk radio station…


    Image result for agora agora poland


    …is now in cahoots with something called SFS Ventures, a vehicle that includes a Soros-backed fund…

    Related image

    In other words…

    Clean up the state media and what happens is that filthy rich foreigners – like Soros, infamous for pushing an extremist, supranationalist agenda – buy their way into the commercial media.

    These facts are no secret but I have deliberately opted to quote from a Forbes article by a hostile named Jo Harper.

    Harper’s business-analysis skills may be acceptable but much of the rest of his piece is indigestible pseudo-intellectual gunk, not because of the way he writes but because of the ‘intellectuals’ he adduces to support his own left-liberal views, like the following quote from an –

     – Associate Professor of European history at Clemson University, who refers to this process as “redemptive cosmopolitanism,” which he defines as the “commemorative display of multi-ethnicity that celebrates the cathartic, redemptive transformation of Germans and Poles into tolerant democratic citizens.”

    Have you EVER read such unmitigated, pretentious CRAP as that?

    Harper can write coherently enough, so we should perhaps be grateful that he negates the message he wants to send by including such hogwash, insulting the intelligence of everyone who reads the attack on those, our Polish allies, whom he slurs as ‘old dogs.’


    Long Live Poland!

    • Libby Potter 5:02 pm on April 6, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      It’s a serious issue of course, the Soros problem.
      But I laughed my head off when I read that gibberish you quote.

      “redemptive cosmopolitanism,” which he defines as the “commemorative display of multi-ethnicity that celebrates the cathartic, redemptive transformation.”

      Is that what’s getting shoveled into young minds at universities these days?
      I hope it’s a private university the ‘hogwash prof’ is working for.
      I would hate to think anybody’s tax-dollars are paying for BS like that.


      • Mack the Knife 7:29 pm on April 6, 2019 Permalink | Reply

        Hi Libby.
        It made me laugh too. We used to laugh at school when one of our teachers tried to show off with high-falutin words that nobody but he understood.
        Do any real people talk like that?


    • Jacko 8:51 pm on April 6, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      I never read such rubbish in my entire life as that ‘cathartic redemptive’ codswallop.
      Can anybody translate it into English?


  • ross1948 5:06 am on March 4, 2019 Permalink | Reply
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    EKRE OK! Media Bigot Snarls, As Estonian Patriots Surge! 

    Up early this Jakarta morn, to see how the Estonian patriot party, EKRE is doing in yesterday’s election.

    We talked about EKRE last year…

    Estonian Patriots, Rising And Shining! 

    …noting that the increasingly notorious globalists of the European Council on Foreign Relations were in a tizzy about the challenge the party represented to the local lackeys of the anti-democratic EUSSR.




    The ECFR were aghast that EKREdefends conservative family values against liberals who allegedly “promote a homosexual agenda in society and schools”; stokes fear of migration, which it portrays as a threat to national identity and culture; and attacks the European Union as the embodiment of liberal values.


    That sounds like just what Estonia, and every other country in Europe needs to hear!,
    And that admirable message seems to have resonated – they’re doing well!

    Following the live blog -and the bigoted leftist who runs it is as sick as a pig about how well EKRE is doing..


    Sten Hankowitz, deputy editor in chief of Estonian World, is calling EKRE’s success a ‘nightmare!’ http://estonianworld.com/life/live-blog-estonian-world-brings-you-estonian-election-results/

    …it looks like the good guys are doubling their previous total vote, now around or above 17%, at least some of that increase likely due to the arrogance of the political in-crowd.

    ALL the other parties have declared that no matter the electoral outcome, they’ll not work with the anti-Brussels Empire EKRE.

    Such contempt for democracy is bound to have energised EKRE supporters and  win over more than a few voters who have not previously voted that way.

    Estonians, like the rest of us, have little time for elitist uppities.


    • Mack the Knife 8:17 am on March 4, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      So even in Estonia the Enemy Within are crawling all over the media?
      Where does that Sten lefty come from?
      Another American liberal import like all those on DW?


    • Jane Doe 11:20 am on March 4, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      That description of EKRE’s policies, by the ECFR makes me want to go to Estonia and join them.
      It is exactly what i think too!


  • ross1948 12:14 am on February 22, 2019 Permalink | Reply
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    Metro Hack – Ill-Educated, Or Just Plain Bigoted? – Slurs Farage! 

    Exactly who is Aidan Milan?

    He writes for London’s rather basic ‘Metro’ newspaper.

    But he is hardly a journalist, judging from his insertion of a nasty pejorative into what is meant to be an informative news story this week.

    It’s ostensible aim is to help readers find how to join the new Brexit Party – but almost instantly Milan slurs the Brexit hero Nigel Farage as an ‘INFAMOUS’ right-wing politician…’

    Oh yeah?


    Cambridge English Dictionaries

    1. well known for some bad quality or deed.
      “an infamous war criminal”
      synonyms: notorious, disreputable, ill-famed, of ill-repute; More

      • wicked; abominable.
        “the medical council disqualified him for infamous misconduct”
        synonyms: abominable…



    It could of course be that Aidan Milan is simply under-educated, in which case he needs a quick English vocabulary revision course..


    …but given how rotten with bias so much of the media is, I am tempted to suggest he vented his own Europhiliac spleen with that indefensible insult to the patriot leader…

    UKIP leader Nigel Farage arrives at Republican president-elect Donald Trump's Trump Tower in New York

    Nigel Farage,

    … Milan perhaps confident he’d  get away with flouting the principles of objective reporting.
    : https://metro.co.uk/2019/02/18/join-nigel-farages-new-brexit-party-8655714/?ito=cbshare


    Although, among British people, Aidan is always a name bestown on boy-children, the culprit here, after further investigation, turned out to be a female, whose intellectual depth may be measured by her vacuous self-description..

    Aidan Milan

    Writer, journalist and cinephile. Likes include pyjamas and fatty foods. Dislikes include Piña Coladas and getting caught in the rain.


    • Fiona 1:43 am on February 22, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      Most of what she wrote was coherent and grammatical.
      I should think she is very well aware that it is offensive to call a person infamous.


      • Pamela 2:07 am on February 22, 2019 Permalink | Reply

        I’m sure you’re correct in your assumption, Fiona, but what about the editorial responsibility?
        Anybody doing a competent job of editing a publication ought to have a good enough vocabulary to recognise that she had inserted her personal political prejudice into the article.
        Have we not been alerted to Metro’s basic biases before this incident?


      • Stewart Grant 7:02 am on February 22, 2019 Permalink | Reply

        If her article was littered with stupid vocabulary and syntax errors, you could let ‘infamous’ pass as one of many, but it is not.
        Her ‘infamous’ stands out as an incongruous word for a news article that should be fair and balanced.
        She must just be another pro-EUSSR leftist.


    • Adam Taylor 4:04 am on February 22, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      She may have little idea of what the hostile word means but I doubt it.
      In any case, it was approved by the Metro editor before it went into print so even if she herself is ignorant of the meaning, somebody up the editorial chain should have caught it and sent it back to her with a dictionary.
      Can anybody become a ‘journalist’ these days, the sole qualification being pro-Brussels sycophancy?


    • Vicki 5:32 am on February 22, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      ‘Infamy, he’s got it infamy,’ was that not a famous catch- phrase in the 60s?
      That was when I learned the meaning.
      This girl is much too young to remember that but if she went to college she ought to have acquired a good command of English.
      Ought to have but did not.


    • Charles Linnes 9:56 am on February 22, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      I would say she is both bigoted and ill-educated, or at any rate under-educated. The former because of her use of the demeaning adjective, and the latter because I am sure she understood that the adjective is 100% negative but instead of casting about for some less conspicuous ( and therefore more insidiously effective) slur-word, she could only come up with ‘infamous.’
      Now if I had to find a word to put down an opponent without being obvious about it, what might I say?
      Indecisive? Controversial? Abrasive?
      All three could apply to Nigel and are not complimentary but can be presented as factually accurate.
      Infamous? Only among those who care little for our country.


    • Mack the Knife 11:51 am on February 22, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      Some days you get hardly any comments even when you write about a big issue but today everybody wants to comment about this little girl.
      Funny how it works.
      Usually I would try to stick up for people who don’t know any better,if she really is too thick to appreciate that news needs to be presented impartially.
      She could be given a try as Metro cookery correspondent, write recipes for fatty foods.


      • Tom Morrow 5:35 pm on February 22, 2019 Permalink | Reply

        There is very little information to be found about this propagandess.
        Somebody should carry out as deep an investigation as possible into her provenance.


  • ross1948 3:44 pm on February 2, 2019 Permalink | Reply
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    Rettmann-Watch – EUObs Pinko Hack Caught In MORE Bias Bleats 

    French president Emmanuel Macron and far-right leader Marine Le Pen have both reached out to the ‘yellow vest’ movement ahead of EU elections.


    That would be a normal mainstream biased journalist’s intro, the nasty mislabelling ‘far-right’ par for the course in the Lugenpresse.

    So we can’t tell if it’s EUObserver’s Little Andrew Rettman writing the story or not…

    More Bias! EUObs Headline – Poles’ New Leader ‘Worse!’ 

    Hasil gambar untuk andrew rettman

    EUObs Pinko Rettman Churns Out Bias 

    …UNTIL we reach the next part, where Le Muppet is once more given the factual treatment…


    Macron did it via a long (2,330 word) letter published in French newspapers on Monday (14 January)…

    …whereas patriot champion Marine…

    …while Le Pen did it in a rabble-rousing speech on Saturday.

    ….is venomously denounced for ‘rabble-rousing.’

    In other words, she is good at telling it like it is, and did so again last week.

    I’m sure Macron, Merkel, Juncker, Tusk, and left-liberal elites throughout Europe would define any patriotic leader’s expressions of solidarity with common folk confronting their arrogance as a ‘rabble-rousing speech.’

    But for anyone purporting to be an impartial reporter to deploy pejoratives is a disgrace.

    Why doesn’t EUObserver sack the little bigot?

    • Jeanne 10:51 am on February 3, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      Marine can make speeches that rouse people.
      Macron speeches make people sick or sleepy.
      He is a very peculiar little leftman, this Rettmann.


    • Edward Lamont 1:37 pm on February 3, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      Rettmenn is unable to restrain his hatred for people whose politics he disagrees with and that’s his hang-up, but his editors should be keeping his biased reporting in check if he can’t.
      If he wants to abuse good leaders like Marine Le Pen, he should be a blogger like you, not pretend to be a reporter.


  • ross1948 7:00 am on January 28, 2019 Permalink | Reply
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    One Day On The Funny Farm – Guardian’s Oz-Day Page 

    Some of you still ask why I so often use the far-left UK Guardian as a source for my bloggery.

    It is one of the most appalling examples of the Enemy Media.

    If you are not familiar with its pinko-drivel content, here’s a snapshot from it’s Australian internet page this weekend…


    See what I mean?

    Their big story was all about how ‘tens of thousands’ of Un-Australian undesirables went a-marching ( more like a-shuffling and/or a-mincing!) to protest against their country’s national day…

    …while millions of normal Aussies got on with the seriously enjoyable business of patriotic celebration.

    But that’s precisely why I use the Guardian.

    Too many bloggers either don’t link to any source, or else to patriot/populist media that share their own goals and values. Such sources may well be accurate and reliable, like Breitbart, but their use will be cited by left-liberal attackers as evidence that we, the good guys, are just echo-chambers.

    Of course sometimes it’s inevitable that we use media that report things that the left-liberals suppress, like this weekend’s arrest of Roger Stone, covered widely by the left, gloating at the gestapo tactics, the pre-dawn-raid…



    …but not so much hue and cry over how some Deep State slug in law enforcement leaked the timing of the raid to the Trumpophobes of CNN.

    ‘Amazing coincidence’: CNN’s convenient presence at Roger Stone’s arrest raises questions
    The CNN producer at the scene said he was there on a hunch – his “journalistic instinct” kicked in… 

    The Enemy Media are quite brazen when they flout their duty as journalists…


    Hasil gambar untuk ina maria reize

    …like that bigoted old German bat we often show you.

    But it’s good to use them when we can.

    If nothing else, it demonstrates due diligence on our part

    • Jacko 6:42 pm on January 28, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      What kind of people read tosh like that?
      I never touch the Guardian because I dont own a barge-pole.


    • Pamela 10:12 pm on January 28, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      The Guardian is a blot on the landscape.
      That headline about the joy of being a trans-freak is a gem.
      But I do understand why you use its horror stories about us wicked normal people, and those we admire, as sources.
      Even so, it must be very hard work wading through sick sludge like that every day.


  • ross1948 6:26 pm on December 11, 2018 Permalink | Reply
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    France24 “News?” Mais Non – Just A Plug For UN Crimmigrant Charter! 

    I confess to having had a very late lunch  ( 3.15pm! ) at the warteg yesterday…




    …a plentiful plateful of Indonesian food for US$3.00, and that included a take-away order of three fishes – a pre-Xmas treat for Ibi Cat, who is  19 years old and unwell and facing what I fear is her final Festive Season.




    When I got home, I first fed her, then had a shower, then settled down to see what was on the news, risking indigestion by switching on the notorious France24, whose bias is a by-word among patriots in every country it’s viewed in.

    France24’s Fake ‘Debate’ Insults Audience’s Intelligence 

    Debate? France24 Stacks The Deck Again! 

    By 4.40pm Jakarta time, the ‘news’ had reached the topic of the United Nations’ Crimmigrant Charter being sanctified by sell-out governments assembled in Morocco.

    While the bigoted leftist F24 hackette, Nadia Massih, showed off her skiils invitriolic rhetoricq..


    Pro-Pact Ranter, Nasty Nadia

    ….ranting about a ‘sweeping campaign of misinformation’ that has been ‘weaponised’ by the ‘far-right’ as the reason why many of the countries which had originally approved the poisonous pact had now repudiated it…


    …Nasty Nadia’s elucidation of its content notably, and no doubt deliberately, FAILED to quote the crimmigrant charters’s most toxic clauses, like that calling for state action to curb criticism of undesirable aliens…

    paragraph 33(c) of the agreement:

    It says governments including Canada must agree to:
    “sensitizing and educating media professionals on migration-related issues and terminology, investing in ethical reporting standards and advertising, and stopping allocation of public funding or material support to media outlets that systematically promote intolerance, xenophobia, racism and other forms of discrimination towards migrants…”



    …no spokesperson for even ONE of those many countries stalwartly resisting the offensive pact was given a chance to explain why the change of heart!

    But no such suppression for some pro-UN Moroccan upstart, Driss Yazame by name, who seized his opportunity to insult any naughty Western leaders who would not endorse the deal being consummated in his country.

    Let’s not blame all Moroccans for this individual’s outburst. After all, we have had good reason to applaud his own country’s border security meaures, quite recently…



    A Lesson For Law-Breakers – Consequences Can Be Costly! 

    …but DO let’s flay France24 for its hirelings’ flagrantly one-sided presentation of an issue …


    …that should matter to all of us who reject the political elites’ malignant intentions towards patriots  – and in particular patriot  media.

    • Evelyn Garnier 7:10 pm on December 11, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      She is typical of the far-left who dominate state media in Western Europe.
      Would it not be wonderful if they could all be purged and we could have our taxes spent on public broadcasting which is on our side, or at least impartial.
      I believe the Poles got their state media cleaned up, so all it takes is a government with enough determination.
      That means the BBC, like France24, will not be brought to book in the foreseeable future!


    • Ken Kasic 11:34 pm on December 11, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      So unabashed about her hatred for the patriot parties.
      Has France24 no statute that makes its tax subsidy depend on fair reporting?


  • ross1948 10:17 pm on September 27, 2018 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: , censorship of alien crime statistics, , , , leftist media bias   

    Alien Sex-Crimes – Enemy Within Demands Cover-Up! 

    After our look at Italy, where it has taken how it has taken patriot party action to get things done that should have been sorted years ago…Avanti Popolo! Boot Out Crimmigrant Predators!….we now read that there’s a similar development in Austria, where, astoundingly, this statement of the obvious has had to be made.


    Predators and Child Molestors

    ‘The public has a right to know whether suspects in sex crime cases are citizens or asylum seekers’

    According to RT, this self-evidently democratic and transparent assertion, contained in an email from an Interior Ministry spokesman named Christpher Polzl, has pro-crimmigrant propagandists – aka ‘Austrian media outlets’  – in a terrible tizzy.




    They think it’s wrong to let Austrians know how many of the imported aliens in their midst are foul ingrate savages.

    Or as they seem to be putting it,  ‘government-promoted prejudice!’

    ’Prejudice,’ surely, is an unfair phenomenon arising from ‘pre-judging’ something, making up one’s mind on an issue without having all the facts.




    Yet the Enemy Within media are saying that publishing key information which the public has a right to know  is an act in furtherance of ‘government-promoted prejudice?’

    Arrant nonsense!

    The left media is simply anguishing over the threat to its deceitful narrative about how the illegal alien horde is no big problem.

    But unfortunately, instead of slapping down the media rats, Herr Polzl is back-tracking, saying that ‘the contents of his message were merely “suggestions and comments” which “had no mandatory or even instructional character.”

    What’s most disturbing, however, that the email call for transparency on alien sex-crime ‘apparently clashes with current policy.’



    That’s appalling.

    Interior Minister Herbert Kickl, who’s a member of the FPO patriot party, should take urgent action to establish an ‘open-government’ policy, instead of the current disgraceful dissimulation which censors all such info except when…GET THIS ‘it is “absolutely necessary to understand the event in question.”



    Or in other words, all possible steps should be taken by the government in Vienna to keep the people of Austria, whom that government is required to represent and safeguard, in the dark about the depredations of ‘asylum’ rapists…


    hands off

    “Attacks Now A Daily Routine..:” So DyeThat Blonde Hair

    … although God knows, the people of Austria have long had a pretty clear idea of just how bad the situation is.

    As it happens, a lot of the truth is already out there.

    The number of crimes committed by non-citizens in Austria represented 40 percent of the 500,000 total criminal cases in 2016, a government report from January said.

    PS Although readers in Austria will be aware that there are those who would love to cover illegals-45735984408up these horrendous facts, readers elsewhere should note that jelly-fish politicians in their own countries also resent it when honest media report what undesirables get up to.

    Jeb ‘Jerk’ Bush has been spouting weasel words only this week.

    He thinks illegal alien crime gets too much attention compared to crimes committed by American citizens.   https://www.breitbart.com/big-government/2018/09/23/jeb-bush-americans-urging-immigration-controls-threatened-less-white-country/

    And why might that be?


    Something to do with the fact that uninvited guests are best advised to respect their hosts?


    • Ernie Hutzmann 9:11 pm on September 28, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      Our leftwing media in the USA also try to play down crimes committed by illegals and the Democrats try to obstruct law enforcement in their ‘sanctuary cities.’
      It should be compulsory that nationality be identified in crime reports.
      If convicted, deportstion should be compulsory too.


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