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  • ross1948 22:59 on September 8, 2022 Permalink | Reply
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    Lenny Henry, Smug Rich Snob! 

    I seem to remember Lenny Henry once upon a time being mildly amusing….

    …although not nearly as entertaining as, for example…


    …or indeed, more intelligent comedians like..


     Les Dawson broke his jaw in a boxing match which meant he could do interesting things with his mouth.

    Les Dawson 



    Was Lenny Henry, back then, successfully concealing an engrained chip-on-the shoulder character, like a Tolkien balrog..


    What is a Balrog in Lord of the Rings? History & Powers Explained


    ..or was he nice – before money and fame turned him into a bitter, snarly, sneery git?

    True, the question is seriously unimportant…



    ..but I’m having a slothful evening and do feel this needs to be addressed, after his bilious rant against an imaginary critic of the ‘diversitised’ travesty of Tolkien.


    The uptight berk is barely coherent.


    Taking  a swipe at the show’s critics, he added: ‘It’s not for some man in his pants in his room eating Hobnobs to say bad things about it.


    What does that gibbering even mean?

    What are Hobnobs?

    Why is it a demerit to wear pants…

    .Pants in US or UK English?

    Does wearing underpants disqualify men from holding views?

    … or is it only men who wear pants in their rooms that are infra dig in Henry’s cosmos?


    Are women in pants allowed to criticise his multiculted junk?

    Suppose a man in his pants in his room eating Hobnobs says he likes Henry’s ruination of a classic work?

    Will the unfunny uptight spurn praise from such a source?

    Who can comprehend such sad hogwash?

    Or this hogwash?


    The people who are thinking creatively about this are the ones who are going to win.



  • ross1948 14:10 on December 8, 2021 Permalink | Reply
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    Race-Obsessed UK Media Play BAME Game! 


    Did you know – indeed, would you have given a tinker’s cuss had you known – that ‘last year, the British music industry was urged to stop using the “outdated and offensive” term, ‘ BAME?

    Well, now Brits are learning that their TV output is also to be subjected to an identical diktat, emanating from an august body calling itself –

    the Sir Lenny Henry Centre for Media Diversity.’

    Sir Lenny Henry signed the letter to the chairman of the BBC, Richard Sharp

    Lenny Henry




    Hmmm.. I thought Lenny Henry was a comedian!

    Oh, I forgot!

    Black Power’ Play At BBC? 

    No longer!

    For evidently BBC, ITV, Channel 4 and Channel 5, taking this guff seriously, have ‘welcomed the findings!’

    The report concluded there “was a lack of trust” around the term BAME.

    Yeah, because most normal people, if they even feel a need to talk about others in terms of race, simply use plain English, white and coloured!

    NB  – Normal folk see no need for that PC gibberish ‘people of colour!


    So there was fair representation of boring old whiteys on the ‘focus groups?’

    I suspect not, but would be happy if corrected.

    The main media whine seems to be that ‘BAME’ concealed the wide variety of non-whites, e.g. negroes, Arabs, orientals, South Asians ( eg Indians and Pakistanis and Bengalis, etc.)

    News bulletins may take longer than before!

    But how about the many types of whites?


    Red-headed Celts, blonde Norse sorts, olive-skinned Meds and those with distinctive Slav features.

    Aaah, but who gives that tinker’s cuss about them?


    • Diana 18:38 on December 8, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      Why can’t they ever be content, always finding something to whinge about?
      Nobody outside the media and civil servants ever used that stupid BAME word anyway.


  • ross1948 14:00 on October 25, 2021 Permalink | Reply
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    ‘Black Power’ Play At BBC? 

    According to The Times last week, there’s been a huge fuss created on behalf of a so-called ‘champion of diversity’ eager to win a powerful position at the BBC!

    Like, we don’t have plenty already?

    . …

    But curiously, such is the commitment to ‘diversity,’ of those making the most fuss, like Lenny Henry…


    Sir Lenny Henry signed the letter to the chairman of the BBC, Richard Sharp

    Lenny Henry


    …that only ‘influential black figures‘ have been invited to add their names to the arrogant pronunciamento sent to the chairman of the BBC!

    Isn’t that racial discrimination?

    This epistle excluding non-blacks is all about getting a top job at UK Pravda for a man named Mark Ryder.

    Disturbingly, the individuals agitating on this…

    “…black executive’s* behalf are not even claiming the top job was denied him because of his colour!

    Allegedly, he missed out because he’s a notorious agitator who’s been ‘campaigning for more diversity in broadcasting.

    As if we don’t have more than enough already, BBC shoving Black History Month in our faces almost daily..

    Black History Month - CBBC - BBC
    6 days ago



    …with no ‘History Month’ heard of for the people of Ulster, Wales, Scotland…


    ….or even Olde England!

    Poor Marcus Ryder, ‘was not appointed as executive editor of Radio 1 and Asian Network’s news bulletins! ‘


    He made ‘the final round of interviews, ‘ we’re told, as have many of us, for many different kinds of jobs, I’m sure…


    Sources said concerns were expressed because of Ryder’s record as a prominent champion of diversity.’

     ‘Sources? ‘


    I couldn’t care less about Mark Ryder’s desperation to advance his career, but given what the report says, that he’s infamous for his efforts to advance ‘diversity,’ he certainly should not be given a publicly funded platform to do so.

    Millions of Brits are sick and tired of hearing that damn ‘diversity’ word.

    But not Sir Lenny Henry, who seems to have been a stalwart comrade of Ryder…

    …and his comrade letter-writers, who have racialised the case, with their exclusion even of white leftist signatures, viz.

    The open letter reads:

    “As journalists, producers and freelancers of colour we are dismayed and concerned…



    • Vicki 16:14 on October 25, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      I just do not understand why people migrate to Britain, settle and bring up children here and then those children, or geandchildren, expect to have a separate history celebrated as if they don’t want to be part of our history.

      On the other hand, do they?
      I think many ‘black’ British people feel British. A lot of them join the armed forces and serve their country. All this race nonsense may come from bad teachers and of course the BBC incites racial conflict by glorifying BLM.
      Some of us hqve been talking about this and cannot understand why it has been allowed to get as bad.
      Both education and public broadcasting are paid for by taxes so if we had a government that cared about things like this, the sources of the trouble could be investigated and brought under control.


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