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  • ross1948 19:22 on October 10, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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    Slap Down Green Nazi DiCaprio! Vote Here! 

    Somebody sent me a link quoting an opinionated jackanapes’ rant against democracy.


    Hasil gambar untuk leonardo dicaprio


    Although the clown has acquired a bit of a rep for mouthing off, I found it hard to take seriously his latest authoritarian outburst, but it turns that, indeed… 

    LEONARDO DICAPRIO made headlines this week with his suggestion that people who don’t believe in climate change should be banned from holding public office…Poll: Should climate change deniers be banned from public office?

    Nasty little Green Nazi!

    So let’s all slap him down, and the biased pollsters who, in the same report the link above takes you to, offer the opportunity to agree or disagree.


    But just in case you might want to think it through all by yourself, the climate panickers insert their OWN link in the middle of the question, viz.

    Today we’re asking: Should those who disagree with the scientific consensus on climate change be barred from holding public office?

    • PLEASE NOTE that bit in the middle takes you to a site loaded with Climate Panic propaganda.
    • Ignore their slanted insert, just vote – take a stand for democracy against Commissar Caprio,
    • ,
    • Pamela 22:36 on October 10, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      His only good film was Titanic.
      This smarmy little actor has no respect for opinions other than his own and that doesn’t matter, but his anti-democratic views are troubling.
      If the climate panic people are so sure of themselves, why do they have this compulsion to shut critics up by totalitarian means?
      But their propaganda must be having an effect. I just voted in that poll and the climate fanaicss are winning by 5500 votes to 4900. I wonder if, like the Brexit result, this disturbing result is down to school indoctrination.
      I hope your other readers take part and turn the tide for democracy.


  • ross1948 11:08 on February 18, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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    Revenant? Bear With Us! But That Traitor Trumbo Film? 

    As mentioned, I watched The Revenant this week, a good gripping yarn, the latest Leonardo Di Caprio adventure movie recording a badly injured man’s hazardous hunt for the man who murdered his son.


    I can confirm that the cause of the star’s condition was indeed a very grizzly bear, which, however, did not rape him.

    Di Caprio NOT Raped By Bear? Guardian’s Idea Of News! 

    No need for further details, just go see it, or buy the dvd like me and enjoy it at home.

    Yet while BAFTA was right to give Leonardo his award, what on earth is this hogwash film ‘Trumbo’ all about?

    I’ve covered something of the notorious Dalton Trumbo, a sleazy clandestine communist, before…


    America’s Enemies Within – Then and Now! 

    …so rather than repeat all I said at the time, I give you an extract from an informed American report…

    Trumbo supported Lenin, Stalin, Hitler and North Korea’s Kim Il-Sung. He condemned Martin Luther King, Jr., for not being a true revolutionary. Yet, he is depicted in the film as just a family-friendly socialist and defender of the First Amendment in the film…




    Q: In what way does the movie hide or gloss over Trumbo’s Red record?

    A: All of his heavy-duty propaganda and activities on behalf of the Soviet Union, Joseph Stalin and the Communist Party are omitted. So is his vigorous support of Lenin, Adolph Hitler (during the Hitler-Stalin pact) and North Korea’s Kim Il-sung after his aggressive attack against South Korea in 1950. Even his membership in the American CP, which he eventually bragged about, is ignored….

    The villains in the movie, incidentally, are not the party members who worked covertly—and relentlessly—to turn Hollywood over to Moscow but the anti-Communist community who fought the Red conspiracy in the film industry—and won, at least for a time. Columnist Hedda Hopper, John Wayne, labor leader Roy Brewer, the House Un-American Activities Committee, the Motion Picture Alliance and other opponents of the Communists come in for a severe beating.

    Q: You say he was a “Stalinist” and a member of the Communist Party, facts that you argue are fundamentally ignored by the movie. But how do we know he was a party member?

    A: There is no question about his CP membership. In those famous 1947 hearings, the House Un-American Activities Committee (HUAC) submitted material proving beyond a doubt that he was a party member, though Trumbo and nine other screenwriters and directors refused to respond to questions about party membership..

    .communism tyranny

    ….Trumbo finally admitted to his biographer, Bruce Cook, that he joined the party in 1943, and that “I might as well have been a Communist ten years earlier. But I’ve never regretted it. As a matter of fact, it’s possible to say I would have regretted not having done it…” Hollywood’s Despicable Hero Dalton Trumbo

    The red rat went to jail all too briefly, for his arrogant refusal to come clean in the hearings.

    But that was much less than he deserved. Now we have to watch ( if we’re masochists) movies making out he was a decent human being, which he damned well wasn’t. 

    Instead, he’s almost apotheosised and his cheer-leaders get a prize, posthumously, by proxy, some prejudiced pinko winning that BAFTA award for a film that white-washes subversion.

  • ross1948 18:18 on January 23, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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    An Unusual Week -Pinkos Twice Heard Talking A Wee Bit Sense! 

    A nice day, a welcome guest in the morning, then a lazy arvo after brief but successful shopping at Citraland Mall.


    Then a look at the news! 

    Is it the weather, or are some of our foes being drip-fed sanity without their knowledge or authorisation?



    First we had Justin Turdo telling De Caprio to get a grip on his paranoid climate panic drivel.

    Surprisingly, in private meetings in Davos with Leonardo Di Caprio, Trudeau warned the actor and anti-oil activist from making uninformed statements about the oilsands, reports the Financial Post…




    …. which then delightfully adds – as if his continuing disinterest in their collapse is any better.


    Big day today – the first time I’ve ever written ANYTHING that could be construed, however tortuously, as being even faintly in praise of Turdo Junior, or Senior.

    Actually, it IS a big day, the anniversary of the day I left the Old Country to make my home here in Indonesia. Arrival anniversary tomorrow, so some kinda fun will be had.

    But back to sanity-break-throughs. 

    Then, in Germany, when it was reported that two of the federal states are telling ‘asylum’ parasites that they can’t binge on welfare without handing over their hoard of cash and valuables, even a Green MP defended the practice.


    • green party red
    • ———————
    • Green MP Volker Beck- it was right for asylum applicants to pay for services to the extent they could.”Of course asylum seekers aren’t in a better position than those on unemployment benefits. Asylum seekers must repay the costs of accommodation and care to the state.”


    One swallow doth not a summer make, nor even two…

    But who knows, there may be an outbreak of reality-grasp going on.

    Yet some are immune. The German Communist Party’s heirs can still fulminate irrationally. I don’t mean the erstwhile Stasi informers like Mama Stasi Merkel, but rather the Left Party.


    • communism
    • ——————-
    • Left party (Die Linke) MP Ulla Jelpke went into hyper-whine. “Those who apply for asylum are exercising their basic rights [under the German Constititution]. That must not – even if they are rejected – be tied up with costs,” she argued.

    Even if rejected?

    So if some of the huge percentage of liars are caught out, they must not be penalised?

    Gimme a break, ya daft bint!


  • ross1948 18:45 on January 11, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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    So Di Caprio Was Speaking Up for Germans? 

    I don’t usually pay much attention to Leonardo Di Caprio, although he has made some good movies, not least Titanic.

    Leonardo DiCaprio


    Recently he caught our attention indirectly, because of his non-rape by a bear in The Revenant.

    Di Caprio NOT Raped By Bear? Guardian’s Idea Of News! 

    But as I read the news tonight, I thought WOW – the man has said something useful. It sounded like a rallying cry (in Hollywood!) on behalf of unfortunate Germany, where alien savages engage in rape and plunder against the indigenous people, for whose culture and customs they have no respect. 




    Admittedly Leonardo only mentioned Red Indians by name, or ‘First Nations,’ as the trendy term has it, but he did extend his solidarity to all the indigenous communities around the world,”      http://www.sbs.com.au/nitv/nitv-news/article/2016/01/11/leonardo-dicaprio-dedicates-golden-globe-indigenous-peoples

    I’m perfectly serious – or would be, if I thought for a moment Di Caprio was.

    But – and I wish I might be proven wrong – it seems unlikely his concern for threatened peoples extends to any of the European nations presently being over-run.

    Why do ALL indigenous communities around the world merit the sympathy, no, the downright idolatry, of the glitterati…


    • 000000000000
    • …EXCEPT when it’s civilised Western people being raped, robbed and murdered by barbarous invaders..
  • ross1948 10:19 on December 3, 2015 Permalink | Reply
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    Di Caprio NOT Raped By Bear? Guardian’s Idea Of News! 

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