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  • ross1948 14:30 on September 9, 2021 Permalink | Reply
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    Has The Fourth Reich Got Something Right? 

    Can it be true?

    Has the Fourth Reich finally, presumably despite itself…



    …actually done something that’s genuinely going to be of benefit to the peoples of Europe?

    Asylum seekers dread new EU camps on Greek islands


    That’s if we take the claim by a pinko creep named Vagelis Stratis at face value.

    He’s a big noise with the pro-crimmigrant ‘International Rescue Committee!’

    So if he thinks the fake-‘refugees’ are averse to getting put into the expensive new accommodation….

    Hasil gambar untuk lesbos

    BBC Excuses Lesbos Parasites’ Arson

     built to replace the previous lodging which were lost ot crimmigrant arson, remember

    …well, he ought to know!  

    Fears surrounding future EU-funded camps on the Greek Aegean islands are contributing to a mental health emergency among asylum seekers, with some fleeing to the mainland. Read on »

    Okay, skip the ‘mental health’ junk.

    Kate Made Me Cry’ – Sums Up Mental-Health-Meg! 


    Mental Health?’ Pity BLM Osaka EVER Spoke To Media! 

    We’ve heard enough about that hogwash, whining celebs so stressed by good fortune that they can’t handle their lives of fame and luxury.

    But if the ‘asylumers’ are fleeing rather than move into the camps?

    Hell, let ’em flee, but NOT to the Greek mainland.


    Load the ingrate undesirables onto whatever craft will carry them, rafts, fishing boats or bloody canoes, and point them back at the Turkish coast.

  • ross1948 12:13 on December 30, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    Another Crimmigrant Arson Scandal! 

    Residents are suspected of setting the fire as they vacated the facility


    Seems we have been here before!”//

    BBC Excuses Lesbos Parasites’ Arson

    More ‘Refugee’ Arson And Violence In Greece! 

    Migrants Amok – Malta Reaps Another Little Whirlwind! 

    Image result for malta migrants police fire

    You can see one fake-refugee amok-run for yourselves on the video link. https://www.rt.com/news/471416-malta-detention-center-riot

    Most all the crimmigrant population in these places are fakers, and need to be deported.

    But the fire-bugs among them should be on the first plane out!

  • ross1948 19:45 on December 16, 2020 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: , Ines Pohl far-left, Lesbos arson crimmigrants   

    Like Non-Stop Left Bias? Love German Pravda! 

    Just by chance, I tuned into DW today, around 1.30pm Jakarta time.

    Tail-end of the news, their correspondent in the USA, Ines Pohl, ranting that the Stop the Steal resistance showed that the President’s message was not ‘America First’ but ‘Trump First.’

    As impartial reporting as we mght expect in Red China’s “People’s Daily!”



    But then if we check out Pohl’s record, we learn that she has always been far-left,

    ‘…actively involved in the German peace movement...…and later as editor-in-chief of Die Tageszeitung,.

    …where ‘her brief was to return the paper to its left-wing roots after a much-criticised foray into more popular journalism.[2]

    And then, from Comrade Pohl, to a quick burst of pro-crimmigrant propaganda, prefaced by a sleazy female voice claiming Greece’s new ‘asylum’ legislation had increased the ‘misery’ of the fakers who had lived in Morea camp, until it burned down…


    BBC Excuses Lesbos Parasites’ Arson

    ….no mention of the truth, that the arson was the work of the crimmigrants themselves.

    Then some creepy leftist photographer, blatantly pro-crimmigrant too, delighting in some alien Lesbos brat-girl, who organised a ‘protest march….’



    ….by arrogant aliens in someone else’s country, to which neither the brat nor any of her fellow-protestors had been invited.

    DW is downright nauseating.

    As bad as BBC!

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