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    Help Fight The Gaystapo Agenda! 

    As NOM’s National Political Director, I am writing to underscore the concern that Brian Brown has expressed to you about the grave threat posed by legislation now pending before the US Senate called the Equality Act. (Please see his email below.) We at NOM refer to this legislation (HR 5/S 788) as the InEquality Act because of the way it elevates the LGBT agenda over the rights of other Americans, especially people of faith.
    I consider the InEquality Act to be the greatest legislative threat we’ve ever faced. If it were to pass, we’d see the showing of support for traditional marriage become illegal discrimination against gays and lesbians; we’d have the imposition of a dangerous gender ideology imposed upon the country; we’d see Americans stripped of their religious liberty rights when it comes to the LGBT agenda; and we’d see gender-confused individuals be denied the ability to receive counseling designed to help them become more comfortable with their biological sex. And those consequences are just the tip of the iceberg.
    Help NOM Fight To Defeat This Imminent Threat
    The legislation has already passed the US House of Representatives and I worry that it could gather steam in the Senate. One GOP Senator is already a co-author of the bill, and there are upwards of half a dozen other Republican Senators who historically been weak on LGBT issues like this. If supporters of the legislation are able to cobble together a majority of Senators thanks to some wayward Republicans, we’re going to have a huge problem on our hands.
    NOM has developed a comprehensive campaign plan to educate every Republican member of the US Senate on why they must oppose this legislation. Unfortunately, we do not have the funds to fully implement this plan. We need your help.
    I would like to add my voice to that of Brian’s to urge you to step forward with a generous contribution to NOM to help us fight this grave legislative threat. Thanks to some donors who realize the seriousness of the fight we’re in, your donation to NOM will double, allowing us to devote more resources to the fight.
    The US Senate is scheduled to return from recess in less than three weeks. It’s imperative that we be able to roll out our campaign the moment they return. Please act today with a generous contribution to NOM to help us complete our plans and be ready to fight with all we have to defeat this terrible bill.
    Thank you for your support.
     Frank Schubert
    National Political Director———- Forwarded message ———-
    From: “Brian S. Brown” <bbrown@nationformarriage.org>
    Date: Thurs, Aug 22, 2019 12:21pm
    Subject: A freight train is headed right at us
    To: “Frank” <frank@nationformarriage.org>


    Dear Frank—There’s a public policy freight train headed right at us, and unless we are able to derail it, there will be a monumental collision with all the values we hold dear.

    I’m speaking of H.R. 5/S. 788, the so-called Equality Act which I call the InEquality Act because of the way it imposes the extreme LGBT agenda on average Americans, especially people of faith.

    Help NOM Derail The INequality Act

    In less than three weeks, Congress will return to work from their summer recess and the InEquality Act could be brought up for a vote in the US Senate. It has already passed the House of Representatives with the support of every Democrat in that body, and a few Republicans as well.

    I have to tell you, I am getting increasingly concerned about our prospects of defeating this legislation in the Senate. Already, one Republican Senator, Susan Collins of Maine, has signed on as a co-sponsor of the proposal.There are a number of other Senate Republicans who have a history of weakness on LGBT issues that I worry could abandon us in this fight. And key elements of the LGBT community are working to dial-back the opposition of the Trump administration. The Log Cabin Republicans, a group of gay and lesbian GOP activists, announced their endorsement of President Trump’s reelection the other day.

    We Need Your Help TODAY To Bolster Our Position With Senate Republicans
    If we are going to ensure that the InEquality Act freight train is derailed, it’s imperative that we mount an aggressive campaign aimed at every Republican member of the US Senate. Our team at NOM is hard at work developing such a campaign, but we need your help to be successful. Will you help us?
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    Despite Pro-Perv Wisconsin Realtors, An Honest Judge Triumphs! 


    Glad tidings from Wisconsin, where a decent man faced down big money from the gaystapoid bigots of the Media-Democrat party, to win election as a state Supreme Court judge!


    We made history in a significant way,” Hagedorn said, referring to winning despite millions spent against him

    The maladjusts threw everything but their pink velvet jump-suits into the fray, frothing that the candidate had quite properly compared homosexuality to other deviant sex drives.


    But it wasn’t only the usual suspects that Brian Hagendorn was up against – his ‘biggest donor, the Wisconsin Realtors Association,’ demanded he return campaign funds he got from them.


    Because he was not in tune with their pro-pervert values!

    When you or I want to buy a house, we don’t expect the flunkeys we more or less have to use, realtors, lawyers or anyone else, to act as political hit-men, inquisitors harrying us over our religious beliefs..


    It’s arguable that the WRA should not be in the business of funding candidates at all.

    Yet if there is legislation that affects their fees or professional standards, okay, maybe.

    So how come they are tying their largesse to the gaystapo agenda?

    Because that agenda counts for more than anything else, as far as they’re concerned!

    The real estate related issues that served as the basis for our endorsement have been overshadowed by other, non-real estate related issues — issues with which we do not want to be associated and that directly conflict with the principles of our organization and the values of our members.”



    Decent folks in Wisconsin, and elsewhere, should make sure they avoid using realtors who belong to that rat-pack…



    ..until they apologise for their anti-Christian prejudice and pledge to restore the cash they cravenly recalled from a man whose only offence was to be identified with common decency.

    Tell them what you think of them.

    Wisconsin Realtors Association, Phone: 608-241-2047 or 800-279-1972  General fax: 608-241-2901
    Email: wra@wra.org 


    Make dure your realtor is NOT affiliated to the WRA….

    …or to their national parent body, which is just as bad.

    Read more –

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    Freaks And Feminazis Menace Pro-Decency Activists! 

    A ten thousand-strong rabble of far-lefts, freaks and feminazis…




    …converged on a peaceful gathering of pro-family activists last month, doubtless drawing unpleasant inspiration from numerous biased hacks…

    Liberal media, spurred on by hate-mongering “watchdogs” like the Southern Poverty Law Center, have lost their collective mind over the 13th WCF meeting 

    …and requiring the intervention of riot police and enforcement of roadblocks around Verona’s Piazza Bra.

    Activists even tried to “shut down” the event “through calling the hotels where the participants were staying and using threats to make those hotels cancel their bookings.
    There were even physical threats of attacks against the attendees.
    Can you imagine this happening in Europe in the 21st century?”

    A good question, asked by one of the conference participants.

    Yet it’s all too easy to imagine, in view of the rise and rise of pervert power in so many Western countries…


    Mrs. May Set To Poison Tots’ Minds 

    Who’s This Scary California Woman? Decent Parents Fight Pro-Perv Propaganda! 

    American Gaystapo – Ohio School Victimises Christian Teen! 


    ….and in particular the way the gaystapo agenda focuses so much of its unwholesome attentions on children.

    Any conference that had Matteo Salvini as a guest speaker  must have been well worth attending.

    Read the whole article and draw your own conclusions.

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    A Week To Go? C’mon, Good Americans! Fight Schools Gaystapoids! 



    We offer our American readers a chance to get organised to fight the so-called ‘Day of Silence’ organised by the pro-perv movement in U.S. education.

    FREE Downloadable POSTERS for Day of Silence WALKOUT

    For Parents and Students, from Mission America

    Now you can download and print posters to protest the radical “LGBT” agenda, including the “Day of Silence,” scheduled in many schools for April 12.

    You can express your views about the radical agenda in our schools and communities with these posters. Just print yourself or take to your printer. The art is already done!

    Go HERE to choose from many poster options.

    Send us pictures of your protest!! We want to see how American students and parents make a stand for the TRUTH.  

    • Sheena Jard 12:09 am on April 6, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      I wish there were an organised resistance in the UK similar to Mission Anerica’s.
      It is shaming that instead of Christian parents in our Christian country leading massive protests against ‘gay’ indoctrination, it has been left to those responsible Muslim parents in Birmingham to fight back and defend their children against brainwashing.


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    American Action – Don’t Let Gaystapo Sway Congress! 

    Helping out the good folks at Mission America. 

    Hearings on So-Called ‘Equality Act’ TODAY! Call now!

    ‘LGBTQ” Behavior is NOT a Civil Right

    The U.S. House Judiciary Committee is holding hearings today on the so-called “Equality Act,” HR 5, which would make homosexuality and gender confusion part of the U.S. Civil Rights Code, treating this deviant conduct as if it’s like race.

    Please CALL today the Republican members of the House Judiciary Committee. Here’s what you might say:

    “Hello, I am _______ and I am calling to urge you to NOT support the ‘Equality Act.’ This measure is very extreme and would violate religious and conscience rights of many Americans, and parental rights as well. However, a religious exemption will NOT fix this because the ‘LGBT’ community has already said they do not believe there are any such rights, so they will ignore this. This does not belong in our civl rights code. Thank you very much.”

    Republican members of the House Judiciary committee:

    Sensenbrenner (202) 225-5101 
    Chabot (202) 225-2216 
    Gohmert (202) 225-3035 
    Jordan (202) 225-2676
    Buck (202) 225-4676
    Ratcliffe (202) 225-6673
    Roby (202) 225-2901
    Gaetz (202) 225-4136 
    Johnson (202) 225-2777 
    Biggs (202) 225-2635 
    Reschenthaler (202) 225-2065 
    Cline (202) 225-5431
    Armstrong (202) 225-2611
    Steube (202) 225-5792
    McClintock (202) 225-2511
    Lesko (202) 225-4576


    • Cherie Hale 9:11 pm on April 2, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      Mission America is very brave to speak up.
      Anyone who tells the truth, that ‘gay sex’ is a perversion, is in real danger of persecution in modern America.
      If the Democrats get away with this, they will soon put pedophilia and bestiality on the same protected list.


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    American Gaystapo – Ohio School Victimises Christian Teen! 

    Image result for lebanon high school ohio


    A young teenage girl in Ohio put up some Christian messages around her school.


    Image result for gaby helsinger lebanon high school


    That was after Gaby Helsinger saw that her school was festooned with pro-homo propaganda




    “I was coming back from lunch … I see the teachers taking them down, and the next day, I got called to the office and there is a letter that says that I have an ISS, which is an in-school suspension, and the reason why I have it is because ‘abuse of others, disrespect, rudeness…’  https://pjmedia.com/faith/high-school-student-suspended-for-responding-to-lgbt-pride-flags-with-bible-verses

    ‘Teachers’ took the girl’s Bible verses down?

    Wannabe brain-washers, who are a disgrace to a profession which once commanded respect! Watch the video via the link.

    These people are the lowest of the low, contemptible collaborators with the gaystapo’s agenda of indoctrination, seeking to normalise sexually aberrant behaviour…




    ….suppressing the views of those who believe in decent values.

    Persecution of Christians is clearly not the monopoly of ISIS and North Korea but is flourishing in Lebanon, Ohio, USA.

    The perpetrators deserve condemnation and here’s how you can contact them to say what you think!

    Principal – Scott Butler  butler.scott@lebanonschools.org


    BTW, they’re also on Facebook!

    Write to them!


    1916 Drake Rd.
    Lebanon, OH 45036
      Call them! Ask to talk to Scott Butler! Main Phone:


    • Frank Napier 10:37 am on March 18, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      The gaystapo is a worldwide threat to freedom and to our children.
      Just look at how they go after kids, in Ohio and in Texas too. I am enclosing info on the latest Houston library scandal.
      We need to fight them


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    Again No Comment Required -Support Gaystapo-Targetted New York Democrat! 

    Again, No Comment Required!

    I’m writing on an urgent matter to ask you to join me to stand up and support a true pro-marriage champion who is now under attack in the city of New York.









    Council Member Ruben Diaz has been a strong and steadfast supporter of maintaining marriage as the union of one man and one woman. A Democrat and a Pentecostal minister, Diaz takes very seriously the biblical admonition of marriage being only the union of one man and one woman. We’ve worked together for many years, going back to when he was a state Senator and we were fighting to defend the definition of marriage in New York.

    Mr. Diaz was elected to the New York City Council in 2017 from the Bronx. He’s under attack now by the liberal media and some Council colleagues for commenting about the enormous influence the LGBT community exercises on issues before the City Council. Believe it or not, they are demanding that he resign or be removed from the Council for speaking his mind about LGBT influence!

    Please sign our petition right away so that the New York City Council knows that we have Ruben’s back.

    It’s disgusting to me that the left thinks that the right to free speech applies only to them. They are free to cheer, for example, when the state of New York passes legislation allowing babies to be killed up to the moment of birth, but they demand the resignation of a duly elected faithful Christian for having the temerity to speak about the influence of the LGBT community in city politics. What hypocrisy!

    Our petition is designed to give all Americans an opportunity to show their support for someone who has demonstrated full-faced and full-throated support for marriage and its importance to society, especially children. He’s been the rare Democrat elected official willing to buck the powers that be in his party to stand for the truth of biblical values. His voice is desperately needed in politics today. Please sign our petition right away so that Councilman Diaz knows that we have his back.

    I was very pleased to see that our friend Chuck Limandri, founder of the Freedom of Conscience Defense Fund, wrote to Councilman Diaz to underscore the illegal and unconstitutional nature of efforts by some Councilmembers to remove him from the City Council. Not only would an attempt to strip Diaz from the City Council be a highly inappropriate attempt to undermine the results of a duly-conducted election where thousands of residents voted Mr. Diaz into office, but it would be a gross violation of his civil rights. According to Mr. Limandri, pursuing this action would subject city taxpayers, and members of the City Council individually, to substantial damages including punitive damages.

    It seems to me that the very idea that a duly-elected official could be removed from office by his colleagues for complaining about the degree of influence the LGBT community exerts in his city pretty much makes Councilman Diaz’ point.

    Let’s not sit idly by while they try to drive a good and faithful man from office. Please sign our petition to the New York City Council letting them know that we will not let them railroad Ruben Diaz out of office because they don’t like what he may have to say about LGBT influence.

    Thank you for your help. Time is of the essence. Please sign our petition today so that the City Council knows that we oppose any punitive action against Councilman Ruben Diaz.


    Brian S Brown
    Brian S. Brown

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    Slap-Down For Iowa University’s Gaystapo Crawlers! 

    Nice to hear at least some judges in the USA are still prepared to rule for freedom, especially when the ruling shames college creeps who crawled to their campus gaystapo.



    No need for further comment- just read the good news.

    A federal judge has ruled that the University of Iowa breached students’ rights by rescinding a Christian group’s registration as a student organization because it didn’t allow gay students to serve as leaders

    Federal judge orders university to reinstate Christian group booted for not allowing gay leaders


    • Ken Kasic 10:14 pm on February 12, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      A small victory but so refreshing.
      Thanks to Trump, there are a lot more pro-American values judges appearing on the scene so we can hope for more.
      For now, we should try to get the University of Iowa cowards kicked out of their mansgerial offices.


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    Good News From USA – Pro-Perv Commissar Out! 

    We gave AFA’s campaign to block this menace our support, as we have done with many of their brave endeavours…


    Victory for Religious Liberty!

    …so now we welcome the great news that she has stepped down and Donald Trump now has the chance to appoint somebody not wedded to the gaystapo agenda to the position she held.

    Credit where credit is due.



    It was thanks to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s refusal to hold a vote on the admirable block imposed on the self-confessed ‘gay’ leftist’s confirmation by pro-decency Senator Mike Lee of Utah.  Washington Blade reports.


    Victory for the U.S. Constitution and religious liberty in America! Since 2010 Chai Feldblum, an anti-religious liberty activist, has served as commissioner at the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) – the federal agency dedicated to protecting the freedom of religious expression.

    Feldblum’s term as commissioner was set to expire on July 1, 2018, but President Trump had renominated her for another term. Beginning in December 2017, AFA vigorously opposed her service at the EEOC. Because of public opposition by AFA supporters and the opposition of a few U.S. senators, Feldblum has reached the end of her stint at the Commission.

    She announced on January 3 via Twitter:

    Feldblum’s influence at the EEOC was a real threat to the religious liberty of Americans. Her fight for “diversity” and “equity” can be translated as the insistence to place the right to sexual deviancy ahead of religious liberty.

    She has said, “I’m having a hard time coming up with any case in which religious liberty should win…Sexual liberty should win in most cases. There can be a conflict between religious liberty and sexual liberty, but in almost all cases the sexual liberty should win because that’s the only way that the dignity of gay people can be affirmed in any realistic manner….”

    President Obama was able to place Feldblum on the EEOC as a recess appointment, a strategic move that enabled Obama to circumvent Senate rules and Senate republican opposition. When the Senate voted in 2013 to renew Feldblum for another term at the EEOC, the only republicans who voted for her were Sen. Susan Collins (R-ME) and Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R-AK). Sens. Collins and Murkowski votes were not necessary since the Democratic nomination passed 54-41.

    AFA is thankful its supporters took action to let the Administration and the Senate know how important fundamental religious liberty is to the constitutional republic of the United States. The position at the EEOC remains vacant, and President Trump should nominate a constitutional conservative that’s in keeping with his campaign promises.

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    Bolsonaro, Better All The Time! 


    Jair Bolsonaro’s 46% in the first round of the Brazilian presidential election has the pinko media in a welter of weeping and wailing, because he is ‘far-right’ and/or ‘populist,’ whatever those labels mean.


    Gambar terkait


    I have no claim to be an expert in the politics of Brazil so have largely been reacting to the pinko media. If they hate Bolsonaro, there must logically be a lot to be said for him.

    He has only this week declared that he won’t roll back his forthright rhetoric – nice to see somebody prepared to stick to his principles!

    But even were he not as sound as the pinko shrills make him out to be, ANYONE has to be preferable to a socialist slug like Haddad, who is so indifferent to democratic principles that he has taken on a self-confessed Communist Party activist as his VP running-mate.

    Image result for manuela d'avila communist

    Manuela D’Avila, Communist wannabe VP

    A man with a rancid red on his ticket or a ‘Tropical Trump?’

    No decent voter in Brazil, or anywhere, should have to contemplate voting choices for more than a nano-second, before marking his or her ballot paper in the latter’s favour.


    Fingers crossed for 28th October!

    Brazil is a very big country. If it falls into the hands of a good guy, that amounts to a major boost for the worldwide resistance.

    But exactly what is this man proposing?

    Digitalmedia.com yesterday provided a useful objective comparison of policies and proposals.

    And one from Bolsonaro that struck me as outstandingly wise,  and that should be emulated all across the Western world,has to be –

    Change the Age of Criminal Responsibility to SIXTEEN!

    In fact one report from the start of the year suggested he wanted it to be 14, but that seems not to be the case.

    Brits who remember the brutal murder of little Jamie Bulger by ‘underage’ scum might even think a lower figure is worth thinking about…

    …but one day at a time, yeah?

    Imagine if those clods in Brussels, and those degenerates styled ‘judges’ on the ‘European Court of Human Rights,’ were to come out and say there’d be no more hogwash about dastardly young alien thugs and sex-predators aged 16 and 17 being designated ‘children’ and given kid-glove treatment accordingly?

    Nine Young Women In Denmark     Swedish police warn Stockholm’s maintrain station is overrun

    Yes, imagine, cause it ain’t gonna happen.

    Real children are human beings under the age of puberty, but no chance of that reality being introduced into the sicko permissive system in Europe…

    Junior Jihadis? Merkel Has Been Blocking Surveillance! 

    …where so-called ‘unaccompanied’ so-called ‘minors’ are not hammered, corralled and promptly deported when they step out of line in someone else’s country.

    The same sensible approach, of course, should also apply to home-grown mini-vermin who have passed their 16th birthdays. Again, one wonders, why not 15th, or 14th?

    Another True Tale Of Filthy Savages In Berlin? 

    Lock ‘em up!

    But don’t throw away the key. Access required for regular floggings if they act up whilst ‘inside!’


    Not that the age of responsibility is the only issue on which Bolsonaro talks sense.

    How about this?

    Categorize invasions of property and homes as “terrorism.”

    For which, one hopes, the death penalty would be made readily available under a Bolsonaro government.

    And it’s still getting better all the time. Denouncing the Brazilian left’s stance, of cosying up to the marxist menace in Caracas, Bolsonaro is crystal clear!

     “We are going to stop hailing murderous dictatorships” — said in reference to Venezuela — “and denigrating big democracies like the United States, Italy and Israel.”

    And on a very different issue, he promises that Brazil’s schools will be directed to get on with schooling, ‘“without indoctrination or early sexualization.”


    What a contrast to his opponent, the leftist Haddad, who sounds as dementedly committed to decadent liberalism as the UK’s St. Theresa of Transgendria…



    ….pledging lots of rot about how he ‘will strengthen an inclusive, non-sexist, non-racist and non-discriminatory view of the LGBT” community.


    • Al Barker 7:44 pm on October 10, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      There has not been enough attention to the fact that Haddad is running not only with the full support of the organized Communist movement but with a red running mate who if Haddad wins would then be a heartbeat away from running Brazil.
      The mainstream ( dishonest) media tend not to mention this, possibly because it would mean that while they call Bolsonaro ‘far-right’ over and over again, the Communist link would oblige them to call Haddad ‘far-rleft’ which he must be if he’s ready to share power with dedicated marxists.

      I shall take pleasure in forwarding this to as many people as I can, because I think we won’t see CNN or CBS or NBC telling the truth about Haddad’s far-left extremist ties.


      • Maggie Jacks 9:42 pm on October 10, 2018 Permalink | Reply

        Communism should be THE untouchable for any politician who calls himself a democrat.
        Note, for my American friends I use a small ‘d.’
        We should all hope Bolsonaro wins.
        We have seen what marxist rule does, just look at the decades of dictatorship in Cuba and the ruination of poor Venezuela.
        Brazilians do not deserve to suffer as Cubans and Venezuelans have suffered and still suffer.


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