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  • ross1948 20:23 on February 24, 2017 Permalink | Reply
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    Uppity Swede Objects To UK Liberation! 

    After those Swede grovel-bints in Tehran a week ago…Iran – Contemptible Swedish Cows Crawl To Shariah Sexists …one might wish to hear no more from pompous pinkos hailing from that crimmigrant-colonised country, but alas!

    Now we have a mouthy vixen named Corazza Bildt, a Swedish MEP…



    Bildt the Wannabe Language Expert


    …trying to teach her own quaint ‘pinko-proper’ meanings of English words to an Englishman, who needs no introduction to British readers, or most anyone else.


    Miffed ... Boris Johnson.

    Boris can be annoying, and I’ve had some  harsh words for him from time to time, but he is well-educated and used the word ‘liberation’ quite correctly to describe the Brexit process.

    ‘Liberation’ has been grossly misused since WW2, not least by Communist murder gangs calling themselves ‘national liberation fronts.’



    Among the nastiest and most dissimulative in its use were the Viet Cong terrorists.


    But if your country is subject to rule from abroad, and you finally get to exercise the right of self-determination and regain independence, then what better word to use than ‘liberation?’

    “It’s etymologically equivalent to being freed,” Johnson told the MEP, “and I’m afraid it’s an undeniable fact that we, the UK, has been unable to do, to run its own trade policy for 44 years.”


    Spot on, Boris!

    But get the Ms Uppity’s arrogant retort.

    Corazza Bildt responded: “We are neither occupying you or a prison,” before the panel discussion moved on.

    Last time I was back in Blighty, despite it being months after the referendum…


    june 23


    …I was disgusted to see those repulsive alien flags still flying on far too many government buildings.

    I’ve not recently been down to posh Kuningan, in Jakarta, to check out the UK Embassy there, but as far as I am aware, despite my appeal for a cleansing…

    Memo to H. E. Moazzam Malik – Haul Down The EU Rag! 



     …the EUSSR banner still flutters beside the Red, White and Blue. Boris Johnson is right to speak of British Liberation.


    But it has not yet come to pass.

    When it does, no more alien flags given parity of esteem to Union Jacks, OK?

    And while I am not unsympathetic to Poles working in the UK and wishing to continue, some ‘Europeans’ should be declared unwelcome – that patronising Bildt woman for a start!

    I gather Russia has already told her she’s not welcome!


    • Janey S 15:38 on February 25, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      That photo with her hair standing on end, maybe she just saw a gang of rape-refugees coming down the road in her direction from the local asylum centre?.
      Swedes have ruined heir own country, so she’s upset we in Britain are getting out of her ‘Europe’ before the same thing can happen to us.
      Boris was quite right.


  • ross1948 10:40 on June 28, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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    Voulez Vous Exit Avec Moi, La Belle France? 

    “Europe is a common home that is on fire,” said Laurent Joffrin of France’s left-leaning daily Liberation. 


    Well, some of it is!

    REPORT: Migrants Burn Down Asylum Centre After Not Receiving Ramadan Wake Up Call

    But that particular sort of arson is down to Mama Stasi Merkel’s importation of ungrateful arrogant primitives, of whom Joffrin’s President Hollande has shamelessly agreed to bring thousands into France, another kow-tow to Merkel never yet put to any French referendum.




    But back to  Joffrin.

    “Workers across the continent don’t believe in it anymore. They are turning towards their national identities as the only credible rampart against the excesses of globalisation.”

    OF COURSE, in a crisis, people ‘turn to their national identities.’  That’s wiser, and more wholesome, than divisive, selfish,  class-war ideologies or disloyal sectarianism.

    So a rare bit of realism from a French lefty. 



    Yet instead of drawing the obvious conclusion, lots of Continental pinkos are lining up to shore up the supranational Tower of Babel.

    The only real sense emerging from France comes, not unusually, from Marine Le Pen, who has called for a referendum, only to be dissed by the lame-duck in the Elysee Palace.



    I was watching France 24 a day or two ago as she describes her brief meeting with the hapless Hollande, during which, when she raised the outrageous idea of giving the citizens of their country a chance to decide the issue of a Frexit, he reacted as if she’d used foul language!


    • bb360-12965009_1713452952260093_1075105851_n
    • ——————
    • That of course has been the rotten elite’s stance since the last time France’s people got to vote on ‘Europe,’ when they rejected the absurd ‘European Project.’ They were promptly snubbed by the political establishment, who have never let them express their preferences on Brussels rule via any ballot box since.

    However, back then, people didn’t have the redoubtable lady around to champion democratic principles, who has now warned France’s Enemy Within.

    “Victory for Freedom. Europe will be at the heart of the next presidential election!”

  • ross1948 17:24 on January 10, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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    EuroNews Twit Lets French Hack Flout Fact-Check Test! 

    I must be in a masochistic mood today, because I switched to EuroNews, which typically had one of their hacks, a simpering clown, ‘interviewing’ another hack, from the French newspaper ‘Liberation,’ which is variously described as left or far-left.

    One of its founders, Serge July defined it thus, “the equation of Libération consisted in combining counter-culture and political radicalism.”

    • euronews
    • The EuroNews concept of ‘interview’ is well-known. No hard questions, if the guest is a leftist, and no balancing guest the next day.
    • Or, as in this example…

    EuroNews’ ‘Fear of The Unknown’ – Self-Deception or Subversion? 

    …if some sanity somehow gets on display, it is promptly dissed, last word going to the biased EuroNews compere.

    And how many UNHCR apparatchiks have been given ample time to denigrate policies that might save Europe? Do we ever get UKIP or AfD or any patriots of any nationality on the same screen at the same time, to confront the poisonous pap?





    The EuroNews twerp simply let Liberation’s Monsieur Quatremere spout pinko propaganda, over and over.

    First, we heard that ‘everyone’ had ‘pointed the finger at’ Hungarian PM Viktor Orban – Da haben erst einmal alle mit dem Finger auf Orban gezeigt  http://de.euronews.com/2016/01/06/grenzzaeune-und-kontrolllierte-demokratie-wird-ungarn-ein-exportschlager/ for putting up barriers along his country’s borders to keep out crimmigrants.


    Viktor Orban

    Actually, we didn’t hear that. EuroNews altered the original German script to make Q say that EVERYONE had NAMED AND SHAMED Orban.

    Just magnifying the slanted cr#p – yeah, nice one, EuroNews!.

    EVERYONE? That palpable lie – in fact, a majority of Magyars supported the fences, as did millions across Europe – went, of course, unchallenged by EuroTwerp.

    Mr. Q then offered a side-swipe at Hungary, making a nonsense contrast between the success of that brave little country in being the first to tear down the Iron Curtain, and the recent erection of the afore-mentioned fortifications.

    Anyone with even a flimsy grasp of modern history would have jumped on the Frenchman, to point out that the Iron Curtain was imposed by the Kremlin with help from Budapest quislings to keep Hungarians from escaping communist tyranny.


    • budapest3 Hungarians hated communism
    • =========
    • The new fences, on the other hand, are there to protect Hungarians from undesirable aliens (who, BTW, get loads of sympathy from the opposition party in Budapest  – which is, BTW, just the old quisling communist party with younger leadership)

    But the EuroTwerp was too ignorant, or more likely in cahoots with the French lefty, to chip in with such salient facts.

    Sure enough, another lie comes along.

    This time, according to the original German script, it was a lie imposed in translation, because I can’t find the words ‘alle’ (everyone) in the original.

    So Mr. Q’s not to blame, perhaps, rather some EuroNews backroom red, for the mendacity we heard loud and clear, that ‘Everyone welcomed’ Merkel’s open embrace of the crimmigrant tsunami.

    A more bare-faced falsehood it would be hard to imagine. 


    Hasil gambar untuk merkel hijab


    Of course no referendum was held in Germany- fat chance the elite would watch their pet project go down in flames!

    But it was clear from the start that there was no popular consensus in favour of the bludger swarm.

    Having checked Quatremere’s original words, they actually translate as  Angela Merkel was praised for letting the alien rabble in.

    Which is true only if one excludes everyone – the millions at home and abroad  – who didn’t praise her suicidal folly. Yet it seems to me that, in Mr. Q’s quaint pink-textured universe, he’s being honest. Such people, patriots, realists, don’t really count. They hold to traditional values, ergo they become, by cultural marxist alchemy, non-persons!

    But that’s no excuse for EuroTwerp – he just sat there nodding subserviently, swallowing such prejudiced garbage whole.

    And that’s what is wrong with EuroNews.

    Earlier today, I had to watch that biased bint,Fariba Mavaddat, identified before as somebody with no grasp of objective reporting…‘Euronews’ Or Eurabian Pravda? Anti-UKIP, Anti-USA – Brazen Bias!… eagerly peddling pro-Brussels gunk about Poland’s new media law.



    • She appeared incapable of understanding – never mind providing viewers with both sides of the argument – why state broadcasters, rather than blatter out their own partisan views on the tax-payers’ dime, should be made to answer to the elected representatives of the Polish people, 

    Who else should be in charge, for God’s sake? 

    Oh, and BTW, who pays the bills at EuroNews?


    • Nando 12:58 on January 11, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      Euronews is just so obvious.
      It would not be such an insult if they even tried to tone down their bias.
      And they could use some staff whose voices are pleasant to listen to. That Arab woman in the photo, MadArafat or whatever she’s called, she sounds like a snake.


  • ross1948 17:33 on November 29, 2015 Permalink | Reply
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    ‘Migrant Liberation Army?’ Hellish Legion, More Like! 

    The hundreds of thousands of Syrian refugees pouring into Europe can be trained to form an army and return to “liberate” their homeland, Poland’s new foreign minister said.. .”https://euobserver.com/tickers/131120

    I had started writing about this a week or more ago, then got distracted. Today’s rain in Jakarta gives me time to review it.

    You can see the Pole’s point.  The left media shows lots of photos of head-scarfed bints with brats…


    … but honest reporting indicates that, overwhelmingly, the tsunami comprises thousands of military-age men, abandoning wives, mothers, kids maybe, to march on Germany.

    Their arrogant, aggressive demeanour – on display yesterday again in Macedonia – does indeed suggest the makings of an army…


    … though of what genre, one wonders? 


    So not entirely surprising, perhaps, that the Polish minister’s suggestion was echoed in the UK?

    SYRIAN refugees should be trained and armed to take on so-called Islamic State in their own land, a former Army chief said today.

    His Lordship seems to be talking about those still in the Levant, though that’s unclear.

    But I reckon he is as misguided as Mr. Witold Waszczykowski.

    These recruitment schemes might make sense – but only if the horde of hefty brutes we’ve seen hurling rocks at citizens of the European countries they’ve gate-crashed, snarling with aggression when border guards won’t pander to their tantrums…


    • ———————
    • …only if they have guts and any trace of honour about them. They don’t.

    Imagine if your country were being ravaged by strife, evil savages like ISIS, or the satanic Taliban tearing it apart?

    Would you not feel some call of duty to fight back? The Kurds do, yes, but the rest?

    Evidently not – all those alien louts stomping through Europe, with neither wives nor parents to be seen, have turned their backs on family and all other loyalties. They won’t be up to turning back to rescue their tormented lands.

    So what kind of citizens will they make in the lands they’ve deigned to honour with their noisome presence? The riotous violence caught on camera, above suggests to many more than me, surely, that they are worthless, in every possible way.


    Paris prosecutor’s office said on Monday that the man who blew himself up outside the national soccer stadium was found with a Syrian passport with the name Ahmad Al Mohammad, a 25-year-old born in Idlib. It said fingerprints from the attacker match those of someone who passed through Greece in October.   



    • Ron 09:18 on November 30, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      Europe would be insane to arm and train these barbarians.
      Learn from America’s terrible mistake at Fort Hood, a jihadist trained and armed by the personnel he worked with, and then he gunned them down.


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