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  • ross1948 14:45 on November 3, 2022 Permalink | Reply
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    Cut Leftist Lineker’s Salary? Good Idea! 

    We have mentioned Sir Mike Penning more than once, when we sympathised…

    Poor Penning Thinks He Can Cleanse Conservatism? 

    Exclusive: ‘Essex boy’ Sir Mike Penning – the MP put in charge of Tory candidate selection – wants to rid the party of ‘closet Lib Dems..’

    …and when he had a go at another enemy of the British people….ECHR, Delighting Legalice And Uppities!

    He’s Tory MP for Hemel Hempstead, a former minister…


    Official portrait of Rt Hon Sir Mike Penning MP crop 2.jpg


    …and deserves a round of applause for what he said in the House of Commons this week.

    : “The public trust local radio like they don’t trust Newsnight or the Today programme.”

    No, I’m not commending him for that.

    I’m not at all sure that BBC radio hacks are any less infected than the evil propagandists we often mention.

    For example, that ugliest of extremists, Emma Barnett…

    BBC On First-Name Terms With Jihadist Vermin


    …last I heard, was a key figure on BBC Radio 4, chief presenter of ‘Woman’s Hour….’..

    BBC’s Ms. Ugly, Revealed As Zoological Ignoramus 

    …but perhaps Sir Mike isn’t aware of her vile record.

    Instead, he took aim at another of the most unpleasant UK Pravda notables.

    “If it’s about money, then take half a million pounds out of Gary Lineker’s salary or one of the others who earn extortionate salaries.”


    Louse Lineker Rants Again!

    The Telegraph report reminds us that Lineker is paid £1.35 million a year by the BBC https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2022/11/01/gary-lineker-salary-should-be-halved-fund-local-radio-bbc/

    It won’t happen.

    There were plenty of people who knew as much about sport,  and were probably smarter and undoubtedly more personable than Lousy Lineker, but the BBC mandarins recruited him, because he could be counted on reliably to pour out…



    …their sleazy ideological BS, or, perhaps more accurately, we should say their prejudices.

    So they will continue to lavish license payers’s cash on the swine.

  • ross1948 18:01 on January 28, 2022 Permalink | Reply
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    Fear Not, Gary! Your £2 Mill Won’t Be Frozen! 

    The BBC director-general has ruled out a pay freeze after the “disappointing” license fee deal amid fears that cuts are leading to gaffes on air. 


    Error in headline!

    Poor Comrade Soccer only gets £1.7Million!

    Much like Malificent Maitlis

    But it’s SO hard-earned!

    Louse Lineker Rants Again!

    Mind you, many might join me in saying that Lousy Lefty Lineker should just be laid off!

  • ross1948 23:10 on January 17, 2022 Permalink | Reply
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    Lefty Lineker Has A Sense Of Humour?. 

    Well, if he isn’t joking, then Lineker must think viewers suffer fron collective amnesia!


    Gary Lineker tweeted:
    “The BBC has tens of thousands of people that work for it, with a huge cross section of views. The corporation doesn’t think as one. There’s no political criteria from above other than impartiality in news & current affairs. Any perceived bias is probably your own.”


    ‘Tens of thousands’ of BBC employees may very well include cleaners and drivers and technicians who hold views akin to what normal Brits think…

    Louse Lineker Rants Again!

    …but they don’t get paid huge sums to bray toxic left-wokery on ‘sports’ shows that he turns into political platforms.

  • ross1948 07:01 on January 2, 2022 Permalink | Reply
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    UK Pravda? Mini-Cuts Ain’t Deep Enough! 

    Sources anticipate that the £159 television licence will be held below inflation, but could rise again towards the end of the BBC’s royal charter in 2027. It adds up to a real-terms cut in funding at a time when BBC finances are under unprecedented pressure.




    If the tax-funded propaganda broadcaster stopped paying grotesque sums to The Coven’s Maitlis, Ugly Barnett and that Derbyshire hag…

    Witch and the Cauldron | Etsy

    BBC, VD, ‘Ignorant Things!’ UK Pravda’s Ageism Exposed!

     ….and to klutzes like Lineker. ..

    Related image

    Know-all L

    ….and that unprofessional ‘sports’ oaf….

    Despite his very unpleasant non-political behaviour..


    BBC Sport’s Dan Roan ‘taken off air’ after offensive comments about tragic Leicester City owner – as he faces calls to resign…’


    (BBC hasn’t fired him! Why?)


    .. they would have fewer money worries…


    Not to mention whatever public money was lavished on the air-time handed to vile BLM hate-mongers.

    Zeinab Welcomes Red Cop-Killer’s Fan

    BBC Delirious Over Vogue’s Exaltation Of Red Vermin! 

    • .H


    • Andre Leevett 09:38 on January 2, 2022 Permalink | Reply

      You don’t like that BBC much, do you?
      Judging from the examples you offer, I don’t blame you.
      Happy New Year!


  • ross1948 16:15 on September 15, 2021 Permalink | Reply
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    Louse Lineker Rants Again! 

    A very good piece in the Mail, by a lady named Sarah Vine, on how that slimy pinko BBC hireling Lineker, whom we have mentioned previously…

    Brits! You Think Lineker’s Bad? Pity Poor Goerlitzers! 

    Related image

    Know-all Lineker

    …tried a bit of creepy ideological exploitation of the sudden fame won by that pretty tennis gal.



    I quote from Ms. Vine, who mocked Lousy Lineker’s specious illogic as follows  –

    ...the fact that Raducanu is half-Chinese, half-Romanian and was born in Canada, means Home Secretary Priti Patel is wrong to try to impose limits on the number of people arriving illegally across the English Channel.


    Go figure!

    As the Mail writer observes…


    This is idiotic. If anything, her parents’ situation shows that it is possible to move to the UK and obtain British citizenship legally, regardless of where you come from.. 



    A pity BTW that Nigel Farage last week gave the Lineker git a chance to score points about ‘Romanians.’


    Nigel Farage


    Gary Lineker takes swipe at Nigel Farage after Emma Raducanu’s US Open win – Mirror Online


    Real Romanians are normal decent people, who must get intensely vexed when they hear their nationality confused…..

    Hey, UK! Don’t Abhor Romanians – Roma Rogues Are The Problem

    Brussels, to the French, in France – “It’s No Matter if You’reRoma or French!” 

    ….with ‘Roma,’ who are not much different from the so-called ‘Travellers’ – whose descent on many decent towns in England has resulted in scenes like this. 



    Tonnes of rubbish dumped next to a children’s playground 

    A similar incident happened in Tooting Common last month when several tonnes of rubbish were left behind.http://www.echo-news.co.uk/news/10726911.PICTURES__Travellers_leave_behind_poo_on_children_s_slide

    Nigel surely knows who the true villains are –  and Lineker, as a fan of unacceptable persons, knows it too.

    But Nigel spoke sloppily, handing advantage to the louse, who, with his grotesquely lavish BBC salary, has far too many advantages already!


    • Pamela 16:25 on September 15, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      I loathe Lineker.
      However, quite true, Nigel was foolish not to be precise.
      There is nothing wrong with Romanians.
      Roma are the problem.


    • Amanda Adams 19:39 on September 15, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      So he knows a lot about football but not a lot about anything else.
      We need a party that will squeeze the BBC so hard it wont have any resources left to pay this fool and the others like him.


  • ross1948 19:14 on June 16, 2019 Permalink | Reply
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    Brits! You Think Lineker’s Bad? Pity Poor Goerlitzers! 

    For some reason, a certain Mr. Lineker, who had his moments on the soccer field, has over the past couple of years been elevated to an authority on UK politics.


    Related image

    Know-all Lineker


    While no more qualified than any of the thousands of ordinary England fans who once cheered his footie skills, it’s he, not any of them, who gets onto tv to bad-mouth Brexit.

    Even those who share a studio with the dork find his hogwash indigestible.

    Gary Lineker has come under fire from his BBC colleague, star cricket commentator Jonathan Agnew, for his frequent outbursts against Brexit. … Please observe BBC editorial guidelines and keep your political views, whatever they are and whatever the subject, to yourself.    https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2018/12/13/gary-lineker-accused-breaking-bbc-editorial-guidelines-anti/

    The opinionated know-all also sides with Palestinian delinquents captured by the Israel army.

    He thinks that caging the violent louts is  “sickening…”




    …which won him plaudits from other big-mouthed pinkos like Ken Loach and Roger Waters.


    But Brits are used to ‘celebrities’ who think their experience scribbling soppy books…

    Who Is This Trollope? A Gabbling Europhiliac Granny!  –

    …or yammering out ‘music’  – Perceptive English Cabbie To Lousy Lily .”You Stupid Tart!”   qualifies them to talk down to the rest of us…

      elite arrogance-s  

    …just as Americans are used to their equally low-class klutzes!

    Best Flaunt That Cleavage, Alyssa, Not Your Foul Mouth! 

    Gargoyle Leftist Griffin – Too Grotesque Even For CNN – Blames Trump! 


    Image result for rosie o'donnell katie griffin

    Ugly O’Donnell- The Warthog Wallows Ever Deeper! 


    BUT NOW…

    Get the latest from Germany, where a whole pack of prattling pinko ‘stars,’ not even retired yet like Lineker, but audibly afflicted with Lineker’s Disease, have piled onto a small city in Saxony, called Goerlitz, to nag at the locals, instructing them on who should be their next mayor.

    The arrogance is really quite sickening.

    The citizens of Goerlitz are having a second round run-off vote for a new mayor on June 16, after a first vote topped by the candidate from the far-right AfD party.

    Alarmed that the town could become the first in Germany with an AfD mayor, actors including Daniel Bruehl and Volker Bruch, plus writers like Daniel Kehlmann and Bernhard Schlink have signed a petition urging voters in Goerlitz: “Don’t give in to hate and hostility… 


    The report suggests that these puffed-up ‘petitioners’ feel it prudent just to pontificate from a distance, and that’s probably wise.

    I’m sure the average good Goerlitzer would tell the sticky-beaks to “leck mich am Arsch” – which I won’t translate…

    Related image

    –  because the townsfolks’ choice of mayor is NONE of these rich-bitch actors’ and writers’ business!

    The election is today.

    The AFD’s Herr Wippel, though he was, with 36%,  ahead in the first round, will do well to win.

    The Socialist SPD, the far-left Die Linke party and the so-called ‘centrist’ FDP, have all thrown their weight behind Mama Stasi Merkel’s CDU, which was on 30% – the in-crowd ganging up on the patriots.


    I’ll report the result, if it’s known, tomorrow!

    • Mack the Knife 19:32 on June 16, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      I do think Lineker’s bad. A real big-head.
      Celebrities have nothing to offer. I hope the voters of Goerlitz react to the interference by rich outsiders the way I would!


    • Martha Longden 20:02 on June 16, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      Only 35% and all the others uniting against the AfD candidate?
      Not much chance of a win but it would be so sweet if he did.
      If the people in the town resent being told what to do by cosmopolitans, they might just show it, and all those pompous celebs would be sick as dogs.


    • Gisela Weinar 20:14 on June 16, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      The problem is the Greens who had more than twenty percent of the votes and they are all far left.
      A few of them are so far left that they might be unwilling to vote CDU even if to prevent the AfD winning.
      Most Greens though are not that far left but they all love the fake refugee immigrants so they will do all they can to stop AfD.
      It will be very interesting even so because in September there are Land elections in Saxony and in Brandeburg where AFD are strong.


    • Vanessa Reilly 21:05 on June 16, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      Lineker is so bad.
      If he was interestingly bad it wouldn’t be so bad but he’s such a bore!
      The Goerlitzers are not big city pseuds. They will make up their own minds, but with 70% of them non-AfD, I can see no grounds for optimism.
      But please do let us know.


      • ross1948 23:44 on June 16, 2019 Permalink | Reply

        Sadly, the AfD lost the re-run, the CDU candidate got 55%.
        However, the AfD’s Herr Wippel scored 45% which is not a bad total.
        Better luck in September, when all Saxony elects its state parliament!


        • Vanessa R 14:56 on June 17, 2019 Permalink

          Thanks, Ross.
          Now the result is being very dishonestly presented by the biased media as AfD failing a major test.
          ‘The vote in Görlitz was viewed as a test for the anti-immigration party ahead of regional elections..’ BBC
          The AfD went from 35% to 45% and they only lost because ALL the pro-invasion parties coalesced behind Merkel’s candidate.
          I for one do not see this as a ‘fail’ for the AFD.


    • Mark Boreham 17:15 on July 5, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      I was reading how Boris told the BBC this week that they should sack that Eurofanatic Lineker.
      A very good idea, because the ex-footballer knows less than a nine year old about politics.
      What made me quake with anger was how much the clown gets paid by his anti-Brexit BBC bosses for his anti-Brexit tirades. The figure mentioned was ‘between £1,750,000 and £1,755,000 making him one of the BBC’s highest paid stars.’
      That’s our money!
      More like a burnt-out asteroid, sputtering gaseous vapours.


  • ross1948 22:45 on October 28, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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    If Rich Pinkos Want Amber’s Army, Let ‘Em Pay The Bills! 


    ‘Thanks a few score million, Brit mugs!’

    Anyone good at arithmetic?

    Multiply 3400 by 130,000, please!

    I’ve rounded down the sums to make it easier.

    Rounded back up to the precise figures quoted in the media, I’d reckon it’ll be not far short of…

    british money



    That’s the amount in Pounds Sterling that Amber the Ass’s incredible hulking brat-swarm is likely to cost Brits per annum for the foreseeable future.




    It’s going to be more, of course, as prices increase. 

    ‘We can’t cope’ Town halls say prepare for COUNCIL TAX RISE to pay for Calais migrants…


    Brits should demand that louse Lineker hand over a few of his millions…and open up his opulent home – or is it homes? – to a score or more of Amber’s Army.


    • enemy-within
    • ———————————————–
    • AND all those other so-called ‘celebrities’ – like loud-mouthed leftist Lily Allen – who are saying that all you lowly commoners have got to sling the alien albatrosses around your necks.

    • ———–

    • Ordinary working people, just trying to get by, ought to follow these turncoat scum around, ‘flying pickets,’ as the Reds used to put it, and conduct permanent protests.

    • Hasil gambar untuk angry crowd

    • ………..

    • …echoing the magnificent put-down administered to the super-rich elitist Barroso by Austria’s patriot hero Herr Hofer earlier this week.





    The arrogant erstwhile Brussels Commissar had been ranting at Hofer, whom pro-crimmigrant tripe-types fear will be Austria’s next president.

    The doughty FPO candidate fired back at the former Portuguese Prime Minister saying:

    “It’s always the same…


    Swiss students: Austrian far- right politician 'not welcome'


    “What’s with you, do you have refugees at your home? You are a rich man. Are there any refugees in your home?”


    Sock it to ’em!

    And all the more laudable, since marxists had wanted to silence Hofer by excluding him from the debate where the confrontation occurred.

    Swiss students: Austrian far- right politician ‘not welcome’


    Barroso’s wealth, and its sources, are a matter of some controversy in Brussels at the moment…

    EuroCommissars Deploy Goon-Squad Against Their Own! 

    …. but there’s no doubt he easily has room and resources to take in dozens of crimmigrants!

    But then he’s the same as rich-bitch Allen – one of THEM, not one of US!


    Shame them, every chance you get!

  • ross1948 18:06 on April 3, 2015 Permalink | Reply
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    Voice of the Nation? Dick Off, Lineker! 

    The Independent’s deranged bias has rarely been so blatant as today, when they think it is objective journalism to portray a superannuated footballer as the voice of Britain.


    • idiot Summing up the nation’s mood? Independent Editor in action!
    • ———————————-
    • Summing up the nation’s mood was Gary Lineker, who tweeted: ‘Farage is a dick…’

    This arrogant oaf was apparently affronted by Farage’s disapproval of millions of pounds of UK tax-payers’ money being spent on diseased aliens.



    Lineker has been getting paid by the BBC for years – as a sports commentator. 

    He’s obviously no more qualified than the local street-sweeper to comment on political issues, so how come the slavering hacks at The Independent make his crass rudeness into a story?

    I’d be interested to see the results of any recent poll on whether Brits think uninvited aliens are entitled to leech off the NHS.


    The Independent will presumably not conduct one, and if somebody else does, they’ll either ignore it or condemn the people surveyed, the majority of whom would surely disown Flap-Jaw Lineker’s  dismay at foreign parasites being held to account.

    ANY STICK, however warped the wood, to lash out at UKIP!


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