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  • ross1948 21:09 on February 4, 2021 Permalink | Reply
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    For Canadian Readers- A Petition! 

    Sorry if this is a bit of a rushed job, but if you read my post last night..Stop Press – New-Borns – All Advice Re Home-Birth Welcome!  ….you may understand I am preoccupied!


    With regard to such unforgettable Tory leaders in the UK, such as Cast-Iron Cameron, Theresa Blubby May and their current successor…



    …Boris Jellyfish Johnson, we have had to use this nice illustration…



    …from time to time..

    But today we are looking at another Tory, a man we have been energetically deploring for years….the Mayor of Toronto, who’s the subject of this interesting petition launched by Ezra Levan’s Rebel News.

    8,960 signatures
    Goal: 10,000 Signatures



    We caught them. We knew we would. 

    There was a nice little winter weekend getaway party at John Tory’s Florida mansion this weekend. 

    The only question is: was John Tory, the brutal enforcer of lockdowns, there himself?

    Or was it just his wife, in whose name the house is registered? Because all weekend, cars were coming and going.

    Did Tory sneak down to play a round of golf at his private golf course? Did he go out for a gourmet dinner in a city that hasn’t locked down its restaurants, like Tory has done to Toronto?


    Or was it Tory’s wife, getting a $400 hairstyle in a city that hasn’t locked down its salons?

    We know there were several cars there — and a lovely summertime bicycle. Must be nice — it was 26 degrees in North Palm Beach this weekend. It was -15 degrees and snowy in Toronto. No bicycling for mere citizens.

    He denies he was there himself, but he won’t tell us who was there.

    We sent an urgent email to Tory’s office asking him exactly who it was enjoying Tory’s multi-million dollar home, right on the water, in one of Florida’s most exclusive gated communities. (We would have knocked on the door, but the whole compound is heavily guarded.) We got a two-sentence reply, full of wiggle words. They didn’t actually categorically deny it. And we know that Tory has sneaked away before during the pandemic.

    Here’s the reply we got:

    Here’s what I sent in reply:

    Tory’s staff had an email back-and-forth with me, using wiggle words that felt shifty. But I asked them four times: WHO WAS THERE?

    They simply refuse to say. Because whether it’s Tory himself, his wife and family, or even just his fancy friends — there really is no acceptable answer, is there?

    If Tory and his friends get to travel and party like rockstars, why should the rest of us follow his dreary lockdowns?

    If you’re as grossed out by this as I am, please sign our petition.

    I’ve sent a fourth follow-up letter to Tory’s office. If they write back, I’ll post their reply here, to let them tell their side of the story.

    I don’t think they’re going to ever say who was partying at their Florida mansion this weekend, while Torontonians were locked in their houses.


    You can’t have a lockdown cheater as mayor — it destroys any public respect for the rule of law.

    I don’t want to tell you every politician we’ve been hunting, because we’re still hunting them. We’ve had journalists in five different locations in three different countries. And as long as these hypocrites are locking you down, we’ll be hunting them.

    If you believe that’s important work, please help us pay for that real investigative journalism — I estimate we’ve spent $10,000 dollars tracking down lockdown cheaters, and with John Tory we finally caught him. If you value our work, you can support it by making a donation.

    UPDATE: After the publication of this video, the mayor’s office wrote to us to claim that the mayor “and his wife” have not left Canada since March of 2020. We have asked for a clarification if that choice of wording means that either of them have left the country, and if the mayor’s office has actually checked with either of them. We have also asked, for a fifth time, who was at the mayor’s North Palm Beach mansion, and why the mayor is covering up for them. We’ll let you know if they ever answer.

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    Lock-Down Australia – Goon-Cops Amok Again! 

    Frankly, this is every bit as bad…

    …as it’s described in the email I received…



    Renee Altakrity went out for a walk with her four-year-old son in the middle of the day. As all moms do.

    It was perfectly legal during Sydney’s first lockdown. But because Renee was carrying a sign objecting to the lockdown, she was swarmed by police.

    She was doing nothing wrong. She wasn’t at a demonstration. She wasn’t at a rally.

    She was literally just out for some exercise with her child.

    And then police ripped her child out of her arms, and smashed her into the back of a police van.

    Listening to her son scream and cry will haunt you:


    Again and again, the terrified four-year-old cried and screamed as police ripped him away from his mom, who tried her best to hold on to him.

    It may be the most enraging, heartbreaking, barbaric thing you will ever see.

    But you have to watch and share it because everyone has to know what is going on in these lockdowns.


    I have made hundreds of videos in my career. But none of them is as emotionally devastating as this. It was difficult for me even to make this video — the stress and the sorrow were overwhelming. I can’t even imagine what it was like for Renee and her son to live through it.

    And — to add insult to injury — Sydney police actually had the temerity to give her a $1,000 fine.

    Not if I have anything to say about it. We’re not going to pay Renee’s fine. We’re going to fight the fine.

    I’ve asked our outstanding lawyer, Mani Shishineh, to go to court for Renee and her family and fight it all the way. Mani is fresh off a win for another Australian, Victor Tey, charged on the same day. He won that case. I am confident he’ll win this one too.

    It’s the least we can do for this mother and her little boy.

    If you are as enraged as I am, please turn your feelings into constructive action — please help us cover Mani’s legal fees, as we go to court for this young family.

    Not just for them. But to tell the government that what they did was horrifically wrong. We need a judge to say to them that, or they’ll just keep doing it.

    Please click here and give what you can.

    I fear that Renee and her boy will carry the scars of that day for a long, long time. But perhaps, in this one small way, we can help make things better for them.

    Yours gratefully,

    Avi Yemini
    Chief Australia Correspondent
    Rebel News

    P.S. I don’t think I will ever forget the sound of Renee’s boy screaming in terror at being separated from his mother. Please help us help them fight back — click here to help crowdfund her lawyer.

    • Keith Milner 10:21 on January 11, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      The police enjoy their new powers to boss people about. Some of them make a meal of it.
      We don’t like this at all.
      But there are not many politicians prepared to speak up for us.


    • Morgan 11:04 on January 11, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      I was trying not to watch the news, its been so depressing recently.
      This is not the Australia I have always been proud of.
      Those cops should be given the boot.


    • Uncle Oz 11:23 on January 11, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      I just get angrier the more news I watch.
      I leave it to you to keep us informed.


    • D. Baxter 23:46 on January 11, 2021 Permalink | Reply



  • ross1948 11:52 on May 14, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    Zuckwit’s Geekstapo Shuts Down Free Speech, Again! 

    As regular readers will know, I am not on Facebook, expelled long since by Zuckwit’s Geekstapo…

    Facebook’s Status – Enemy Within – Exposed Again

    …for exposing the Cikeusik Pogrom.



    But now 380,000 Americans have joined me in my enforced exile.


    …for lawfully protesting against Gretch the Wretch’s draconian lock-down in Michigan.

    They say they are re-organising to resist this shameful censorship by Obummer’s ideological catamite…


    …but are they eager to get back on Facebook?

    I wonder if they really expect to succeed against a left bigot like Zuckwit and his billions.

    Better, perhaps, to find a less anti-social media outlet, although admittedly, there are not that many tech-giants who believe in free speech.

    Twitter Hypocrisy – Their Censors Green-Light Pro-Violence Hag! 

    Image result for google youtube censor

    ‘Borderless’ – The Film YouTube’s Geekstapo Won’t Let You Watch! 


    Twitter and Facebook are at least as hostile to free expression of political ideas as Google’s YouTube


  • ross1948 21:05 on May 2, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    YouTube? Or WHO Tube!?! 

    I used to run marathons, London, Belfast ( twice!) NYC, Helsinki…


    The original Marathon runner, Pheidippides

    …but in Indonesia they start early in the day and I’m not a morning person.

    Yet now, with nothing to do, and having been told by reliable friends that street crime is daily getting worse, with no great incentive to go walk-about, I have taken up running again, within the komplek where I dwell.



    Otherwise my only outings would be a mid-morn walk to the mini-mart!

    In other words, I’m doing my best within the situation we are all in together.

    I am not taking a strong line on whether or not the lock-downs should be ended, or eased, or continue a while longer.

    But it should be a question open for discussion, democratic decision, as I have said before.

    Unfortunately, some very powerful institutions are determined to stomp debate.

    And you’ll not be surprised to learn that at least one part of the (anti) social media is appointing itself super-censor!


    Get a load of this story!

    What is most alarming is that one of the top YouTube flunkeys has openly admitted that her geekstapo…


    …are under orders to silence voices that clash with the distilled wisdom of Red China’s key collabo outfit, W.H.O.

    • Mel Henderson 16:50 on May 3, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      Was free expression for all, or something like that, not the original slogan when You Tube first got started?
      Not it’s free expression for those who go with the globalist flow!


  • ross1948 13:51 on April 25, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    Sweden Deports Enemy Of Erdolf, Frees Fake ‘Asylumers’ 

    A very strange story out of sicko-ruled Sweden, a country whose authorities don’t give a damn about the women and girls sexually brutalised by the alien savages they import on ‘asylum’ pretexts.



    Not only do degenerate judges there allow gang-rape primitives to walk free…

    Swedish police warn Stockholm’s maintrain station is overrun

    Crimmigrant Rape Gangs Get  Green Light

    …but also refuse to send them back in case they come to grief in their cess-pool homelands!

    But when it comes to a sworn enemy of Erdogan, Europe’s common enemy…


    • Hasil gambar untuk erdolf
    • ……

    …a Kurdish man who will definitely suffer in Turkey, it seems the yellow-bellies are quite content to deliver him into the hands of Evil Erdolf.

    Make of it what you will.

    But note well, as you read down the page of the report below, how an act of madness is mentioned merely by-the-way.


    Swedish authorities had told Özdemir’s family last week that the man would be sent to Turkey, as the country released asylum seekers and refugees held in repatriation centres as the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic continued to spreadhttps://ahvalnews.com/pkk/sweden-repatriates-kurdish-asylum-seeker-turkey

    These ‘repatriation’ centres are of course for aliens due for repatriation!


    Fakers caught out even by the lax Swedes as being without any grounds for ‘asylum.’

    Now they can swarm the streets, in a land with no lock-down?



    How many innocent Swedish women will fall victim to sex-predator savages’ uniquely depraved concept of ‘social distancing?’


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    Zuckwit’s Geekstapo – Now Self-Appointed Lockdown Arbiters 

    I’m not convinced about the efficacy of masks.


    Many of my Indonesian friends here in Jakarta have worn them for years, against the pollution generated by the ghastly traffic.

    Not me.

    There was one ‘expert’ on tv, telling us they only worked if you don’t take them off ‘to have a cigarette or to eat.’


    The prospect of slow starvation while properly masked holds little appeal.

    But there’s a rule here now that we must put on our masks when we venture outdoors.

    It applies, quite rightly, to us foreigners as to Indonesians…

    …so every day when I go out for my half-hour walk to the minimart, on goes my mask.

    Same doubts arise for lockdowns.

    I can see the reasoning behind them, but there’s room for debate. Some countries are much more locked down than others.

    Yet now we have Zuckwit donning the mantle of health czar.


    The little Obamanoid ass-wipe’s geekstapo are now tasked with enforcing the received wisdom of whom?

    Red China’s WHO collabos?

    Facebook deems protests ‘harmful misinformation’ as citizens defy quarantine orders

    Who the bloody hell does the smarmy little drip think he is!

    Americans protesting their states’ coronavirus lockdown measures won’t be able to organize protests on Facebook any longer, after the Silicon Valley firm declared them “harmful misinformation.”

    Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said that anti-lockdown protests organized through his platform are considered “harmful misinformation,” and will be removed by moderators.


    Come November, will the same apply to information about candidates Zuckwit considers ‘harmful?’

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