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  • ross1948 08:19 on July 28, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    The Evil Left – Police Left Helpless Against Violent Mobs! 

    Imagine you have a little shop in the high street and have reason to fear that a mob of looters howling ‘Black Lives Matter….’ 

    ….or a gang of Red Nazi Antifa, might descend on your premises.

    Then you get THIS official notification from the top city cop!

     “Please also know that the City Council Ordinance 119805 Crowd Control Tool goes into effect this weekend on Sunday, July 26, 2020.

    This ordinance bans Seattle Police officers the use of less lethal tools, including pepper spray that is commonly used to disperse crowds that have turned violent.

    Simply put, the legislation gives officers NO ability to safely intercede to preserve property in the midst of a large, violent crowd.


    Seattle Police Chief Carmen Best

    Note, this is not Portland, but Seattle!

    Nor is this pro-looter diktat from the Democrats a  new development there…

    Disregard Left Lies – There’s Rape, Robbery In Antifa Zone! 

    ….but a drastic deterioration of a pre-existing condition. We heard from that police chief some time ago.

    Seattle Police Chief: “Rapes, robberies and all sorts of violent acts have been occurring in the area and we’re not able to get to [them].”

    Trump needs to step in there too.

    Time for more federal intervention.

    PS – A stressful story to read, so here’s some light relief, also from Seattle!


    A Seattle radio host believed that the protests in Seattle were peaceful. That was up until rioters attempted to burn down his apartment building… Read more




  • ross1948 20:34 on June 1, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    Civil War USA? BBC Already Chosen Sides? 

    The shocking violence in America is hardly due to that death in Minneapolis, and while it’s being inflicted by a combination of organised far-left militants like Red Nazis of Antifa and street-scum, admittedly over-lapping categories…



    …it’s essential to recognise that the real culprits are those who have generated hatred from the moment their chosen champion lost the 2016 election.

    Of course President Trump is prudent to seek designation of Antifa as a terrorist movement….



    ……a designation apparently confirmed by Attorney General Barr.


    But it’s the bitter Trumpophobes within the Media-Democrat Party who are as guilty as sin.

    As are their collaborators funded by the United Kingdom’s coerced  tax-payers!


    The BBC has fanned the flames, most diligently today, with one ranter after another.

    I would love to be proven wrong about this, told by irate pinkos that after I gave up watching their junk ( just before noon) that there were pro-Trump, rightwing people being interviewed.

    But I doubt it!

    At tea-time, we had another bigot ‘American’ natterjack as their interviewee, Ken Something, spitting out the same rubbish as the BLM bint had earlier in the day, about police being the heirs of ‘slave catchers.’



    The Beeb-Hag in London never once challenged his historical/hysterical nonsense, which he rounded off with another echo of the BLM, a call for –

    defunding and disarming of police…”

    He had derided the idea that the mob-violence was being coordinated by extremists, but then?

    Looting was not random, he admitted – which could be construed as confirming what he had just been denying!

    That klutz was soon followed by a bit of broadcast from near the White House, the BBC drip there listening respectfully to some obnoxious savages who said they had no choice except burn down the historic presidential residence!



    Talk was useless, only ‘pain’ would work.

    And which BBC hack was it who was out and about, describing the mob’s defiance of lawful curfew with these words –

    Many were reluctant to conform!’

    Other gems of BBC commentary included blatantly partisan blether –

    ‘…police did little to dispel the impression that the police use unnecessary levels of force…’

    Although, to be fair, a grain of truth trickled in, from Chicago P.D., which had recognised a ‘synchronised strategy to burn loot and destroy…’

    Of course it’s synchronised, or coordinated, or whatever carefully planned warfare against constitutional government is called these days!


    So why do the BBC seek out un-elected left fanatics, rather than ring up any of the many duly elected supporters of the President who share his analyses?

    Answer, plainly, because they are wedded to the Hate-Trump Agenda…

    ‘We DO Try To Get Trump Supporters On Our Show’ –BBC 

    Nasty Nabila Stars In BBC’s Hate-Trump Show! 


    BBC Lets Nasty Nancy Vent Trumpophobic Spleen! 

    Again, BBC Serves Up A Hate-Trump Breakfast

    Dateline – Lying BBC’s Anti-Trump Jihad! 

    ….which we have had to record over and over again.


    • Petra Malley 22:24 on June 1, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      I am impressed at your powers of endurance.
      To spend so much time watching BBC must be hard work.
      Then again, if more of us did so, the volume of complaints would swell.
      Then again, they don’t care, because we have no control over ‘our’ broadcasting corporation.


    • Ms. F 19:15 on June 2, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      I’ve been following the US process through this guy. He explains it really well and goes way behind the scenes to where I have been watching for years! Lots of US names but the general info is important- what happens in the US affects us all – the swamp doesn’t have borders! Please Boris take heed -especially on Antifa.


  • ross1948 08:02 on September 12, 2017 Permalink | Reply
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    Disaster Depredations? Shoot The Looters! 

    I saw the Mayor of Fort Lauderdale on DWTV last night.

    I spent part of a vacation there some years ago and liked the place, so I was paying attention when he said that his city was not about to ‘tolerate’ looting.

    The link below gives you a video view of some of the anti-social filth.


    Hasil gambar untuk fort lauderdale looters

    Looters caught by Local 10 cameras arrested 


    But then he added that a number of the scum had been apprehended and were now behind bars.

    • As far as I can tell, there’s only one been shot so far, and that was in Broward County.

    And it seems the swine that got shot survived, with non-life threatening injuries, worse luck!


    Gambar terkait


    Frankly, in my view, it would be better if the Mayor, and every mayor in towns the hurricane hit, had arranged with his Chief of Police to authorise every cop to open fire on any and every feral brute…


    ….found preying on fellow-citizens in time of disaster, with a clear understanding that there’d not be any repercussions if the police officers happened to inflict life-terminating injuries!


    Looters are lower than snakes’ bellies.

    Who needs ’em?

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