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  • ross1948 15:17 on August 18, 2021 Permalink | Reply
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    De-Nobilise Tony Hall – Make Him Pay! 

    There we have it!
    BBC to pay £1.5m to charity of ‘Royal’s choice’ after fallout over Martin Bashir’s Diana interview.. ‘
    We wrote about this less than a month ago!
    But for those with short memories, the Mail report helpfully reminds us that the creepy Bashir’s ‘deceitful’ tactics were subsequently –
    .... covered up by a ‘woefully ineffective’ internal investigation by Tony Hall, who later became BBC director-general… 

    Disgraceful, and why has Hall not be stripped of the life peerage he got?

    It’s not as if his tenure as D-G in any way made up for his previous demerits.

    We all remember how he exculpated that leftist munchkin Munchetty…

    The unforgettable “Lord” Hall.

    ( and how we wish we could forget his bigoted leftist antics!)

     …shot to notoriety when he rescued that incredibly off-putting…

    ..Nasty Naga Malignachetty….

    BBC Defines ‘Racism’ – With Dazzling Clarity…NOT

    …from the consequences of her vicious race-obsessed outburst.


    Tony Hall, Baron Hall of Birkenhead - Global Conference for Media Freedom (48256794687) (cropped).jpg

    Hall – BBC Director General,  ex Channel Four, AND since 2018, President of the European Broadcasting Union
    . ..

    …after her infantile, uptight outburst.

    He never deserved a seat in rhe House of Lords!

    Oh, and why has his pension not been garnisheed…

    … instead of that give-away million coming out of BBC funds.

    The PERSONS at fault in this grisly tale should be bled dry rather than take money out of BBC coffers.

  • ross1948 20:00 on June 16, 2021 Permalink | Reply
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    ‘Popular?’ BBC Starts Lying Early Today! 

    The unforgettable “Lord” Hall.

    ( and how we wish we could forget his bigoted leftist antics!)

     shot to notoriety when he rescued that incredibly off-putting…

    ..Nasty Naga Malignachetty….

    BBC Defines ‘Racism’ – With Dazzling Clarity…NOT

    …from the consequences of her vicious race-obsessed outburst.


    Tony Hall, Baron Hall of Birkenhead - Global Conference for Media Freedom (48256794687) (cropped).jpg

    Hall – BBC Director General,  ex Channel Four, AND since 2018, President of the European Broadcasting Union

    The berk caused widespread outrage when he stuck his pinko snout into the uproar over Nasty Naga’s Trumpophobic ranting.




    Viewers galore registered complaints and the race-obsessed vixen was told off, till the scolding was cancelled by her biased lordly boss.

    And after the Martin Bashir scandal, even Hall himself felt sufficient shame to bow to public dismay and step down from a position of public trust…



    ..to which he should never have been appointed.

    Yet this morning, 8am Jakarta time, as UK Pravda reported Hall’s latest drivelling outburst on that matter, the cheer-leading BBC reporter lied brazenly.


    The BBC had the nerve to describe him as ‘POPULAR!’


    Gimme a break.

    Most Brits probably had never even heard of the creep before the Munchetty and Bashir controversies.

    Once those rows caught public attention, sure the Left liked him, but huge numbers of Brits held him in contempt.



    Stop lying, UK Pravda!


  • ross1948 08:39 on May 23, 2021 Permalink | Reply
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    BBC Sty – Hall Skulks, Bashir Shamed, But Yentob? 

    The BBC has NO intention of changing its unprincipled ways.

    Their own ‘news’ this morning says ‘Lord’ Hall has finally quit his National Gallery job…


    Tony Hall, Baron Hall of Birkenhead - Global Conference for Media Freedom (48256794687) (cropped).jpg

    Hall – BBC Director General,  ex Channel Four, AND since 2018, President of the European Broadcasting Union

    Flush Out That Turd Tony Hall!

    …but has yet to stop skulking and face reporters.

    Bashir too sends out self-justifications from wherever he’s lying low.



    The UK Government makes noises but has not stepped in….



    . ..

    ….to cleanse the sty, despite the clearest proof that UK Pravda won’t mend its ways –  the dead silence on Yentob!


    Alan Yentob

    Alan Yentob has resigned as the BBC’s creative director in the wake of controversy over his role as chairman of the Kids Company charity.

    Mr Yentob has faced scrutiny for his role in its financial mismanagement and faced claims he tried to influence BBC coverage of the charity’s demise.

    He also faced an investigation into his dual roles by the BBC Trust.

    The Trust has since concluded it would not be “appropriate or cost effective to look further at these matters…”.




    He will continue to make and present programmes for the corporation, including arts show Imagine...



    The mandarins at the tax-funded propaganda channel would never fire anyone for being far-left.



    That’s why they hire their hacks, for Pete’s sake!

    The reasons why the man must go are manifestlly clear.

    Why’s Yentob’s Snout Still In BBC Trough?

    It’s not his politics that should make him the next dirty domino to fall!

    • Mel Henderson 12:31 on May 23, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      Yentob’s record should have got him kept well away from any responsible media.
      He’s far left, of course, as you have shown in the past.
      A bit like Bashir, who had to quit MSNBC because of nasty bias against Sarah Palin.
      But BBC standards are different, no principles till they are caught out, then they pretend they care.


  • ross1948 08:00 on May 21, 2021 Permalink | Reply
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    Well Said, William! But No Heads Roll! 

    Prince William is quite right to attack UK Pravda.

    But who’s going to pay for BBC’s despicable behaviour?

    It looks like sleazy Bashir gets off scot-free, instead of being, as he should be, treated like the moral leper he clearly is.

    In a healthier age, the scumbag would be tarred and feathered.


    • Hasil gambar untuk tarring and feathering

    And that hound Hall?

    He was given a peerage, what, less than a year ago, despite his rotten record…


    BBC Defines ‘Racism’ – With Dazzling Clarity…NOT! 

    Tony Hall, Baron Hall of Birkenhead - Global Conference for Media Freedom (48256794687) (cropped).jpg

    Hall – BBC Director General,  ex Channel Four, AND since 2018, President of the European Broadcasting Union,  chose to meddle to protect biased Munchetty… overturning the guilty verdict

    For his role in the Bashir exoneration, he should be stripped of his lordly status and ostracised by everyone in Britain who vales fair play.

    But rest assured, none of the above is remotely likely.

    The BBC is not an honest purveyor of information. It covers up news it doesn’t like.

    Its repulsive hacks present lies as facts, as when that freako in Poland was detained for its offensive vandalism – not a ‘her’ at all, as was made clear by the Polish authorities.

    Poland’s Opposition Freaks Out – In Their True Colours! 


    …and then again, when one of its ugliest hackettes, Emma Barnett, even opined that it was ‘racist’ to remind the public of the true character of BLM’s career criminal ‘martyrs’ – as that detracted from its propaganda effect…

    BBC Actually MENTIONED The Martyr’s Criminal Record Last Night! 

    BBC On First-Name Terms With Jihadist Vermin! 

    …yes, the same Ugly-Bug who quickly got on first-name terms with the ISIS sow Begum!

    If Jellyfish Johnson had an ounce of backbone, he’d use his elected parliamentary majority to extirpate UK Pravda, once and for all.

    Jellyfish Cartoon, Ocean Jellyfish s, face, text, jellyfish png

    But no backbone, alas, so…


    Untruth Goes Marching On!

    • JazPen 09:58 on May 21, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      It is unbelievable that the BBC is going to get away with this, nobody fired, no pension stopped, Hall keeping his title, which allows him to pick up a fat fee if he attends the House of Lords even for an hour


    • Angry Iris 08:31 on May 22, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      There’s real public anger at the BBC over their cover-ups and witch hunts.
      You are right, Johnson would be timing it well if he tore into them and stopped them ripping off people with that unfair licensing tax.
      What’s stopping him?


  • ross1948 16:25 on August 31, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    BBC Prom Queen Facing ‘Death-Threats?’ She Should Tell All! 

    While it’s unacceptable that the Finn Staveska should receive ‘death threats,’ if true, the Guardian, which last week made the claim, leaves us with questions still unanswered.


    BBC scheming to de-patriotise the Proms is entirely credible.

    The preposterous pretence that replacing vocal renderings of Rule Britannia…



    …and Land of Hope and Glory with instrumentals, meaning we hear tunes but not heroic words, is just an insult to Brits’ intelligence.

    That lousy lord, Horrid Hall, repeatedly failed to give a straight answer when subjected to determined questioning.


    Tony Hall, Baron Hall of Birkenhead - Global Conference for Media Freedom (48256794687) (cropped).jpg

    Hall – BBC Director General,  ex Channel Four, AND since 2018, President of the European Broadcasting Union


    Clearly he is on the side of the Enemy Within – he proved that by succouring Nasty Naga after her vicious bias outburst two months ago.

    Nasty Uptight Naga’s Job Is Safe, No Matter What! 



    Naga Munchetty has received the full backing of the BBC after she was accused of ‘endorsing criminal behaviour’ during a report on the Black Lives Matter movement

    The Guardian now quotes a BBC statement saying that their Proms subversion policy was a purely BBC decision.

    It would be, wouldn’t it?

    My shopping list is my decision. But if somebody tells me there’s a discount on a certain brand of cheese slices, my decision is influenced.

    So did the far-left Finn have any in-put or did she not?

    Staveska has so far NOT denied her alleged pro-BLM sympathies and….



    …we have already noted her ‘praise of Democrat US politician Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez,’ who, as I observed last week,  is so far left she could easily fall off the world.

    Priti Patel Has Powers To Declare Staveska ‘Persona Non Grata!’ 


    Was she involved in the ‘discussions’ which Horrid Hall was so desperate to obfuscate?

    The Guardian notes the whimpers of disapproval heard from Johnson and one of his ministers, and we certainly can’t criticise the leftist newspaper for ignoring the action those Tories have taken…



    ….because neither Johnson nor any Conservative in his Cabinet have proposed ANY actual steps to stop the massive abuse of public funds represented by the tax-funded propaganda channel in its brazen BLM ranting.



    Action, please, Tories, not mere mealy-mouthed moaning!.

    • Mack the Knife 17:22 on August 31, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      No ifs, no buts, no trust in any BBC functionary.
      Defunding is the only way to fix the problem.


  • ross1948 15:56 on August 11, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    Nasty Uptight Naga’s Job Is Safe, No Matter What! 

    For some reason, that nasty Naga Murchetty seems to be in the UK media at least once a week, despite her unpleasant personality and hardly appealing appearance.



    Naga Munchetty has received the full backing of the BBC after she was accused of ‘endorsing criminal behaviour’ during a report on the Black Lives Matter movement



    But this week there’s a genuine reason for a headline.

    She’s not content with raking in a totally undeserved nearly TWO HUNDRED thousand quid annual salary from the pockets of unwilling Brits, who are coerced into paying for the BBC whether they ever watch it or not.

    The uptight race-obsessed ranter took to moonlighting, as explained via the following link.



    And, wow, she’s apparently been warned!

    She will no doubt treat that warning with the arrogant contempt we saw the last time she got her boney knuckles rapped, after she abused her position to emit a leftist political outburst.

    And I don’t mean that extract at the top of our page.

    I refer to the previous controversy.


    And what became of that?

    She ran blubbing to her pay-masters, and another slimy leftist, BBC’s ‘news director,’ the far-left Fran Unsworth, pompously declared –

    The BBC is not impartial on racism.’

    Please note, no similar declaration of BBC war on marxism…

    ….an evil responsible for millions of death and the enslavement of more than millions!

    With the eager approval of ‘Lord’ Hall, BBC’s equally left-biased director, Nasty Naga was instantly un-rapped.

    BBC Defines ‘Racism’ – With Dazzling Clarity…NOT! 

    So we know – and NN knows – that nobody can play the blame game with this particular BAME dame and have any hope of winning.


    • Vanessa R 22:24 on August 11, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      I’m sick of seeing her ratty self-righteous face.


  • ross1948 08:16 on March 18, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    Sack The Lot! BBC Slugs Back Up Each Other’s Bias! 

    So after days of reading about that arrogant elitist Lord Hall telling us what the British people may or may not do with the bloated broadcasting corporation…



    …which they are forced to pay for whether they ever watch it or not – remember, the uppity lord doesn’t think the people’s elected representatives should intrude on the BBC’s un-elected hackery-

    politicians must be kept away... https://www.theguardian.com/media/2015/jul/11/bbc-funding-deal-tony-hall-politicians

    …now we have Dan Walker, an unfunny clown who shares the hosting of a morning chat-show with the uptight Naga Munchetty, ranting that his intermediate pay-masters…

    – intermediate, in that it’s not their money they use for Walker’s grossly excessive salary –…Walker, who earns £280,000 a year, also told the Radio Times he was “embarrassed” to have his salary published...

    …should have made a ‘robust defence’ of her opinionated Trumpophobic whining.


    Dan Walker and Naga Munchetty on BBC Breakfast (BBC)
    Dan Walker said he didn’t speak up earlier to keep pressure off Naga Munchetty 

    As the Telegraph reports, Walker, and the uptight Munchetty ‘were embroiled in debate over comments about US President Donald Trump last year…

    Of course it’s open season all year round on Trump, the BBC diligently suppressing voices of support for POTUS…

    ‘We DO Try To Get Trump Supporters On Our Show’ –BBC 

    Nasty Nabila Stars In BBC’s Hate-Trump Show! 


    Dateline – Lying BBC’s Anti-Trump Jihad! 

    – and lying about their suppression!


    Walker has now fallen in line with His Lordship, who burnished his own bias credentials by overturning the rare rap on the knuckles that Nasty Naga got for her little tantrum about one of Trump’s enjoyable observations.

    Although the Telegraph says ‘the BBC was widely criticised for censuring Ms Munchetty,’ the fact is that only the dregs of the media/political elite got fretty.

    Without double-checking, I’d hazard a guess that many of those who leapt to defend Nasty’s right to vent her toxic obsessions about ‘racism,’ were among the stasi chorus who objected to hearing a ‘robust attack’ on the evils of multicult from that lady in the Question Time audience.

    Hateful Left Hacks Demonise ‘Question-Time’ Heroine! 

    ‘Lord Hall of Birkenhead’ took more notice of those dregs than of the normal Brits who complained about Nasty – over 300 viewer complaints over her rude and arrogant antics –

    He took more notice of the orchestrated pinko creep chorus than even of the BBC’s own complaints board!

    The BBC is completely unwilling to play fair.



    Their yappers on one programme after another present slanted, left-liberal perspectives on one issue after another.

    Check out these previous reports..


    The BBC is a disgrace…

    If Only The BBC Cared About The Country! 

    Katty Kay – One Bare-Faced BBC Liar! 

    Nasty Nabila Stars In BBC’s Hate-Trump Show! 

    A Leftist Lesbian Love Affair – ‘Auntie’ And ‘Mother Jones?’ 

    Will the BBC EVER Be Pro-British?


    An interim director from outside the in-crowd should be appointed, to oversee its demolition.


    Sent from my iPad
    • Arnold 10:43 on March 18, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      Same problem in Canada. The CBCis like Pravda!


    • Dave Monck 11:32 on March 18, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      No wonder so many British people have a bad opinion of President Trump!
      Their national broadcaster is as biased as CNN, but uses their taxes to pay for all the propaganda.
      Why will the British government not do something about it?t


  • ross1948 20:29 on October 1, 2019 Permalink | Reply
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    BBC Defines 'Racism' – With Dazzling Clarity…NOT! 

    So what, we must first ask, does the BBC mean by ‘minority?’

    Does it refer to us left-handed folks, or chess-players, or middle-aged white males…

    ( who are undoubtedly a minority – and one often subjected to bigot insults  – like that foul ‘Tory’ Claire Perry’s rant on behalf of Theresa the Appeaser –Ms Perry also backed the Prime Minister, who she said was “killing herself” to deliver a Brexit deal, while the “bunch of old white men no doubt are enjoying their morning coffee…”.  https://www.politicshome.com/news/uk/political-parties/conservative-party/news/101738/senior-minister-blasts-tory-backbench-  )

    …or does it just mean coloured people, aka ( in pinko-speak) ‘people of colour?’

    I was tempted to suggest the BBC might also mean sexual deviants.….

    Courtesy Of All You Brits – Special Bogs

    ….but that sort are probably near enough a MAJORITY of non-manual BBC employees by now!


    Minority staff and presenters at the BBC have been told by the corporation not to join in any form of protest supporting presenter Naga Munchetty…

    Fair enough! Best they shut their gobs and earn their excessive pay!

    But the way that assertion is framed makes it sound as if the majority staff were not so instructed.


    How long must we put up with the self-pity of this uptight leftist Munchetty, who’s both privileged and very well-paid?

    (over-paid? you decide; if you are a UK tax-payer, it’s you that’s paying her, whether you are a ‘minority’ or not! )

    I fear we must put up with her whining a while yet, if the half-baked wittering of the ‘BBC’s executive committee’ is any indication.

    The message said in part:

    “The BBC is not impartial on racism.”

    What the Hell?

    If they mean incitement to injure or kill innocent people because of their race, then fair enough.

    Equally, such incitement against innocents for ANY reasons should not be acceptable.

    But you all know how  ‘racism’ is imputed against anyone who calls for the law to been forced against illegal immigration…



    …AND against anyone who calls on alien settlers to shape up and adapt to the ways, embrace the identity, of those whose land they come into.

    Telling primitive aliens that they need to shape up, abandon backward beliefs…

     – e.g. about shrouding women’s heads in burqas and that their inability to exorcise the urge to remove anyone’s head who commits ‘blasphemy…’



    … is also categorised as ‘racism,’ especially since plain English has been so twisted by effete authorities that criticism of religion…




    …or at least one religion, is now reckoned also to be ‘racism!’

    So a precise definition is essential.

    And what do we get in the way of definition from the mush-noggins of the BBC’s ‘executive committee?’

    “Racism is not an opinion and it is not a matter for debate…. 


    Well, you’ll be waiting till Hell freezes over before anyone at the BBC will say the same about the poisonous ideologies of multiculturalism…




    …or cultural marxism, or marxism in general!

    But meanwhile, stand by for the anointed elite’s dazzling clarification about what may never be debated.

    Racism is racism.

    Aaah, now that that’s understood, speak freely!

    PS – You’d think after The Arrogant Eleven’s antics at the Supreme Court last week that we had heard quite enough from lousy lords.

    Not so, alas, because another un-elected upstart, Lord Hall, whom some eejit appointed to be big BBC boss…

    Tony Hall, Baron Hall of Birkenhead - Global Conference for Media Freedom (48256794687) (cropped).jpg

    Hall – BBC Director General,  ex Channel Four, AND since 2018, President of the European Broadcasting Union

    …has chosen to meddle in uppity Munchie’s case.

    He’s overturned the guilty verdict, so now she’s free to rant and whine as much as she likes.

    Hubristic Hall is known for his condescending contempt for critics.

    He refused no less than three times to face MPs who wanted to question him about the BBC’s vicious pro-EUSSR bias – why?

    Because he’s a lord!


    Eventually he was shamed into responsibility.

    Watch the belated hearing here…

    https://www.parliamentlive.tv/Event/Index/a2aa652a-168b-4899-95ee-=”red”>BBC journalists to “express their concern at a climate of fear” at the organisation.

    • Diana 21:22 on October 1, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      Was that fool of a lord appointed during Cameron’s time, or May’s?
      Who ever was running the country then was negligent in allowing him to take over our state broadcasting corporation.
      It’s time we took it back.


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