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  • ross1948 07:00 on June 22, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    Macy’s – Savage Attack Motivated By ‘Instinct!’ 

    Quite a few years ago, I bought a pair of yellow jeans in Macy’s famous department store in New York City.



    Not that it would ever occur to me to wear yellow jeans, but offspring aged six have unpredictable tastes, which a parent must from time to time indulge.

    The staff were nice and friendly to their small foreign tourist customer and we went on our way rejoicing.

    Those staff may well be long since retired, but when I saw the report of a Macy’s employee being brutally beaten by a lout, a hulking savage pictured below….



    …I was appropriately appalled.

    Reading more about the ghastly incident, I was not at all surprised that attempts were being made to excuse the vicious thug’s behaviour on the catch-all exculpation of ‘racism.’

    We have, after all, seen massive waves of violence, arson and destruction, by savages, all playing the same blame-game, and no doubt the mangy white vixen currently on the run for fire-bombing in Atlanta will have some similar pathetic excuse for her indefensible action.



    Hence it’s important to pass on the report below, which sets the record straight on the racist attack in New York.

    Just the fact of the remark that he said that we all heard. And just, what else were we supposed to do? In this age and time, he didn’t know what else to do. That was just his instinct,” the rapper said.



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    Macy’s debunks narrative after Black man viciously attacks white man in viral video


    • Lorne Marzio 08:14 on June 22, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      New York aint what it used to be.
      There was a time when even the worst people knew not to give in to their worst instincts.
      Now we have a communist mayor and a governor with a big mouth and good people are moving out if they can afford to.


    • Vinnie Fiore 14:47 on June 22, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      All Lives Matter, but not to a brute acting out his ‘instincts!’
      I am sending you another link, a similar savage bashing a 92-year-old white lady just for kicks.
      I am sick and tired of BLM whining.
      They are racists.


    • Mack the Knife 18:33 on June 22, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      My ‘instinct’ would be to put the animal up against a wall and shoot hin.


  • ross1948 20:54 on October 4, 2019 Permalink | Reply
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    Will This Freak Get Free Genital Mutilation Too?! 

    This thing purports to be a woman!

    Miguel Martinez, who also uses the name Michelle, was convicted of sexually assaulting a 10-year-old inside a bathroom.

    A transgender Wyoming woman was convicted Wednesday of sexually assaulting a 10-year-old girl inside a bathroom….



    Yet we hear no expression of second thoughts from the numerous stores and other institutions which still appear determined to exalt the cause of trans-freaks….

    Keep Wives And Daughters Safe – Steer Clear Of Target! 

    …and let them use restrooms marked ‘Women!’


    This disgraceul situation has been going on for years.


    Macy’s has fired a Christian woman for refusing to violate her religious beliefs. Her offense? She prevented a man dressed as a woman from entering the women’s dressing room.

    Boycott Macy’s 


    Has shame gone out of fashion among the rich business class in the USA?



    An Obama-appointed federal judge is forcing Wisconsin taxpayers to provide costly sex reassignment surgery and hormonal procedures for low-income transgender residents who get free medical care from the government.

    In a recently issued ruling U.S. District Judge William M. Conley writes that Medicaid, the publicly funded insurance that covers 65.7 million poor people, cannot deny the medical treatment needs of those suffering from “gender dysphoria.”

    Officials estimate it will cost up to $1.2 million annually to provide transgender Medicaid recipients in the Badger State with treatments such as “gender confirmation” surgery…https://www.judicialwatch.org › corruption-chronicles › obama-judge-rules

    Unless I’m wrong, which happens very occasionally, convicts in prisons get free medical care, and federal law applies in all US states.

    Logically, this means that the filthy brute whose photograph adorns the top of our page would be entitled to benefit from this appalling Obamanoid judge’s ruling.










  • ross1948 09:57 on July 14, 2015 Permalink | Reply
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    Backlash Against Macy’s – Long Deserved! 

    Another super sunny day, and nice news to wake up to!


    I once shopped in Macy’s, NYC, about twenty years ago, bought a pair of bright yellow jeans, which delighted the small person who’d requested them and who’s all grown up now, yet remembers those jeans still! 





    But that was then and this is now. I hope that store goes bankrupt.

    And NOT just because of the backlash over its treatment of Donald Trump!


    “Macy’s has received complaints from approximately 30,000 customers since ending its relationship with Trump nearly two weeks ago.”

    The report said the store has been “inundated with complaints” from customers who believe the chain is unfairly punishing Trump for his views on illegal immigration.




    “Our sources say thousands of customers have vowed never to shop at Macy’s again and many of them say they’re cutting up their Macy’s credit card to make a statement..” People are said to be expressing their anger by phone, Facebook and mail…On July 6, Trump tweeted out: “@Macys stock just dropped. Interesting. So many people calling to say they are cutting up their @Macys credit card. Thank you!”  http://www.wnd.com/2015/07/huffington-post-trump-rockets-to-no-1-in-polls/




    But the idea of steering clear of that New York store is not exactly novel.

    About three and a half years ago, we published this!

    Boycott Macy’s 


    Macy’s has fired a Christian woman for refusing to violate her religious beliefs. Her offense? She prevented a man dressed as a woman from entering the women’s dressing room.

    According to Liberty Counsel, Natalie Johnson says she saw the young man walk out of the women’s fitting room and politely told him that he could not go back in because it was for women only. The cross-dressing young man claimed that he is a “female.” Johnson said that he was wearing make-up and girl’s clothing, but clearly he was a male. The cross-dresser was accompanied by five other individuals…Johnson’s boss referred her to Macy’s LGBT policy which allows “transgender” people to change in any dressing room they want.

    The manager demanded that she comply with the LGBT policies or lose her job. Johnson refused to go against her sincerely held religious beliefs and was terminated from her job.



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