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    Dimana? Valentine Kill-Joys Lost The Urge? 

    What’s happened to the killjoy chorus this year?

    Image result for hari valentine 2020 mui

    Usually, by now, we have heard at least a bit of bleating about the menace of Valentines!

    Or even, notably in the backward swamp of Aceh, bullying…

    Shariah Aceh Scowls At Day Of Love! 

    Happy Valentine’s Day! But NOT In Intolerant Aceh! 

    While some abhor the celebration of love because of its Christian origin..


    …though I don’t think I have ever seen a card with a religious theme, the focus of most narrow minds tends to be on the risk if fornication!

    All Set For Unlawful Sexual Intercourse On Thursday? 

    Anti-Valentine Raids On Java Bed-Sits? : 

    …typified by pathetic harassment like this-
    To anticipate immorality in the city of Padang on the Valentine Eve, Civil Service Police Unit ( SatPol PP ) will conduct strict monitoring by conducting raids to eradicate social ills.

    Sumatra Goon-Squad ‘Monitors’ Valentine Vice! 

    The self-styled ‘scholars’ of Indonesia…


    … the MUI, are often among the culprits, but sometimes there are people drawing public salaries…

    “We have sent a circular letter to the school to ban students not to celebrate valentine day that is not our culture,” said Head of Education and Culture of Bondowoso, Endang Hardiyanti in Bondowoso..   East Java Kids Face An Anti-Valentine Diktat! 

    ….who take time off serious work to utter absurdities about the harmless annual exchange of romantic or jokey cards.

    Jakarta SWALK Horror! Valentines “Could Lead To Kisses…!”

    Sometimes even hotels offering loving couples Valentine specials come under attack by those with nothing better to do!

    IslamoNazi Thugs Threaten Hotel Over Valentine Ad! 

    But so far this year, in this grim year of 2021, my skimming through news sites has revealed no moaning minnie activity.



    This might be because the fanatic vigilante gang, the FPI, who delighted in causing much unprovoked trouble……has been banned. 

    Could it be that the global pandemic unleashed by Red China has got some nosey-parkers to grow up?

    But there are still a few days left – let’s wait and see.

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    Malaysia – Sectarian Intolerance, Even In Virus Crisis! 

    Malaysia’s cabinet on Monday revoked approvals for brewers Heineken and Carlsberg to restart operations during month-long curbs on travel and non-essential business after a backlash in the Muslim-majority nation. https://www.thejakartapost.com/seasia/2020/04/06/malaysia-does-u-turn-on-virus-relaxation-for-heineken-carlsberg-after-backlash.html 

    How sad.

    But how sadly typical of that ever more backward country just northwards of where I live!

    Malaysia – Aged Scholar Hauled to Bigot Court 



    Malaysia, Truly Arabia! Intolerance Rules Kuala Lumpur Court! 

    Malaysia Truly Arabia – Shariah Gestapo Drag Bride From Wedding..

    People with no interest at all in consuming the agreeable products but so ‘offended’ by the thought that others might enjoy them…


    …are so consumed with intolerant bigotry that they ‘backlash’ against a chance of a resumption of productive work for fellow-citizens.


    China is Lying, Coronavirus started in Wuhan

    • Jim Ex Jakarta 14:55 on April 8, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      Malaysia has got worse and worse, so this doesn’t come as a surprise at all.
      The Islamists don’t like the products, so nobody who likes them is due for any kind of consideration.
      Reminds me of years in Jakarta, those Ramadan restrictions on bars and even pool-halls, which no devout Muslim would ever enter any time of year.
      But non-Muslims would, so they were restricted.
      The worst kind of intolerance.
      Now everything is closed down. Even places of worship.
      Who’s happy with that?


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    Will Malaysia Kick Out Bigot Islamist? 

    Zakir Naik’s combative style of spreading Islam not suitable for Malaysia, says Mujahid Rawa.    https://www.thestar.com.my/news/nation/2018/09/24/zakir-naiks-combative-style-of-spreading-islam-not-suitable-for-malaysia-says-mujahid-rawa/

    So says the headline in The Star, about a fugitive fanatic, on the run from law enforcement in his native India…Related image

    …so one hopes the braying bigot will be taken into custody and soon deported.

    We have come across this creature before…

    Malaysia, Truly Arabia, Defends Its Permanent Resident! 

    …when we noted that he is one of those savages who advocates the..

    Death penalty for apostates…’


    Gambar terkait

    …AND EVEN calls for Muslim countries to reject non-Muslim houses of worship.




    All credit to the man who dissociates himself from Nasty Naik.

    Dr Mujahid Yusof Rawa is the Minister in the Malaysian Prime Minister’s Department in charge of religious affairs, and must be presumed to have some say in decision-making on this kind of issue.

    As the report has it, the Islamist fanatic did a runner ‘amid an investigation for fostering terrorism by authorities in his home country.’

    That raises the question why Malaysia allows an obviously dodgy alien to be preaching in a country not his own.

    And that’s a question perhaps answered by another part of the report, namely; that he ‘was close to leaders of the previous Barisan Nasional government…‘

    In view of the record of sectarian triumphalism which Malaysia underwent during that BN regime…

    Malaysia – Aged Scholar Hauled to Bigot Court 



    Malaysia, Truly Arabia! Intolerance Rules Kuala Lumpur Court! 

    …when the Commonwealth country morphed into Malaysia, Truly Arabia…

    Malaysia, Truly Arabia? Ahmadis Forced to Seek Asylum! 

    Malaysia Truly Arabia – Shariah Gestapo Drag Bride From Wedding! 

    …we should not be surprised that they granted him a safe haven, ‘permanent resident status,’ no less!

    Back to my first question – will the new government, cleaner and, judging from Dr. Mujahid’s wise words, more interested in religious liberty and pluralism…

    …, get the ranter detained pending his expulsion back to India?




    • Anita KL 20:30 on October 8, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      I hope your hope comes true but I fear it will not.
      Malaysia is very far down the road to absolute intolerance.
      We can debate but as a minority I think prayers may be all that is left to us,


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    Fear And Loathing of Knees In MaIaysia, Truly Arabia! 

    I’m certainly not a fan of AirAsia, and won’t be until they stop trying to coerce passengers into eating their over-priced meals.


    Hasil gambar untuk fried egg sandwiches l

    My home-made specialty -bacon and fried egg sandwiches!


    It’s the height of arrogance to seek to confiscate any customer’s private property (i.e. sandwiches) before  allowing them the privilege of boarding their scheduled flight  – after all, they have paid hefty sums for valid tickets.

    However, needs must, and there’s a need to defend that airline’s stewardesses from sad-sack kill-joys in Malaysia’s legislature.

    Malaysia is  increasingly a country one wishes to avoid…

    Malaysia – Aged Scholar Hauled to Bigot Court 

    Malaysia, Truly Arabia! Intolerance Rules Kuala Lumpur Court! 

    …but most of the stories reported previously, like those in the above links, are of shocking sectarianism.

    Today’s, in contrast, is just ludicrous, but albeit with rather unwholesome overtones.


    Hasil gambar untuk Abdullah Mat Yasim

    Abdullah Mat Yasim


    I refer to the likes of Senator Abdullah Mat Yasim, who is a stalwart of the government party, UMNO.

    He has declared in Parliament that the fitted attire of AirAsia’s and Firefly’s female flight attendants can “arouse passengers..”

    What a pathetic old geezer, you say, as I do!

    But in that delightful photo, he doesn’t look THAT old, so how come he’s such a curmudgeon?


    Hasil gambar untuk curmudgeon


    One of the few agreeable aspects of air travel is the fact that ( except for Qantas, which seems unable to hire young sexy women ) the average air hostess is fairly yummy.

    Certainly, admiring them as they shimmy along back and forth does assuage nervousness among passengers who fear flying.

    And for sure it helps pass what is usually a tedious time in the air.


    Gambar terkait


    Behold the proof of what I write.

    Above, Air Asia girls, visual delights all, and below, some Firefly lasses, busy but equally easy on the eye, I hope you’d agree.  Actually, I’d never heard of Firefly, till yesterday, but no matter.

    ==, Hasil gambar untuk firefly air


    Poor old wowser Abdullah – what’s wrong with his uptight outlook on life that he can disapprove of those girls’ outfits?

    Nothing remotely naughty about them, unless one doesn’t like shapely females.

    Perhaps he’s one of the nutjob sort, the sorry sorts who think women should only venture out of doors looking like the Michelin Man..

    Gambar terkait

    …as illustrated in the infamous poster below?


    ‘fathers and husbands, their private parts are your responsibility!’


    Aaah, but there’s one airline whose stewardesses do merit Abdullah’s approval, more or less.

    …the flight attendant uniforms of Malindo Air, a Malaysian-Indonesian budget carrier, were “acceptable….”

    More or less, I observe, because Ole Grumplestiltskin had to add that the uniforms are also body hugging but at least the “sensitive areas” are covered

    The clear implication of Abdullah’s asinine observation is that ‘sensitive areas’ of the AirAsia and Firefly girls above are UNcovered.

    Like, which sensitive areas are uncovered? Their faces? Their hands? Their hair?

    OR…have we stumbled on another case of…


     In Sumatra, Knee-ophobia Rules! No Knees is GOOD Knees


    No knees to be seen on Malindo!

    .Gambar terkait

    Pretty ladies, but over-dressed, one could argue!


    In case you reckon they broke the mould after Abdullah was created, get this!

    Abdullah was praised by the assembly’s deputy president Abdul Halim Abd Samad for highlighting the issue. “This is a good topic that many people can relate to as they always take flights

    And there’s another strange man been haranguing the senators, Megat Zulkarnain Omardin, who suggested that the airlines redesign the uniforms.


    Hasil gambar untuk Megat Zulkarnain Omardin


    “My wife is worried whenever I fly alone on Malindo or AirAsia,” said Megat…”This is a real hassle for me,” he said, drawing laughter from other members of the Dewan Negara or Upper House of Parliament.

    Odd as a nine dollar bill!

    AND ANOTHER, the week before, Senator Hanafi Mamat from Kelantan, who came right out and confessed his sectarian motivation,  claiming attendants should wear “syariah-compliant” uniforms as Malaysia is an Islamic country.

    But what about the large non-Muslim minorities? Will Catholic, Protestant, Hindu and Buddhist attendants be allowed to dress like normal women, and will Hanafi’s “syariah-compliant” uniforms look like this…


    ….to ensure normal blokes will still want to use the airlines?

    All interesting questions, but how sad that such rubbish is even aired in a place meant for discussion of serious issues!

    Listen to Hanafi’s hogwash…

    Hasil gambar untuk Senator Hanafi Mamat

    Tourists might get the wrong impression of Malaysia if flight stewardesses dress up “sexily and disrespectfully!”    


    Disrespectful to whom?

    Since when is being sexy the same as being disrespectful?

    But while we may shed a tear for Malaysia, it’s not the only country that is getting totally screwy about the babes in the skies.

    My own preference for the ideal air hostess outfit would be that worn by Zuhal Sengul, in this photo below…



    …I wonder whatever happened to her, after she lost her job for being gorgeous!

    Kasihan Zuhal Sengul – Hot Turkish Delight Fired By Kill-Joys! 

    … but the wearer is no longer in that line of business. Magnificent Zuhal got fired after some classy pictures were published online, which upset the mean-spirited management of Turkish Airlines.

    But what can one expect from the Land of Erdolf?

    • Pamela 19:46 on December 20, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      Sorry, Ross, I have been too busy to comment on anything much, with preparation for festivities to see to here, but this is very readable’
      I applaud your mockery of the Malaysian sexists.
      I do puzzle over why they have such serious problems with women.


    • Jacko 20:51 on December 20, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      Zuhal is SO tasty.
      I like that Michelin Man comparison too. I used to read your blog once or twice a week but it keeps getting better. Very much appreciated, mate.
      Nothing quite like poking fun at oddfellows like those sexist senators…


    • Ned Porteous 21:06 on December 20, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      I suppose these moaners would say a good old-fashioned knees-up is simply out of the question, then?


    • Jacko 14:52 on March 5, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      I had to trawl back to find this you wrote a year and a half ago, after just hearing on the news that Branson has told his air hostesses they can wear trousers if they like, and no make-up.
      If the girls can stop being forced to look really sexy, will Bransom let them look more sexy if they like, micro-minis and fish-net tights?
      Any airline tries that, I will fly anywhere with them.


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    Malaysia, Truly Arabia, Defends Its Permanent Resident! 

    Some good news about a bad man, even though I see that Malaysia’s Deputy P.M. Ahmad Zahid Hamidi has claimed that allegations of inciting terrorism against a rabid fanatic ‘preacher’ were made “out of context.”

    However,  this strange statement about Zakir Naik was followed by an assurance that his government would extradite Naik if India made a request.

    That’s the good news but what’s bad is that Naik was ever granted Permanent Residency status by Malaysia!

    Terror charges against Zakir Naik ‘out of context’,


    Terror charges against Zakir Naik ‘out of context’, says Malaysian deputy prime minister


    Why do I say so?

    Because I’d have thought that the only place this unpleasant sectarian should enjoy permanent residence would be a prison or a secure mental hospital.

    There’s surely something very wrong with a man who is on record expounding bloodthirsty beliefs such as that “all Muslims should be terrorists…” or maniacal calls for the…

    … death penalty for apostates…


    Gambar terkait

    …as well as calls for Muslim countries to reject non-Muslim houses of worship.


    It doesn’t get much worse than that, and surely not only in the eyes of his putative targets!

    What must decent Muslims think about this creature’s hate-speech, which can only incite Islamophobia…



    …a phenomenon entirely due to him and those like him, who bring discredit to their creed whenever they open their mouths on subjects like murdering men and women who use their God-given brains to convert out of or into one religion or another.

    Let’s hope India gets him back and puts him somewhere his vile voice won’t be heard again.

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    ASEAN And ‘Rights’ – Empty Vessels Best Not Make Noise! 

    “In the end we remember, not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends.”


    The article is all about Myanmar, or at least the role of ASEAN, whose Intergovernmental Commission on Human Rights (AICHR) was established in 2009, as part of ASEAN’s effort to respect human rights…


    • Indah P. Amaritasari

    Indah Amaritasari, the attractive academic who writes in the Jakarta Post, is concerned about the seeming inability of this outfit to do much, or anything, about the current situation with the Rohingya, but really, what else can one expect?

    If ASEAN were serious about ‘human rights,’ it would never have accepted Vietnam or Laos as members.


    The peoples of those two countries have not had the basic human right to choose the governments which rule over them for over forty years.

    Talking of human, or any rights, in Communist dictatorships, is akin, in its oxymoronic connotations, to talking about dry water.

    It doesn’t make sense.

    So why expect ASEAN now to have any significant impact in Myanmar?

    Not to mention the shortcomings on rights in other ASEAN members…

    Malaysia – Aged Scholar Hauled to Bigot Court 

    Malaysia, Truly Arabia! Intolerance Rules Kuala Lumpur Court! 

    …like Malaysia, Truly Arabia!

    And I’m sure there are other countries you can think of where minorities have faced murder and mayhem on religious grounds.

    Has ASEAN ever protested about that?


    • Jim in Jakarta 18:38 on September 12, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      Good Lord, Ross.
      You have turned subtle, that last part, where you don’t mention the murdered Ahmadis and the problems faced by Shia and Buddhists and those Christians in Bogor and Bekasi you write about so much.
      I think you can rely on your many readers to figure out what is meant.


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    Malaysia – Bigots Witch-Hunt The Harmless Godless! 

    It is always a bit disconcerting when strangers, people sitting beside you on the TransJakarta buses, for example, enquire about your religion, which, to my way of thinking, is entirely one’s own business, and nobody else’s – except God’s!



    I understand that hospitals ask such odd questions, in case you die! But when it’s a police officer, if you’re reporting a theft, for instance?

    No matter, I’m of Ulster-Scots descent and live up to that…

    My Home-Cooked Xmas Dinner – New Career In Catering? 

    …by celebrating Christian holidays, as above, and enjoy carol services on Christmas Eve. So I answer, simply, ‘Protestant!’ Such questioning isn’t meant to be rude and doesn’t really bother me.

    But when one has to read about fanatic exhortations?

    Islamist ‘Scholars’ – “Atheists Get Out of Indonesia!” 

    Yet here in Jakarta, at least, they do not usually come from government ministers.

    Across the strait, in Malaysia, things are different…



    MalaysiaTruly Arabia! Intolerance Rules Kuala Lumpur Court! 


    …as yet another scary headline indicates.


    Malaysia’s atheists fearful following calls by a minister to ‘track them down’

    Some Malay atheists in Malaysia are worried and fearful – in recent days there was a call by a minister “to track them down” while a Muslim cleric issued a reminder that the penalty for apostasy under Islam is “death…”

    We don’t expect any better from ‘clerics’ like Mufti Mohd Yusof Ahmad.


    Gambar terkait

    …Islam prescribes death against Muslims who leave the religion for atheism, if they are “stubborn” and refuse to repent…


    – and not just in Malaysia or here in Indonesia – such beliefs hold sway among alien ‘migrants’ in Western countries too.

    But when is the Malaysian Prime Minister going to fire the ‘Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department,’ Shahidan Kassim…


    Hasil gambar untuk shahidan kassim menteri


    …who has disgracefully declared that the government should track down atheists. “I suggest we track them down and identify each of them. After that, we have to bring them back to the right path,” he said. This is a religious country…


    Fortunately, not everyone in Kuala Lumpur’s corridors of power shares this bigot’s taste for hounding harmless people for the ‘crime’ of thinking for themselves.

    Malaysia’s Deputy Home Affairs Minister Mohamed Nur Jazlan is one such.

    Gambar terkait


    Asked whether there will be a campaign against atheists, he said: “I wouldn’t encourage it.”

    While the bloodthirsty call for the persecution of people innocent of any offence except thought is not reflected in the country’s federal statutes, it is alarming to learn that ‘nine out of the 14 states (have) enactments (that) criminalises apostasy.’

    No wonder one expert says – with what must surely  be described as masterly understatement – that “Malaysia isn’t the moderate state that it used to be…” 

    • Yanti 14:15 on August 15, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      I just now read this and I am so happy I live in Indonesia and not in Malaysia. It is become a very bad country and this mufti man is like a monster wants to kill people.
      If athist do not interested in God then let God punish athist if God want to..


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    Shariah Menace In Malaysia – But Freedom Fights On! 

    As July ends, time for a brief look at poor Malaysia, if only because we have not examined the situation there for quite some while!

    Yet another on civil liberties by Islamist bigots, the notorious PAS party’s leader tabling  proposed law changes for harsher Shariah punishments…


    Hadi’s private member’s Bill, which is raised in the form of a parliamentary motion, is listed as item number 10. — Picture by Yusof Mat Isa


    Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang-  hereinafter referred to as Hadi – is eager to drag his country deeper into darkness.

    And by God, it’s already mired in intolerance, as we’ve noted often before…

    Malaysia – Aged Scholar Hauled to Bigot Court 

    Malaysia – Call for Religious Freedom Provokes Islamist Indignation 

    Malaysia Truly Arabia – Shariah Gestapo Drag Bride From Wedding! 

    Malaysia, Truly Arabia? Ahmadis Forced to Seek Asylum! 

    OMG! Malaysian Court Tells Christians Whom To Pray To! 


    Now there’s Hadi’s call to ‘increase the Shariah courts’ maximum sentencing limits to 30 years’ jail, RM100,000 fine and 100 strokes of the cane.’ 

    Nothing wrong with tough punishments, but when you contemplate what constitutes ‘offences’ under shariah ‘law,’ you realise the magnitude of the iniquity Hadi proposes.

    Holding hands with your girl-friend. Drinking a bottle of beer on a hot afternoon. Playing cards for a few cents.



    Aceh’s Mad Mullah – ‘Dancing is EVIL – It Involves Body Movements!’ 


    And don’t forget the evils of music and dance.




    Now if the ‘clerics’ decree that ‘offenders’ may not enter their houses of worship, fair enough, and even if they stoop to threatening to refuse funeral rights to deceased kin of such ‘offenders’…

    Bigots Menace Pluralist Muslims – ‘No Prayers For Your Dead!’ 

    …that’s as mean-spirited as it gets, but up to them.


    However, how dare they claim the right to punish ‘miscreants’ as if their sectarian dogmas have the force of law?

    The report leaves open the question of whether this ghastly motion will in fact reach a vote, due to a crowded legislative time-table

    But it’s a timely reminder of how Malaysia, could end up in as benighted a situation as the Indonesian Province of Aceh, just across the straits, where primitive shariah law prevails…



    …with cowardly masked brutes publicly flogging defenceless young women before  moronic rabbles of salivating savages.



    However, on the bright side, there have been genuinely positive amendments proposed, not, of course, by Hadi, aiming to defend helpless kids from being coerced by an apostate parent.


    The amendment would stop a Muslim convert from unilaterally converting children from a non-Muslim marriage to Islam.


    So the forces of good are not giving in to the shariah fanatics.

    Good luck to them.

    • Jim in Jakarta 12:32 on July 31, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      Yes, I was over there recently and it’s getting worse, though not yet as bad as Aceh.


  • ross1948 17:46 on April 7, 2017 Permalink | Reply
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    Pedophilia Triumphs In Malaysian Parliament! 

     Malaysia has gone from bad to worse in recent years, sinking into a sectarian pit of Islamist triumphalism.

    Perhaps the most offensive episode was when the high court granted one religion (guess who?) the right to deny others the right to address God Almighty as they deem appropriate.




    Malaysia, Truly Arabia! Intolerance Rules Kuala Lumpur Court! 


    Happily, although Indonesians speak more or less the same language, no such vile bigotry has been yet instituted here.


    But every civilised person in the world must surely shudder at this latest news from Kuala Lumpur,where a motion to amend the Sexual Offences Against Children Bill to include child marriages as an offence was ultimately defeated by a voice vote.  http://www.thestar.com.my/news/nation/2017/04/04/tasek-gelugor-mp-not-impossible-for-12-year-old-girls-to-be-married/

    A voice vote?


    • A shrill chorus from creatures eager to acquiesce in pedophilia?

    • ========

    What a nightmare country to live in.


    Gambar terkait



    That move to thwart child-sex-predators came from Teo Nie Ching, a Democratic Action Party MP, who not only deserves praise for her unfortunately unsuccessful endeavour to protect children but is also attractive to look at.

    That’s a lot more than can be said for another MP, pictured below, who provoked disgust by his contribution to the debate.


    Hasil gambar untuk Shabudin Yahaya rape

    But then Syabuddin Yahaya is a ‘former shariah court judge.’


    It’s a pretty sorry situation when we have to draw comfort from the widespread disgust expressed after that legislator, from the National Front/UMNO party, spouted primitive garbage.

    He publicly asserted that there was nothing wrong with a girl getting married to her rapist and that it would be good for the girl as she would otherwise face a bleak future.


    • The freako added that this could be the perfect remedy to social problems.

    • Another lady law-maker has now called on the UMNO party president, Najib Razak, to fire the foul fool.

    • ========
    • Hasil gambar untuk Kasthuri Patto
    • =====

    Kuala Lumpur voice vote


    • But simply identifying and isolating one pig-ignoramus is nowhere near enough.

    • A much better idea would be to sack every single callous cur who ulutated in that voice vote against safeguarding young girls from predatory pigs.

    • Meanwhile, we wait- without doubt in vain – for the United Nations sticky-beak hypocrites to take a break from scolding Europeans who want to keep adult ‘child’ primitives out of their countries.

      Hulk Update: UNICEF Sticky-Beak Slams Age-Check Call

    • =Hasil gambar untuk united nations hypocrisy


    • Instead they should be hauling Malaysia’s UN Ambassador before their ‘human rights commission’ to be held account for the very real, rapacious violation of childhood represented by that ‘voice vote’ in KL.

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    Malaysia Truly Arabia – Doubly Discriminatory? 

    Saturday morning.

    No particular place to go.

    So maybe take my paper-back and finish it over a coffee somewhere nearby.

    But first?

    I had been thinking I should have a look at Malaysian news.

    It’s a sad sort of place, where even God Almighty’s Name is the subject of bigoted Islamist authoritarianism.




    Malaysia, Truly Arabia! Intolerance Rules Kuala Lumpur Court! 


    Then sure enough, up pops a story in the Jakarta Post, illustrating to perfection the sectarian slither which that once-civilised country has been on, for quite a few years. 




    Come to Kelantan if you want to take on more wives, Muslim men told

    Muslim men who plan to take on more wives can now head to the north-eastern state of Kelantan instead of southern Thailand…  http://www.thejakartapost.com/seasia/2017/02/03/come-to-kelantan-if-you-want-to-take-on-more-wives-muslim-men-told.html ,



    A  -Against all the ( no doubt numerous) non-Muslim horny hounds who’d like to have their enthusiasm for multiple bed-mates approved by the authorities.

    State Family Development, Welfare and the People’s Wellbeing committee chairman Mumtaz Md Nawi’s words indicate that this intended boon is ONLY available to her co-religionists. 


    Hasil gambar untuk Mumtaz Md Nawi


    “This is to encourage the birth of more Muslim children…We will give them comprehensive information and counselling to guarantee that the children from these marriages will turn out to be good Muslims.  

    Can’t get much more blatantly sectarian than that.

    Christians of course are not meant to be polygamous. Don’t know about Buddhists and Hindus. But agnostics, or atheists, who fancy an extra wife or two? They won’t stand a chance.

    Mind you, I don’t fancy their chances if such unbelievers do stray into Mumtaz’s Kelantan, which is infamously intolerant!


    But if that’s A, how about B?

    Arguably, what’s even worse is Mumtaz’s failure to offer the same opportunities for sexual gluttons of her own sex (sorry, ‘gender’ – trendy lefties will be upset if we employ the word that normal folk prefer!)

    In any fair-play society, surely, it’s incumbent on the law to afford the same rights to women as to men.




    If the latter can have a variety of carnal delights waiting for them after a hard day’s work, then it goes without saying that women too should be allowed up to four blokes to jump into bed with, once the household chores are done….oops, sexism again!

    ( Here too in Indonesia, polygamy exists, although the Muslims I know undoubtedly share my view that one wife at a time is enough – or sometimes more than enough!

    One notable practitioner, apparently, is the former Islamist PKS party leader, Anis Matta, perhaps more notable for his post-9/11 ode praising mass-murderer Osama Bin Laden.



    Bin Laden fan Anis Matta, of PKS.    https://rossrightangle.wordpress.com/2011/07/06/brits-banned-michael-savage-but-let-in-top-jakarta-islamist-author-of-odious-ode-to-911-mass-murderer/


    But while legal in certain circumstances,  polygamy tends not be looked on as acceptable behaviour. For more details on the Indonesian situation, here’s another couple of links –



    Polygamists to file judicial review on marriage law


    Mumtaz of course would vigorously deny that this discriminatory scheme panders to horny hounds. 

    “It is not for men to take advantage of the policy by taking more wives simply to appease their lust.”  

    So why else would men take advantage of the policy?

    Does Mumtaz really believe that they’ll be motivated merely to pursue her stated goal  – to encourage the birth of more Muslim children?

    To my consternation, I have to wonder if she’s right. 


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