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    Aurat OK – The Moronic Malaysian War On Women! 

    Just got onto my second cup of black coffee and opened up the morning news – now I wish I’d postponed that morning chore.

    A young woman has been barred by some bone-head security goon in KL  from entering a hospital because her shorts did not extend below knee-level.



    • The hospital, exposed to international ridicule and contempt for the outrageous bigot ban, has since apologised, but the imbecilic ‘aurat’ interdiction is no one-off.

    On Monday, two women, a journalist and Selangor resident, were forced to wear sarongs to enter the Selangor State Secretariat building.

    In another incident on June 8, a woman was denied entry into the Gombak Road Transport Department (JPJ) office for wearing a skirt above her knee and was asked to wear a sarong for service.





    This offensive ‘aurat’ drivel has erupted only a week after that lovely Malaysian athlete was denounced by Dark Agers for dressing sensibly – and attractively – whilst competing in her sport.

    ‘Genitalia?’ C’mon, Facebookers – ‘Like’ This Malaysian! 

    What’s wrong with knees? Or thighs, for that matter?

    I went over to a Jakarta mall yesterday and was agreeably distracted from  my coffee and the book I was browsing by the passing displays of both.

    I’ve been to KL and saw much the same there – in both cities, there are plenty of healthy normal people, but alas, plenty of narrow minds too, who think their uptight prejudices give them the right to decree dress codes.


    ‘Scholars’ on Scarfs – ‘Must Be Shariah-Compliant, Hide Genitals, Show No Curves!’ 


    Malaysia is speeding up its descent into the swamp envisioned by that most intolerant Indonesian politican, Suryadharma Ali, who declared – whilst holding office as Minister of Religious Affairs in the SBY Government – that hiding knees was a ‘universal criterion’ which must be observed by all.

    Good Indonesians Denounce ArchBigot Ali’s Latest Intolerant Outburst

    ALL? No. The message is aimed ONLY at women.

    knees Nice knees

    Nobody is likely to complain if I walk down to the Indomaret to replenish my cigarette supply wearing shorts – well, some might, but only on aesthetic grounds, my knees being less than glorious to look at.

    Unlike those above, or these below…


    Imagine you’re convalescing in hospital and SHE came by to visit?

    Miracle cure!

    Too many benighted brutes are telling us that women are second-class citizens, that men make the rules.



    This ‘educational’ Indonesian poster sums up the fanatic minority’s sexist mentality
                                            ‘Fathers and Husbands–Their Aurat is Your Responsibility!’


    That infamous ‘aurat’ warning makes it clear beyond doubt that it’s men’s job, duty even, to tell women what to wear – and to make them as unattractive as possible!


    If you don’t like the sight of a pretty woman, don’t ogle!

    But let the rest of us enjoy what is inherently enjoyable.


    • Santi 14:38 on June 27, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      If we go out of our house without clothes, it is expected we shock and anger people but in a short dress, what is the big problem? If we go to office with bikini, also shock. But nobody will do that.

      These fanatic men like FPI and Hizbut hate women so much, I am very much surprise they have children.
      Ross, I think you miss the intolerant minister, not so much to write about but it is good we do not have Suryadharma Ali anymore in our government. Always he makes me embarassed to be Indonesian.


    • Jack Again! 16:39 on June 27, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      That poster you show us says it all. The morons do treat women like chattels. Husbands and fathers telling them what to wear.
      I’m a father and i stopped doing that when mine were old enough to vote. And in most normal countries, it’s usually the wife who says ‘you can’t go to the shops looking like that.’

      Bu tit’s no joke really, because lots of these morons are emigrating to countries where women have rights, and the morons think they can bring their moron (im)morals along with them.
      If they would join the rest of us in the twentyfirst century, or anywhere after the Middle Ages, there would be fewer objections to them joining us in Europe.
      But as things stand, the men are basicially subhuman and their women hopeless wimps for putting up with it.


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    ‘Genitalia?’ C’mon, Facebookers – ‘Like’ This Malaysian! 

    Thousands back gymnast in genitalia row at SEA Games
    Meanwhile, next door, in Malaysia….

    That athletic and attractive form above belongs to Farah Ann Abdul Hadi, a Malaysian sportswoman.

    For her splendid performance, she’s come under attack from Islamist intolerants, the sort of sexists who see nothing wrong with guys going about bare-headed but insist that evey female has to be a baghead.



    This ‘educational’ Indonesian poster sums up the fanatic minority’s sexist mentality
                                            ‘Fathers and Husbands–Their Aurat is Your Responsibility!’


    Sexism incarnate, for sure, and the sight of lovely Farah has got them TERRIBLY excited!

    Most of the time, we just have to listen to their bleating, but in this case, there’s a way to show your disdain –

    By Monday, 11,000 people had “liked” the Facebook page “Farah Ann Abdul Hadi For Malaysia” which calls for “praise and support” for the double gold-medallist.

    But never underestimate the eager ogling of the uptights. back home in Malaysia. The whners maintain  they could see the shape of her “aurat” (genitalia) in her leotard.

    Hell, you can just imagine them, sitting in their sad little corners, gripping magnifying glasses tightly, salivating ever-so-righteously over the laptop screen.

    ‘Oh, look, it’s AURAT!’

    • Appallingly, collaborationist females have joined in the shrilling. 
    • Women ‘must prioritise the Islamic codes in sports attire,” said Roszida Kamaruddin, head of the female wing of the National Muslim Youth Association.

    Yeah, Indonesia has some of that sort too. This outburst occurred a year ago, more or less.

    The Deputy Secretary General, Indonesian Ulema Council ( MUI ) Welya Safitri, added that the Aceh model is a good example…most importantly, wearing the hijab must meet three conditions. That it’s Shariah compliant, conceals the genitals and shows no curves.



    ‘Scholars’ on Scarfs – ‘Must Be Shariah-Compliant, Hide Genitals, Show No Curves!’ 


    Happily, sensible, non-sex-obsessed Malaysian Muslims have spoken up on the gymnast’s behalf, people like Sports Minister Khairy Jamaluddin- “In gymnastics Farah wowed the judges and brought home gold. In her deeds only the Almighty judges her. Not you. Leave our athletes alone.” Thousands back gymnast in ‘genitalia’ row at SEA Games

    Hear hear!


    If, unlike me, you have not been defenstrated from Facebook (in my case for exposing sectarian atrocities) please get onto that girl’s page and LIKE her!

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    Kinabalu – Bule2 Gila Bugil! 

    I just heard those dumb clucks got off lightly after their brain-dead antics on Malaysia’s Mount Kinabalu.

    Time served, plus a fine, plus deportation.

    Four foreign hikers pleaded guilty Friday to “committing an obscene act” after they took nude photos at a mountain considered sacred…4 plead guilty after taking naked photos at summit of Mount Kinabalu

    People like that should not be allowed to go abroad.

    If the daft bint named Eleanor Hawkins really wants to leap about naked outside the confines of her private accommodations, she could surely find suitable work in a strip-club back home.

    And the two Canadians, brother and sister, also nabbed for nuding round the mountain, could sublimate their frustrated tastes for exhibitionism by joining the Toronto Pervert Parade, where local cops think it’s beneath them to arrest freakos for indecent exposure.  

    It’s important to note that, for all the talk of ‘upsetting spirits,’ the actual offence for which they allegedly were charged was just that – public indecency.



    Most of us ‘get naked’ at least twice a day, whether for showers or other more leaisurely pursuits, but being grown-ups, we do so behind closed doors. And we don’t take photos of said activity to circulate boastfully to whomsoever.

    So forget the ‘spirits!’
    We’re not talking about imbecilic blasphemy laws, but merely the expectation of ordinary Malaysians that guests in their country will not feel free to flaunt their genitalia wherever they please.
    These simpletons got off lightly. Probably a wise judgement, given their IQs cannot collectively reach far into triple figures. Stupidity is not sin. 
    But best they go home and think a long time before they stage demented stunts in other people’s countries again.
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    ASEAN Nations Resist Illegal Influx – A Lesson Europe Should Learn! 

    In our post last night, we tail-ended it with a quote from a smart Malaysian Minister. Vive Les Calais Cops – ‘Brutality?’ No, Just Common-Sense Crimmigrant Control! 

    “We cannot welcome them here,” Malaysian Deputy Home Minister Wan Junaidi Jaafar.”If we continue to welcome them, then hundreds of thousands will come from Myanmar and Bangladesh.”      We will send Rohingya back, says Malaysia,



    illegalimmigrationimage The Arrogance of Europe’s Enemies


    Readers will wonder why a Malaysian can talk patriotic sense while European leaders can’t!

    Now we have back-up for that ban on bludgers from another Asian notable, Indonesia’s senior military officer, General Moeldoko.

    The media is ranting about ‘Islamophobia,’ yet many of the crimmigrants come from Bangladesh, a country with a 90% plus Muslim population!  What’s with these Rohingnya that nobody is keen to take them?

    Those idiots in Brussels should pin back their ears and listen to what Muslim leaders who care about their countries have to say!




    Indonesia will prevent boats carrying migrants from entering its maritime territory to avert a flood of others following behind causing “social issues,” the military chief said on Friday.

    He’s obviously aware of the lawlessness, ingratitude and arrogance that characterise so-called ‘asylum’ seekers in Australia, Britain, Sweden and just about every land dim-witted enough to let the parasites in.

    When’s the Vigil for “Asylum” Savages’ Victims? 


    out with them

    Meanwhile the Marxist Mogherini has not yet been forced to retract her irresponsible outburst last week. She told the world that every single crimmigrant who manages to weasel into the countries unwise enough to be subordinate to her EUSSR is there to stay.

    • ==================
    • The High Representative with her friend Yasser Arafat
    • oooooo


    “No refugee or migrant intercepted at sea will be sent back against their will!”

    EU’s Mogherini: No Forcible Repatriation for Migrants

    That’s not some brain-dead ‘mis-spoken’ ad lib, as the current phrase has it.

    She knows what she’s doing. She quite clearly sees nothing amiss if the historic nations of Europe are inundated by primitives – her old pal Arafat would doubtless have cheered her words.

    This communist vixen is deliberately inciting invasion. She needs to be slapped down and removed from her job ASAP!

    • Glenda 10:13 on May 18, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      I’m sorry for Europe, but its their own fault, governments that dont care.
      Closer to home, those ASEAN countries are not exactly well-wishers for Australia.
      I just worry they might be pushing the Rohingya southwards.


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    Malaysia Truly Arabia – Sectarian Bigots Push Through Stoning Law 

    The Malaysian state of Kelantan has sunk back into the Dark Ages, adopting a legal code reminiscent of the worst sort of Saudi savagery – and not a hand in the state legislature was raised to vote against it. 

    But recent history makes this no surprise. 




    It’s a frightful nest of bigotry, where Islamist intolerants have even claimed, and been granted by the highest courts, the ‘right’ to dictate to other creeds how they may address their prayers to God Almighty.

    Malaysia, Truly Arabia! Intolerance Rules Kuala Lumpur Court! 


    The so-called “hudud” ( shariah) decrees will give a green light to savage penalties for harmless conduct that backward clerics don’t like, such as caning and stoning for crimes ranging from alcohol consumption to apostasy, according to the Anadolu news agency.

    The primitive party responsible, PAS (Pan-Malaysian Islamic Party) had already passed similar laws 20 or more years ago, but with this new legislation, PAS is showing it means business in its bigot war against religious liberty, as a decent Muslim activist, Azrul Mohd Khalib, has vigorously asserted.

    “Implementation of hudud will, without any doubt, affect all regardless of religion…



    ..non-Muslims must not be silent just because they are allegedly not affected by the proposed laws. The eroding of our fundamental freedoms and civil liberties, in the name of religion, affects everyone.”  http://www.ibtimes.com/malaysia-shariah-law-islamist-party-passes-bill-implement-harsh-islamic-criminal

    According to the IBT report, trouble has been brewing for some time, due to the blatantly unjust national laws which  prohibit proselytization by non-Islamic faiths but not by Muslims.

    .Good grief!

    ANY law or any regime which seeks to tell people that they may or may not use their God-given brains to decide if or when they may change their religion is near enough blasphemy in itself. ‘




    I had the Jehovah’s Witnesses at my garden-gate recently (yes, even here in Jakarta they come a-knocking!) but I sent them politely on to my poor neighbours. No way would I turn my coat. We’ve been loyal Protestants for centuries.

    But if other people ponder long and deep and wish to switch faiths, I respect their right to do so. And every religion should be free to seek recruits too. 

    For the Malaysian Government to say that only ONE creed may seek converts is an outrage. It means they are actively condoning apostasy among Christians, Hindus and Buddhists, while simultaneously, within their national territory, the PAS primitives are planning to inflict stoning of Muslim apostates, in Kelantan.

    What a benighted society they are building.

    • uncleoz 12:52 on April 6, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      Good for Mr. Khalib if he’s against shariah law. We were out here making our voices heard saying just what he’s said in Malaysia and we got called racists.
      Last itme i looked the really bad Muslims here were white.


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    ‘Be Respectful,’ Says Blood-Thirsty IslamoNazi…Or Else? 

    Just in case anyone imagined the IslamoNazi FPI’s intolerance might only be directed at non-Muslims, along comes one of their most notorious leaders to exculpate them from any such accusation.

    Ahmad Sobri Lubis, a name well-known to those interested in blood-thirsty hate-mongers, has urged the Indonesian Government to follow the lead of the Malaysian government in handling the Shia.

    One would hope that if President Jokowi has a list of countries whose example he might wish to follow, Malaysia would be somewhere near the bottom of the hundredth page.




    It’s a frightful nest of bigotry, where Islamist intolerants have even claimed, and been granted by the highest courts, the ‘right’ to dictate to other creeds how they may address their prayers to God Almighty.

    Malaysia, Truly Arabia! Intolerance Rules Kuala Lumpur Court! 

    A vile place. source of many posts here on RRA, like this one – Pig-Ignorant Primitive – No Shariah On MH17, So God Killed 200 Innocents? 

    But Lubis takes a different view.

    “Malaysia is more advanced than Indonesia in terms of decisiveness towards the Shia. Malaysia banned the Shia with the assertion of Malaysia as a Sunni Muslim country. Well, this should also be imitated in Indonesia, “said Sobri.

    He was speaking at a ‘religious’ rally in Abu Bakr Siddiq Mosque in East Jakarta, just this past Saturday (02/28/2015)

    In Indonesia, explained Sobri, the Shia have not been considered a serious problem by the government. Though Sunni-Shiite conflict in Indonesia is increasingly happening in Indonesia.

    Yes, incited by ignoramuses, as reported here – 

    ‘Hate’ Conclave Goes Ahead in Bandung Amid Minority Protests 


    Sobri quoted the affirmation of Indonesia as a country of Sunni Islam as a result of recommendations approved by the Indonesian Muslim Congress (KUII) We covered that event, held in Jogjakarta last month, in a recent post.

    “With the hallmark of this assertion, the Shia are to be respectful and not propagate their respective ideologies in Indonesia!”

    And if Sobri Lubis thinks you’re disrespectful, best watch out.

    Bunuh, bunuh, bunuh,’   – kill, kill, kill,’ he shrieked…urging the murder of the peaceful Ahmadiyah religious minority (video link here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U7RLCXNdKF4 )


    Alongside the man whose murderous rant some years ago was recorded on video for worldwide exposure of the FPI’s violent vigilantism…


    • alubis Sobri Lubis
    • ppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppp

    …and Abdul Khair, author of ‘The Shiite Threat to the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia.”  Soal Syiah, FPI Dorong Indonesia Ikuti Jejak Malaysia


    ali heretical


    Mind you, this kind of rancid bigotry has support in high places here. Former Minister of Religious Affairs, Suryadharma Ali, hit the headlines when he denounced the harmless Shia minority as ‘heretics!’

    Hidayatullah.com can always be relied on for a fascinating story or two.

    As I’m at a loose end – how unusual – till my next visitor arrives tonight, I’ll have a look through their website and see what other gems may be mined for your delectation. 

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    New Slogan for RoboVac – “Fire Your Lazy Malaysian Wife?” 

    My thanks to the readers, Ati and Santi, regular commenters both, who sent me this report.
    They know from past frequent postings that I sympathise with the little kampung girls who travel far from their Java villages to find work overseas, and this has incensed them, as it does me.
    According to KOMPAS.com, the Indonesian Embassy in Malaysia has protested over an advert for a cleanng tool manufacturer, RoboVac, emblazoned with the words –
    “Fire Your Indonesian Maid Now!”
    Now the ad has disappeared from public view, though apparently it remained on display on social media.
    It’s hard to disagree with the view expressed in the Embassy’s protest note to the Malaysian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, that this is ‘insensitive and demeaning to Indonesia.’ 


    The ad got a response from hackers too.
    The official website of the company that advertises the product, RoboVac Malaysia, http://neatrobotcleaner.com.my, was inaccessible…(and still seems to be, when I checked today…)

    The site of Robovac, the Malaysian company, was colored black with a pitch for sympathy for Indonesian migrant workers, in English.
    “Warning !!!, Please be kind to our sisters, they have families, they have children, all of them need to be fed. Do not forget we the people of Indonesia will protect them.”   http://www.tribunnews.com/nasional/2015/02/05/hacker-serang-situs-malaysia-yang-tampilkan-iklan-pecat-pembantu-indonesia

    These TKIs do not deserve insults.

    They are very hard-working, and many suffer dreadfully at the hands of unscrupulous agents and employers.

    Erwiana OKE! Now PUNISH the Evil Bitch Guilty of Tormenting Her! 

    To be fair, pembantus, (domestic ‘helpers’) are sometimes subject to pretty mean treatment here at home as well as abroad.

    I’ve been on about it for years, and why not again today – my headline indicates my theme, the lazy cows who don’t go out to work, content to spend their husbands’ income swanning around malls and posh cafes all day with their similarly idle cronies.


    • couple_sharing_tea_time_victorian_style_wood_display_silhoue_8b1071a31
    • —————————
    • You can see them all over town, gliding to and fro, while some poor little lass struggles along behind them, doing what any decent mother should be glad to do – looking after the children. And when the nyonya goes home for a break from socialite status, she’s too stupid or idle to cook or clean up.
    • More toil for the poor wee maid!

    Hence my headline – if RoboVac wants to sell its machines, let it aim its ads at Malaysian husbands – fire your lazy Malaysian wife! 

    PS – there’s always somebody deliberately tries to misconstrue my argument, so I make it clear I’m not criticising couples who both go out to work. If they don’t have a handy grandma, they need hired help. I’m gunning for women who don’t work outside the home but won’t lift a finger indoors either!

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    AURAT! Uptight Malays Tell Non-Muslims How To Dress ‘Properly!’ 

    “It also aims to inform non-Muslims about the advantages of covering up and how to cover one’s aurat properly for men and women…” 
    “The campaign will also use the social media to encourage people to send selfie or wefie (group selfie) covering their aurat with the message conveyed through the hashtag #iam4humanity as a sign of support,” he added.
    That comes from yet another ‘Boo-hoo Bad Valentine’ story. But we’ll skip that kill-joy whine – the big day’s here, so SWALK all round. 
    Those selfies and wefies would no doubt rank high in the annals of the most boring pics ever taken.
    aurat-mereka-dosa-anda-2 This ‘educational’ poster sums up the mentality
                                            ‘Fathers and Husbands–Their Aurat is Your Responsibility!’
    NB – for new readers, aurat refers to haram (forbidden) parts of the body, which for women includes not only private parts as normal people understand the term, but also shoulders, thighs, mid-riffs and of course cleavage – not to mention glossy black hair.
    Now here’s what a good photo SHOULD look like!
    boobs indonesia
    These ladies are not Malaysian but Indonesian, stars of stage and screen, and bigger and better photos of their impressive forms can be seen at this link  – http://harianterbit.com/hanterentertain/read/2015/01/11/15909/24/24/WOW-6-Artis-Ini-Memiliki-Payudara-Besar 
    – which has, as its headline,

    These Artistes Possess Big Bosoms!’

    Who in their right mind would want them to ‘cover up?’
    Oya, there are some benighted bigots here who would, but Indonesians are a lot less uptight than Malaysians. No immediate danger of intolerant eejits triumphing here as they seem to be across the Straits. In Java, the traditional women’s wear is the kebaya.
    You may have seen it if you watched the movie Java Heat

    Java Heat, Poso Poison – Fiction V Islamist Reality 

    kebaya star
    Grumpy old men, and some grumpy young men, and a number of po-faced bints, in Malaysia, seem to spend a lot of time nagging and scolding, and bullying women there to go bag-head.
    And if they direct their kill-joy ranting at women of their own creed, well, good luck to sensible Muslims, men and women, who fight back. It’s on the BBC! Bag-Head Bans Do Not Infringe Religious Liberty! 
    But now we read they’re aiming their prattle at ‘non-Muslims?’  


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    Malaysian Bigots Deport Malaysian MP – from Malaysia! 

    Imagine if a British MP for a Yorkshire constituency were banned by the Welsh or Ulster or Scots local parliaments from visiting colleagues, or anyone, in those parts of the UK.
    Or a Manitoban MP told by the Quebec legislature he or she was banned from that Canadian Province.
    Or if a Californian Congressman were forbidden by the Governor of Texas from daring to attempt inter-state travel?
    There’d be hell to pay. And rightly so.
    But in increasingly backward Malaysia….



    ….that’s exactly what’s happened, sectarian bigot state leaders actually DEPORTING one of their own country’s law-makers –

    On Feb 4, Kok was ordered to take the 3.30pm flight back to Kuala Lumpur upon her arrival at the Sandakan airport as she was told by an Immigration officer that she was banned from entering Sabah. This meant that Kok was now unable to visit East Malaysia as she was banned from entering Sarawak last year.

    – and, in the most cowardly manner, refusing to say why!

    Teresa Kok, fthe MP concerned, featured in one of our posts a year ago, because she’d upset some fanatics with a jokey video she’d made.
    It wasn’t in the least offensive – you can see it for yourselves – but it sounds like Sabah and Sarawak’s Communist/Nazi-style antics are belated pay-back by Islamist nitwits. using a catch-all excuse – Sarawak Tourism Minister Datuk Amar Abang Johari Openg said yesterday that any individual seen as a threat to racial and religious harmony would be barred.
    But the tinpot tyrant won’t tell, as to why Teresa’s on the list!
    Teresa has rightly challenged them to give reasons –“Sarawak and Sabah governments must either prove that I am a threat to the peace and harmony in their states or they must immediately lift the unfair and politically motivated ban imposed on me”

    • in other words, put up or shut up!
    But I doubt they’ll have the guts or decency to do so.
    • M. Hutchins 21:46 on February 8, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      I was at RAF Labuan in 1966 helping the Malaysians win the war for these territories. Sad what they’ve done for democracy since then heh!


  • ross1948 18:04 on January 22, 2015 Permalink | Reply
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    Malaysia, Truly Arabia! Intolerance Rules Kuala Lumpur Court! 


    Like, who the hell are we, any of us, to claim we know God Almighty well enough to deny anyone else the right to address Him in any way they see fit? That, to me, is akin to blasphemy.

    Yet the highest court in the land has now ruled that Malaysian Christians may not call God ‘Allah’ – a ruling that effectively relegates a universal deity to the status of a monopoly controlled by sectarian bigots.



    Thanks be, that vile nonsense has not spread to Indonesia, linguistically and culturally so similar to Malaysia, yet with a resilient civility and tolerance that make me proud on days like this.

    Listen to this ranting arrogance

    Anyone who seeks to review the Federal Court’s decision today over the ban on the word “Allah” can be considered as abusing the powers of the court…


     Mohammed Haniff Khatri Abdulla

    ….Mohamed Haniff Khatri Abdulla, who represents the Chinese Muslim Association of Malaysia, said today’s decision should mark the end of the Catholic Church’s legal bid to use the word “Allah” in its weekly publication, Herald.

    Those strident words came after the Federal Court upheld the Court of Appeal’s October decree, that the Catholic paper could not use the word “Allah” as it could threaten national security, public order and cause confusion among the religions.

    The Muslim Lawyers Association called on all parties to respect the Federal Court’s decision to dismiss the Catholic Church’s review application.

    • freedom-of-religion
    • More to the point, who can respect a nation whose highest court – by 4 votes to 3 –  claims that a question of theology is a matter of ‘national security?’

    And which implicitly insults the intelligence of every Muslim in Malaysia by saying in effect that they are so clueless about the tenets of their own faith that hearing Christians pray to God using the same Name as they do would ‘confuse’ them.

    As for ‘public order,’ how people pray is no threat to that. The real risk to public order comes from demented fanatics like these – 

    And from the ignorant savage who shrilled that the innocent passengers on Malaysian Airlines’ Flight MH17, brought down by a missile, met their fate because the flight attendants weren’t wearing ‘Islamic headscarves and the airline served alcohol.’

    Pig-Ignorant Primitive – No Shariah On MH17, So God Killed 200 Innocents? 

    Asinine hogwash.


    My Muslim visitors in Jakarta use Tuhan and Allah interchangeably, as do Christians – one of their most common sayings is Orang sabar disayang sama Tuhan.

     ‘The patient man is dear to God.’

    But this kind of news would try the patience of a saint. 

    Despite my most agreeable day here, a very Indonesan day, rainy season outside, but indoors dangdut playing all afternoon and rounded off by my cheerful visitor putting the rice-cooker to good use so I can dine at leisure later tonight, I am P###ed OFF!

    Malaysia wasn’t always a sectarian cess-pool.

    In 2009, the High Court had declared that the decision by the home minister to ban Herald from using the word “Allah” was illegal, null and void…High Court judge Lau Bee Lan had declared it unconstitutional to ban non-Muslims from using the word “Allah” provided it was not used to propagate their religion among Muslims.

    One is inclined to ask why the heck shouldn’t they. Muslims like to convert people, so Christians ought to have the same rights to proselytise.

    But leave that for the moment. The sane ruling has now been reversed.

    Malaysia’s battle over the use of the word “Allah” has attracted international attention, as well as ridicule, including from Islamic scholars abroad who hold that “Allah” is a generic name for God and has been used by both Muslims and non-Muslims, as the word predates Islam.  http://www.themalaysianinsider.com/malaysia/article/any-more-appeal-on-allah-decision-an-abuse-of-courts-says-lawyer

    Blind to history, then, as well as rationality.

    Sad to see a country sink so low

    • Santi 18:31 on January 22, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      Oh so good what you say today, Ross, and you defend our Indonesia again, same like always.
      Yes, we have bad problem with FPI and other bad people here but nothing so bad as this Malaysia.
      Thank you ever again…..


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