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    Dissent On Sanctions OK, Unless It’s Orban? Greece Cyprus and… 

    It may well be that Greece, Cyprus and Malta can justify their veto…



    Ships with a Russian flag have been banned from EU ports, while proposed sanctions also to ban ships with another flag but with Russian interests have been vetoed by the three countries

    Greece, Cyprus and Malta block sanctions against Russia-owned ships

    . …. or maybe it’s amoral self-interest.

    But what is in fact much more interesting is the deafening silence from almost all…



    …if not all, the strident voices that harp on and on against Hungary…



    . .whenever Budapest is, or is even said to be, less than whole-hearted in support of Brussels’ Ukraine policies.

    Fourth Reich double standards again?


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    So? Did Crimmigrant Savages In Malta Start The Fire Or Not? 

    What blithe cop-out clap-trap we’re hearing from UNHCR in Malta after fire ‘broke out’ at a migrants’ centre on the island state.

    While condemning all forms of violence and vandalism…

    Here we go again, that ‘while’ indicative of an imminent effort to exculpate the arsonists.



    And while concrete proof of arson is not mentioned in the report, we are told that investigations are under way AND that –

     ...a number of arrests were made….

    If, as seems likely, anti-social ingrate aliens are to blame, it certainly won’t be the first time Maltese folk have seen illegals demonstrate…

    Migrants Amok – Malta


    Image result for malta migrants police fire



    Now Piracy Pays! Surely Better Just Hang Migrant Hi-Jackers

    …how little they appreciate being given three squares a day, gratis, and a roof over their primitive heads, also gratis!

    Undesirables who gate-crash civilised countries have no right to whine about the free board and lodgings lavished on them – not really free, of course, but rather gouged from the taxes of honest working Maltese citizens…



    …and ABSOLUTELY no right to cause damage or injury to persons or property.


    Any savages who do should instantly be sent back to where they arrived from, usually Libya, and let’s see how the Libyans respond to uppity ‘migrants’ who don’t belong in Libya!

But needless to say, the worthless ones have dependable collaborators in the  ‘United Nations High Commission for Refugees,’ which, having made a brief bow to the need to condemn barbarous ‘violence and vandalism,’ at once went on…



….and on, about how UNHCR must ‘reiterate that detaining people, including children, for prolonged periods has a detrimental effect on mental and physical wellbeing.’

Oh, yeah, sure, no detention, just let the crimmigrants run wild, roam the streets of Valetta and other towns and villages on the island, inflicting on the Maltese what unconfined aliens inflicted on Calais and its environs.

How Many Evil ‘Aid Workers’ Covered Up Calais Rape

Female Afghan interpreter ‘raped by armed migrants’ at CalaisJungle

Calais Women ‘Take Turns Staying Awake In Case Someone Attacks!’ 

 And just in case Maltese start speaking up against the alien albatross slung around their necks…


…by a government subservient to the Brussels Empire’s determination to facilitate the flow of the multicult tsunami into Malta –

Frans Timmermans, the Dutch vice-president of the European Commission, said that “diversity was the future of the world,” and that Eastern European nations would just have to “get used to that.”   http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/europe/hungary/11893375/

 – and onwards to plague other European nations, the UNHCR also called for ‘responsible discourse when discussing issues related to asylum-seekers and refugees’ and stressed the importance of avoiding inflammatory rhetoric. https://timesofmalta.com/articles/view/unhcr-deeply-concerned-by-migrants-centre-blaze.762

The HELL with that.

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    Migrants Amok – Malta Reaps Another Little Whirlwind! 

    Thanks to RT for some good reporting about the filthy savages who, incredibly, have not immediately been deported after they ‘tried to break free from a holding center in Malta, setting at least five staff and police cars on fire and injuring a policeman.


    Image result for malta migrants police fire

    You can see their amok-run for yourselves on the video link. https://www.rt.com/news/471416-malta-detention-center-riot/

    Naturally we feel sorry for the poor cop. He’s as much a victim of his gutless government as of the scumbags that government let into Malta and has failed to kick back to whence they came.



    It would have been a lot fairer had the injuries been sustained by the slimy creep Muscat, the Maltese PM who not only allowed the alien swine into his little country, refused to prosecute the collabo ‘NGO’ crews…


    Asked if legal action will be taken against the NGOs, he said that Malta’s choice was for the transfer to take place in Maltese waters and that the two vessels will be asked to leave immediately.-
    More ‘Migrant’ Madness In Malta! 

    …and clearly failed again this weekend to give sensible orders authorising the police to open fire on the riotous swarm.



    A few dead savages would dissuade the rest of the illegals there not to act up in future.

    The rioters even ‘managed to take control over a part of the compound for a while.’

    This is hardly the first time crimmigrant ingrates have shown what Europe can expect..


    Note carefully which organisation is on the crimmigrants’ side!


    …by letting so-called ‘NGO’ vessels unload one noisome cargo after another, even that cargo infamously controlled by primitives in hi-jack mode!

    Now Piracy Pays! Surely Better Just Hang Migrant Hi-Jackers

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    Inciting Illegals – Europe’s Dirty Half-Dozen, Again! 

    Just noting.

    It’s the same six governments, again without consulting their citizens, who have openly incited further incursions of illegal aliens by taking in the latest crimmigrant cargo, from that ‘Ocean Viking’ bludger-boat, via Malta.


    Image result for ocean viking angry migrants

    Sudanese illegals celebrate victory over Europe


    ‘France, Germany, Ireland, Luxembourg, Portugal and Romania’ are once more the guilty parties in this betrayal…





    Sorry, Spain was one of the bad guys last time but didn’t do the dirty this time – it was Dublin’s vile Varadkar who stepped in as Madrid opted out.

    No matter – any crimes henceforth committed by any of the nearly 360 ( mostly Sudanese) imported at their behest are the fault of those countries’ irresponsible and/or malevolent leaders.

    The alien tsunami will NEVER abate if lawless queue-jumpers are rewarded in this way.

    Again, as you read this bad news, so too will hordes on the far shore of the Med, and they will be encouraged to launch more invasions.

    The ONLY way to stop this tsunami is to…



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    Look Here, Gere! Learn Some Manners! 

    No more surprised by France24’s biased news reader than by that faded ‘star’ Richard Gere, whom F24’s hack said was known as ‘an officer and a gentleman’ – a bit like saying Sean Connery is known as a spy!

    The roles that actors play are not reflective of their real-life identities.

    ===Image result for gere richard


    We know about Gere’s far-left pro-crimmigrant views, and have written about them before…

    Potsdamer Platz Polluted By Pinkos – Get Real, Gere! 

    …when he insulted his own country’s President while frolicking in Berlin.

    But his arrogance is such that he was reported yesterday as ‘welcoming’ a boat-load of illegal aliens on the Mediterranean.




    The Med is not Gere’s domain.

    He is not entitled to ‘welcome’ anyone there.

    Nor is he entitled to say he is ‘shamed’ by Italy’s ( and Malta’s – Malta’s Migrant Terror Scum! UN To The Rescue! } ) disinclination to admit this latest crimmigrant cargo.

    Given how Italians have suffered from the uninvited alien tsunami…

    Muslim migrants threw Christians overboard 

    4 Votes


    Back in the bad


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    Malta’s Migrant Terror Scum! UN To The Rescue! 

    Hang The Alien Scum!

    That’s what most of us will surely say about 3 ‘migrants’ facing ‘terrorism’ charges in Malta.

    After that shocking hi-jack in March, which ended in the crew of a tanker, under duress, unloading over a hundred illegal aliens on the long-suffering Maltese…

    Now Piracy Pays! Surely Better Just Hang Migrant Hi-Jackers

    …any savage convicted should get a draconian sentence, decades galore.




    Alas, the death penalty is not available, thanks to the Brussels Empire’s decadent diktat.

    But just hold on there a moment!

    While right-minded people, in Malta and everywhere in Europe that’s had a taste of migrant crime…


    hands off


    …will want to see justice done, there’s another alien sticking her arrogant beak in on the crimmigrants’ behalf, an insolent UN bint named Ravina Shamsadani.

    “The accused, aged 15, 16 and 19, have been charged under Maltese laws for allegedly hijacking the ship and forcing it to go to Malta. Some of the charges are punishable by life imprisonment…”


    So says Sticky-Beak Shamdani.

    Splendid news indeed, but not to the UN’s nosey-parker, who clearly savours telling sovereign European nation-states what’s what.

    Only a week ago she was whining about Hungary, which knows how to handle undesirable fake ‘refugees.’

    And readers in the USA may be interested to read – https://workpermit.com/news/trump-us-visa-policy-will-stop-splitting-migrant-families-20180823 – how the stroppy vixen berated Trump’s efforts to curb crimmigrants there.



    Now it’s Malta’s turn, and the bint’s condescension is only matched by her contempt for the island republic’s law enforcement system.

    We have made our concerns clear to the Maltese authorities about the treatment of the three young migrants and what we believe to be exaggerated charges against them, and urged them to reconsider the charges,” she said..

    I’m hardly a fan of the leftist government in Valetta, but their police and prosecutors have at least as much info on what that dastardly trio got up to.

    Who does she think she is…



    …to gainsay the witnesses and evidence that put the swine in the frame for the heinous crime of hi-jacking.

    If Malta’s PM Joseph Muscat was worth more than a bucket of spit, which he really isn’t…

    Malta’s Muscat And A Mockery Of Democracy! 

    …then he would declare the uppity UN alien ‘person non grata’ and tell her to take her superficial quibbling and shove it where the sun never shines.

    Sadly, we know he won’t, any more than May did with regard to that ugly American UN SOB…


    Hasil gambar untuk Tendayi Achiume

    Tendayi Achiume, born in Gambia, a ‘professor’ in USA – how much does she ‘earn?’ 

    Sticky-Beak UN Bint Insults Brits! 

    …any more than Le Muppet Macron did when that other  UN ‘rapporteur’ Lousy Leilani went primping around Paris recently.

    Who Does Leilani Farha Think She Is? 

    united natio

    The United Nations is a rat’s nest, whose edifice in New York City should be razed to the ground or turned into a rapporteurs’ hostel, where these grimnast women should be obliged to dwell with a random sample of the undesirables they forever champion.

    Methinks they might soon change their tune!

    ‘…the U.N. is deeply concerned by the severity of the charges…’   https://www.reuters.com/article/us-europe-migrants-hijacking-un/u-n-to-malta-drop-terrorism-charges-against-african-migrants-accused-of-hijacking-tanker-idUSKCN1SD1PD

    I’m surprised we didn’t hear about UN protests in other cases where charges were severe!

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    More ‘Migrant’ Madness In Malta! 

    More Snouts In The Trough – Needlessly!


    Appalling resolution of that situation in Malta, where two ‘NGO’ bludger-boats have dumped even more aliens on Europe.

    Insanely, although the wannabe parasites were apparently picked up nearer Libya than any other country, the illegals collected by the ‘Seawatch’ trouble-makers…



    …have been permitted not only to land on Maltese shores but also, instead of being detained for deportation, to move on from the island republic to no less than EIGHT different countries on the Continental mainland…


    …whence, going on past experience, they will not be corralled but allowed to roam as they wish, the likely result being that they will abscond, heading northwards, to God knows where, quite possibly to Calais, once more to seek a berth on another bludger-boat.


    No Surrender, TUV OK!    - But UKIP on Mainland Britain


    Obviously, these Seawatch ratbags should be put out of action before they import more unwanted aliens to sling round the necks of Europe’s unhappy tax-payers.

    But far from it, judging from the weasel words of Malta’s head of government.

    Asked if legal action will be taken against the NGOs, he said that Malta’s choice was for the transfer to take place in Maltese waters and that the two vessels will be asked to leave immediately.

    But then what else should we expect of that Maltese leader?


    Malta’s Muscat And A Mockery Of Democracy! 

    Yet what caused me most concern is that, with regard to the crimmigrant cargo discussed in this Maltese media report, among the nations agreeing to accept the intruders, Italy is named.

    What is going on?

    That was my question, till I heard that patriot Interior Minister Matteo Salvini was NOT consulted by his own Prime Minister!



    We must hope he will put his foot down.

    Please read the whole report – it is long-winded but seems to be perfectly factual



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    Europe’s Cultural Elite Welcomes Ole Ugly! 

    Having read this recently –

    #MeToo – Rules for Thee, but not for Me



    – and already published my thoughts on the Neruda Airport scandal…

    What Next? Fred West International Airport? 

    …I have to say the arrogance of the global elite has left even me astounded.

    As you may recall, an outstandingly ugly far-left ‘feminist philosopher’ named Avital Ronell, despite her ‘lesbian’ public persona, got her self suspended by New York University for sexual harassment of a MALE student.

    So much for perverted lusts being an innate condition which cannot be changed by therapy, yeah?

    The dirty old brute…

    …dozens of emails were revealed in which Ronell referred to him as “my most adored one,” “sweet cuddly baby,” “cock-er spaniel,” and “my astounding and beautiful Nimrod…”

    …has nevertheless NOT been ostracised by the international intellectual in-crowd.

    Far from it!

    Ole Ugly has been invited to Malta, to speak on abandonment at a public lecture today at the National Library.





    She has most definitely NOT been ‘abandoned’ by a clearly harassment-tolerant organisation called the EGS.

    If she had been been invited by some sorority of fellow-harassesses, that would make some kind of sick sense, but she is to be there as the guest of the European Graduate School…

    Related image

    A curious outfit, the EGS, not recognized by the Swiss University Conference, the main regulatory body for universities in Switzerland.. 

    As for what, in the US, the State of Texas has to say about the EGS, take a long look through this. https://www.revolvy.com/page/European-Graduate-School%5B11%5D//,

    I would like to take time to check out that EGS, but absent that, here’s an interesting link which gives both critics and fans a say.   https://www.degreeinfo.com/index.php?threads/anyone-heard-of-the-european-graduate-school.26612/

    But it’s not just the EGS alone which is responsible for treating the horrid hag as a respectable person. They were acting in collaboration with Valletta 2018 – European Capital of Culture…


    We are told that the topics discussed in these lectures come from a variety of fields such as philosophy, the arts, and media.

    NB, the list does NOT include the problem of sex-predators in academia, evidently not a priority in the minds of the organisers.

    Read their response for yourselves.

    Statement from European Graduate School

    Answering questions made by this newspaper, Dean Christopher Fynsk stated: “EGS is of course quite aware of this case and has given its circumstances and implications all due consideration”.

    “Let me say simply that if you seek to be fair in your reporting and in your judgment of whether this famous professor should be allowed to speak in Malta, I would urge you to look closely at what is actually named “sexual harassment” in the judgment of NYU in this case….”

    “…I’m sure you will conclude it would not be appropriate to censor this speaker on the basis of that episode after her description of the circumstances, the actual statements, and her open acknowledgement of error.”

    Aah, so this Fynsk geezer aspires to be the arbiter of what is and isn’t ‘sexual harassment?’

    And on behalf of EGS is content to overlook the NY University’s decision to suspend Ole Ugly?

    Actually, when you remember the sort of hogwash she is wont to come out with, I feel sorry for any mugs daft enough to show up and listen to her….

    She further goes to show that stupidity does not acquire the status of concept. It only reaches the level of quasi-concept.


    quote from Wikipedia


    But honestly, she should not be there.


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    Fire The Flea-Bag Four! Viva Salvini! Send Them BACK! 




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    Malta GC – Another Filthy Savage, Another Soft Sentence! 

    Older Brits may remember that Malta was awarded the George Cross for the islanders’ heroism in WW2.


    Hasil gambar untuk malta GC


    Now they face a new menace, one which is all too familiar to other European countries, a plague which only this morning EuroPravda, sorry, EuroNews, had some demented old bat from Queen’s University Belfast telling us that patriots should tone down their protests.



    Here’s part of the report.

    “Are you understanding me?” the magistrate repeatedly asked, addressing the man who stood sullenly in the dock…


    No photo available, so we may imagine the foul fiend as we choose!



    This alien swine tried to indecently assault a woman at around 4.00pm in Main Street, St Julian’s.

    A sound flogging and deportation would make sense, but a mere seven months is a joke!

    And so is this nonsense.

    The court placed Mr Weldeabzghi under a Treatment Order for the duration of that jail term, explaining that a social worker would help him while he was behind bars to help him get the help he needed to overcome his personal problems.


    I have to pause in my outrage to say that whoever wrote that newspaper report shows a much more elegant command of the English language than most US or UK journos.

    But do we really need to describe savages as ‘Mr.?’


    But worse, the fact reported.

    A social worker?


    A Treatment Order?


    This filthy savage does not need social work!

    It needs to be worked over, daily.

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